Which Basketball Player Earned a Doctorate Degree in Education

Most basketball players, like other section of sports, aren’t good at studies. But there is someone who not only continued his studies sidewise playing basketball, but got a masters degree and a Ph.D. in education as well. No easy feat!

The man is Shaquille O’Neal. Known as Shaq.

Shaquille O’Neal is technically huge in every aspect. In his studies and in size. He is 7 ft 1 inch tall and weighs about 325 pounds. With this big size, he won many games throughout his career.

Other than the sports, he were also a businessman and now that he left the game, he is now an NBA Analyst on-screen.

Becoming the Ph.D. - Dr. O’Neal

It’s a wonder to see a successful sportsman earning a Ph.D. doctor. In 2012, Shaq secured his Ph.D. degree from the Barry University which is in Miami Florida.

There was a ceremony held in Miami downtown James L. Knight center where David Kopp placed the doctorhood around Shaq's shoulder. Then Shaq held his professor up, and it was a scene to look at as described by the crowd present there.

Mr. O’Neal’s studies were focused on leadership and organizational leadership. He had a particular part that is, he also researched on how leaders use the sense of humor to improve the work environment; this is the part on human resource development.

Shaq always praised his parents and university for pushing him to do his best throughout his degree. He had his first degree from Louisiana State University & MBA from the University of Phoenix.

He was 40 years old at that time and proved that you’re never too late to do what you dream of. And still now, he wants to go to law school.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the below section, let’s see some common queries get answered! These are some of the mostly asked on the internet.

Q1: Where did Shaq attend his college?

Ans - Louisiana State.

Shaquille was not just a topper in the college ranking, he got his incredible strength and agility into some strong statistics and continuous top team All-American glory.

Q2: What number Shaq has worn as he played in Orlando Magic?

Ans - The number was 32 initially. But When he moved to Los Angeles, his number became 34.

Q3: What’s the number of three points Shaq made in his overall career?

Ans - According to the sports channel, ESPN data: Shaq had just a single three-pointer out of all the 22 efforts he had throughout his entire career. The one pointer he made was in the 1995-96 game season. He was playing with Orlando then.

Q4: So Shareef O’Neal is the son of Shaq?

Ans - Yes. He is the son of Shaq, and he is a 4 star enlist at UCLA. Shareef is going to fail to attend the whole 2018-19 game season as he got some complications in his heart.

He has outgrown his father Shaq’s shadows as a skilled player and became a rockstar player in no time. He will be kept in sideline for this 2018-2019 year, having the full support by UCLA men’s basketball team until he recovers.

Currently he is recovering, and after this, he will return to court for the time being. And hopefully after this year 2018, he is going to join UCLA again.

Q5: How much money Shaq makes?

Ans - After a long 19-year career, Shaq finally left playing basketball in 2011. He now makes money out of his various businesses and investments. Last year report was that he makes about $400 million a year.

To End,

Some sportsman are happy with their high income and don't like to do anything extra. But after knowing about O'neal's story, you know not everyone follows the norm. Neither you have to.

If you have a goal that you always had but you're confused about your skills or maybe it's too late, know that it is never too late to do what you dream of. The only thing stopping you is 'you'. So work on your dreams till your last breath.

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