What Size Skateboard Wheels

What Size Skateboard Wheels? | Available Size in the Market

The wheels of a skateboard are a vital part of the skateboard. The choice of the wheels will determine how fast or slow one can go. It also determines the accuracy of movement of the skateboard. The market has different types of skateboard wheels in different sizes that are made for a different purposes. They are even different in texture and color. A slight change in the size and type of the wheel can badly impact the game and the movement of the skateboard. It is possible to get hurt if one fails to buy the right size wheels for their board.

Below we have stood a detailed guideline about what size skateboard wheels one should choose and buy for their skateboard.

What Size Skateboard Wheels?

Simply, the skateboard wheels are the part of the skateboard that allows the movement of the skateboard and determines the speed of the skateboard. Like the other parts of the skateboard, the wheels of the skateboard have changed over time. In the very beginning, the wheels were made of steel after that clay was used to make the wheels. The revolution comes in skateboard by urethane skateboard wheels in the 1970s. That changes the skateboard forever. The urethane wheels are long-lasting compare to steel wheels and clay wheels. With the ability of urethane wheels to grip and rebound, skaters are now can carve and turns their skateboard without sliding. Also, the ability allow rolling over rough pavement without feeling the rough vibration of the road.

However, in the present world people have hundreds of options in a skateboard wheel. 

Available Size in the Market

Tiny Wheels

The tiny wheel is not common and hard to find these days. The size of the tiny wheels is around 48mm to 50mm. In the early 1990s, the 50mm mini skateboard wheels were very popular. At that time the manufacturing company also used made smaller than 40mm wheels. The 50mm wheels were very popular till the 2000s. But their popularity starts decreasing after that time when skaters start using wider decks. For wider decks that tine wheels are not enough. They can’t give enough speed to the wider deck. If we talk about the recent time the companies resized those tiny wheels into 52mm size.

The tiny wheels do not have the ability to handle the rough ground very well. It is also true for the road having jams, cracks, and other obstacles. The tiny wheels also flatspot easily that’s why skaters don’t use this type of tiny wheels that much. However, the beginners are used tiny wheels at the very beginning of their skating when they don’t have much control over the board and their body.

Small Wheels

The small-sized wheels are quite popular having 51mm o 52mm size. Mainly, the junior skaters or the beginners are comfortable with this size. The wheels of small size are suitable for any type of street and transition type of skateboarding. Using these sizes, the skateboard will not pick a high speed while riding high or low the hills. The small wheels also have a low center of gravity and they also accelerate quickly when the skater pushes the skate. This feature allows the skater to make some tricky moves like Ollies, nollies, and flip tricks. The chance of falling and get hurt while at the beginning level becomes less if the skater uses small size wheels.

Medium Wheels

The 52mm to 54mm sized wheels are also good to start skating. One can say these medium-size wheels are the best to start skating on the road. If one is looking for a big variety of terrain then this size is the best option. The skater can have the perfect speed and acceleration using these wheels. These are the most popular wheels, having not so big, not so small size also not so heavy, and not so lightweight. In a word, one can say these are the perfect wheels to start skating on the road.


If the skater is experienced and very confident on the skateboard then the medium-large size of 55mm and 57mm are a good choice. These wheels will give a little extra speed and acceleration to the skateboard. The medium-large size is also good for an old park road, rough and cracks road. Because the wheels going to absorb the bumps and will crack a little more that will not decrease the speed.

To use this wheels on the skateboard one need to know and consider some basic to avoid unlucky circumstances. The way one will set up the board will determine what they need. If one is using low profile truck that it is recommended to use small size wheels. Because the size of the wheel will decrease the space between the wheel and the deck. The wheels may get jammed and the rider will fall from the skateboard.

However, a riser pad can solve the issue, it will increase the distance between the wheel and deck. It will ensure that the skater can take a tight carve or hook into a turn with confidence and not getting hurt.

Large Wheels

The size of these wheels is 58mm to 62mm. These are one of the biggest available on market. The performance of these wheels are very well in the Standard Street and Park Range. Usually, professional skateboarders use these wheels. Some of the street skateboarders also like this size but not many of them. In bowls, very ramps, and larger transitioned skate parks this large wheel will give the maximum speed.

The bigger diameter of the large size wheels also handles protruding pool coping much more comfortably than the other-sized wheels. Having a heavyweight on these wheels will increase the center of gravity.

Extra-large wheels

The size of the extra-large wheels is more than 63mm. One can get larger than 63mm wheels. The 63mm and 67mm wheels were popular in the early 1980s. To use these wheels one must need a wider deck and truck. Otherwise, the extra-large wheels will not fit in the deck. Though, they are not common but available. Skaters having a good level of skills and control in the electric skateboard can use these sized wheels accurately without getting hurt.

The large wheels are perfect if one is going somewhere really fast on the rough road. These wheels have a good performance on the concrete road too.

What Size Skateboard Wheels

What Size Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard Wheel Size for Different Circumstances

The market offers different types and different size skateboard wheels in different circumstances. Those are,

Street Wheels

If one is going to ride the board on the street that will require small size wheels. Any wheels between the 49mm and 53mm size. Because of the smaller diameter street wheels weigh less and good for the plane street. The less weight will help perform some tricks on the board. The diameter size of street wheels is around 99A and 101A. Look like a round shape and conical shape.

Mini Ramps Wheels

The size depends on the local mini ramp. Sometimes using a slightly larger diameter like 56mm is a good idea on the mini ramp. It is also fine choosing 56mm sized wheels for the same circumstances. The size of the durometer of these wheels is 99A to 101A. The shape of these wheels is side cuts.

Bowl Skating Wheels

Bowl skating is a complicated and exhausting game. One needs to push the skate by the body and after sometimes it starts feeling hurt and burn in the legs. Because this situation needs speed. To help the situation one must need wheels with maximum speed and larger diameter. The size of the wheels in this situation also depends on the type of board one is using. The bowl wheels normally have 54mm to 60mm diameter and 97A to 99A durometer. These wheels are preferable in a larger contact patch.

Vert Skateboarding Wheels

The skating invert is a work of the devil some people say. This situation requires wheels having a larger diameter. Also, wheels that have grip so that the skateboard doesn’t slide when the skater doesn’t want a slide. For vert skateboarding wheels of 56mm to 58mm diameter is good. Also, the wheels just need to have 100A to 104A durometer and a large contact patch ability.

Concrete Skate Parks wheels

Skating in concrete is quite hard. It feels hurt on concrete when someone falls. In that case, one will need 53mm to 54mm wheels that will not give so much or so less speed. Just the right speed. The wheels that have a grip will be a good choice as concrete is slippery.

Rough Surface Wheels

To ride on the rough surface one will need something softer. Skating with hard wheels on a rough road will hurt one and can become a nightmare? The skater will feel uncomfortable and it will create annoying noise. The board will need something that will reduce the vibration because the heavy vibration will hurt the leg. It will be hard to keep the balance on the board by skating using hard wheels on a rough surface. One can use softer wheels that have a durometer between 78A to 90A and also the size need to be square-lipped having a grip and easier push.

Why one should also consider the hardness of the wheels along with the size?

The hardness also known as the durometer of the skateboard is the measurement of how much grip the wheel has and how much shock the wheel can absorb. In a rough and concrete road, the softer wheel is more suitable. Harder wheels on concrete can cause an accident and also can annoy the nearby people because of the rough sound. If one wants to feel everything they are rolling over can choose the harder wheels. Also, harder wheels are faster and softer wheels are slower than harder wheels. 

The wheels of 78A to 87A are soft and grippy. They are great for a longboard. The 88A to 95A durometer is harder and faster. But soft enough to crush over bumps. The most common for street and park skating is the 96A to 101A durometers. The hardest wheels on the scale are 83B to 84B. They are good for the experienced skater.


Choosing the right size wheels for the skateboard is important. The size of the wheels will responsible for everything in skating. If one chooses a larger wheel that will require a push and a bit harder pick the speed. Smaller wheels accelerate faster.

Larger and softer wheels are more comfortable and suitable on rough roads. If the wheels are smaller and harder one should not use them on the rough or concrete road. The skater should choose the size of the wheels according to the condition of the road and their skill level. 

We have tried our level best to make this article useful and informative for the question of what size skateboard wheels are and the details.

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