What Happens the First Time Dr. Hewitt Lifts the Bowling Ball Near His Teeth and Lets Go

What Happens the First Time Dr. Hewitt Lifts the Bowling Ball Near His Teeth and Lets Go?

Science is related to everyday life either directly or indirectly. Making experiments on behalf of curiosity or passion is still a desire for some of the experimenters. Among some of the effective and known experiments and researchers, a common name always comes in the list of Dr. Hewitt. Today we will discuss what happens the first time Dr. Hewitt lifts the bowling ball near his teeth and let’s go.

Who is Dr. Hewitt?

Dr. Paul G. Hewitt is an American cartoonist, lecturer, author, and physicist who is well known for the experiments and researches. He was born on 3rd December 1931 in Massachusetts and currently staying in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Some factors make this great researcher different from others as he can make any critical or different type of experiments enough funny and addictive. Besides being so funny, his passion for science and theories is extraordinary and very creative. He is better known as a physics expert rather than his real name. And the majority of the learners identify or know his theories as to Hewitt’s Physics.

Hewitt’s Physics

As this term always gets highlight with Paul G. Hewitt by himself, it is an essential thing for discussing. Hewitt’s Physics is a guideline that shows a great lesson of “concept before calculations” related to physics in order to give instructions and great ideas to the students with some practical experiments.

Having these experiments in practical life or research, reveal enough efficiency and performance as they are the functional part of physics. From classic physics terms to the modern, all these experiments are related to almost all the factors and issues of daily life. That is what Dr. Hewitt wanted to explain.

The Bowling Experiment

For knowing about the momentum, angle, and balance of the bowling ball, Dr. Hewitt has made an experiment that is related to physics. There is even a statement and video about this experiment that shows all the terms and factors briefly.

So What Happened in the Experiment?

Dr. Hewitt had an intention to observe the speed and angle of the storm bowling ball by moving. For example, if we push any kind of object or material with the same speed from the close area of our mouth in a vertical pattern, it is obvious that the object will make a hit in our mouth in return. And the total function gets controlled by a cord or rope at the upper area of the object.

This thing actually happens for physics that is eternal. The reason for this comeback is clearly expressed and experimented with by Dr. Hewitt. It is called, the conservation of energy where the object with some impact gets pushed and returns with almost the same force towards backward.

There was enough risk for Dr. Hewitt because of this experiment. Talking about the sizing or weight, the bowling ball contains a good weight of around 15 pounds. As the experiment get completed by placing it just in front of the mouth, if there was any kind of issue in angle or speeding, the bowling ball could have created a great injury in the mouth. It can even turn into a worse experience too. But Dr. Hewitt was enough determined and confident to himself that turned this operation into a great success.

The total instant energy of the ball is converted into potential energy for which the ball gets returned to the previous position from where it got launched.

This simple but very innovative experience describes that physics can control the momentum of speed, angle, and energy. Due to this, the ball may get a proper speed to launch but returned to the same and exact area as the initial force changed the lane for the potential force.

Dr. Hewitt Lifts the Bowling Ball Near His Teeth

Dr. Hewitt Lifts the Bowling Ball Near His Teeth

The Second Attempt

As the first attempt of the experiment worked as enough successful, Dr. Hewitt applied for the second attempt with the same effort, area, speed, and length. He pulled the bowling ball to his mouth and released it with effort. So what happened then?

It appeared exactly the same as the previous one with the same returning and the same positioning. There was no difference in the momentum and the movement at all. The second attempt surely described the fact that, no matter how many times the ball gets pushed and forced to change the direction of the speed, angle, and impact remains the same for every time, there will be no changes in the performance too.

What Happened in the Third Attempt?

Following both of the previous attempts, Dr. Hewitt decided to go for the third attempt which will be a little bit different from the previous ones. In this attempt, Hewitt pulled the ball to the same area and applied for the same angle. But this time, he added some force and pushes into the ball. As a result, the bowling ball has gone in the same direction but crossed the area from where it was released.

This simple term indicates that the speed or the force can even make great changes in some objects. As the bowling ball has been pushed for a little, it has created the initial energy at a moderate level but returned with the potential energy in double efforts.

This simple experiment has created a rule that an object with moderate pushing or impact can even deliver feedback at a double rate.

Importance of This Experiment

Many of the researchers financed a lot behind this experiment to find out the possible outcome. But most of them failed and got nothing in return. Dr. Hewitt has done the same thing with a simple and no-cost term. This simple action by him has created great importance and efficiency in some other factors.

Zero possibility and chances of having the same output or force in other experiments was a total failure for such researchers. And the reason was a miscalculation and the wrong measurement of time, angle, and speed. But Dr. Hewitt has proven that applying the force in a heavy object with the same accuracy, impact and speed can make a perfect return to the same area. With all these factors, the force and attraction of gravity are also very much dependant.

What happens the first time Dr. Hewitt lifts the bowling ball near his teeth and lets go has created both positive and negative impacts among some researchers. And the reason is, this experiment was so risky that, it even had the chance of having major injuries in the mouth. But avoiding all these chances, Dr. Hewitt performed the task to place trust in physics and among everyone.