What are Wristbands For

What are Wristbands For?

We all know about wristbands. Don’t we? Asking about some of the people and majority of them will answer in affirmative. But while asking about its efficiency, a lot of them may don’t even know why the legendary players from different types of games wear one of them while playing. Thinking of all the necessity of explaining, today we will know about what are wristbands for.

What is a wristband?

A lot of people have an idea about a wristband. But among them, some of the people just know about the wristband by its structure and they don’t even know the name. Basically, a wristband is a type of wearing that gets wore either in the wrist or in the forearm.

In terms of size and position, it is almost close to the wristwatch in its appearance. There are mainly two different meanings available for the wristbands. One of them is known as the part of a sleeve that gets used for covering the wrist. And the other one is known as the circular band or partition for the wrist. But both of the meanings drive to the same intention.

Sizing of the Wristband

A good thing about the wristband is, it can be worn by all aged users. Besides, there is no restriction or barrier for use by both the male and female. This means the wristbands come in a unisex model and sizing

For kids from 5-12 years ages, the wristbands come in the size of 5 inches. For medium sized users, the wristband is available in 7 inches and, the size for the adults is available in 8 to 9 inches. But most of the wristbands are available in universal sizing and size doesn’t create any matter for most of the users.

Main material

Wristbands are made from different types of materials. Some are very unique, some are durable, and some are very sensitive. There are five types of materials get used for making the wristbands. They are:

1.Fabric made wristband

2.Silicone made wristband

3.Plastic wristband

4.Vinyl wristband and

5.Velcro wristband

Why wearing the wristband by the professional players and athletes

Wearing the wristband may look useless to some of the viewers. But from a point of view, they are very much important in order to have a smooth gaming performance. The main reason for wearing a wristband on the wrist is, it can easily prevent sweating.

Preventing the Hand sweating issue

In some of the games, hands get used as the majority of playing the game. Most of the players face sweating issues after playing the game for a long time. When the sweating from their body head towards the hands, it makes enough discomfort and decreases the gripping.

Having lower gripping in the table tennis or the basketball game to the players means, losing the gameplay performance. That is why, most of the table tennis players, the athletes, and the sportsmen are seen with wristbands in their hands.

For wiping forehead sweat

We all have seen Roger Federer and his brilliancy in table tennis. Have you ever noticed that he wipe up his forehead after some while? The thing he has done by using the wristband. Like him, other table tennis players or the other athletes do the same.

So there is no doubt that the wristband gets used for wiping the forehead too. It is because too much sweat on the forehead can create a barrier while playing by even dropping into the eyes.

What are Wristbands For

What are Wristbands For

Funding or awareness purpose

Nowadays, the whole world is facing a different types of major and minor problems. Natural disasters, economic distraction, criminalist incidents, terrorism, and so many other things. To keep a reminder regarding these days and situations, some of the athletes and players use the wristband in their hands with symbolic meanings.

For example, using black colored wristband in the wrist or forearm on the independent day or any memorable day makes a reminder or showing respect in memories of the time.

Besides, some of the organizations and charities use their logo in the wristbands that get worn by some of the players. That means those players support the charities and the organizations.

Promoting any brand

Some great and iconic players don’t remain in the gaming sector or the clubs; they create huge popularity all over the world. Many of them have a good connection with some of the well known companies and their products. On the other hand, they remain in the attraction of the media coverage for most of the time.

Being the brand promoter or the brand ambassador of those companies, the players use the wristband in their hands while playing the game so that the brand gets promoted and can maximize their selling.

So these are the main reasons for which sportsmen or player wear the wristband. All of these reasons are enough valid and useful too.

Now, we will know about the other reasons for wearing wristbands.

Reasons for wearing wristband by the weight lifters

Like the other games, there is another one available that shows physical strength, power, and stamina. It is called the weight lifting competition. Athletes with great bodies and stamina love to pull up huge weights for showing their power and strength.

After the availability in table tennis, basketball, and football, the wristband gets seen in the weight lifting competition and to the gymnastic athletes. A piece of wristband seems essential and a lifesaver to them as they contain some great advantages. Some of the great facilities of using wristbands in weight lifting have been beautifully described downward.

For having better gripping

Lifting the weights is impossible without having better gripping. Palm sweating is the main reason for losing the gripping. In that case, a wristband can easily avoid sweating and keep a good balance.

On the other hand, the wrist bone and the muscles get great support from the wristband which helps to pull up the weight with a little bit of comfort. At that time, pulling up the weight become enough easy for the weight lifters.

Preventing injuries

Having injuries while lifting is obvious for the users. Sometimes, they have to face shaking or lose balance while lifting from a single hand. As a result, the total pressure creates a major impact on the other hand and the joint which can cause to the bones or the internal tissues.

Using a wristband while weight lifting can easily avoid the problem and deliver excellent support in the joints.

Having a heavy lifting facility

It has been described earlier that, using proper wristbands can help to lift heavy weights with a lower effort than before. Sometimes, lifting the higher weights becomes difficult for some of the users, consulting with the experts; they will recommend using high quality wristbands that will help to pull up the heavyweights very easily.

All these factors are enough helpful and perfect for weight lifters if they make a habit of using the wristbands while lifting the weights.

So these are the functional necessity and benefits of using the wristbands.

Now we will know about the other terms why the wristband gets used for.

Fashionable wear: Some of the fashion freaks give priority to the wristband as one of their major wearing outfits. As they love to walk with the trend, they choose the wristband made from either plastic or silicone or gel with stylish and attractive colors which suit their outfits and look cool.

Bracelets for events: Some of the well known clubs and companies use their wristbands with their signature logo in order to identify their employees or members in a ceremony or functional programs. Though they get used for a single time, this method has a great demand in most of the sites.

Wristbands for patients: identifying the patients with their physical problems often gets difficult if they can’t be recognized without any identity. Therefore, some of the hospital authorities have taken an innovative step to mark the patients by using a fabric made wristband in their hands along with all information. This simple step not only saves time but also makes it the patients easy to recognize the problems.

So we have briefly known what the wristbands are for. They are smart, unique, helpful, and trendy for use as fashion ware or lifesaving purpose. Though they are made from different types of materials, all of them get placed in the same position. Either in the wrist or the forearm. The wristband that gets used in the sports segment gets used in both of the positions. But the majority of the fashionable wristbands get used in the wrist.