Skateboard Size Chart

How To Pick The Right Skateboard Size | Skateboard Size Chart

There are a good variety of sizes are available in the market. People buy their skateboards based on the age, height and shoe size of the people. A proper size skateboard helps the rider to give the best performance. That will also give them more confidence while they are riding with the perfect size of the skateboard in all aspects. That helps to boost their performance.

Skateboard Size Chart

Manufacturer of the skateboard makes their product with different size. All the age’s people have the option for choosing the perfect size skateboard for them. Rider selects their proper size skateboard based on some essential criteria. That helps them to show the best performance by their action. The size chart of the skateboard assists them to determine the perfect size for them.  

The sizes of the skateboard depend on some criteria. All the criteria are discussing below:

Age: Manufacturers of the skateboard form their products based on age. The age number of the people assists them in many ways. Most importantly producer can categorize their product with the age. In this way, they can attract specific customers from the market.

Height:  An essential factor for the size of the skateboard. The length of the skateboard deck depends on the height of the people. The heights of the persons are related with the age. The height of the toddlers is lower than adult people. The manufacturer makes their skateboard by considering the height of the people. That helps them to make the perfect size skateboard.

Shoe size: The efficiency of the Skateboard Shoe mostly depend on the shoe size of the riders. A small shoe size person cannot fit in the large size of the deck. There must have a perfect adjustment between the deck and shoe size. The producer of the skateboard makes the deck by the size of the shoe.

These are the major considering criteria for the skateboard producer. Based on these measures of humans, they produce the deck and wheels of the skateboard. Appropriate measurement helps to make the skateboard more useful to the users.

Skateboard Size Chart

Skateboard Size Chart

The Size Chart of the Skateboard

The breadth of the skateboard deck



Shoe size




0-3 (US)

0-35 (EU)

0-2.5 (UK)




4-5 (US)

36-37.5 (EU)

3.5-4.5 (UK)




6-7 (US)

38-39.3 (EU)

5-6 (UK)




7-8 (US)

39.3-40.5 (EU)

6-7 (UK)




> 9 (US)

> 42 (EU)

> 8 (UK)

The above chart of the size is about the width of the skateboard deck. The length size of the skateboard deck is not so vital. This depends on the skill of the rider. Beginner player needs long deck for enhancing their performance. People need to know about their skill level for choosing the length size of the skateboard deck. High skill skateboard rider doesn’t need high length deck. A long deck of the skateboard will hamper the player performance. Children and adult people also consider their skills in terms of determining the length of the deck.

Skateboard Size Chart

Skateboard Size Chart

The Wheel Size of the Skateboard

The perfect size of the wheel of the skateboard is 49 to 65 mm. The size of the wheel varies according to the type of skateboard. There is no separate measurement apply to the wheels of the skateboard. The manufacturer company makes their product by considering the purpose of uses. This helps to give better performance to the people. All the Electric Skateboarding style is not same. In the skateboard competition, people need to show drifting, speed and other technical things. All the activities of skateboarders cannot be done fruitfully with the uniform size of the wheels. Skateboard riders need to adjust the size of the wheels.

The size wheels size according to different purposes is given below:

Style of the skateboard

Size of the wheels


49 mm to 52 mm


52 mm to 55 mm


55 mm to 60 mm


60 mm to 65 mm

Is 7 a good skateboard size?

This is the perfect size skateboard for six to seven years old. People need to buy their skateboards by following the shoe size. This will helps them to ensure their highest performance. The perfect size of the skateboard is a must for getting better performance.

Is a 7.5 skateboard too small?

7.5 inches is the mini skateboard. This is appropriate for the new rider. Kids can use this. That helps to learn essential skills and techniques through this.  Six to eight years children can easily use a 7.5-inch skateboard.

What size skateboard is perfect for beginners?

A 7.75" or 8.0" skateboard is the best option for beginners. That will help to acquire skills and techniques quickly. This size of the skateboard can give enough control to the action of the rider. People can turn easily with this size. One should consider the size of the shoe before determining the skateboard size.

Is a 31-inch skateboard too big?

31-inch size of the skateboard is long. People need to buy the skateboard based on their age, height and the size of the show. However, the size of the skateboard is not too big. That will bring success if anyone uses this according to the right measurement.

The size of the skateboard is essential. People need to use a perfect size skateboard for getting the best benefit from this. Before buying a skateboard, one need to select the perfect size. That helps the rider to do their best performance. Besides, users face difficulty to use an imperfect size of skateboard.