What is skateboard grip tape

What is Skateboard Grip Tape?

Grip tape is a layer of silicon carbide. Skateboard grip tape is used to cover the top deck of the skateboard. People use this for showing tricks and techniques. Grip tape helps the rider to fly their skateboard in some circumstances. The grip tape can give resistance to the deck and helps to do extraordinary moves with the skateboard. The perfect size of the grip tape is 22.8cm x 83.8cm. The size of the grip tapes varies according to the deck of a skateboard. Some of the manufacturers of skateboards provide their products with grip tape. Every rider of the skateboard adds grip tape sooner or later. Without a grip tape, this will not possible to increase skills and techniques.

Why skateboard grip tape is need

The necessity of grip tape is huge. People don't use grip tape for one reason. People can get many benefits from a grip tap. Nowadays people order their grip tape with their Electric Skateboard .

Some of the reason behind the need of grip tape is discussed below:

Stickiness: Generally the skateboard deck is made of maple wood, bamboo and hard quality plastics. These materials of the deck are not suitable to hold the position of a player. The grip is made of a material that can hold the movement of the shoe. Stickiness is mandatory to show the movement through a skateboard. Beginners to the professional player are not showing their moves without a good grip. People all over the world use "Grizzly Griptape” and “Mob Grip" on their deck. There also have some other best products of grip. Mentioned products are more reliable to give sticky.

Easy use: Armature players are not used to riding on a skateboard. Roding on the deck of skateboard is not easy at all. That can cause major and minor accidents too. People want to ride their skateboards conveniently. For making their game easy, all the level players use a quality grip on their skateboard. Professional players are use grip for increasing their skills and techniques.

Design of the skateboard: A good looking skateboard matter to people. Manufacturers of skateboards try to make their products through some amazing designs. However, the design of the grip tape attracts the most. A good looking grip material increases the beauty of a skateboard. People nowadays are looking forward to decorating their mini skateboard with a good design grip tape. Most of the grip tape producer company attracts customer through their design.

Increase the lifetime:  Skateboard use with a gripe tape has a long lifetime. A normal skateboard deck is not able to give a good duration. People used the gripe tap to enhancing durability. The price of the renowned skateboard is high. For getting the highest value people are using the grip tape.

Categories of grip tape

The grip tape has some variation too. There are three types of grip tapes for the skateboards. People use this different kind of grip tape to meet the specified demand. Three types of grip tapes are discussing below:

Normal grip tape: This type of grip tape product are produced for every people. Anyone can use these normal grip tapes on their skateboard. Beginners to professionals are using this product. In the market, normal types of grip tapes are mostly sold. The specification of these categories of grip tapes does not vary too much. Some famous companies of grip tapes like Mob Grip, Grizzly, and Jessup etc. are producing this. They also provide a good number of colour options to the user.

Customized grip tape: This type of grip tape are not like normal grip tapes. People who participate in a skateboard competition are using this grip tape. Rider used this based on their specification. Producers also take the people specification for making this product. Riders are using this customized grip tape for enhancing their performance and plays like professionals. Manufacturers are also using several technologies to make their products. Customize grip tapes mostly offer through the internet.

Non-Abrasive Grip Tape: This is a new product of grip tapes in the world. Nowadays people are using this product most. This is the same product as the normal type of grip trap. However, the speciality is, this non-abrasive grip tape does not damage the shoe of a rider. They use special technology to their grip. That can give the best result without damaging the shoe. Customers of these grip tapes can get more benefits than others customers of grip tapes. People who are not capable of buying a good number of shoes every year can use this non-abrasive grip tape.

Now the demand for the grip tape is high. Every skateboard holder uses grip tape on their deck. Many companies are producing grip tape. Some of the grip tapes are best.

 Here we draw some products of grip tapes with their specification and advantages:

Product name



Jessup Skateboard Griptape

  • A wide range of sizes is available.
  • The looks of the grip tape are gorgeous.
  • Shoes can fit easily.
  • All levels of players can use this grip tape.






Jessup Grip Tape

Mr Pen Grip Tape

  • Uses good technology to make this.
  • The price of this gripe tape is low.
  • The producer provides an adequate amount of tape.
  • This can fit any size of a deck of the skateboard.
  • Have quality glue in this grip tape.



Compatible Material



Mr Pen

Black Diamond Grip Tape

  • Producer of this company offers a good variety of colours.
  • The size of the grip taps huge.
  • Can fit in every type of skateboard.
  • This product of grip tape is also cheap.
  • Riders can get huge benefits by using this.
  • The manufacturer is using better quality glue for attaching this with the deck.




Black, red, silver etc.


Black Diamond Grip

SUABO Skull Grip Tape

  • This grip tape is waterproof.
  • The design of this grip tape is different.
  • Amazing art is used in its style.
  • Users can easily use this on the deck.
  • Give better results than any other grip.



Compatible Material




ZUEXT Skateboard Grip Tape

  • A quality grip tape at a low price.
  • Can use this in every condition.
  • Good quality materials are used.




Paper, Plastic



Mob Skateboard Grip Tape

  • Two grip tapes are provided with a single purchase.
  • The size of the grip is big.
  • Appropriate for giving the best performance.
  • Players can easily show their tricks.


Orange Flame




Mob Grip

Senya Galaxy Grip Tape

  • Uses silicon carbide to make this grip tape.
  • Convenient to use with the skateboard.
  • Perform similarly in every condition.
  • People can make this clean without any difficulty. 


Silicon Carbide


Pattern 1



There are some other best products of grip tape also available. People should know their needs specifically in terms of buying. All the skateboards are not fit for one particular type of gripe tape.

Senya Galaxy Grip Tape

Skateboard Grip Tape

How can one grip a skateboard deck?

Producers provide a grip tape with some instruction. There are many ways to gripping a skateboard deck. One can grip their decks by following the information from the producer. There are some others ways too. We give general instruction to make this process easy for the people.

For making this happen people have to follow some steps.

All the steps are discussing below consecutively:

  • Spread the grip tape on the deck:

At first, open the grip tape. Then take the deck of the skateboard. Spread the whole grip tape sheet on the deck. People should take a perfect size for their skateboard. If the size of the grip tape is lower than the deck size, this will in vain. Always try to order an appropriate or more than adequate size. This will eliminate some barriers too.

  • Press the above portion of the deck:

This will help to get the structure of the grip tape. People can measure the deck. Then cut the grip tape according to the measurement. This will be a hard task than this. In this process, people get the size of the grip tape by pressing down. People can easily find their shape by following this process.

  • Mark the structure of the deck:

People can use a pencil or pen to mark the structure. People can also use a screwdriver to fold the edges of grip tape. This can make the task easier. People can also use a scale to mark the structure. There is no hard and fast rule for this. People can take their marking of the structure in any way. However, the marking must be appropriate. Without an accurate marking, this will go in vain.

  • Cut off the edges according to mark: 

This is an easy task. People only cut the edges safely. That time people need to take sharp scissors. Otherwise, this will take a good amount of time. Besides, there also have some other risks. One should cut the edges so carefully.

  • Attach this to the deck

This is the last step of gripping the grip tape. People can attach this by removing the glue sticker from the grip tape. After that, the job is done. Not a difficult job to do. Taking some time and knowledge can help people more to attach the grip tape.

When is the best time for replacing the skateboard grip tape?

A bad grip tape is not capable of giving the best result. Grip tape lasts a good amount of time. A good grip tape doesn't last for a lifetime. With a bad grip tape, people will not get the best output. That time people need to change their skateboard grip. With a bad grip tape, one cannot get the highest result from their ride. This also hampers player's style and techniques. Players should not make delays. With a proper and perfect grip tape, people can boost up their skateboarding performance.

How one can remove the grip tape from the skateboard

People can easily remove the grip tape from a skateboard. There are a good number of ways for removing the grip tape from the skateboard. All are not appropriate and not easy to follow. We are discussing an easy method for removing the grip tape from the skateboard.

This is discussing below:

  • Separate the deck from the skateboard:

At first, people should separate the deck from the skateboard. By removing the wheels from the skateboard one can do it. This will make it more comfortable for the remover.

  • Apply heat on the deck:

Hit can bring softness to the glue of the grip tape. People should not use excessive heat on their deck. This will hamper the deck in a bad way. One should properly hit the deck and carefully. This will make it easier to remove the grip tape from the skateboard deck.

  • Use a sharp blade to remove the grip tape:

This is the last step of removing the grip tape from the deck. People should use a sharp blade carefully to remove the grip tape. These tasks have to with extra care. Otherwise, people will get harm by the blade.

Apart from this method, there is a lot of methods are available. People should choose the best way to remove a grip tape from the skateboard.

 Final words

Grip tape is a specialized material tape that is used in the deck of a skateboard. All the companies of skateboard grip tape don't make their products with uniform material. Some of the materials are high quality some are not. For getting better performance, people should choose the best product from them. A good grip tape helps to show the trick and techniques of a player. Beginner players can also use this grip tap to increase their performance as well. Almost all the skateboarders are using a good quality grip tape on their skateboard deck.

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