Joola VS Stiga Ping Pong Table What is The Best For My Garage

Joola VS Stiga Ping Pong Table

Joola and Stiga are two of the most well-known ping pong accessories manufacturing brands. These brands feature high-quality and reliable accessories, which are also being used in table tennis Olympics. Among all of the ping pong players, these two are the most reliable brands.

Both brands produce top-quality ping pong tables, which are unbeatable by other brands and feature great value for money. However, today we will try to find out the differences between the ping pong tables of these brands. We will compare two of the best Joola and Stiga ping pong tables. This comparison will help you to know what is the best ping pong table for your garage.

How did We compare Joola and Stiga Ping Pong Tables

Our motto is to provide the exact information to the readers so that one does not have to compromise their experience and waste their money on a defective product. Therefore, we have created a sports research team of experienced and expert sportsmen. Generally, the team collects accurate information about the accessories and then checks the features. After getting their green signal, we write our articles.

We have done the same thing for this article. Our research team has checked all the features of these tables to find the differences.

Joola vs Stiga Ping Pong Table

There is no saying that ping pong tables of these brands are the top class. Therefore, finding differences was very cumbersome. We will provide a comparison between two of the highly-rated ping pong tables of these brands down below.

JOOLA Inside vs STIGA Advantage

Both JOOLA Inside and STIGA Advantage ping pong tables are suitable for recreational to professional gameplay. These two tables are made of high-quality, durable, and dense materials. Also, each of these tables features a couple of variations.

In the below table, we will compare the main features of these tables so that one can easily come up with the best.


JOOLA Inside

STIGA Advantage

Using Area

Specially designed for indoor use.

It is also designed for indoor purposes.

Tabletop Thickness

Table thickness ranges from 13 to 25mm.

Features thickness from 12mm to 19mm.

Table Top Material

Used MDF for the top construction.

The top of this table is also constructed with MDF.

Table Size

Available in official size of 9’ x 5’ x 2.5’.

Official size.

Assembly Time

The Assembly process requires less than half an hour as the table is 95% preassembled.

It may require 30 minutes at most.


Contains wheels under the base.

Durable wheels under the base.

From the above table, it can be seen that both of these tables are almost the same. Therefore, we will discuss each feature of these tables separately to highlight the differences.

Tabletop- Both of these tables surfaces are made of MDF material which is why these tables will provide a great experience. However, there are differences in the thickness of the tabletop. These tables are available in a lot of thickness variation.

The JOOLA Inside is available in 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, and 25mm. That means The JOOLA inside is suitable for both recreational play and professional-grade tournaments.

Whereas, the STIGA Advance features 12mm, 15mm, and 18mm tabletop. We can see that the JOOLA features more tabletop variation than STIGA. Tabletops above 15mm would be the best choice to have consistent bounce.

Design- When it comes to the design of these tables, there is no winner. Because both tables are two-piece in design. One can easily fold one half of these tables to enjoy single-player playback mode. Both tables feature a premium blue color tabletop and a black undercarriage. One will find the design of these tables equal.

Base- These tables feature a sturdy steel-constructed table base. Both tables stand on 1.5 inches thick powder-coated legs. The base is separated into two pieces. Also, each table features a clamp system net attaching system. This system keeps the halves of the table attached to each other. The net of these tables is professional-grade tournament nets. There are adjustable leg levers under both tables as well to keep the table stable on an uneven surface.

Transportation- Both JOOLA Inside and STIGA Advance features an effortless and easy transportation system. Under the base of these tables, there are 3 inches wheels. For transportation and easy storage, one just needs to fold the table halves together and push the table to the direction where they want to move the table.

These wheels are very robust. Also, there is a safety locking mechanism. One can lock the table wheels for avoiding any unwanted table movements to ensure safe storage or stable playing.

Assembly- To be honest, both tables are 95% pre-assembled. The rest of the assembly process will take less than 25 minutes. That means each table features less assembly time more playing time.

Cost- One big difference between these tables is the cost. The cost of these tables varies depending on the tabletop thickness. If you check the prices point of these tables, you will instantly notice the difference. The 18mm JOOLA Inside cost almost 550 dollars, where the STIGA Advance cost almost 500 dollars.

Which table to choose for my garage JOOLA or STIGA

From the above comparison, we can see that both tables are almost the same. There is no big difference between these tables and these are best for indoor use. Therefore, one can choose any of them.

However, if you want to have the best bounce experience and professional-grade gameplay, we recommend you choose those tables that are above 13mm thick. At this point, the JOOLA features a lot of variations in thickness. Also, JOOLA Inside features a 25mm thick tabletop table where STIGA Advance does not.


JOOLA is a proud table tennis accessories manufacturing brand. It was found by Karl Frey. The brand name was created combining a brand name known as Joss and the city name of Germany known as Landau. This brand has been one of the top sponsors of the biggest tournaments in the world such as the Olympics,

US Open, World Champions, etc. The brand has been producing reliable table tennis equipment for more than 70 years. JOOLA is now owned by the Sport Squad, Inc of North America.

Joola VS Stiga Ping Pong Table

Joola VS Stiga Ping Pong Table


STIGA is one of the largest table tennis products manufacturing brands. This brand's head office is situated in Eskilstuna and it started producing table tennis equipment in 1944. The company produces a wide range of table tennis accessories for both professional and recreational players.

Also, they produce indoor and outdoor accessories as well. This company has partnerships with more than hundreds of countries all over the world.

Joola VS Stiga Ping Pong Table

Joola VS Stiga Ping Pong Table

Is a 15mm table tennis table good

Yes, 15mm thick table tennis tables are good. One can arrange a tournament with this table. A 15mm thick table provides a decent amount of ball bounce which is fairly enough. For recreational use, it would be the best choice.

However, if you are a professional grade player, then you will need a table that will provide consistent ball bounce. Therefore, we recommend you choose a table that is more than 15mm thick.

Are JOOLA ping pong tables worth purchasing

JOOLA is one of the leading brands in the ping pong industry. This brand produces high-quality, premium-grade, top-notch, and durable ping pong tables. The brand produces table tennis tables in various sizes. Also, they produce tables for both recreational and professional tournaments.

JOOLA produces both indoor and outdoor tables. One can easily find the best JOOLA table for their garage and also for their backyard.

How big is a STIGA Ping Pong table

STIGA produces ping pong tables in various sizes. They produce official size tables which dimension is 9’ by 5’ by 2.5’. Also, they produce tables that are half of the original size and even 1/3rd of the official size as well.

If you have a big space and want to have a professional-grade experience, choose an official size table. On the other hand, if you have limited space, then choose the table according to your space.

Final Words

It is not quite possible to find major differences between the above-discussed ping pong tables. However, we have tried our best to show you what the differences are. Lastly,

if you want the best professional performance inside your garage, the JOOLA Inside is the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you have a limited budget and looking for a table for serious play, you should go with the STIGA.

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