How Much Does An Indoor Basketball Court Cost?

People all over the world love to play games with family and friends, especially in the comfort of their homes.

The rich, though some rarely use these facilities, are the most notorious for having sports courts around their massive estates to attract friends and enjoy a game without having to go to the club.

Basketball is the most common sport that is versatile to fit just about any space; therefore, you can easily install it in your home, no matter your budget.

Okay, it will be a little expensive to install if on a tight budget, but you will not have to break your back to do it.

Here’s how you will go about having an indoor basketball court.

Where To Install The Basketball Court

For an indoor basketball court, the most likely space to use is an underutilized garage or a detached addition to your house.

This work calls for a professional though, so all you do it yourself people, do not get excited over the prospect of building it yourself unless that is the business you are in.

The Cost in Detail

There is a lot to think of before you can decide to build an indoor basketball court. First and foremost, you need to know the size of the court that you want.

A standard full-size outdoor court measures 4,700 square feet and costs between $17,000-$76,000, roughly $17 per square foot on the high end.

However, many people have small spaces indoors, and so they opt for the half court or smaller space. With the former, the size is usually around 2,350 square feet, at a cost relatively cheap at $8,000-$38,000.

The latter comes to about 900 square feet, totaling to a cost of between $3,000-$15,000. These two are the most common due to their adaptable sizes and cost.

So you see, it may be a bit expensive, but you always have an option for a professional set up.

The size of the court you choose to build depends on the kind of play you want. Many prefer the standard size, which is an NCAA/NBA type of court. However, as seen above, homeowners have available options to choose for smaller spaces.

When choosing your desired size, add a few additional feet for the perimeter.

Indoor or Outdoor and Floor Type

Having an open area in the home is considerably cheaper than building one for the indoor basketball court. The available space reduces your starting costs and assumes that your open space is ready for the basic function.

However, it also usually means that you have concrete slab flooring. This then takes us to the types of flooring available for an indoor basketball court and their costs.

Let’s start with the most basic and cheapest flooring option; your concrete slab. This saves money and minimizes renovations while still being able to perform its function adequately. Nonetheless, homeowners may want to have an epoxy floor coating so as to protect the concrete.

Depending on the floor space and the type of epoxy, one should expect to pay around $3,000 for a small space.

This will be around $6 per square foot to cover materials and professional installation. This type of flooring is customizable in terms of color choice, and you can even add the logo of your preferred team.

Another option is maple hardwood. This is usually the standard choice for indoor courts. Expect to pay around $6 per square foot for the wood and an extra $8 per square foot for installation.

Maple hardwood gives you a classic warmth, durability and strength, factors which people often associate with indoor sports.

Depending on the Size of Court

For those who can afford a full-size court kind of set up, hardwood flooring will see them cash out $29,000. Across the board, a small size indoor court using maple hardwood flooring would cost about $5,500.

Maple hardwood is quite expensive and needs a lot of maintenance, adding to its expensive nature. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and laminate flooring is that light at the end of indoor basketball court flooring.

This serves as the decent alternative for maple hardwood. Its price is just a fraction of the cost of hardwood. With $2 per square foot to cater for materials and an average of $5 per square foot for installation, you will be able to enjoy the look of a hardwood floor.

On a full court, laminate costs anywhere between $13,000-$47,000. For a smaller court size, the costs are significantly lower at between $2,500-$9,000.

In the event that extra renovations are needed to fit your indoor basketball court, some factors should be considered. The first is that you may be required to extend the square footage, which will cost on average $40,000 for the whole project.

The second is if the basement will need remodelling. This takes about $19,000 to install walls, flooring, plumbing, electrical and lighting.

Thirdly, you may need to add ventilation for heating and cooling, which cost $1,100 per project. Lastly, lighting is very important for any renovations involving indoor basketball courts.

This will cost you averagely $500 per light fixture excluding electric and also depending on the complication level of the instalment.

In conclusion

Basketball is a beloved game by all. It is no wonder that in the US, it is hard to find a home that does not spot even just a single hoop in the driveway or backyard.

Thus, indoor basketball courts are most preferable for homeowners as they can play the game all year round regardless of the weather. Due to this high demand for indoor installation, having an indoor basketball court has become relatively cheaper when using professionals.

Homeowners have a lot to choose from, depending on their space. For those with an unlimited budget, the sky is the limit on options. For those on a budget, many options are depending on the size of the available space, mode of play, as well as the type of flooring they would wish to have.

One only needs to choose the best fit for their basketball needs. Having an indoor court does not have to be a very expensive venture as seen above.

As long as the right professionals are used, you should have the indoor basketball court that suits your needs with relative ease and at affordable rates.

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