How to Spin a Bowling Ball Like A Pro

Have you ever noticed how a professional bowler releases the ball that spins? Whether you ever witnessed a professional event or watched on T.V, you probably wonder how they can do that.

Generally, if a random person releases the ball at the alley, his ball also rotates to some extent. But we are not talking about this kind of rotating. Spinning a bowling ball is something even more, and it requires skill.

Spin a Bowling Ball Like A Pro

If you have ever played bowling, admit that; you probably wish if you could do the spinning too. In this article, we will discuss the techniques that make the ball spinning. Stay with us till the end.

1.Correct Placement of Your Fingers

First thing first, you need to hook the ball correctly to the fingers. To hold the ball correctly, use your middle and ring fingers and put into the side-by-side two holes. Then, put your thumb into the rest of the hole that is under them.

Put your thumb into the lower hole and try to reach as far as you can. Do not put pressure on any of these fingers.

Middle and ring finger should be placed gently. If you put pressure on that two fingers, you might have an issue with the skin.

The palm of your hand should feel comfortable to hold the ball. Do not put such amount of pressure that can break an egg. If you try to squeeze the ball, the finger will get stuck when you release it.

Placement of your fingers in the right position is crucial because spinning the ball largely depends on it. You will have to rotate the ball just before releasing it. Therefore, having a proper grip on the ball is the thing is the key here. 

2.Choosing the Weight of the Ball

Selecting a ball of appropriate weight can make a difference in the final moment for spinning. There are suggestions for each individual to carry the ball of different weight.

For example, adult women are suggested to use a ball of 10-14 pounds. And it is 14-16 pounds for men. There is a general suggestion that a person should use a ball that roughly weighs 10% of their body weight.

So, if a person’s weight is 160 pounds, he should use the ball that weighs 16 pounds. It is essential because the amount of spin largely depends on imparting.

If a strong person uses a small size ball, he would probably make the ball impart with too much torque and put it in the gutter.

Similarly, a weak individual would most likely struggle to deliver the necessary spin to hook the ball. Therefore, make sure you select a ball of appropriate size.

3.Target the Pocket

You need to determine the pocket. If you are not familiar with the term ‘pocket' in bowling, it refers to the space between two pins. That is where you want to hit.

If you are still not getting it, allow me to elaborate;

For a right-handed person, the space between pin number 1 and the pin number 3. More precisely, pin number 3 would be the one that is behind the foremost one, and to the right side. Similarly, for a left-handed person, it is behind the foremost one to the left side. 

4.Get Proper Grip of the Ball

The way you grip the ball will determine the intensity of its hook. It is the very angle from which the ball will enter the pocket. Your scoring potential largely depends on this angle.

You need to produce a straighter roll. To do that, a relaxed grip would be highly appreciated. Make sure your hand is flexed back at your wrist, and it is on top of the ball when you pass the forward swing.

For a solid grip, bend your hand forward. Between your forearm and thumb should be 90 degrees. That will give you a great amount of spin.

Furthermore, a firm grip will provide a moderate hook. It will not bend or flex your wrist. From your forearm through the hand, it will create a continuous line.

5.The Way You Need to Approach

Now, we will be talking about the ‘Four-Step Approach.' This approach will help you to release the ball successfully. Before starting to stand up straight, hold the ball at about mid-chest height. If you hold the ball higher than that, it will slow down the speed of the ball.

Similarly, holding the ball lower will make the delivery faster. It is also important to support your bowling hand with the free hand. You need to keep the bowling arm’s elbow close to your hip and slightly bend your knees.

Furthermore, your feet should be pointed towards the line with your shoulders squarely facing the front.

First ApproachTake the first step forward with the right foot while bringing the ball over that foot. Your non-bowling hand should act as a support for the right hand.

Second Approach: Then take the second step forward with the left foot while lowering the ball to the knee-level position. The other hand should release the ball at this stage.

Third Approach: It is time for the highest point of backswing with the ball. Go ahead by taking another step forward with the right leg.

Fourth and the Final Approach: Bring the ball forward and lower the hips and bend your torso forward at 15-degree angle.

6.Now It is Time to Roll

During the backswing, keep the arm and wrist straight. When your arm passes the lace, release the ball. Your thumb should be the first finger to get out of the whole.

Your fingers will produce the spin, not the wrist. Slightly rotate your hand from the wrist when you release the ball.

If you are right-handed, a 15-degree counterclockwise rotation will produce the spin. For a left-handed person, it is totally the opposite. Move your arm upward toward the pocket after releasing the ball.

Final Words

You need to put all the elements together for successfully spinning the ball. Although, you may not be able to do that initially. But keep working to achieve the consistency. Surely, you will master this technique to spin a bowling ball.

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