How to refelt a valley pool table

How to Refelt a Valley Pool Table?

There are so many people all around the world who love to play pool. In most of the cities, there are lots of billiards to play pool in anytime. Some peoples like to play pool in their house. So they fit the perfect size pool table into their house. Any kind of pool tables they need to proper maintenances for getting better service from it. Sometimes they need to recover felt for increasing smoothness while playing pool. People may need to refelt the pool table.

There are so many kinds of pool tables. But we only focus on this article about only a valley pool table. Most of the people choose a valley pool table for their house or in any billiards. So at any time, they may need to refelt a valley pool cover.

So in this article, we will describe about some steps to refelt or recover a valley pool table properly.

How to Refelt a Valley Pool Table?

What is a Valley Pool Table?

This is an 8-foot pool table with high quality materials and rubbers on the rails. Almost 90% of bars have this valley pool table. People always love to play on this pool table. This pool table is perfect also any tournaments to play. People can play very smoothly for flush mount corner casting and also super countersunk pockets. It has ultra standard valley Teflon green cloth. This is an amazing pool table that also fits into the house and anyone can do fun by playing pool on a valley pool table in their house. If you want to know Best Break Cue.

How to Refelt a Valley Pool Table?

There are lots of houses that contain a valley pool table. It is a great way to enjoy yourself with family members by playing pool. A standard, high quality pool table lasts at least 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance. Sometimes it can be recovered for playing better smooth. The felt is a very important issue to play comfortably. If the felt is not done correctly, it will ruin the perfect mood of the play. So people can refelt manually a valley pool table by following some necessary steps. Here we show some steps to do this properly.

STEP-1: Very first and foremost people should disassemble the table. This is the major fact for recovering a valley pool table. They should be careful while removing the pocket liners and bolts. If they are a beginner to refelt a valley pool table sometimes they cannot find these pockets. These pocket liners can be seen under the pool table.

STEP-2: There are so many kinds of rails. Especially different types of pool tables have their own style rails. Removing the rails of a valley pool table is a vital factor. There are 4 rails on a valley pool table. They should be very careful while removing rails.

STEP-3: In this step, they should keep the rails and bolts in a perfect place. It is very important to keep these a safe place because if you lose any one of these bolts then you cannot mix the rails up to their previous positions. So it will affect a bad impact on your refelt jobs. The refelt would not work perfectly if that caused. So be careful about that.

STEP-4: In this step, people should remove the old felts. Generally, a pool table is designed for long-lasting. But sometimes the felt may need to replace for the betterment of the pool board. The felt usually damaged for a lot of friction while playing, damaged by bouncing off the pool balls, extra collections of pool chalk, etc. There are mainly two types of changing the old felt.

  • Sometimes the felt is attached to the board by glue. Then it is easy to remove the felt by ripping. But there is also a problem while ripping. There can be remained some glue on the board while ripping the felt. So after then, it should be removed from the pool board. People can remove these remain glues by scrapping them on the board. They must be careful while scrapping because of damaging the boards.
  • Other hands the felt can be attached to the table by the staples. It is so easy to remove by a staples remover. Anyone can do this job easily.

STEP-5: Every pool table is made up of a slate even the valley pool table also. This material is so stable for at least one year on the felt. So while removing the old felt people should also clean the slate fully. To clean the slate they can use a dry cloth for removing clouds of dust. Remember one thing using wet clothes or any kinds of removal spray, cause dampness on the slate. So try to not use any wet cloth to remove. They should wipe off with dry cloths.

STEP-6: Now this step people should cut the new felt for attaching into the board. They must use sharp scissors for cutting the new one with perfect measurement. They should keep behind some extra felt after cutting so that felt can be used to refelt the rails perfectly. If you want to know How to Cover a Pool Table?

STEP-7: This is the most important part of refelting a valley pool table. Although every process of refelting is essential this is the most important. This is the stapling of the felt.  They should do this job very carefully. Otherwise, the whole process will not work properly. They must concern while trimming and rolling the felt. They should always check underneath the slate. They can do it by looking at the vertical edge of the pool table. While stapling on the felt they need to follow some major factors. We put these in the below.

  • They should staple a maximum of 3 inches in the stretched line.
  • Stretching along the vertical edge from the head end is the perfect way to attach felt.
  •  They should keep the felt parallels to the pool table edge.
  • It can be better if they start stapling from the middle of the portion. Then turn middle from the right side and to the left side.
  • There must be gaps at least 3 inches from one staple to another one. It arranges the stapling serially for looking perfect.
  • If the staple does not put in serially then the felt also cannot fit perfectly. And its outlook will also very bad. So try to staples them very nicely and put them equally in the same differences from one to another.
  • Before we mentioned that they should keep some extra felt while pulling. Because it is needed when pulling the felt over each pocket.
  • Last staples all pockets in every edge properly in the felt.

Some people do this job with glue instead of using staples. Then they should need to follow some steps also.

  • First, clean the whole surface for attaching the felt. They should clean with a dry cloth, not any wet cloth before we have already mentioned it.
  • Apply the good quality glue on the surface and place the felt over the glues on the surface.
  • On the edge sides, there can be needed to place glue by cutting the felt properly.
  • Follow the same ways to glue the edge of the pockets by cutting the felt with the proper size.
How to Refelt a Valley Pool Table

How to Refelt a Valley Pool Table

Final Thoughts

Some people feel fear to refelt a valley pool table manually in their house. They often go to any professionals for doing this. They may need huge costs. But it is not quite a difficult job. Anyone can do this easily in their house by following some key steps. We described a lot about how to refelt a valley pool table. You just need to read this article very properly and easily you can refelt it manually.

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