How To Make A Dice Tower

How To Make A Dice Tower : Step By Step Guideline For Beginners

Imagine this scenario. A group of friends watching the American TV show 'The Big Bang Theory'. The four friends, Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Rajesh are playing their favorite board game 'Dungeons and Dragons'. After finishing the episode, one of the friends says,

'Hey! We should be playing this game!'

Another says, 'Yeah, I agree'.

'But we do not have all the elements. Besides, this game requires a dice tower. Otherwise, the game is not fair.

‘But they are expensive'

'So what! We will make our own'

For anyone wondering what a dice tower is, it is a platform used by gamers to roll the dice fairly because when thrown by hand, some might try to do some foul play.

The best part about dice towers is that they are really easy to make. And that is exactly what we will be talking about in this article. We will talk about how to make a dice tower by yourself, thus saving a decent amount of money by not buying one. So, let us cut to the chase.

How To Make A Wooden Dice Tower?

Step 1: Get The Raw Materials!

Many users prefer wooden bases for their boards, while many prefer foam board ones. In this article, we will be talking about how to make a wooden dice tower. Let us get started with the first step.

For wooden boards, you will need some chopped, good quality plywood of around 6-8 inches. Then, you will need some felts that will cover up the raw pieces of wood. And finally, collect some really good quality glue sticks that will help attach the pieces. The shape and size of the tower will depend on the users' convenience.

Step 2: Place And Glue The Wooden Pieces Together

Dice towers usually have three wooden flaps or pieces inside, glued to the base. For the second step, you need to determine how far apart and at which angle the pieces would be. There are some considerations you should take into account.

The reason you need to understand how far apart the pieces should be is to remove the possibility of the dice being jammed inside and not coming out.

This is the same reason why the angles also need to be determined. Many board games involve multiple dice therefore if the pieces are not glued to a proper angle, the dice will get stuck.

After the angles are determined, the pieces should be glued. Once the glue is dried up, apply felt over the pieces and glue them together again. Once the felt is glued properly and it is dried up, the second step is done.

Step 3: Determine The Entrance And Exit Point

Once the gluing is done, the next step is to determine the points where the dice will go in and come out. In this step, what one needs to keep in mind is how high or low do they want the points to be.

For example, the entrance and exit need to be a little higher as the dice might fall out if they are not properly placed. Once one determines the height of those points, just mark the height with a marker to remember the readings.

Step 4: Glue Entrance And Exit, Apply Felts

After the points are determined, use glue to attach the two points. Once the glue is dried up, use some more to attach the felts to them. After that, the upper part of the roof, if you may, should be glued.

One must remember to keep half of the space open at the top and half at the exit for the dice to go in and come out properly.

Measurement considerations should also be taken into account of the points. The recommended size of the parts is about 3-4 inches which will ensure proper rolling of the dice inside the dice tower.

Step 5: Glue The Final Pieces Together 

Once the entrance and exits are glued together, the making of the dice tower is coming to its end. For the penultimate stage, you have to glue up the remaining sides.

After the glue is dried up, you can apply the felts around the tower for it to have a nice and comfortable feel at hand.

The felt covering also ensures a premium look for the tower. Once the entire gluing has dried up, the set is ready to go and to be played with.

Step 6: Apply Colors On The Whole Tower (Optional)

Some might find this particular step to be unnecessary but applying colors give a vibrant look to the tower. And also, applying colors on them is a good way of attracting customers for people who sell custom made dice towers.

Brush painting does take a lot of time and sometimes are messy to clean up or finish. That is why many people prefer to spray paint their towers.

Spray Paints are of lesser hassle and can be finished up easily. Moreover, they do not need much of an effort to do the job. And they give a shinier and smoother look better than what brush paints can do.

Step 7: You're Set! Now, Pick A Game!

After the coloring or spray painting is done, the procedure of making a dice tower comes to an end. Now, just pick a game and start playing. There are a huge number of board games that can be played using dice. For games like Farkle, backgammon, Ludo, and Macao, dice towers will come in handy


Someone who don’t know how to make a dice tower, might think that making it is quite a lot of work. The structure might seem too complex to build.

But it’s not. If you have gone through the article, you know building a dice tower is quite easy. Also, it is a real and financially efficient way of having a gaming tool. You can even engage your kids and spend quality time with them.

Dice towers make the board games as fair as it gets and also increases the excitement and the fun. By using common materials like wooden plywood, glue sticks, and felts, almost anyone can make them.

And since these DIY projects save money and give one a sense of accomplishment, making dice tower is becoming more and more popular day by day. Join the parade and treat yourself with the fulfilling experience of building something beautiful.

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