How to Grip Tape a Skateboard

How to Grip Tape a Skateboard (Easy 5 Steps)

Grip tape is essential for the skateboard. The people use grip tape on their deck for getting a good performance. There are some different methods for cover the top deck with grip tape. Adequate size of the grip tape is a must. There are some other elements necessary to cover the deck.

How to Grip Tape a Skateboard.

A proper place, a pointed screwdriver and a sharp knife are needed to attach the grip. There are basics steps to cover the skateboard with grip tape. The steps are like:

Size of the Grip Tap

Grip tape size varies to the size of the deck. Manufacturer of the grip tapes also produces their products according to this. Producers use the same raw material for a product which is available in small and large size. Generally, the size of a small grip tap is 9" X 33". They also make a 12" X 4' size grip tap for use in the big skateboard deck.  Small size skateboards have no difficulty with the size. People should take the size of the grip tap seriously in terms of an old or long skateboard. Generally, old skateboards are making with a long deck.

Necessary Things for Griping Tape on the Deck

Grip tapes are not coming with the skateboards. The producer of the skateboards offers grip tape to the people. Griping the skateboard is a task for the user. The griping process is not hard. People don't have to follow hard fast rules for this. We find out a convenient way for them.

All the Necessary Steps are Discussing Below Consecutively

A plane surface: This is a mandatory option for the riders. A plane place offers stability. People have to get an accurate measurement of their grip sheet. Without a plane surface, this becomes impossible. For getting the right measurement a place surface is necessary. People can take more cautiousness in a flat place. This is a vital thing for gripping.

Grip tape sheet: One must choose a proper size grip tape sheet. There are two sizes of the sheet, small and large. The measurements of the sizes are mentioned earlier. Additionally, people must select a perfect gripe tape for their skateboard. This will bring them more benefits. Selecting a grip tape is not an easy task. There is lots of good product in the market. Skateboarders have to spend some time and do the necessary analysis before buying a grip tape.

Sharp Blade: Blade is necessary to cut the grip tape. Cutters can also help in this situation. The sheets of the grip tape are not so soft. People have to take the best sharp blade for cutting. Otherwise, this will be difficult to cut the right measurement.

Marker pens: This is necessary for marking the edges of a grip sheet. Grip sheets are not making with a perfect size. People make this perfect through customization. That time one need to take instruction to cut. Markers pen or pencil can help to get rid of this situation. Once people get a perfect line for all the edges of a grip sheet, this will be an easier task.

Scissors: This is optional equipment. People, who are comfortable cutting through scissors, can use this. Scissors is the alternative option of the blade. This depends on personal efficiency.

Stickers: This is also not a mandatory thing. Stickers in a plain black sheet increase beauty. People also add stickers to the sheet to design their skateboard in a unique style. The quality and type of sticker vary.

Spray paint: People can spray over their stickers. The spray is so easy to use in the skateboard deck. This enhances the style of the skateboard and gives an uncommon style. The outlook of the sheets becomes looking good through painting with a spray.

Now we are Discussing the Steps Briefly

  • Ready the skateboard deck: First of all people should choose a grip tape for using this. A good grip tape can increase the lifetime of a skateboard. One should select this carefully from the market. People can also see the review and customer feedback of their selected grip tape.

  • Place the grip tape on the deck of the skateboard: Next step is to bring the grip tape on the deck. At that moment a flat surface is needed. Without a pain place, this will become a hard task. People should choose the proper size of the grip tape.
  • Press down the grip tape on the deck: In this case, one can use a hand. This process helps to attach the grip tape to the deck. This is the easiest way to measure.
  • Mark the edges through a screwdriver: A point screwdriver can help this situation. People can also use a marker pen. Both things can give a proper measurement of the grip tape.
  • Cut the edges according to the mark: Sharp blade or scissors is necessary for cutting the edges of grip tape. People should cut their grip tape carefully according to its marking.

From the above process, people can attach the grip tape to their deck more easily. This is a more convenient process.

Categories of Grip Tape

The producer makes grip tape in many ways. There are lots of styles of grip tape. Some of the best manufacturer company makes grip tape with lots of variation. Nowadays the world is moving faster. People are not like to stick with a particular design. That is why producers make their products in some categories.

Those are Discussing Below

Classic black grip: The colour of this grip tape is Black. Black grip tapes are liked by most people. That has classic looks and gorgeous style on the sheet. People like this classic grip sheet. One can paint this with a unique style. Nowadays people add nice stickers to their classic grip sheet.

Clear grip tape: This grip tape can use both sides of a skateboard deck. Clear grip tapes are looking shiny when they attach to the deck. People can add a variety of stickers to this. The looks of the stickers become more gorgeous with a clear grip tape. Moreover, a clear grip is also perfect for painting. One can paint the whole deck and makes the skateboard more beautiful.

Graphical print: This is a readymade version of the grip tape. Manufacturers also give customization options to the users. Graphical print of the grip tape is becoming famous. Those are not like any kind of hassle like this. Some of the best company manufactures this kind of grip tape including Grizzly Grip, Shake Junt and Mob Grip.

Colour grip tape: Colors can attract the buyer more than a plain grip tape. All the colours are becoming the option for a skateboard player in that case. People can modify their skateboard more with the desired colour. Companies are also offering more than one colour to their grip tape sheet.

What are the Factors to Select an Appropriate Grip Tape?

This is not an easy task. In terms of selecting the best grip tape, people must know the key things about a grip tape. Beginner skateboarders are feeling more difficulty. There is a good number of factors that can influence the buyer.

All are discussing below through a table:


What to consider

Construction quality

  • The raw material of the grip tap must be good.
  • People should select between silicon carbide and aluminium oxide grip tape sheets.
  • Other materials can be used if they are of high quality.


Colours of the grip tape

  • Black is the risk-free choice.
  • Black colour grip sheet can give more stickiness to the deck.
  • Colourful grip tape does not have quality like black colour grip tape.

Customize option

  • Printed grip tape doesn’t have any kind of customization option.
  • The user should select a plain or black grip tape.
  • Clear grip tape also offers a good customize option for people.


  • Good quality products are not getting at a low price.
  • For getting a "silicon carbide" base grip tape, one must spend more money.

Apart from these factors, there is also having some other factors. Besides if anyone feels more hesitation to choose a skateboard grip, they can contact Skate Advisors. They are providing valuable information to the skateboarders. New skateboards player can get benefit from them most.

What things Necessary are to Customize a Grip Tape?

Customization is not a hard task. People can customize their grip tape without facing a lot of hassle. There are some necessary steps to follow in terms of customizing a grip tape.

All are discussing below with a table:

 Select the best grip tape

  • This is a vital factor for customization.
  • People can easily modify the black grip tape.
  • One can choose clear grip tape for adding more design to the deck.
  • Light colour grip tape is not so perfect for modifying.
  • The graphical print sheet has not a more modifying option than another grip tape.

Collecting the necessary things for customization

  • All the necessary elements have to gather.
  • A Sharpe blade is necessary for all types of customization.
  • Try to take the best materials for modifying.
  • One can modify their grip tape after attaching this with the deck.


  • A sticker is the most convenient way to modify a grip tape.
  • People have to cut the sticker carefully.
  • At first one should select the right place of a sticker.
  • People can also make paints through a sticker on their skateboard deck.


  • Modifying through painting is the most common way.
  • People can paint their grip tape with lots of variations of paints haphazardly.
  • This is also considered the most common way of customization.

Customize a grip tape is easy. People have to follow some way to modify a grip tape. One must attach the grip tape on the skateboard deck first. This will be making the job much easier.

All the Necessary Rules are Discussing Below Shortly

Don’t paint more on the grip tape: An adequate amount of painting is best. One must understand the amount of this. Otherwise, this will not bring great results. Less paint also hampers the beauty of skateboards. More importantly, the modifier has to have the proper knowledge of painting. Otherwise, this will not let the best look of the skateboard.

Cut the grip tape sheet: This is the most vital part for customizing. The proper size of a grip tape makes the customization more successful. People have to take sharp blades or scissors to cut the grip tape sheet. The inappropriate size of a grip tape is not suitable for customization.

Don’t use any alternative of paint: Paint is the safest way for customizing the grip tap. Some people use others things instead of paint. Paint longs last in the grip tape. People can paint their grip tape through the spray. The sticker can be used as a structure of the paint. Paint gives the more gorgeous looks than any other belongings of the customization.

Have a definite plan: Without a plan, one cannot customize their skateboard with satisfaction. Before starting the customization process, people have to rough their designs on paper. That will make their task easier. Without a goal, one cannot do their task appropriately. This is a vital part of the customization.

Additionally one can get knowledge from the expert. That will give them more confidence and variation in customization.

 Final Words

Grip tape on the deck is a common scenario for the skateboard holders. Gripping the tape on the skateboard is not a hard task. People can do this quite easily by following the above instruction. One can follow the manufacturer's information to add grip tape to the deck.

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