How to Cover a Pool Table?

Playing pool is a very common game all over the world. There are so many people who have a pool table in their own house. And also there are lots of billiards in most of the cities. So there are so many players who really love to play this pool. To play pool people should need some most essential equipment. First and foremost there needs a standard high quality pool table for playing. This pool table is expensive. Their prices vary depending on their size and dimensions.

But it is most important to take care of a pool table properly. After finishing the play people should cover this table with a pool table cover because of protection from any damages to this pool table. In this article, we will describe about how to cover a pool table and why people should need to cover a pool table.

How to Cover a Pool Table?

Why People Need a Pool Table Cover?

People sometimes do not aware of their big investments. They buy an expensive pool table but they usually do not take care of them properly. People should also buy a pool table cover because there are so many reasons to buy a pool table cover. The essential accessories every owner should need are pool table covers. They should do proper research about the reasons to buy a pool table cover for protecting their investments. We show some major reasons why people should need a pool table cover.

  • A pool table is the essential part of this game. This is so expensive too. So that it should be kept in an excellent environment. Normally, billiard players do not want any scratches on their pool board. They want to clean and smooth their billiard surface. So for these expectations, they should need a pool table cover. This is quite essential to buy a high quality pool table cover. Billiard players should concern about these subjects.

Sometimes heavy rain will damage people’s pool board. Rains come through the window so that it will damage their pool board roughly. There may have children in their house. So anytime they can damage this pool board if there is no pool table cover on it. Or sometimes there has pet into their house. They jump up onto the pool table and sit on the pool board and can damage any put scratches with their paws. So this can be caused the exterior to get damaged for any pool boards. If there are so many scratches on the pool board players cannot play into this pool board perfectly. That's why people should need a high-quality pool table cover which can be covered fully on the pool board to protect from any kinds of damages.

  • People should protect their pool table from any dust. They should put on a table cover when they finished their playing. Otherwise, there put a lot of clouds of dust while it will not be used further for some time or long time. Many people think that clouds of dust cannot harm their pool board. But they are seriously wrong. Dust cannot harm their pool board for a certain time, but it will damage the felt of the pool board day by day without noticing the people. If the felt is damaged by the dust then players cannot play a smooth game on this billiard. This dusts will not only stain their felts, but it also decreases the speed of felts. So it can big cause for damaging any pool board roughly. They should use a pool table cover to save their pool boards.
  • Sunlight rays are always harmful to the pool tables. However, the majority of pool tables are installed for playing an indoor game. Yet there may come to sunlight’s harmful rays through the window or open door. So it can cause serious damages to the pool board. It fades the color of the felts. So felt is very sensitive things of any pool boards. And there can be high costs for replacing a felt anytime. So people should cover the pool table to protect this table from any kinds of sunlight’s rays. If you want to know How To Build a Pool Table read it.
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How to Cover a Pool Table?

There are too many ways to cover a pool table. We show some easy steps to cover a pool table perfectly. People can follow the following steps. It will affect a good impact on the table.

  • STEP-1: Before covering the pool table, people should select the proper, high-quality pool table cover. There is so many pool tables cover. One should choose the best and perfect cover for their pool table.
  • STEP-2: They should check the cover very carefully. If there are already some clouds of dust into the cover then this can be also damaged the pool board. So putting any cover it should be kept clean. There should not be any dust inside the pool cover. The most notice about it.
  • STEP-3: Now the whole pool cover first should fit the pool table exactly. This should fit around the whole pool table.
  • STEP-4: Now from the above, this pool cover should be fallen into the downside. They should cover the full surface and also the wooden legs of this pool table.

Somebody just covers the upside of the pool table to protect the pool board, and it's felt only. This is not the proper way to cover any pool board. They should cover the downside surface with wooden legs also because for saving from sunlight or any water that can damage the pool table.

  • STEP-5: People should concern about the covering style. They should need to cover the entire pool table exactly. They now check all sides if that is covered perfectly.
  • STEP-6: At the last step, the pool table is already covered fully. No, it repeats, again and again, all the steps. If there are any clouds of dust using this cover, they should wash away this pool table cover regularly and then again cover the pool table by following these steps. 

Final Thoughts

A pool table cover is really the essential material for protecting your pool table from many kinds of damages. It can protect your pool tables from harmful sunlight rays, any clouds of dust, from your pets, etc. It is not only safe for the pool board felt but also protects the wooden surface also of the pool table. So in this article, we described some necessary steps to cover a pool table properly. People should follow these steps while covering a pool table fully.