How To Clean Skateboard Shoes: Step By Step For Beginners

Washing clothes isn’t hard. They get dirty and you throw them in the washing machine. But with shoes, this is a bit complicated because not all shoe types will survive the wash machine easily.

So how do you do it?

That is exactly the thing we will discuss in this very article you are eyeing on. So, spare some minutes and keep scrolling below.

By the end of this mini guide, you will know how to do the drill easy and peasy.

Basics of Shoe Cleaning In Washing Machine

There are risks of damaging your shoe inside the washing machine, and you should attempt it on your own risk. If anything bad happens then the manufacturer or seller won’t be liable for the damage. Start with keeping this in mind.

Washing machines have made lives lot easier by taking off the hassle of doing laundry on your own. Having washing machine benefit for your favorite shoe is not a bad idea but there need to be some precautions.

Shoe Cleaning Guide

Before you throw your sneakers in the machine, remove all the dirt on the bottom and on the body of your shoe. It helps cleaning much more efficient by taking the heavy load off the washer plus also gives optimum cleaning.

  • 1
    Before starting the guide. Something to know is that some washers have a specific washing method for skateboard shoes. Check your washer manual to see if there’s any.
  • 2
    So after a good manual scrub cleaning off the dirt, it’s time for them to get into washing machine.
  • 3
    First and foremost, take the shoelaces and shoe insoles out. Put each shoe in an individual wash bag with the shoelace inside, unless you want to clean them on your own.
  • 4
    Set a very short wash program with spins of no more than 500 turns per minute and set the speed to low. Now apply detergents according to the manual and don’t use fabric softeners.
  • 5
    It’s a good idea to do this in a full load wash with other laundry.
How To Clean Skateboard Shoes

How To Clean Skateboard Shoes

After the Wash

After washing, don’t get them to dry in the sun. It will be a big mistake. Very often, the intense light from the sun will fade the striking colors of your shoe into a dull, pale one.

So this was the guidance for shoes made out of clothes, but what to do for leather shoes?

The long lasting leather footwear will simply perish inside the washing machine in no time. For leather shoes, you should clean them dry.

You can find dry shoe cleaning agents at the market. If you need to clean stains, you can do it with a sponge or a brush with soft bristles. Some stain marks can be removed with an eraser as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. After using for 2-3 months, my feet hurts. What’s the problem with the shoe?

Ans - There’s a cushioning in between the sole and the upper that’s made out of soft materials and have a moderate lifespan. But for variety of reasons, the padding can die in a very short time. If that happens, you should get a new shoe.

2. What is a good shoe to minimize shocks while riding or simply running?

Ans - Shoes with less padding works best when you need to stand most of the time as they will absorb higher amount of shocks than the extra cushioned ones.

3. When is it the time to get a new pair of sneakers? How do I know?

Ans - Mainly 3 types of signs show the time to replace your shoes is coming close.

First, visible damage in the mid part of the sole. This part holds the most pressure so it gets worn down faster too. Creases, pock marks here mean mid-sole is losing its strength.

Next is when the upper portion of shoe wears out. Check if there are holes or torn part on the upper part. Check whether the fabric is in some bunching or not. If the answers are yes, then it might be your time to replace the stretched out shoe.

Third and lastly, a flattened mid-sole is another sign of damage in shoes. With more use, the cushioning is damaged and starts to hurt the feet. At this point, it can no longer effectively support your feet, time to replace maybe.

End Quote

Around the internet forums, you’ll find many people saying they have successfully washed their shoes in washing machines, notwithstanding the material.

You never know what’s true out there so better not to take risks believing a random joe.