How To Clean Pool Balls: The Right Way

After a week of busy schedules and meetings, how refreshing is it to play a game of pool whether it is with some close friends or with some family members?

Just like each and every other equipment we use weekly or daily, the pool game equipment also needs a good cleaning and on some occasions, a good polish.

There are numerous methods out there on how to clean the pool balls, but we should be keen on one that doesn't damage the balls.

Reasons for Cleaning Your Pool Balls

One may ask, why should we clean our pool balls? As spin is applied on the cue ball, it requires to be transferred to the object ball. For this to take place, friction co-efficiency is needed and can only be achieved if the ball is clean. Thus, a perfect clean is required.

An increased pleasure to play is another reason why we should clean our pool balls. Clean pool balls roll with ease and thus give the player value for his efforts. With clean pool balls, there is less wear off of the cloth.

On the other hand, dirty pool balls are rough and therefore wear out the cloth faster compared to clean pool balls.

Lastly, blue chalk and oils from our hands and the table gather on the balls. Some of us have our pool table outside, and dust may collect on the balls.

Some pool tables are placed in restaurants and entertainment spots where food is served, and as we play the game while enjoying that greasy burger, we stain the balls. It is, therefore, our responsibility to clean them.

We all want to play with clean and neat balls. With clean and well-polished pool balls, the game seems appealing and fun.

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How to Do The Cleaning?

Now, let’s get on to how best to clean the balls without damaging them.

It’s actually quite easy and affordable. One doesn’t need to get any expensive ball cleanser to get the balls looking new again. Some hot water and a little mild soap will do the trick.

There are a number of different pool balls in the market, and depending on each ball there is a method to clean them without damaging the ball.

There are two alternatives to cleaning pool balls. One may simply use soap and water or use a professional polish.

The key element to consider is for plastic or phenol resin balls, soap and water can be used, but for balls made of wood or ivory, one should use a professional polish.

Plastic and Resin-Based Balls

For those of us that already have dishwashers, the job is easier. As an example; the Aramith pool balls are resin based. They react like standards glass when in the dishwasher making it easy to clean.

So as to maintain the shiny finish on the Aramith balls, one should avoid harsh soaps in the dishwasher. Soaps that we use to clean greasy pots are too harsh for the balls.

Polyester Based Balls

Polyester balls are a bit different when it comes to cleaning compared to the Aramith balls since they are polyester based. Such balls cannot be washed in a dishwasher and thus require some more attention.

Warm water, a gentle soap, and a soft sponge or cloth is all we need with a little pressure.

For best results, you can polish the balls with a ball polish applied to the micro-fibre cloth. Some pool ball companies sell industrial ball polishers.

Such ball cleaners that also serve as polishers can be easily bought on Amazon. The Tiger Ball cleaner/polisher is one of these products.

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Instructions on Using Water and Detergent

When using water and detergent, a simple procedure should be followed. Some of the items used include two buckets of water, a microfiber cloth, some gentle soap and a dry soft towel.

Soak the balls in the bucket for up to 5 minutes. In the other bucket, add cold water or room temperature water.

Remove the balls from the soapy water and wipe with the microfiber cloth for 30 sec to 1 minute. One may also choose to add soap to the microfiber cloth for a better polish.

Wash off the soap from each ball using the cold water. Finally, wipe the balls until they are dry.

Instructions on Using Aramith Pool Ball Cleaner

For some pool balls, just soapy water might not do the job, and thus professional pool ball cleaners should be used. Yellow balls can use the Aramith identified pool call cleaner.

Some of the items required include the Aramith ball cleaner, the Aramith ball restorer, and a microfiber cloth.

Shake the Aramith pool ball restorer, then apply some to the ball. Polish the solution for 30 seconds using another dry microfiber cloth and clean the ball until dry. Polish the ball gently using the microfiber with some Aramith ball cleaner.

Important Tips on Cleaning

The essential thing to consider when it comes to cleaning the pool balls is to be well informed on the type of ball as different balls require different methods of cleaning. The use of wrong equipment and ingredients when cleaning different balls causes damage to them.

An example is the Aramith ball when cleaned with soap and water may be damaged. The use of ball polishers on cheap pool balls will easily damage the ball.

The yellow color on the pool balls can be a nasty headache as some don’t know how to clean such. The yellow color is usually brought about by oxidation. It is almost like rust.

Some may be cleaned by using the common household cleaner while others require the ball polish. The ball polisher usually leaves the yellow balls a brownish pink. Soaking the ball in detergent should be in order.

One should be extra careful as long exposure to bleach can hurt ones’ insides. A repeat of ball bleaching will give an end result of an obvious pink on the ball.


We all want to enjoy a game of pool with clean and well-polished pool balls. We should thus delight in cleaning the balls, taking precaution not to damage them in the process.

 We should also be careful in handling the balls and avoid staining them with oil as this makes it easy for dirt and dust to collect on their surfaces, giving them a rough feel.

With a little effort and attention, the pool balls will be clean with a shiny polish. Plan to regularly clean the pool balls at least once a week for optimum results.

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