How To Choose The Right Golf Ball

How To Choose The Right Golf Ball: Expert Guide

Golf is an enigma for many people. The game itself has a set of rules that make it easy to understand, but you have to be interested enough to get the basics.

As such, it is important for new golfers to understand the ins and outs of choosing the right balls to make the play much more enjoyable.

In order to go about choosing the right golf ball, you need to consider your main motivating factors.

Choosing the Right Golf Ball

Below you will have the key considerations that one needs to take while choosing his best golf ball for play.

Better Control

Ball control is very imperative in golf. You should choose a few types from different manufacturers to see which ones work for you before buying a large pack. For the best control, choose balls with ionomer covers.

This cover is plastic in nature, therefore when you hit the ball with a golf club; the ionomer material absorbs the energy from the club and does not spin.

This then gives the ball more control through the air as spin is eliminated.

Another important factor to consider that maximizes control is to choose balls with a compression rating of 80. When near greens, you might want to have more spin on your balls.

Spin often leads to the ball sticking to the green instead of rolling away. Balls with a compression rating of 80 are also the best for golfers who have a tendency to drive their ball 240 yards or less.

For better control in your golf game, choose a multi-layer ball. The multiple layering absorbs the impact caused by the golf club and therefore restricts the ball from spinning. This enhances the accuracy of the ball to go in the desired direction.

Distance Improvement

Urethane covered balls are the best when you want to improve your golf distance. The urethane has some bit of rubber, and this allows it to bounce harder and thus further off of the golf club.

However, with such kinds of balls, it is much harder to control them and are therefore recommended for more advanced golfers.

Another factor to consider when choosing a golf ball that improves distance is that it should have a 100 compression rating. This high compression results in the golf ball being harder at the centre.

Consequently, it will go further as the impact is not absorbed, though controlling it is much harder. These kinds of balls are best reserved for golfers with a little bit more of experience and those who drive further than 240 yards regularly.

Additionally, a three-piece ball improves your game distance. The three layers ensure that energy is transferred evenly, making the ball go further.

Moreover, such golf balls tend to roll longer, so despite getting more distance in the air, you also get more distance on the ground.

How To Choose The Right Golf Ball

How To Choose The Right Golf Ball

Considering the Price Point

One would think that since golf is usually played by the rich and wealthy, then the balls bought are also expensive. Let me assure you that there are cheap golf balls, and better yet, they are highly advisable for new golfers.

Newbies tend to lose a lot of golf balls and so buying expensive ones is a good way of wasting money. Therefore, if you are fresh to the game, do yourself a favor and purchase balls that range between $10 and $20 per dozen.

Nevertheless, avoid buying recycled balls as they are usually of very low quality, which will affect your game and experience negatively.

Mid-range priced golf balls are highly recommended for regular golfers. They are usually $25-$35 per dozen and generally give the player a good mix of distance and control.

For the average golfer, these are the best types of golf balls as they are of better quality and therefore improve their game.

Leave the expensive golf balls for regular players. These usually come at over $35 per dozen and most tend to be quite specific in their function. They enable a player to make the smallest tweaks which help improve gameplay.

Before purchasing from this section, ensure that you know what factors of your game you want to improve, e.g. distance or control.

Golf balls that give you more distance and control off the tee maximize length and minimize spin. As a result, you get a truer strike, which leads to more confidence to hit longer, more accurate and straighter shots.

There are a myriad number of golf ball manufacturers, e.g. Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, and Nike. These big sports companies provide golfers with balls that cater to their desire for straighter and longer drives.

When choosing the golf ball you wish to play with, consider the factors below;

1. Power

Some manufacturers of golf balls have created balls that specifically add length to a player’s drives. Usually, this results in reduced ‘feel’ around the green.

2. Feel

For most golf balls, the more power you wish it to have, the more feel you sacrifice on and around the greens. Despite this, some golf balls on the market will provide you with great power without giving up too much feel.

3. Spin

Depending on how much control you wish to have over your golf ball, many different balls have different spin rates. This rate will determine the amount of control you have over the ball on the green.

For the best golfing experience, new golfers are advised to try out different golf balls to get the feel that they offer. This will give them a benchmark on what they prefer for their game and what element they need to improve on.

Once this knowledge is obtained, then buying a specific set of balls becomes easier.

In conclusion, golf is a game that should be tailored to your particular style and preference. There are many kinds of golf balls out there that serve different purposes. Some improve distance, while others improve the amount of control you have over them.

Some Common Queries

1. Why are golf balls dimpled?

This requires more of a scientific answer. But, what the heck, let's cut this short. To decrease the size of the wake when hit, dimples help create a layer of air surrounding the ball's surface. This way, the air forms a thin turbulent boundary that follows the ball's balls surface and clings to it.

2. What do soft golf balls do?

Nothing, except the soft feel of it. Many tour professionals and experienced players tend to choose these balls just for the softer feel. Experts love these soft cover balls to work through the air and spinning them to pins.

3. What color of golf ball is most visible?

Well, the answer can draw some controversies, however, yellow (bright yellow to be precise) is a familiar choice amongst golfers. They are the easiest to track in green grass. Also, it is the most used one after the original white.

There surely are other color choices like; pink and green. But bright yellow or yellow could be the most visible to your eyeballs.

4. Any difference between the high visibility ball and white ball?

Nope, it’s just the color of it. The only difference here is the color of the ball’s cover, that’s it. Everything else is the same as a white ball of the same model.

5. Can high visibility golf balls improve score?

No, not at all. There is no way a visibility ball can improve your score. I mean, how is it even possible, right? But yeah, as it’s more visible than the typical white one, you may feel seeing the ball flying away more confident about your hits. Again, this only helps you with a mental boost, nothing more than that.

Final Words

Again, choosing the right golf ball is quite easy as long as you know what you need to improve on to make your game better. Golf balls come at different prices. If you can find a set that fits your style and preference without having to dish out loads of money, then good for you.

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