How to Choose Bowling Ball Weight

How to Choose Bowling Ball Weight | To Pick Perfect Ball

Bowling is a term having a different series of sports. It has a different name like tenpins or ten-pin bowling, also target bowling. It can be played on an open lawn or a wooden surface. Among them, tenpin bowling is the most popular. Whatever the name and way to play the bowling ball, weight is the most important thing in bowling.

How to Choose Bowling Ball Weight

Player's chance of a win or losing mostly depends on how wisely they choose the bowling ball weight. Because the right bowling ball weight can help the players to throw the ball down to the lane with enough energy. It will increase the possibility of knocking out the maximum target. Once players know the right bowling ball weight then the game becomes easier and fun for them.

Does Bowling Ball Weight Really Matters?

Bowling ball weight is an important factor in bowling. It is simple physics. The heavier the ball, the maximum the hit, because heaviness can make a mess. Each pin weighed 2.8 pounds so it was necessary to make a huge mess to knock them all down.

In that case, the player needs to be comfortable with the weight of the bowling ball. The heavier the bowling ball, players can comfortably throw the more natural force they can utilize. As a result, the ball will hit the pins with a heavy force, and the possibility of dropping the pins will increase.

If players choose a bowling ball weight that is too heavy it will cause a less optimized throw. Then it will minimize the player's score. Also, it may cause injury.

On the other hand, choosing a too lightweight ball can impact the score negatively. The lightweight ball will not generate enough force to hit the pins for the best shot.

Average Bowling Ball Weight

It is not an easy task to choose the right bowling ball weight for a player. Because the score mostly depends on the weight, it is very important to choose the right weight.

Generally, a bowling ball's average weight is 6 pounds to 16 pounds depending on the size and materials. For the players, the average weight depends on their age and weight. Normally, the average bowling ball weight for male players is between 14 to 16 pounds and 10 to 14 pounds for female players. Usually, for children, the bowling ball's average weight is 8 pounds to 10 pounds. It may lower or higher according to their weight.

Choosing a Bowling Ball Weight for Beginners

Beginners normally can not carry a heavy-weighted ball. Because they are not very familiar with the game. So they are comfortable with a lightweight ball. Bowling ball weight matters so much for a beginner. Because carrying a heavy weighted ball with a lack of knowledge about it can cause a serious injury.

For example, children less than 10 years old can normally carry less than 10 pounds of the weighted ball. Childers, who weighed more compared to their age, can lift more weight. But, if they try to lift more weight than their ability, they can get hurt.

The same goes for the senior players. They normally prefer a ball weighing 6 to 10 pounds. But if they can’t make speed to 16 to 17 mph they can increase the weight. It depends on their strength rather than their age.

Bowling ball weight for the females is a bit different because they can not lift much weight like the male. So, they prefer lightweight.

For beginners, choosing the bowling ball weight doesn’t matter. Players can choose bowling ball weights according to their physical weight and strength.

Choosing a Bowling Ball Weight for an Experienced Player

Usually, an experienced player chooses a medium to a heavyweight bowling ball. Because the more experienced the player is, the more weight they can lift. An experienced player chooses a heavyweight ball because of the accuracy it can get.

But an experienced player who is already injured or prone to injury shouldn’t choose a heavyweight ball because it can increase their injury.

In general, an experienced player prefers a 14 pounds weighted ball. Men players prefer 15 pounds weight which is also considered to be the best weight for bowling. The most popular bowling ball weight for female players is around 12 to 14 pounds.

For the experienced player, the most important factors for choosing bowling ball weight are bowling balance and bowling rotation rather than physical weight and medical issues.

Some experienced players prefer lightweight because they want low speeds. On the other hand, some experienced players prefer heavyweight because they want high speed. The choice of bowling ball weight for experienced players entirely depends on the players and their techniques.

Choosing a Bowling Ball Weight for Seniors

Normally, seniors who play bowling are aged 55 years or more. From them some are beginners and some are experienced. But they shouldn’t choose heavyweight balls whether they are experienced or not. They should be more careful because it may cause serious injury. After all, they may have serious medical issues like back pain.

But the case is different for the players who have enough strength. Who weighed more than average physically. Also, who can lift more than 12 pounds. However, it is wise not to lift a heavyweight. Because they may lift and throw a 15 pounds ball but they may end up hurting their back by throwing the heavy ball repeatedly. Seniors can choose 12 pounds or 13 pounds weighted balls for the experienced players. It will give a high speed and it is not that risky to hurt their arms or back.

Bowling Ball Weight

Bowling Ball Weight

Choosing a Bowling Ball Weight for Kids.

Physical weight is considered while choosing bowling ball weight for the kids. An easy and effective way to choose bowling ball weight for children is choosing weight equal to their physical weight. Most teens prefer 10 to pound weighted balls.

 For a 9 year, 9 pounds ball is preferable. Also, for a 6-year kid, 6 pound ball is preferable. If they weighed more than their age and can lift more weight they can go for a more weighty ball. Kids should choose a lightweight ball but they can choose a heavyweight if they have enough strength. Bowling set ball for kids weight for kids depends on their age, weight, and strength.

How to Choose a Bowling Ball weight

Choosing the bowling ball weight can make or break the game. Many people choose the lightweight because they think they can throw it easily. On the other hand, many people prefer heavyweight because they think they can knock more pins if the ball is heavy. However, choosing the right weight depends on some factors. Those are:

Age: Normally bowling balls weigh around 6 to 16 pounds. Balls with 8 to 10 pounds weight specially designed for children. Bowling ball weight for teenagers depends on their weight, skill, and strength. However, the weight range of 10 to 14 pounds is preferable for teenagers. Adults should choose 14 pounds and more. For seniors, they can go for 10 or more according to their health condition and strength.

Though, this theory is not applicable for all. Because bowling ball weight depends on some other factors. But age is a good factor to start with while choosing bowling ball weight.

Drill Holes Position: The Bowling ball has random holes for the general people. But if someone is buying their own they can customize the hole's position according to their hand size. Also, the size of the holes is an important factor.

If someone chooses lightweight may not fit in their fight because their hand size may be big. There is no use in choosing lightweight if one can’t fit the fingers in the holes. It is always preferable to buy the player's ball. So that they can customize the holes. It is not necessary to fit someone's ball in some other one's hands if they are equal in strength or share the same age.

Strength of Hand: People may easily lift 15 pounds but they may throw it at the highest speed. Because of their hand strength. It is a very important factor while choosing bowling ball weight. Usually, adult people choose a heavyweight ball. But, they downgrade the weight while aging even if they can lift heavyweight. Because they don’t have enough strength in their hands. If players have medical issues like arthritis or other conditions that can cause injury, they should choose lightweight.

Skill Level: Skilled players usually choose heavyweight. Because of the mess, it creates. The more mess the ball creates the more the pins are knocked down. And it increases the scores. Even a heavyweight can score in a slow throw. Though the player is skilled while choosing the weight they should consider other factors. People should choose a weight that they can’t lift properly even if they are skilled.


Choosing bowling ball weight is important to obtain better accuracy in this game. There are some factors to choose the weight of the bowling ball. In the end, the player should choose their ball according to their age, physical weight, strength, and skill level. Players should use their own and best judgment which weight will best suit them. The fact that success in a bowling game mostly depends on the right weight of the bowling ball needs to be remembered while choosing the right bowling ball weight.

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