How Heavy is a Bowling Pin

How Heavy is a Bowling Pin?

Bowling pins are very much essential to place into the bowling area with an accurate lineup and measurement. But have you ever thought about how they stand still at the same position before getting hit by the Bowling ball? The answer is simple. Their weight helps them to stay stable and in the same position just before they the knockdown.

How Heavy is a Bowling Pin?

Without being heavy, a bowling pin has no chance of standing still at the correct position. The price is not more or less. Because if they have enough weight, it will become difficult for the bowler to knock down the pins and will require several shots. On the other hand, if they appear light in weight, they will fall even without getting hit by the bowling ball.

So what does that mean? It means that the bowling pins contain average weights that balance both the stability and also fall by the hit.

Types of Bowling Pins

The weight measurement is dependent on the type of the pin. Almost all of the bowling pins are made from maple wood that ensures its durability and performance. But there are great changes in their sizes. Therefore, mentioning their weights individually according to their sizes and categories will be a great step.

And all the sizes and variants of bowling pins according to their weight have been explained downward.

There are mainly three types of bowling pins available in the game. They are:


2.Duckpins and


Tenpins: They are the most common and traditional type of bowling pins that get used in both the national and international level gameplays. Almost all of the bowling clubs or places come with tenpins.

Talking about the weight, the Candlepins weighs around 1.5 kilograms for each. As 10 of the pins get used for each bowling term, all of them contain exactly the size along with the weight. But the weight of the tenpins always doesn’t remain fixed. Sometimes they can even increase or decrease in terms of the situation of the core material

Duckpins: In terms of sizing, the duckpins are called the smallest ones rather than all the other types of pins. Compare to the typical type of bowling pins, they just come with a short size and squat. The rest of the design remains the same as the standard one.

In the lower area of the body, the bowling pins are a little bit wider in size with the sticky bend made from rubber around the upper neck. As the size is small, it also has a lower weight than the standard one. An average sized duckpin weighs around 960 grams that can even more or less.

For placing into the set, all of the duckpins contain almost the same weight as the tenpins to have a proper and perfect lineup.

Candlepins: With a great height ratio, candlepins look very different than the other two bowling pins. As the candles contain a long and thin shape, the candlepin also follows the same measurement and shaping. It is the reason that they have been named candlepins.

As a weight, all of the candlepins are available in 1.1 kilograms. This weight ratio also creates a balance in more or less. But whenever they get arranged into the position for the game, all of the pins must come into the same weight. With a cylindrical shape and the taper at any of the end, candlepins are enough efficient and perfect for making a great score.

The Standard Weight Ratio

Both three types of bowling pins contain three individual weights. But unfortunately, not a single of them are listed as the standard weight for the bowling pins.

According to the USBC (United States Bowling Congress), the standard weight ratio that is acceptable in the bowling game is 1.5 kilograms. This weight ratio can be maximized to 1.6 kilograms but not more than that in the national and international level gaming.

Comparing to the earlier weight description from above, the tenpin bowling pin has created enough close distance to the standard weight rating. Therefore, the tenpin bowling pins get used for national and international level gaming with the approval of USBC.

Importance of the Weight for Bowling Pin

So now the weight for all types of bowling pins has been clearly explained. But some may remain with a common question about why the weights are important to know.

The main reason for having weights in the bowling pin is balance. There is no such type of bowling balls available with a lower weight. All of the bowling balls contain enough weight that can even smash a concrete wall with the same speed compare to the playing one.

If the bowling pins come with a lower weight, they will not overcome the impact or hitting. As a result, they will break easily. Even there is a rating that describes a bowling pin should come with 25% of the weight compared to the bowling ball. So this factor can indicate how much important the weight of the pin is.

On the other hand, if the weight doesn’t get balanced and contains almost half of the bowling ball, it will become quite difficult to knock them down even with a great hit. As a result, the game will turn into a wastage rather than entertainment.

A Perfect Ball With Weight for Making Great Scores

Only knowing about the weight for bowling pins is not enough helpful and efficient until there is not the least idea about the ball. Lots of players assume that having the idea of the ball’s weight is not important for the game.

In that case, the statement is wrong. A perfect scoring is not possible without making a perfect shot by the ball. If the ball is enough in weight, it will not deliver enough speed, power, and spinning into the pins. As a result, there is a very low chance of making great scores.

Some of the bowling experts claim that the ball must have contained weight of more than 4 kilograms. If the ball weighs less than the requirement, there is hardly a chance of having great performance and shot all the time.

Bowling ball more than 4 kilograms and around 5 is the proper one for beginners or amateur players. In terms of the professional level players, the weight requirement is a little bit different from the standard one. Having a bowling ball in the weight of 6-7 kilograms, the professional bowling players can achieve a good score as they have a tendency of applying great speed, spin, and power of their hands.

How Heavy is a Bowling Pin

How Heavy is a Bowling Pin

Factors that Create an Issue for the Having the Shot

The main intention of playing the bowling game is to hit the pins and scorings. As the weight of the bowling pens has been clearly explained, they don’t require further researchers or explanations. But the thing is, some terms can create a great impact in the game to perform a shot. All these probable factors are:

Wrong bowling pins: First of all, the common type of problem for having a shot is, default bowling pins. Misbalanced size and inaccurate weight distribution ratio are a great reason for making a good score.

Accurate bowling lane: The ball requires enough lengthy area for applying the hit with speed and spin at the ending line of the line. To make the ball properly spin with speed, a perfect lane with perfect smoothness, width, and the plain surface is very much important. Make sure to check the entire bawling line for hitting the first ball.

The Flaw of The Ball

There is no other option rather than choosing the bowling ball for the game. Without the ball, all the bowling pins are impossible to knockdown. But sometimes, even the ball can become the reason for having a bad performance. And the reason is simple; having any kind of issue or problem with the ball can easily make a great disaster.

Among some of the problems, the external damage or the holes is the main reason for the no scoring problem. External damages into the balls create after a long time of usage and delivery. As a result, the balls lost their efficiency of smooth delivery like before and can lose control whenever they get applied with speed and spin for the pins.

Observing the ball before starting the game can easily avoid this type of problem for Bowling game lovers.

We have discussed the bowling pins, their types, and categories and we also have explained how heavy a bowling pin with some individual entities is. These factors will affect enough helping and efficiency in performance if they get followed with great care. The heaviness of the bowling pins surely plays a role in the gaming experience. But without building up the strategy on its own, all these factors will not seem enough.