8 Amazing Exercises That Helps You Build Leg Muscles

Ever wondered how to get a beautiful and muscular leg?

So, did I. This is what I found on exercises that can help you develop leg muscles.

Legs are half the length of your body, so working on them means you are burning more than half of your body’s calories at a time. There are exercises that will help you to do so.

These exercises are:

     2.Jump Squats
     4.Jump lunge
     5.Slide lunge
     6.Sumo Squat
     7.Glute Bridge
     8.Step up

Details about how the exercises are done and what are the benefits are going to be discussed further in the article.

Let The Game Begin to Build Perfect Leg Muscles

When you start doing the exercises, you will burn more calories and get them burning for hours even after you are done with your exercise.

This is because our legs have the largest groups of muscle in the human body.

If you follow this instruction, you will never have to go to the gym again. All these exercises that I am about to list don't require any instruments, and you can do them all at home using your body weight.

These bodyweight exercises will target:

  • Glutes Muscle
  • Quads Muscle
  • Calves Muscle
  • Hamstrings
  • Fast-Twitch Muscle Fibber
  • Slow-Twitch Muscle Fibber
  • Hip Stabilizer


Squats are the best way to get firm legs and a tight butt. Squats increase your core energy. Quad muscles and Glutes Muscle are worked on when you perform this exercise.

How to:

  • You would need to stand up driving the hip back as you would do if you were reaching to sit on a chair.
  • Sit down with the hips moved back, keeping your back at a 90-degree angle and your shoulders straight.
  • Keep the shins vertical, when you reach towards bottom of the squats your knees do not press your toes.
  • When you start seeing your knees coming forward, you will know it’s time to get up.
  • Repeat the cycle.

2.Jump Squats

Squats on it's on is hard enough, but if you are doing jump squats, the intensity multiplies ten folds.

This exercise works on the fast-twitching muscle. Doing jump squats will increase your heart rate significantly which will help the body to burn calories on the entire body.

How to:

  • Take the position exactly the way you were supposed to do when you were taking regular squats.
  • Sit down in the same situation and then jump from the sitting area.
  • Word of warning though always try to land in the same place as if not done the right way, this kind of exercise will leave you with a muscle cramp.
  • Repeat the process.


When making the Lunge, your hip will be split in two putting work on the glute, quads and hamstring muscle of your legs.

Doing so your hip muscles get stretched, which helps in blood circulation.

How to:

  • If you are sitting down then stand up now put one leg forward and the other backward and bend both of the kneecaps into a 90-degree angle.
  • The thigh and shin of your front leg should both be kept straight, one vertically and the other horizontally.
  • Make sure you are not leaning too much towards your front, or your back legs as doing so will kill all the benefits of doing this exercise, not to mention muscle cramp.
  • Switch legs when you start feeling mild pain in the muscles.

4.Jump Lunge

Making jump lunge is no different than making a regular lunge. This exercise focuses on the same muscles regular Lunge does.

Only difference is that this adds fast-twitching muscles on the list thereby burning more fat.

 Making Jump Lunge will increase your heart rate as well. Word of caution though make sure you have mastered Lunge before doing jump lungs as without doing so might not be a good idea as this technique is considered to be an advanced technique

How to:

  • Take the same position you would take for a lunge,
  • Once you have lower your body in the down position jump up and switch your leg before landing on the ground.
  • Try your level best to keep the drop soft.

5.Side Lunge

The muscles that you would be working here are glutes, quads, and hips. This exercise is on the list because it is best if work on your muscles from all the sides.

Lunge focuses on your front and back, whereas this target the side of those individual muscles.

How to:

  • Straighten your back.
  • Spread your legs a bit, now keep one of your legs at an approx. 90-degree angle while you straighten your other leg.
  • While doing this try sitting down as low as possible and then stand up.
  • Repeat the process for both legs.

6.Sumo Squats

The exercise will get your hip muscle working at their peak. Quads and glutes will also be getting worked on.

How to:

  • Spread your while standing up as far as possible.
  • Then perform a squat while keeping your shine vertical and keeping your thighs at a 90-degree angle to the shine.
  • Make sure that your knees are behind your toe.
  • Repeat the process several times.

7.Glute Bridge

This exercise is mainly for those who have injuries in their knees or cannot perform squats or lunges due to various medical conditions.

Doing this exercise, you will be benefiting your glutes, hamstring and lower back.

How to:

  • Start by lying down after which you will bend your knees.
  • Your shoulder should be perfectly straight.
  • Your hands should be resting on the ground.
  • Now apply pressure to your foot to push your hip high in the air.
  • Maintain the position for a few minutes before relaxing your hip back on the floor.
  • Repeat the process.

8.Step up

The muscles at work are calves. This exercise is the simplest among the bunch and can quickly be done by people of all ages.

This exercise will make your balancing skills sharper while working your muscles with the help of gravity.

This form of exercise can help you burn more calories and make your muscles grow at the same time.

As this form is more natural to perform thereby making more reps in a set easier to perform.

How to:

  • Find an elevated place a few inches higher than the floor you are standing on.
  • Put one leg on the elevated point and the other on the ground.
  • Now apply force on the leg muscles that in on the high position.
  • Lift your entire body with that one leg.
  • Balance for a while.
  • Repeat for the other leg.


There are loads of free hand exercises that can be done by anyone, but for me, these were the one that made an impact.

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