Different Types of Skateboards

What are the Different Types of Skateboards?

Being one of the most extreme sports, the skateboard was a creation of the surfers. Their aim behind it was to experience the same thrill when they are not on the wave. In the past there was just a flat wood deck with iron wheels but not now. Currently, there are many options of skateboard on the market. The evolution in skateboard manufacturing has developed so much. Now one can choose according to the road type, skill level, and how much speed they want from the wheel. If someone wants to start skating on the road they must check out the different types of skateboards available in the market. Here, they will have a detailed guideline about it.

What are the Different Types of Skateboards?

In simple words, a skateboard is a deck or board on which one can skate. People not only considered it as a sport, but people also use it as a transport. Mainly, the teenager seems to be very attached to the skateboard. They use it to go to school, roaming around the city, and so on. No matter what if one wants to refresh their mind and want to have some physical movement, they can have a ride on the skateboard. Skating on the skateboard is a great physical exercise. Many people take skateboarding as a sport and can do some crazy amazing tricks on the skateboard.  Whatever the purpose behind riding on a skateboard one better know the types of skateboard and their detailed features.

Skateboards are changed over the year after they first started commercially released in 1959. Now, people have so many different choices on a skateboard. The skateboard is available in different types of shape, color, design, and so on. Mainly, skateboards are popular for their different types of unique shapes.

As we have mentioned above, the skateboard has changed so much over the year, in the beginning, they were just made of steel and clay but now the materials are replaced with glue and wood. Besides, there are many categories in skateboard based on size, design, and operational factors. The manufacturing companies manufactured different types of skateboards for a different purposes.

In skateboards, decks are the foundation of every skateboard, and the wheels are for moving the skateboard. The many available skateboards have different shapes, sizes, and designs skateboards for the same as well as different purposes. For example, some boards are suitable for downhill racing but not for street skate. Some boards are for a skate on the bowl and not suitable for the downhill. The thing we want to explain is that the options in choosing a skateboard are so many. One has to choose according to what features they want from the board, what size they will prefer, and what design they want. Let's have a look at the type of available skateboard.

Based on an Operating Method

Based on the operating method skateboards are two types. Electric skateboards and non-electric skateboards. In the beginning, there wasn’t any electric skateboard, non-electric skateboard was the only option. But now the market has both electric and non-electric skateboard option because of the latest edition of the electric skateboard.

Electric skateboards

One can know the functionality by the title of the skateboard. These types of electric skateboards are operated electrically with motor, engine, and wheels attached to the board The electric skateboard could be the future of skateboard if there weren’t the hoverboards. The main difference between an electric skateboard and a hoverboard is the wheels. The hoverboard can hover without wheels but the electric skateboard operates with wheels and motors. It is possible to have wheels in the hoverboard but they must glide in the air to be hoverboards. The electric skateboards are very easy to control, some of them are also remote control. Modern technology is the future of skateboards and the skateboard is going to change something magical. The people who want to ride on a skateboard but not fit physically can ride the electric skateboard. These skateboards are suitable for almost all types of the street. However, these skateboards are not good for beginners and kids and also very expensive. The maintenance cost of the skate boards high with a risk factor. Many countries have band electrical skateboard in public. Before buying gone should check is it legal in their country.

Non-electric skateboard

The non-electric skateboards are the opposite of the electric skateboard. These skateboards are not operate by engines or motors. To move the deck one needs to push it by the body force. The different types of wheels are used for different types of road. But all of them are smooth and roll over in any type of road. Like electric skateboards, non-electric skateboards also come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. All of them are very popular among the skater. In the non electric skateboard, one can have a traditional outlook and lots of variation. The price of the non electric skateboards is very affordable with low maintenance cost. These boards are easy to control but not much as the electric skateboard. These boards are suitable for all of the age and skills level, not much risk. However, non-electric skateboards require so much muscle power to move the board, it can be difficult on uneven roads.

Based on size and shape

The design of the skateboards has changed over the year and still changing. In today’s world, one hasa variety of options for design. The huge amount of available skateboards can be categorized according to the different sizes, designs, and specifications of deck and wheel types and sizes. The two main categories based on size area long skateboard and a short skateboard. These two types can be categorized into a more different categories.


The boards are longer than the shortboards. Mainly, the length of the deck is longer than the shortboards. These boards provide the feature of easier control and balance. The boards are more reliable than for beginners it is recommended to start with the longboards. Usually, these boards have soft wheels that help a lot while rolling over the street. These longboards ha two categories. Those are,

Classic longboards

These classic looks boards look very similar to the surfboards of the late 1950s. Usually, the length of the classic longboards is 33 inches and more. Because of the long length, it is easy to control and balance the board for beginners. One can have long-distance travel, faster skating with a traditional outlook with the longboards. The market has lots of variation in an affordable price and low maintenance cost. But as the board is long it is difficult to carry the board, also a very poor performance at curves and doing tricks.

Downhill longboards

These downhill longboards are uniquely designed for a specific purpose. Mainly, to ride on the steep mountain roads. Though, now people are using these skateboards in racing too. Compare to the classic boards, the downhill longboards are more stable and have more speed. The main reason behind manufacturing downhill longboards was for a ride down the hill that requires a wide wheelbase and cutaway fenders to control the speed. This feature is not available in classic longboards.

Having a modern outlook these downhill boards can travel long distances. But the weight is heavy and it is difficult to carry the boards. The downhill longboards also have two types, the standard concaves, and the drop-through shape.


Featuring agility and flexibility shortboard skateboards are very famous. Skaters can perform a lot of tricks with the shortboard skateboards. These boards can be classified into different categories. Those are,

Mini skateboards

The most common skateboards are mini skateboards available in the market. Skaters holding different ages, different skill levels can use these skateboards. The boards are also considered the best skateboard for beginners. The adult also can use and pro skaters also feel comfortable on a mini skateboard. The small size makes it possible to carry it without any hassle. It is easy to perform tricks on this board. As well as the board is very affordable.

Old school

The old-school skateboards can be recognized by seeing into the tail of them. These skateboards have a tail that looks like a fishtail, not the same but something similar. The special deck design looks classy and traditional. This is the reason it named the old school skateboards. The size of these skateboards is bigger than the usual ones but the price is affordable.

Double kick popsicle

These are other popular and very common skateboards. The double kick skateboards are good for all the age and skill level like the mini skateboards and old school skateboards. The name of the skateboards comes from the popsicle shape of it and its features. The board is very lightweight and small-sized that is easy to carry and ride. That’s why every skater loves this board. It has a double kick tail and the popsicle shape makes it easy to do many tricks on that board. The skateboard is very colorful that attract the kid and teenagers. But the board has small wheels that make it difficult to control in some situations.

Off-Road skateboards

The board can be used almost anywhere. Skaters can use these boards in gravel, hard-packed sand, dirt, grass, and more. This board maybe the only board that can be used anywhere. If someone loves skateboarding can choose this. Because one will not get the road in everywhere and this board is specially designed for the off-road riding. The skateboard has the required speed, easy to control feature that makes it safer in off-road rides.

Street skateboards

The street skateboards are mainly for industrial areas like stairs, plazas, parks, and more. While buying these skateboards one must remember the size of the wheels should be between 48mm to 55mm. It makes it easy to do tricks, flip and spin on the board. However, the shape of this is like the freestyle board but a little narrow and symmetric.

Slalom Skateboards

In the 2000s this skateboard gained popularity. One may have to deal with various plastic cones that are placed straight with this skateboard. If one needs to finish the skating quickly and with less time one needs to control the speed.

Recently, slalom skateboards are featuring speed control, traction, and turning.

Freestyle skateboard

These skateboards are best for skaters who love doing tricks on their boards. The design of this board allows the skater for tricks and footwork on the flat ground. These boards come in both long and short sizes. If the skater wants to flip then the small and narrow board is perfect. But for the footwork, the longer board will be accurate.

Park skateboard

Specially, these boards are designed for the park that is clear by the name. These boards are modern skateboards. The board is perfect for the skater who does tricks regularly. If the height of the skater is under 5 feet 4 inches then go for the 29 inches board or if more than going for the 32 inches board.

Which type of skateboard is the best?

The market has no bad type in skateboard but having a lot of variety one maybe get confused while choosing the best one. Because every board has a different purpose and different for the different level skater. If one is a beginner then the wider skateboard is a good choice. Because of the low risk and easy to control. The same goes for the kid. For the skilled skater, they can go for any of the board according to the features they want in the board.


We have finished the total discussion on the available skateboards in the market. Skating is a fun game but if one doesn’t know which skateboard is for which situation then this fun game can be dangerous. From the many available choices of a skateboard, one must choose the right one. Above, we have discussed different types of skateboards along with in which situation they are good for. We included the tricks the board can do.

This article will be a guideline for people who wants to know about the types of skateboards.

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