Difference Between Softball and Baseball

Difference Between Softball and Baseball | Comparison Chart

Baseball and softball. Both of these can be considered as the competitor. In terms of equipment, both the game require the same thing. Bat, gloves, and balls are the same materials for the game but get used differently. If there is a game nearby your home that is made with the same material and pattern, how will you decide what the game is? Some major factors make difference between the two of this game. For explaining them briefly, this topic will be enough helpful in creating the difference between softball and baseball.

Difference Between Softball and Baseball

Though two of the games are different in their ways, they appear almost the same in terms of positioning, equipment, and players. Some curious learners love to place the differences as they can have a good piece of knowledge and understand the game easily. On the other hand, knowing the rules differently will help to apply the appropriate one in the right game.

Knowing the differences will also help to have a good thought about the game if there is an intention of playing. For example, if a great softball player desires to shift into baseball gaming, he will need to know about the differences very clearly.

The Main Differences Between Softball and Baseball

According to some experts, baseball and softball seem almost the same to each other. But as there are some differences between them, those can be granted as some major ones. Placing both of the games together, they can be looked so similar. But in reality, there are some great differences if they get observed closely. Here is a chart is given below that will explain the major differences between softball and baseball.





A baseball bat comes in two different sizes. For normal games and international games. The bat size for the normal game is 34 inches where the international games require 42 inched bats.

Softball bats come in a smaller size compared to baseball. And their sizing starts from a minimum of 28 inches that can reach a maximum of 34 inches.

The main material of the bat

For international level gameplays, the bats are made from solid woods and some of the others are made from a typical metal alloy

Bats for the softball game contains the same material of aluminum alloy but a difference in the other material name composite


Baseball balls are sized in 9 to 9.25 inches in diameter and weigh almost 5 to 5.25 ounces

Softball balls are sized in 11.90 to 12.15 inches in diameter and weigh almost 7 ounces

Coloring of the balls

Baseball balls come in white color with the red colored stitches

Softball balls contain a bright yellow color that highlights their appearance

Sizing of the field

The baseball field contains a distance of 90 feet. Outfield fence comes at a distance of 400 feet from home plate.

The softball field comes with a field distance of 60 feet. The distance from home plate to outfield fence is 220 feet

Pitching area dimension

The pitching area for baseball is 60 feet

Depends on the variety of the game.

  • 46 feet for international games
  • 43 feet for high school level games
  • 40 feet for women’s tournaments

Number of players

A total baseball game gets completed with 9 players

Softball games come in two different variants.

Fastpitch and slowpitch.

For fastpitch, there are 9 players

For slowpitch, there are 10 players


Baseball gloves come in a moderate level of sizing so that the ball can be grabbed easily

Softball gloves are a little bit bigger in size than baseball. As the ball is big, it is simply that the gloves will also bigger.

Total innings

Baseball comes with a total of 9 innings per game

Softball games get completed in 7 innings

Length of the game

A baseball game requires a minimum of 2 hours to finish

Softball games can be completed within an hour

The pitching system

Baseball players use the pitcher of sidearm or overhead

Softball players use the underhand method

These are the major factors that make both of the games differ from each other. Expect these; some factors show that the baseball game is different from the softball.

Differences Between Softball and Baseball

Differences Between Softball and Baseball

Rules of the Game

Besides judging the factors, rules are the most important things that have to consider and necessary for the game. Just like the other differences, softball and baseball also come with some separate rules. They have been placed below:

In terms of a baseball game, the runners can lead off and grab anything. This thing also available in softball where the runner has to use the opportunity in fastpitch but the ball has to leave from the hand of the pitcher before the movement of the runner.

During the fastpitch game mode of softball, if there is an entry of the pitcher with the ball into the pitching circle, any one of the runners on the base has to move towards their base or else can make an effort for reaching to the advanced base.

On the other hand, the runners can get back to forth of the baseline for making the barrier to the pitcher from throwing them out. Either it gets done at any chance by a runner, the umpire can call the runner out.

Baseball game almost follows the same thing but there are some little bit differences. While making the differences, one of the biggest differences between the two of them is, the adult league variant of the softball game comes with a double bag for the first.

 A double bag indicates that there are two different bases connected with each other. One is the foul territory and the other one is named fair territory.

Runners must have to interact with the foul territory base while making the run. They remain different in their uniforms compare to the fair territory base.

But no matter what the difference is, softball may come with 7 innings where baseball comes with 9 innings. But in the game, the highest innings of the softball get compared with the highest inning from the baseball.

This factor reveals that there should be some differences in their rules, but the efficiency and the scoring distributions remain almost the same for both of the games.

As two of the games follow the same hitting patterns, both of the balls can reach a great height. In terms of the bigger heights, it is very easy to apply in softball as there are unlimited height leagues of softball. The baseball almost follows the same thing by providing a good height too.

The Proper Wearing for the Game

Just like the other factors, dressing is also a common and important thing for the game. There is also a great difference between the dressing of softball and baseball.

As both of the games come with the jersey, pants, and helmet, there is just a difference in the pants. Baseball players come with a full lengthy pant whereas the softball players come with a pant that covers the knee areas only. For the rest of the leg side area, they prefer either knee high socks or leg sleeves.

Place of Origin

All the factors have been placed that make difference for both of the games. There is a difference in their origin too.

First of all, talking about baseball, this game has been invented back in 1839 in New York where the softball game was invented in 1887. Chicago was the place where the game has been invented. From the beginning, the game was called indoor baseball.

Demands of the Games

In their differentiation, it has proven that there are some great differences in both of them. Comparatively, both the baseball and softball game have a huge demand around the whole world. Some of the great baseball teams from the USA have launched their great journey with the game back to the previous times. Just like the efforts, the game has been placed with great efficiency and popularity among great baseball lovers.

On the other hand, even having a delay revolution, the softball game has taken place with great popularity in the whole world. Especially for the armature women, the game has created great efficiency and value. Nowadays, there are some great tournaments taking place in the entire world where the woman participating with their great skills and performances.

So all of the terms and factors reveal the great importance and demand of both of the games.

Softball and baseball definitely have lots of differences. But in terms of the gameplay and pattern, they look almost the same. Some of the great learners will now have an efficient idea about the difference between softball and baseball. Even though there is a baseball expert, he can easily get access into the softball game by knowing about all the factors from above.