Dice Forge Review In 2020 –Check Our Editor’s List

Tired of your playing the usual Yahtzee and other similar and generic dice board games?

Don't get me wrong they are amazing games to play when your friends are at your place, but they tend to get boring after a while.

It’s time you take it up a notch and try something different. Time for you to try Dice forge!

Now let me start by saying that Dice forge is different from your usual dice games. In Dice Forge, apart from luck rolls, your strategy will play a vital role. Level up your characters, slay mythical beasts, and overthrow your opponent and earn your crown!

Sounds fun right? It sure is.

You can easily burn hundreds of hours on it as it is insanely addictive. There are many dice games on the market. They usually differ in themes but are similar in many aspects. So, before you commit to a purchase, check out our dice forge review guide to get a taste of what you will be getting.

Our Top 3 Dice Forge Review

1. Asmodee Dice Forge, English Version

Asmodee's dice Forge is a fascinating deck building game that has customizable dice instead of cards.  Up to 4 players including yourself can embark on a quest and play as demigods. Your objective is to perform heroic feats and achieve the favor of the Olympian gods.

Gameplay wise, dice forge is pretty solid. The entire game is played over 9 rounds, with each of the rounds having 4 different phases. There are two dice you need to roll which have changeable faces. The aim here is to make your dice as powerful as possible by offering gold to the gods in exchange for swappable dice faces.

The higher degree of the faces in your dice means you will receive a better loot after each roll. To track the scores, each player gets a reserve board that tracks the 3 different currencies in the game. 

The currencies are gold, sun shards, and moon shards. By spending the shards, you can perform heroic feats. Rolling more and more sun and moon shards allow you to use them to go for quests.

Quest is an essential part of the game as they give you special abilities, dice faces, and victory points.  The key is to rack as many points and win the game.

After the final round is played, the scores on the reserve boards are tallied. The player who has the most points on the player board and the Heroic feat cards is the winner.

Dice forge is a well-designed board game that will keep you entertained for hours. The great gameplay and the charming artwork make this board game a must-buy!

Highlighted Features

  • Charming artwork makes the board look stunning.
  • Replaceable dice faces make your rolls better.
  • Supports up to 4 players.
  • Amazing gameplay mechanics that don't get old.
  • Box and presentation are incredible.

2. Dice Forge: Rebellion Expansion

Dice Forge rebellion is the expansion of the base game Dice forge. Created by Libellud, the expansion adds two entirely new game formats and heroic feats. In this dice forge board game review, we will look at the main features of the expansion.

This expansion adds some interesting features.  The Blacksmith’s Spectre allows you to convert your gold into sun or moon shards. It also comes with Companions.

This can be cashed at any point during the game for the amount of sun or moon shards it is on. The more sun and moon shards you get, the more heroic feats you can perform.

There are certain feats allows you to increase the power of your dice faster. This becomes effective early in the game and can potentially win you the game. Furthermore, you can also steal your opponent's victory point and sun and moon shards. This unlocks the gates to multiple new strategies.

As we said earlier, Rebellion comes with two new formats. The new formats add variety and make the game even more interesting. The two new formats are called 'Labyrinth of the Goddess' and 'Rebellion of the Titans'.

Labyrinth of the Goddess is a powerful god that presses new orders. She gives you a golem and offers you to traverse through her labyrinth and gain rewards.

The rebellion of the Titans is also a compelling format. As the original masters of the skies have returned, the titans want you to neglect the gods in return for their power. Question is, will you do so?

The expansion comes with 120 new exploit cards, much more compared to the 96 you get from the base game. You also get new dice faces, which makes the game even more interesting!

Highlighted Features

  • Expansions add depth to the base game.
  • It comes with 120 new exploit cards.
  • Upgrade your dice with new dice faces.
  • Amazing artwork that appeals to players.
  • Components are neatly packed inside the box.

3. Gunslinger vs Samurai - Dice Throne: Season Two Board Game

Gunslinger vs Samurai is a heart-pumping dice game that gets you to the edge of your seats!

The two main characters in the game, the gunslinger and the samurai are unique in their own ways. They each have their unique powers and abilities. Although they have separately themed components, they share some similarities as well.

The dice have different symbols based on the characters. They each have cards that have nine potential actions. The aim of the game is pretty straightforward and lasts about 15-20 minutes. It is a two-player game where whoever takes the health of their opponent from 50 to 0, wins the game.

Now let's get into the gameplay. Each player is assigned a deck of cards and a set of dice. Both players also get starting health of 50 points. They will have to go through several phases. There are multiple phases in the game, such as attack rolls, defense rolls, and the main phase.

Combat points are used to upgrade the character's skillset. The component that stands out the most from the set is the thematically designed cards and their actions.

For instance, samurais can honor himself which gives the player a bonus. Gunslingers, on the other hand, can use the cards to ‘Reload’, giving them extra rolls.

As the game progresses, you can upgrade your character to a more powerful variant. Your characters start to do more damage as you upgrade.

Like most games in this dice forge review guide, there is a considerable amount of luck involved here too. But the way you strategize is the key. Roll the dice, trade blows, upgrade, and repeat until your opponent’s health point is down to zero.

Highlighted Features

  • 20 minutes of thrilling action.
  • Easy to understand and play.
  • Upgrade your characters to a more powerful variant.
  • Characters have a unique set of skills
  • The artwork is legible and fantastic.

What To Look Before Buying A Dice Forge

Age Compatibility

Before purchasing a dice forge board game, you must know the game's intended audience. Most manufacturers mention a recommended age for their product.  

Board games like dice forge can get complicated. The immense storyline, complex gameplay, and size may not appeal to all player groups.

While the younger generation prefers board games to be straightforward, teenagers find certain themes like mythical, western, or futuristic themed board games to be enticing.

They like the strategy and complex gaming mechanics. Make sure to purchase the one that your friends or family can play.

Supported Number Of Players

Board games vary in the number of players they can support. Some dice games require four players whereas others can support up to eight or more.

Like the recommended age, this too will be mentioned of the dice game you are purchasing.  Pick the one that will keep all your friends engaged.


The quality of the board, dice, and cards speak volumes. Some dice games have vibrant graphics that automatically grab the player's attention and keeps them engaged.

The quality of the components should be great as well. The board should easily be able to hold up to exterior damage and not wear off easily.

When it comes to the dice quality, it should be nice and even with smooth corners. Good quality dice don't feel cheap when users hold them.

If the components are well designed, they can easily last for years. In the top 3 dice forge comparison, we mentioned some of the top quality dice boards available in the market.

Engaging Concept

Beating mythical beasts to fighting the Outlaws as deputies, there are several themed dice board games that keep players entertained for hours.

However, not everyone prefers violence. Some lean more towards the family-friendly themed dice board games.

If the subject matter is centered on a topic that your friends like, you and your pals are guaranteed to have a great time playing. Avoid anything gory and violent if the players are of young age.

Variation In Gameplay

Stuck in a loop, doing the same thing over and over again? That’s the issue with some dice games. The games get boring and repetitive sometimes and that's not fun. Variation in the game keeps it from getting old fast.

Dice forge games which contain a large amount of variety without sacrificing the simplicity of the game are the ones you should go for.  Variation keeps the players engaged until the end of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does The Games Usually Last?

Dice Forge usually lasts anywhere between 20-40 minutes.  This depends on various factors. Certain strategies you take may overthrow your opponent allowing you to swiftly earn your victory.

However, luck is also an important factor. You never know what your next rolls are going to be. How fast the game ends heavily depends on the rolls.

2. Does The Game Have A Storyline?

Themed dice board games often do have a storyline.  In Dice forge, for example, you have to impress the gods by performing heroic feats. Before that, however, you need to defeat a large number of monsters in the farthest islands of the sky.

Although the stories of these games are quite compelling, you will likely focus more on winning the game before your opponent does. Winning or losing depend on the strategy you take, and the rolls you get after throwing the dice.

3. Can You Take The Game With You On Trips?

The box itself is lightweight and portable. Despite having lots of components, they all fit comfortably inside the box. You can easily take the components in and out of the box without having to force it. They are light enough and can be taken anywhere you go.

4. Why Is The Quality Of The Components Important?

The high-quality components of the board game will definitely elevate your experience. Quality is one of the highlights of Dice Forge.

The legible text with vibrant artwork makes the board game very appealing. Furthermore, the dice are built very well. The main board itself is thick and resists wear and tear. The same can be said for the cards.

5. Are There Variations In The Gameplay?

Dice Forge has sufficient variation in its gameplay. This keeps the game from being repetitive fast. It includes varieties and does not deviate from the main objectives of the game.

If the variation doesn't interest you, you can always take chances by implying risky strategies which in return may give you greater rewards.

Final Word

There is always a unique feeling associated with dice games. It is something that you don't get from playing games on your phone or PlayStation. The feeling of suspense when rolling dice, intercepting your opponents move, and earning a hard-fought win is irreplaceable.

Dice Forge is more than that. The compelling storyline, the vivid artwork, and the excitement you get from leveling up your dice or characters are worth your investment.

Dice games have been around for ages. Games like dice forge simply raise the bar when it comes to board games. It's an ideal party game that brings your friends and family together.

If you’ve enjoyed our Dice forge review, it’s time slay some beasts. Enjoy the game and the adrenaline rush that comes with it.

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