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10 Benefits of Rollerblading You Didn’t Know

Probably you have seen a bunch of people rollerblading on the streets, or in the park. It’s fun to watch them doing this, right? Perhaps, you wanted to try inline skating too but the thought of fancy getup have needlessly kept you away from it. You don’t have to wear a sophisticated dress and expensive gears […]

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How Do Skateboard Trucks Work And How To Tighten It

Trucks are one of the major components of every skateboard. It is a metal axle holding two wheels each and there are two trucks on every skateboard. As this holds the largest weight portion of the rider, it should be very durable and from good manufacturers. Skateboard trucks comprises of several components which have their own […]

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How To Lubricate Skateboard Bearings

After new bearings are opened from packaging and put into a skateboard wheel, they are immediately vulnerable to corrosion as they’re exposed to a variety of things. So at some point of time, you need to lubricate your bearings. This is a guide on how to pull apart your skateboard bearings, clean it, lubricate it and […]

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How To Take Care And Maintain Your Skateboard

Taking care of your favorite skateboard is only a great idea, but also necessary for lengthening its lifetime. Many skaters don’t give a proper care to their skate, they ride it and when not needed, leaves it in a corner, uncared. A skateboard, like other wooden things, easily gets damaged if kept in damp place. Its […]

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