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Night Vision Vs. Thermal Scopes: Detailed Guideline

Choosing the right scope for your rifle is not an easy job. Especially if you’re trying to get something that helps in a specific activity – then you’ll have to be extra careful and be confident of what you’re getting. This is a hot topic and a starter of many discussions among gun enthusiasts. And it […]

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What is Trap Shooting? And How Did It Start?

Shooting is one of the most entertaining activities you can practice. As long as you’re shooting at lifeless objects, then it becomes an excellent hobby to tackle along with friends, family, or even alone. But if there’s one type of shooting that stands out – then that’s trap shooting. In consists of shooting clay pigeons or what’s […]

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Trap Vs. Skeet Shooting: In Depth Discussion Between Them

If you’ve ever heard the name of trap shooting, then you’ve probably also heard of skeet shooting. This is because they’re pretty similar. They’re so similar that telling them apart can be more complicated than it seems. Both follow the same game basis: shooting flying clay targets that resemble pigeons. But of course, several factors enter into […]

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What Is Plasma Ball and How Does It Work?

The plasma ball is a small glass ball that is filled with lightning that you can control. You can find them in novelty shops, and they are very interesting to watch. But have you wondered how do they work? There is more than what meets the eye. It’s not just a toy. The physics behind it […]

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How to Become a Professional Bowler?

Want to play in bigger leagues now? Looking for a proper in-depth guideline on how to become a professional bowler? Well, thank God, you have just landed on the right page. Hearing “professional bowler” PBA is what crosses the mind at the very first, right? If you don’t know what PBA is, wait. We are going to […]

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