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Top 12 Best Break Cue Reviews For The Money 2020

Did you know you can improve your shooting game significantly if you have the right break cue? By investing a few dollars in the best break cue, you ensure you have that perfect starting shot. A good break cue should be robust, durable, and able to maintain the shape of its tip. Also, it should be […]

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Top 10 Best Pool Chalk Reviews | Highly Recommended in 2020

If you’re looking for the best pool chalk, the varieties reviewed below might interest you. These are some of the top pool chalks as rated by users. Chalking couldn’t possibly make a difference – we’ve all been here, wondering if chalking really is important. Even if you’ve been playing pool for some time, you might be […]

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Difference Between Billiards and Pool: Head To Head Comparison

The most common indoor sports are billiards and pool. Billiards is a reference given to three games namely; snooker, carom and pocket billiards. All three use a cue stick and balls over a table covered in cloth with leather or rubberlike cushions along the edges. The main similarity between billiards and pool is that they are classified […]

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How To Build a Pool Table From Scratch – Build It Like a Pro

A lot of families these days are getting interested in having a pool table installed in their homes. Not only that it makes leisure time fun and challenging, but it also makes family bonding even stronger. When you spend time with your family away from distracting TV sets and gadgets, it improves the parent-children relationship. Since playing […]

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How to Disassemble a Pool Table Properly

Moving a pool table can be a strenuous job and thus requires the right tools, as well as the right know-how. Just like any other equipment in the house, a pool table needs to be handled with care when disassembling it. Due to its enormous size and weight, it is not easy to move the pool […]

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