Best Star Wars Lego Sets

Best Star Wars Lego Sets Reviews 2022

Among a lot of popular movies and series, Star Wars is one. Who doesn't like to see a series that is related to space, outer planets of the world, cool and unique armor, and superhero characters? The majority of the viewers from every age will definitely support it. After featuring star wars, there were a lot of movies and series that got published later in the time. A total of 9 series got released from Star Wars at different times. Each of them has created a huge demand among the viewers. Similar demand for the series and movies reflected in a huge rate among the hardcore Star Wars lovers. As a result, there are a lot of products related to Star Wars such as Star Wars T-shirts and costumes, Star Wars-bedsheets and blankets, Star Wars Table Lamps and so many others. One of them is the Star Wars Lego set. In today's topic all about the Best Star Wars Lego Setswill be discussed along with the detailed information. So without making any further due, let's go.

Best Star Wars Lego Sets

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The Mandalorian The Razor Crest

LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars The Mandalorian

LEGO Star Wars at-ST Raider

LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet

LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter

Before knowing about the items, let's have a quick knowledge about the Star Wars Legos first. Lego is one of the most popular American brands in the world. The reason for having a lot of popularity is their products.

Almost all of the Legos items are not only suitable for entertainment, but also very much perfect for using as an educational object. Compare to other types of toys or entertainment objects, Lego contains a unique feature. As most of the toys come in properly built in shape and size, Lego is a type of company that provides their toys in separate parts, which is called the interlock bricks.

As the main material, interlock bricks are made of high quality plastic. Like the other constructions, vintage Star Wars also has the same type of factory made parts. Star Wars fans love to build up the items on their own as there a lot of variants available such as Skywalker Saga, Death Star, X-wing Fighter, etc.

From the year 1999, Lego has produced a total of almost 795 Star Wars sets for their customers. Few objects from the Star Wars series may get left for adding into the Legos or not.

Here are the products from Legos related to Star Wars with a description.

1. TheMandalorian Razor Crest LEGO Star Wars

At the first position of the listing. This Star Wars model from Lego has won the Best Toy of the Year award of 2021 chosen by the Toy Association. Reason for choosing the toy as the best one is, its design and structure.

Razor Crest is the main structure of this toy that has to be placed or connect through using the adjustable interlock bricks in small pieces. At the opening side of the ship, there is a cargo featured along with a double accessible ramp structure with the elements of carbonate bounty at the inside.

Minifigure cockpit design in the middle line area, escaping tunnel system, and the shooters with spring make the Razor Crest and the total toy more unique and attractive. From children to adults, all aged users will surely fall in love with this toy model.

Total of this toy set comes in 1023 pieces that have to join with each other to build up the whole Crest. Like the character, the Mandalorian and the child come with this toy set. As this toy is a part of a series, it can be easily compared and combined with other parts and actions.

Derth Vader, GreefKarga, and Yoda make the toy more fun to use and build up as they have been used as the Minifigure. With all these characters and easily attachable parts, Razor Crest Lego construction can be chosen by their users.

Key Features:

  • Very sturdy, flexible, and high performing plastic made blocks that can resist twisting, breaking, crushing, or even color fading
  • With the excellent size of 5.5" in height, 15" inches in length, and 11" in height, the toy look very gorgeous and attractive
  • The company provides a manual instruction chart along with the parts for easy attaching and build up
  • A total of 1023 different block pieces allow an educative and fun construction process
  • Easy to connect and construct without applying any major pressure or force for the high quality and easy locking facility

2. BRICKHEADZ Star Wars Lego Set

This is a Lego set that is available in two main characters. One of them is the Mandalorian or the Darth Vader and the other one is the child or Yoda. In terms of quantity, the logo set comes in a total of 295 pieces.

Having only two of the characters, this Lego set has a lower number of constructing blocks. 9.5 ounce weighted total packaging looks very beautiful with the picture of both characters with the top left sided Lego mark.

As for the character and other parts, the Mandalorian of the Lego set contains a blaster pistol with black colored at the back along with a blaster pistol in hand.

On the other hand, Yoda or the Child has a unique feature as the Lego structure which is, it can move the ear as they are adjustable. So happy mood or a sad mood can be expressed through it. There are also 4 blocks made transparent hoverpram where the child has been placed in a sitting position.

Both of the characters contain 3 inches in size that looks very gorgeous and beautiful whenever they get properly build up. For the Mandalorian and child lovers, this Lego set is definitely the best one. Or else, they can be gifted with this Lego set on birthdays or any occasion from their loving ones.

Key Features:

  • Detailed and the same type of character from the series
  • Adjustable and moveable ear of the child can reveal happy or sad expressions
  • Low brick amounts of 295 pieces can be easily build up even without following the instruction
  • Transparent and 4 pieces of blocks made hoverpram for carrying the child and easy placing
  • Attached baseplate to each of the character for easy placing and sturdy standing

3. AT-ST Raider Star Wars Lego

Star Wars AT-ST Raider has created huge popularity among the viewers. This Lego set has been built up judging on the character. Total weight of this Lego set is 1.58 pounds.

AT-ST Raider is a war robot with two legs and other fighting stuff. 540 total pieces of the blocks help to build up the entire structure along with the 4 Minifigure characters. Moveable legs with the turning turret of the Raider make it more attractive in front of the users.

The best thing about this vehicle or robot is, the inner part opens up through the turret which has a good space to place the Minifigure. There is also 4 Minifigure character come with the Lego set and the Raider.

2 Klatooinian Raider with the Cara Dune and the Mandalorian are the 4 minifugers that make the Lego set more fun and interesting to play. Special decoration and design of the AT-ST vehicle make it more attractive and realistic than the main series character.

The walker or the vehicle contains an excellent size measurement of 5 inches in length, 5 inches in width, and 9 inches in length. Not only the kids but even the young agers and the adults can also be gifted by this excellent looking Lego set.

Key Features:

  • Upper side twisted area of the walker makes it more fun and provide a unique design
  • Realistic design and specially decorated elements provide a cannibalized look to the walker
  • Easy movement and posable legs of the walker helps to place it at any area or any angle
  • Wheel activation featured turning turrent can easily gather a single Minifigure character that reveals more reality compare to the series
  • All the Minifigures contain 3 blaster rifle and a blaster which properly suit the armed walker

4. BobaFett Helmet Star Wars Lego

Remember the deadly bounty hunter of Star Wars? Definitely the Mandalorian. This Lego set has the concept of the Mandalorian helmet. And it is called the BobaFett Helmet. In terms of size, this lego set is enough big that contains the total Lego block pieces of 625.

Mandalorian fans and lovers can easily get this Lego set into their collection for sure. The largely shaped packaging among the pieces weighs around 1.8 pounds. With a height of 8.5 inches, the BobaFett Helmet Lego looks very beautiful and attractive after getting built properly.

As the Mandalorian contains an armor helmet in the series, there is also no difference in the Lego set at all. Kids, adults, or even old aged users will love the structure if they have it.

Key Features:

  • One of the best looking Lego set for the pure Mandalorian fans
  • Perfectly placed armor at the helmet area compare to the real series and episode
  • With the 8.5 inches height, 4.5 inches wide, and 4.5 inches depth, the structure looks very beautiful and enough realistic
  • Front side placed Nameplate at the main balancing base suits with the office area, the home, or the other suitable places
  • Easily attachable blocks with manual instruction chart with the set

5. Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter Star Wars Lego

Like the X-Wing Fighter Ship of the series, Lego has the same model and concept which is very unique but enough gorgeous. This fighter comes with 4 iconic star wars Minifigures and they are Luke Skywalker, General Dodonna Princess Leia, and R2-D2.

The total of this Lego set weighs around 10.9 ounces with the Lego pieces of 474. This Lego set is featured with a brick build structure. Each of the Minifigure characters contains the lightsaber of Luke with the R2-D2 droid Minifigure. A unique thing about this Lego set is, the X-Wing fighter contains some unique and effective features which make it unique from others.

The cockpit of the fighter contains the opening system where the R2-D2 Minifigure gets placed. Besides, the wings of the fighter can be placed in the attacking structure by pressing a button. Both two shooter from left and right side of the fighter contains springs with the retractable landing gears.

In terms of sizing, this fighter is enough lengthy and wider compared to the height. And the reason is the fighter shaping. This Luke Skywalkers X-Wing Fighter can be a gift to the kids or any aged Star Wars lovers on their special days.

Key Features:

  • Very beautiful design and structure that looks almost the same compare to the real one
  • 4 different iconic Minifigure character with properly build up equipment
  • Fighter cockpit with Minifigure containing an open system
  • Attacking positioned wings of the fighter from single button tapping
  • Functional shooter with spring can be used for shooting after getting constructed properly

6. The Rise of Skywalkers Lego Star War

When Skywalker had the debut in the series of Star Wars, there was a size and shape of it which is the concept of this Lego set. The total structure of this Lego set comes with the Skywalker ship and two iconic Minifigures. One of the characters is Snap Wexely and Lieutenant Connix.

The total of the Skywalker Lego set comes in 269 pieces. All these pieces get connected according to the instruction for the Skywalkers fighter. At the front side of the fighter, there are two firing missiles along with the retractable landing gears which make it more beautiful and suitable for display.

Both of the Minifigures are also armed which looks very realistic and creates an action vibe along with the fighter. On the other hand, the upper side firing canons of the fighter makes it more realistic and eye catchy to the users.

In the matter of sizing, this Skywalker Fighter is perfectly sized with 2 inches of height, 7 inches of length, and 4 inches of width. From top to bottom, all the excellent features and the structure make this fighter more beautiful to look at and even more suitable for displaying.

Key Features:

  • The front part of the fighter has the cockpit area and accessibility of a single Minifigure
  • Functional spring loaded shooters at each side of the fighter
  • Perfectly build 2 Minifigure with enough armored
  • Twin firing missiles with retractable landing gears provides gorgeous design and structure
  • Lower area placed cannons comes with non-firing ability but an easy rotation feature

7. AT-AT 75288 Lego Star Wars

This one is a huge Lego structure that comes from Star Wars. It is the battle walker of the Star Wars along with 6 iconic characters and other stuff. From the battle of the hoth, this walker has come at the concept of the Star Wars series.

Luke Skywalkers, 2 Snowtroppers, General Veers, and 2 AT-AT drivers are the main character along with the Walker of this Lego set. All these characters are fully armored to fight against the Rebel Alliance battle. In details about the AT-AT Walker, there is an opening cockpit that contains three Minifigures altogether. Each 4 of the panels can be folded easily for placing.

There are also three spring loaded shooters just in front of the cockpit which can be used for throwing the spring instead of the laser from the real series. Besides, a bottom sidedHinch for carrying Luke gets used that shows exactly the same battle action pattern compare to the main war. There is also a speeder bike fit with the walker that makes it more unique and different compared to the other Lego sets.

In terms of the sizing and the quantity of the blocks, there are very few Lego sets are available in this measurement. A total of 1267 separate pieces and blocks come in this Lego set that creates the entire walker with a total weight of 4.19 pounds.

The size dimension of 13 inches in height, 15 inches for long, and 5 inches for wide. That means, this Lego set with the walker is enough bigger and larger than the other ones. Though the size is a little bit big, true Star War lovers will never miss the opportunity to add this beautiful piece of art to the collection.

Key Features:

  • Contains the same design and shape from the series
  • Fully armed 6 iconic Minifigurebattalion with war preparation and spring loaded 3 shooters
  • Upperside cockpit contains opening gesture and contains 3 Minifigures altogether
  • Bottom side Hinch to carry Luke for throwing and firing while a fight
  • Speeder bike at the inner part of the walker with backside gate opener and foldable sided panel

8. 501ST Legion Clone Troopers Star Wars Lego

The majority of the kids will fall in love with this Lego toy. And the reason is its design and color. Beautiful blue color of this along with the war mode makes this Lego more beautiful and perfect to use by Star Wars fans. All the toys of this Lego set have a war with the Separatist's Army Droids. The total packaging weighs around 0.024 ounces only with the block pieces of 285.

There is an AT-RT Walker and a BARC speeder into the total Lego set which expresses the real battle mode as like the series. Like the other sources, there is a total of 4 Minifigures where 3 of them are the clone toppers and the rest one is a jet trooper. As the additional attaching, 2 battle droids create initial attacks on the opponents.

Talking about the AT-RT walker, it has moveable legs along with the accurate attached point. Containing the fixer electrobinocular elements at the upper side, the walker is always ready to make major damages. One of the clone troopers can be placed at the cockpit of the walker for operating. The shooter of the front side gets controlled and used for hitting the enemies during the war.

BARC Speeder is another part of the Lego set which has the sturdy shooter at the left and right sided area. All this equipment along with the Lego set makes it more entertaining and even fun for all aged Star Wars lovers. For birthday or Christmas, the 501st Legion Trooper Lego set can be preferred for all.

Key Features:

  • Contains all the accurate numbered characters and the armors
  • AT-RT Walker with the sturdy shooter, moveable legs, and one seater clone trooper capacitive cockpit
  • BARC Speeder get controlled by one of the troopers from the cockpit
  • Legendary 4 Minifigure iconic clone troopers with 2 droids
  • Easy and attachable interlock blocks with high durability

9. The Clone Wars Armored Assault Tank

Tank for the clone wars troopers looks very heavy and powerful in the Star Wars series. Exactly the same pattern has been copied by the Lego Company. Those who are the real Star War lover, they will find no differences between the series one and the Lego made one.

There are two pieces of Star Wars Minifigures, Ahsoka clone trooper and tano in the packaging. An ATT driver battle droid along with a Droid Minifigure also found in the package. For weapons, there is the lightsaber that gets used by all the Minifigures. So all these items included the packaging with 286 block pieces determines the cool vibe of the Lego set.

As for effectiveness, the AAT contains some unique features. Elevating the cannon at the front upper side of the AAT makes it more powerful to use and attack. Besides, the turret can be rotated easily for making an accurate hit through the cannon. Turret hatches of the middle side can gather the battle droids inside by opening up from the front area.

Perfect sizing of 4.5 inches for the height, 8.5 inches for the length, and 5.5 inches for the width can be chosen as a perfect toy for even gifting or personal use.

Key Features:

  • 286 pieces of detailed and accurate blocks
  • Perfectly armed clone troopers and droids
  • Easily rotatable turret with front faced cannon
  • Front side opening hatch for easy gathering of the droids
  • Functional spring loaded right sided shooters for more fun and action

10. TheMandalorian Trouble On Tatooine

Lastly, the Lego set that comes as the Best Star War Lego set is the Mandalorian Trouble on Tatooine. As Lego has followed the entire series of Star Wars and made the toy, there is a part related to the Mandalorianin the Star Wars Session 2 which has been explained as the view of the Lego toy.

With 10.6 ounces weight and 276 pieces of Lego, this set contains the Mandalorian and the Tasken Raider as the minifigure. They are properly formed up with weapons for fighting. There is also a Minifigure of Yoda or the child.

A speeder is the part of the entire set which has a saddlebag along with a seat to place the child. Another part of the set is the Taskenhut Hideout for the Tusken Raider with the spring loaded feature and the missile firing ballista.

Though the Lego set has a lower size dimension of 1.5 inches in length, 5 inches in width, and 1.5 inches in height, still this Lego set is much demanded as like as the Series.

Mandalorian from the front lead the child and the Tasken Raider along with the carrying object can mesmerize the child and create an addiction for all day gaming.

Key Features:

  • Speeder for the child contains enough facility of carrying along with the saddlebag
  • Strongly build and durable Tasken hut can be folded easily
  • High performer bowcaster can make fires by using spring loaded missiles
  • 3 separate Minifigures with separate carrying object can make great deals from the others
  • A suitable set of Lego for gifting, solo or dual using

Buying guides can be followed or make a factor to buy the best Lego set with overall qualities and performance.

Star Wars Lego Sets

Star Wars Lego Sets

After several of researches, here the buying guides have been listed below

Durability:The majority of the toys get used or played by the kids and children under 10 years aged. At this time of age, kids may not aware of taking care of something or either knowing their value. So breaking or damaging the toys is a simple matter.

But Legos toys are enough durable and officially tested too. They contain a very low chance of breaking, getting damaged in good pressure, or even no color fading chances too. So there is no doubt about the durability of Lego's toys.

Sizing:Bigger sized toys get preferred by the children and even the young aged users. As Lego has a huge collection of different sized and shaped toys, there is no hesitation in selecting the right one with the right choice.

Better features:Which child doesn't want a toy with the cool feature? Thinking of them, Lego has added some excellent features in some of their toys. Spring loaded shooters, hanging Hinch, front or rear opening compartment, the rotating turret is some of the great features that can be considered for choosing the best one.

Pricing:The more the items and facilities, the more the price. But sometimes, the pricing doesn't prefer the toy size and quantity. As kids fall in love with the character, the perfect one can be chosen by them with no pricing issue and even by the other star Wars fans.

Good quantity of items in a single packaging:This term can be considered as an effective buying guide. Most  lego star Wars lovers and fans like to collect all the items together. There are some of the star wars Lego sets with individual pieces or even Minifigure characters more than 5 to 6 pieces. Choosing the perfect one can be dependent on this term too.

How many Lego Star Wars sets are there?

There is a total of 20 Lego Star Wars available for the users. All these sets are included with the Mandalorian, the sequel trilogy, and the original trilogy

Why is Star Wars Legos so expensive?

The main reason behind the high cost of Star Wars Legos is their license and policy revenue. As the Legos Company has dealt with some of the well-known and famous commercial channels, cartoons, or any animated serials, the Company has to finance a lot for getting the license along with the permission.

Besides, as there is a deal with the companies for franchising their character or sources, Lego has to pay them for periodic times that get listed in the contract. All these revenues and the high operating processes come to an end with a lot of expense. That is why Legos are very expensive. Not only has the Star Wars, but all of the items of Legos also contained a little bit of expense.

What are all the Lego Star Wars sets?

There are a total of 400 Lego Star War sets available. Listing all of them is a quite difficult task to do. But still, there are 10 of the Lego Star Wars Sets from the year 2009 to 2019.

2009 series:10195: Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker

2010 series:10212: Imperial Shuttle

2011 series: 10221: Super Star Destroyer

2012 Series: 10225: R2-D2

2013 Series: 10236: Ewok Village.

2014 Series: 30244: Anakin's Jedi Intercepter

2015 Series: 30272: A-Wing Starfighter

2016 Series: 30277: First Order Star Destroyer

2017 Series: 75164: Rebel Trooper Battle Pack

2018 Series: 30380: KyloRen's Shuttle

2019 Series: 75223: NabooStarfighterMicrofighter

All of them are alternative versions and types available in them every year. But all these Legos listed above had been chosen as the best ones every year.

Best Star Wars Lego set listing with details and specifications to help the users to find out the best one for them. As the star wars Legos get published every year for their fans, choosing the latest one can be a good decision. For the birthday, New Year celebration, Christmas times, etc, Legos can be gifted at any time of the year. The best factor about the Lego is, almost all kinds of toys come with a single entertainment purpose where the Legos can bring out the educational advantage from their items. Kids have a developed brain and intelligence. Legos constructional source helps to learn them and increase their intelligence. With all the positive and useful features, there is no competitor of Lego Company in the toy sector.

Kids from the 90s generation had a weakness on the Legos and still, the same kid from the 90s is having a weak point in the same thing even after becoming an adult. And the reason behind this weakness and attraction is the simple but addictive pattern of the Lego toys. Hope that the best star wars Lego sets will play an effective role in terms of selecting the best one for kids or adults.