Best Spinning Tops

Top 10 Best Spinning Tops Reviews in 2021 (Updated)

Are you looking for something to help you relax at school or work? Or are you looking for a nice toy for your kids or even the whole family? Try a spinning top.

A spinning top is a toy that spins on its tip when placed on a hard surface and given a quick twist. This toy is used all over the world by kids and adults alike.

To help you sift through the myriad of varieties (both good and bad) on the market, we’ve researched the top rated spintops online and come up with a list of some that you might be interested in.

Our review below includes some of the most popular spintops you can find online, and we’ve done our best to help you understand the good/bad in them so you know exactly what you’re purchasing.

Dive in to find the best spinning top for your needs.

History of Spinning Top

The spinning top has been around for quite a while. Its history goes way back to the ancient times, meaning the spinning top has been in existence for not centuries but millennia.

Like other toys of old, the first spinning tops were crafted from clay. Based on archeological discoveries, these clay spinners were used in the Middle East in around 3500 BC.

As time went by, spinning tops made of wood emerged. These were used from about about 2000 BC, and they’ve been in use to this day.

The wooden spinners were string driven, relying on a string getting pulled abruptly to bring them into motion.

Spinning tops are some of the oldest toys. They’re simple yet intriguing to many people by the way they work, and that’s perhaps the reason why they’ve managed to stay in use to the modern times.

Modern spinners are mostly made from plastic and metal. Though they have modern features, such as buttons and pumps, they follow the same old principle of centripetal force to remain stable and rotate on their tips.

Without any further ado, we’ll jump in and have a look at some of the top rated spinning tops in the world.

Our Top 10 Best Spinning Tops Reviews In 2021

1. Schylling Little Tin Top

For a richly colored top that spins beautifully with little effort, you might want to check out the Schylling Little Tin Top. This top is also one of the most inexpensive options, going for less than 10 bucks when we last checked.

If you’re looking for a spinning top suitable for little kids, this is it. It’s a small device that will fit in their hands. They can operate it but with help of course if they’re toddlers.

As you’ll see, teaching them to operate it is easy and fast.

If this spinning top has one thing going for, it is the ease of use. Instead of struggling to pull a string or twist the body with your fingers, you just pump a plunger and watch the top spin.

The plunger is located at the top as a little, usually red handle that you can pull and pump and set back in place before releasing the top. By pumping it three times or so, the plunger sends the top spinning beautifully for a decent duration, thanks to the good balance.

When the top spins, it produces a whirling sound rather than a whistling one. But it’s not the loud and annoying kind of whirling. It’s soothing whirling that makes kids want to listen.

Looking at the top, you might doubt it’ll last. But, it’s quite the opposite. The device isn’t built to last as long as the foreverspin tops, but it still lasts a decent period. Your kids can use it throughout their childhood.

The plunger is made of metal while the body is painted tin. There are also painted plastic parts, but overall, the item is fairly sturdy.

The only shortcoming is that the bottom part seems to wear faster than the rest of the top, as it’s made of plastic.

Other than that, it’s a great little top that you and your kids will likely enjoy. Check it out.

Highlighted features:

  • Richly colored
  • Top plunger for ease of use
  • Small size – 6 by 6 inches
  • Good balance

2. ForeverSpin Titanium Spinning Top

Are you looking for a top for yourself and not for kids? Then you might want to check out the ForeverSpin Titanium Spinning Top.

This one is built with adults rather than kids in mind. Kids can still use it, but not toddlers. Maybe those that are past the age of getting hooked to colors.

If you’ve been researching about spinning tops, you might have heard that Foreverspin is the best spinning top brand with regards to quality. That is true.

Hence, for someone looking for the most durable spinning top, one that will last generations, the ForeverSpin Titanium Spinning Top would be a perfect selection. It’ll end up being used by your kids’ kids.

The reason for this top’s durability is simple. It’s a solid piece made of titanium, which happens to be one of the most resilient metals.

Of course, it’s always advisable to take care of it, but you can rest assured little accidental falls and impact will not cause the top to get damaged.

The size and weight of this device are just perfect. The height and width are 1.4 and 1.125 inches respectively. That means it’s neither too large nor too small for most adults’ hands.

Weighing in at only 0.6 ounces, the item is easy to carry and operate.

Saying that this top isn’t richly colored doesn’t mean it’s a dull and boring item. It’s actually a very elegant piece that you’ll be proud to have in your home or office desk. The silver color is extremely appealing and particularly suited for an office desk.

There’s just one drawback you have to think about – the spinning time. Many people say that achieving a spin time of more than 1.5 minutes is a hassle. But then again, spinning a top with your fingers is a matter of skill. You’ll likely get a better spin time as you get used to the top.

Highlighted features:

  • Strong and durable titanium body
  • Good size for comfortable use by adults
  • Lightweight
  • Elegant design with a nice silver color
  • Whistling sound as it spins

3. Tippie Top Metal Flip Over Top

Do you want an elegant little top without having to spend more than 10 bucks? The Tippie Top Metal Flip Over Top might be just what you’re looking for. It features a unique design, sort of like a little apple. 

Design is the main reason we chose this item. The top is made from aluminum and polished to a very elegant and appealing glossy silver color. it’s a beauty.

To make it easy for anyone to spin the top, the manufacturer fitted a nice handle, allowing the user to grasp it and spin effortlessly even with one hand. The handle has knurling (a textured surface) for a better grip. You can hold it without sliding, and thus you get to spin it without a struggle.

It is interesting how this little top spins. When you twist it, the device first spins on the bottom of the round part, then it flips over and continues spinning on the handle. It’s quite a beautifully scene; you should see it.

Something else you’re going to love is the balance. It’s not one of those tops that lose balance and fall over quickly and no one it can flip over and continue to spin. And because of the balance, the spin time is also good. Some people say they’ve been able to spin for up to 2 minutes.

There’s one drawback you have to be aware about. Since the top is made from aluminum and not tougher materials like titanium or steel, it’s not going to last. Expect it to have a lifespan of less than 8 years.

Other than that, it’s a great little spinner that you’re going to enjoy using.

Highlighted features:

  • Made of aluminum
  • Awesome design with an elegant finish
  • Great balance
  • Inexpensive

4. Liberty Imports UFO Spinning Tops with LED (12-Pack)

For someone that wants to spin tops with kids, the Liberty Imports UFO Spinning Tops would be an excellent selection. As the name suggests, these ones are shaped like UFOs, and they come with features that you kids find quite interesting.

First off, they’re colorful. They come in different colors such as blue, green and red to attract the attention of your kids.

And not just that – they have LED lights that go off when they spin. So, they’re little spinning UFOs that light up.

As you can see, they have everything that kids are interested in.

When you order the pack, you get 12 tops in the box. These are of 3 different colors (blue, red and green) evenly distributed among the top.

Operating the tops is rather easy. You just attach the button at the top and turn it then push it and the device goes spinning round and round for a while. And as it spins, multicolor flashes go off.

Although these tops have lights, they don’t play music as they spin. Some people see this as a disadvantage. But really, for the price, that’s understandable.

Another thing to keep in mind when buying is that these aren’t built to last. They’re made from low-quality plastic, and hence they might break really fast, even under 2 years especially when handled without care.

Other than that, the Liberty Imports UFO Spinning Tops are really nice and kids love them. The toy-like design and the multicolor LEDs that light up when spinning are very appropriate.

Moreover, these are very economical. Less than 15 bucks for 12 tops is pretty cheap.

Highlighted features:

  • UFO design
  • Different colors – red, blue & green
  • LED lights that go off when they spin
  • Extremely low-priced

5. Kingzer Totem Spinning Top

You asked us to talk about this top in our review, and we chose to do just that. Okay, one thing about this top is that it is low priced, going for less than 10 bucks. For a metal top, that’s a budget price, and if you’re on a budget, you might be interested in it.

However, we’d also like you to know that you’ll get what you pay for. This is not one of the best spinning tops in the world. It lacks in quality. 

The manufacturer shows a shiny object with tooling marks. That’s not really what is going to be shipped to you. What you’ll get will be a sort of matte top with little voids. But we don’t know, perhaps the manufacturer has worked on the quality.

Another issue we noted is that it’s not made of stainless steel as advertised. Instead, it is made of zinc casting. So, don’t expect it to last every long. Give it 8 years to 10 years at best.

Apart from the design flops, this item spins really well, so we guess that makes up for the shortcomings. Getting it to spin for at least 30 seconds is really easy even when you’re a beginner.

This can be attributed to its weight, which is a decent 0.32 ounces, and the fact that it’s very well balanced.

Overall, the quality is not good, and thus the top doesn’t look like it will last. However, the device spins well, and that’s a reason good enough to get it. The price should also encourage you.

Highlighted features:

  • Made of zinc
  • Good spin
  • Inexpensive

6. Snitch Fidget Spinner 

The Snitch Fidget Spinner isn’t your regular spinner. It’s quite different in that it doesn’t have a pointy bottom surface. Instead, it has a round circular bottom platform on which it spins. In addition to that, it has nice wings, and these too spin beautifully.

Something unique to this spinner is that you can spin it while holding it in your hands or you can place it on a flat surface and spin it.

When you order this package, you get two pieces that are packaged extremely well. There’s even an elegant box that you can use to store them when they’re not in use. That protects them from loss or damage.

Another thing you’re going to love about this spinner is that it turns extremely well. The R188 stainless steel bearing which is at the center mechanism of the device ensures there’s a smooth, quiet and stable turning. As a lot of other users have confirmed, the experience is awesome.

Do you want a spinner that you can use in a classroom or office? This is just the one for you. The quiet turning will ensure you don’t cause any distractions.

Its soothing spins will, in fact, give you a relaxing or soothing sensation to make you feel better when confronted with huge/tough workloads.

There are two issues, however. First, the wings are a bit pointy, so you may want to be careful when using it. And this makes it unsuitable for very young kids.

Second, the oil that lubricates the bearing might leak a bit sometimes, so that the device feels a little oily. But, not all have this problem.

Apart from the minor issues, this is one of the top quality spinning top in terms of spinning time and user experience. And it’s also inexpensive, going for just about 10 bucks per pack of 2.

Highlighted features:

  • Unique design – it has wings
  • High quality materials for longevity
  • R188 stainless steel bearing for smooth turning
  • Quiet spinning
  • Can be spun with one hand

7. Schylling Color Changing Top

From being a colorful piece of art to being a fantastic spinner, the Schylling Color Changing Top has everything it takes to be the ideal whole-family toy. It’s suitable for people of all ages.

This toy is designed like a tower, with a small base, a wide center, and a slender column making the top part. At the topmost part is a small plunger, the part that is used to get the device spinning.

These parts have different appealing colors like red, blue, and yellow. To say the design is good would be an understatement; it is truly incredible.

To spin the top, all you have to do is pull out the plunger at the top and pump it a few times then release it. That sets the device in motion, and it spins beautifully without creating noise.

One thing we loved a lot was the stability. The little unit’s base has a suction cap that holds onto the surface, preventing the device from falling over when it spins.

The wide center portion, which also has circular shapes drawn on it, looks amazing when spinning.

As the item spins, the colors bloom from the bottom up, going from blue to red to yellow. The whirling sound makes things even better, issuing a nice and relaxing feeling. It’s a great experience that you got to have.

This unit is mostly made of plastic, so you cannot it to last a lifetime. However, with proper care, it can go for more than 10 years.

Compared to other spinning tops, it’s a little heavy, weighing in at 10.4 ounces. It’s also a little big, with the height being 7.2 inches. But, that is still portable, right?

Last we checked, this spinner was going for less than 20 bucks, which is a great price range considering the quality.

Highlighted features:

  • Amazing colors
  • Colors bloom from the bottom up as it spins
  • Fantastic design
  • Nice whirling sound when spinning
  • Suction cup at the bottom for stability
  • Whole-family-friendly

8. ThrowBak Spin Tops

How about spinning tops whose design goes way back to the classic times? The ThrowBak Spin Tops are the top quality spinning tops that are designed in the same way spinner tops were designed in the ancient times, only with a few modifications to make them better and more enjoyable in the modern times.

When you order this pack, you receive three spinners colored blue, red, and green, as well as a rope for each.

If these have one awesome thing to offer, it is the fantastic quality. Each of the spinners is made of hard and high-grade hardwood that looks like it’s going to last.

The pins they rotate on are made of a shiny metal, probably stainless steel. It looks sturdy and very firmly attached.

Getting the top spinning is a bit of a process but it’s not complicated. What you have to do is stand the top on the tip, attach the wooden washer/ring, attach the string, then pull as fast as you can. 

At first, you’ll find it a bit tricky to get a good spin time, but you’ll get better as you get the hang of it.

Because of the process, these tops are recommended mostly for adults and kids over 6 years old. Someone younger than 6 years is unlikely to be able to operate them correctly.

The only other shortcoming we noted is that the string seems to fray at the end as time goes by.

In general, the ThrowBak Spin Tops are great. They spin well once you get used to them and they last.

Highlighted features:

  • Small sized and lightweight (1.6 oz)
  • Come in different colors – red, blue, and green
  • Great quality – made of hardwood and steel pins
  • Classic design

9. KCTTCH Luxury Pure Copper Spinning Top

If you’re looking for best spin times, you may want to consider getting the KCTTCH Luxury Pure Copper Spinning Top. Many users have been able to achieve a spin time of over 2 minutes right out of the box, and up to 4 minutes as they get the hang of it, and so can you.

If there’s a spinning top that offers all the benefits while presenting minimal shortcomings, it is this one. It has the beauty and spins excellently. It’s a truly exceptional piece.

The spinner, as you can see in its picture, is a magnificent piece. It has a beautiful gold finish that makes it look classy and valuable like a piece of expensive jewel.

An obvious result of good craftsmanship, the spinner features a shape that is optimized for the spin. It’s not too big or too small; it’s the right size for comfortable use by an adult or a child over 6 years old. The width is 27mm inches while the height is 30 mm.

On the handle, there’s some knurling, which gives you a good gripping surface.

For someone that is looking for something that will last, this is the perfect selection. The device is made from pure copper, meaning that it doesn’t rust. Copper is also resilient against impact.

Because of its great sturdiness, the spinner remains unchanged and functional through many decades. It can be passed onto your future generations. 

Some users said they received versions that had manufacturing bubbles at the bottom. Obviously, those are flops in the production lines, but the manufacturer is often very responsive and ready to send a replacement. Note: this is a rare issue.

If you want an incredibly good spinner top that also has an exquisite design, don’t look any further. Go for the KCTTCH Luxury Pure Copper Spinning Top.

Highlighted features:

  • Incredible spin times – up to 4 minutes
  • Exquisite design – nice shape and gold finish
  • Made of copper – strong and resistant to corrosion
  • Good size and weight

10. Proloso Flashing UFO Spinning Tops (15-Pack)

If you want to buy some nice toys for your kids but you don’t have much cash to spend, you may want to check out the Proloso Flashing UFO Spinning Tops. The 15-pack goes for just 15 bucks, meaning you’re paying a buck per spinning top.

These tops feature beautiful shapes and colors including green, pink, yellow, and blue. And they also have a part fitted with LED lights that are turned on when they spin. What’s more, the LEDs change color as they spin.

Your kids will love them especially when they’re having a party.

Ease of use is another factor that makes these tops kid-friendly. The tops come in two parts – a spinner part and a gyroscope. To spin the top, all you have to do is attach the gyroscope to the spinner, turn it three times, press the button at the top and release.

When the button is released, the spinner immediately starts rotating on the surface while flashing some really beautiful lights like one of those movie UFOs. It’s that easy. No twisting of handles or pulling ropes.

As stated earlier, these are really inexpensive tops. That doesn’t come without a catch. The quality is not the finest. These tops are made of weak plastic, so don’t be surprised to see them break in a couple of months.

We’d recommend you buy them for a specific party, maybe just before Christmas, or before your kid’s birthday and not count on them to last beyond that season.

Highlighted features:

  • Nice designs with multi colors
  • LED lights that shine when the tops spin
  • LEDs change patterns during the spin
  • Very inexpensive
Spinning Tops

Spinning Tops

Best Spinning Tops Buying Guide for Beginners

Whether you want a toy you or your kids can play with or just something to keep you engaged and relaxed in the office, spinning tops come in helpful. But, these devices aren’t the same. Some are easy to use and have a good performance, while others are pretty useless.

So, how to you sift through the numerous options in the market and get the one that fits you? Well, here are a few factors to guide you.

1. Size

Size is paramount as it determines the portability as well as the ease of use of the top. Look at the dimensions and the weight.

The size is determined by the height and width. Both dimensions should be up to a maximum of 10 inches if the unit is to be portable.

If the top is too heavy, it will not spin well, and if it is too light, it might lose balance.

The optimal weight is something between 1 ounce and 12 ounces. For toddlers, you want to go with something on the lower side of the scale so they can lift it with ease.

2. Material

The material that your top is made from will determine how long the top lasts, as it directly affects such issues like the resilience against dropping and impact.

In the ancient times, spinners were primarily made from wood, but these days, they can be made from wood, plastic, or metal.

Plastic is the least sturdy of the three. Though it all depends on the quality of the plastic and its hardness, a plastic top normally doesn’t last long. It can be broken in a few years, months or even weeks.

But plastic has one special thing to offer – great price. Plastic tops are typically less expensive than tops made of wood or metal. While some metal tops cost over 30 bucks, some plastic ones go for as low as a buck.

Wood is a little sturdier, but a little more expensive than plastic. Make sure it is made from hardwood before buying to be certain it’ll last.

Metal spinners are the most durable due to their sturdy nature, but then these are more expensive than plastic or wood tops.

Keep in mind that there are different metals used in the manufacture of spinning tops. The most common metals used include zinc, copper, titanium, and stainless steel. Most folks seem to prefer copper, titanium and stainless steel as they’re more robust than zinc.

3. Spinning action

Spinning action encompasses the ease of spinning, the sound made, and the spin time.

Some tops spin with ease while others require effort. Again, some make a soothing whistling or whirling sounds while others are loud and annoying.

The spin time also differs among spinners, with some spinning for barely 20 seconds and others managing to keep spinning for over 4 minutes dues to their excellent balance and craftsmanship.

4. User

When looking for a spinner, it helps to consider the person who’ll be using it. If it’s a kid, you want to look for something colorful and perhaps one with extra features like flashing lights and music.

You want to get something that is too big to put in the mouth if it’s a toddler as you don’t want them to choke.

These days, there are spinning top varieties with buttons at the top that are pressed to get the tops spinning. These are very appropriate for kids.

If you’re getting it for an adult, it makes sense to look for aspects like excellent spin and durability. But, all in all, different individuals have different tastes so you might want to think about what fits the person you’re getting it for.

Types of Spinning Tops

Spinning top users are different. Some are children while others are adults. Some prefer aesthetic value while others prioritize long spin durations.

So, how can you sort spinning tops to help different users get what they’re looking for? Here are the two main ways.

(i) By the Material

Sorting spin tops based on material, we have three main types:

  • Plastic tops – these are inexpensive but they don’t last.
  • Wooden tops – these are a little more durable than plastic tops but they’re a bit more expensive.
  • Metal tops – these are the most durable of the three, with stainless steel, titanium, and copper being the most favored options. Metal tops are also generally more expensive than wooden and plastic spinners.

(ii) By Spinning Initiation

There are different ways of initiating the spin based on the spinner you’re dealing with. You can do it with a twist of your fingers, pull a rope, pump a plunger or simply press a button. Of the three, pressing a button is the easiest method, but it doesn’t offer versatility as your spinning time is fixed.

The ones with a button are more suited for kids, while the other two are more suited for older kids and adults due to the muscle coordination needed.

How To Play Spinning Tops

You can just take your spinning top, place it on the table, twist it and see it spinning, or you can make it more fun in the way we’re going to describe below. Our method is called the spin 20 and it’s quite fun.

You can do it at home alone or with other people, you can do it at a party with friends or you can do it at the office.

Here are some of the things you’ll need:

  • Pencil/pen
  • Paper
  • A spinning top

Draw four concentric circles. They should have different radii but have a common center.

In the common center, write the number 20. Then, in the rings of the of the other circles or rather the spaces between the circles, write the number 15, 10, and 5, each number occupying its own ring.

Now, place your spinning top on the ring with number 10 in it and spin. You’ll spin by twisting a handle with your fingers, pulling a string, pressing a button, or pumping a plunger. That all depends on the kind of spinner you’re using.

The number of the ring where your spinner will stop will be your score. And if it lands outside the concentric circles, then you score 0.

Exciting, isn’t it?

You can play this game alone and try beating your own record or play with friends.

Another way to play spinning tops is to compete based on the spin duration. Once again, you can play alone and try to beat your record or play with friends, in which case the person who produces the longest spin duration is the winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about spintops.

Q1. What is a spinning top?

A spintop is a toy that is designed to spin on the ground when given a quick or vigorous twist. It may be shaped like a sphere, cone or pear.

Q2. How does a spinner toy work?

Spinning tops spin when a twisting force works on them. The rotational inertia created by the spin is what helps them remain balanced without falling over.

Q3. Who is the inventor of spintops?

It’s not possible to accurately pinpoint one person as the inventor of spintops, as these toys have been around since antiquity. Archaeologists have showed that spinning tops were used in the Middle East as early as 5500 years ago.

Q4. What makes the best-quality spinning top?

The spin speed, safety, aesthetics, and durability are some of the factors that define a good spinning top.

For kids, a good spinning top is typically something colorful that spins without much effort. The Liberty Imports UFO Spinning Tops are a good example. They have a pump so kids don’t have to struggle with a string or having to twist them with the fingers. Also, the lights are very appealing to kids.

On the other hand, adults look at factors like strength, longevity, elegance, and spin time.

Q5. Do Foreverspin top toys spin forever?

No, of course they don’t. Like all other spinning tops, they spin for a while before giving into the friction being acted upon them by the air and the ground. Again, they don’t actually last forever. It makes sense that the term “foreverspin” signifies longevity.

Foreverspin tops are some of the most well-made and durable spinners, with the possibility of being passed down to future generations.

Final Word

The best spinning top are those that are made of quality materials and that spin well. It’s also good to appreciate that every person has their own preferences, and that’s why we included a buying guide up there. Use it to narrow down your options and get the spintop that fits you.

If you’re getting one for yourself, we’d recommend going for the KCTTCH Luxury Pure Copper Spinning Top, which looks amazing with a cool gold finish and which spins well and lasts due to its excellent craftsmanship.

 And if you’re getting a gift for the whole family including kids, we suggest you try the Schylling Color Changing Top which has amazing colors that bloom as the top spins.