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Top 14 World`s Best Plasma Ball Reviews In 2022

Learning about electricity in school can be made much more fun using something called a plasma ball. It’s almost like a magic trick when you see the part of the glass ball lighting up when you touch it.

Apart from using it to demonstrate electricity, you can literally light up a corner of your room with one!

In case you’re wondering what plasma is, it’s a state of highly heated up gas that has equal quantities of positive ions and negative electrons. When these try to avoid being close to each other, we see the formation of lightning bolts.

Simply explained, the plasma ball consists of a glass sphere packed with a mixture of noble gases. At its center is an electrode that is high-voltage. Whenever it comes in contact with electricity, the central electrode produces colorful lightning bolts.

Thus, if you touch it, the electrons pass through you, producing a big spark. The colors along with the complex patterns produced when you touch the plasma ball, create a truly fascinating show!

You can spend hours tracing your finger over the plasma globe and watching lightning bolts literally at your fingertips!

Interested? Read on to discover the best plasma ball you can buy at the market.

Our Top 14 Best Plasma Ball Reviews In 2021

1. RioRand Plasma Ball USB Lamp Light Or Battery Powered

Use this product to explain all about ions and electrodes to a group of young children. Or, if you have a corner office and want something to perk it up, place a plasma globe.

You can charge this using a USB port. Or power it with four AAA batteries. Watch with amazement the multicolored light beams that emanate from the center as you touch any part of the globe. Electricity literally flows through when you touch, forming your personal lightning bolts!

With a plasma ball, it’s more interesting to discuss static electricity. Kids will recall the concept easily if they have such a powerful visual aid.

Measuring 6 inches in length and 3 inches in diameter, it makes a great gift for any occasion. The base is only 4 inches in diameter, making it super easy to put it anywhere in the room.

This plasma ball is a great tool when you’re tired and want to take your mind off work for a bit. It provides an inexpensive way of entertaining yourself when you’re thoroughly bored.

It can also double up as a toy. Any young kid will find it engaging enough to spend a whole afternoon toying with it.

If you want to see the arcs and bolts properly, it’s best to use it in a semi-dark room. Users have mentioned that it’s impossible to see these when you take the plasma globe outside. Even the arcs are only faintly visible in a room that has average lighting.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6 inches long with 3 inches diameter and 4 inches base. 
  • Good for teaching science to children.
  •  Adds an interesting dimension to any room.
  • Great as a gift for all occasions.
  • Powered by batteries or USB port.

2. Can You Imagine Plasma 360 Large

Watch an electrifying light show from the comforts of your room with this plasma globe.

The 8-inch glass globe is quite large, giving you a majestic view of the light show from any angle you choose. What’s more, the glass sphere is hand-blown, unlike the other plasma balls that use plastic.

To get things going, simply put your finger on any part of the glass globe. Electricity will conduct through you, resulting in a magnificent show of lightning bolts at your fingertips! These bolts will follow the path of your finger, so have a good time tracing around the sphere as you make your own lightning show!

You’ll get to know how active this is as soon as you touch it. It gives out a crackling noise and zaps when you put your finger.  It’s recommended not to turn it on and have it running for a long time. That way, it will last longer and continue to give you much pleasure.

Here’s a word of caution by some of the users. The electrical charges created by the plasma ball are quite powerful. So, it’s better not to come in contact with other electrical devices when you’re touching it.

The base and the orb are lightweight, making it easy or you to carry it around or move from one room to another. For an unforgettable light show, use this plasma ball in a darkened room. The orb doesn’t look as vivid in a well-lit room.

Give it as a Christmas present or to someone who’s interested in Physics!

Highlighted Features:

  • Large with 8 inches diameter.
  • Can be enjoyed fully from any angle.
  • Hand-blown glass sphere for a customized feel.
  • Lightweight for ease of portability.
  • Highly active when on.

3. Creative Motion 7 Inches Plasma Ball

This thunder ball will make you go crazy over the electric tendrils it generates. Measuring 7 inches in diameter with a base of 4.5 inches, it has a plastic base to make it lightweight. Therefore, you can carry it around easily.

Although the base is plastic, it’s sturdy and holds the large glass ball firmly in place. Hence, you don’t need to be concerned about the fragility front.

You can up your fun quotient with this plasma globe as it’s sound activated. That means it will flash to the sound of your voice! Even better, turn on your favorite music and watch the light and sound show from your very own room!

With three modes of operation, you can choose either Off, Always On, or React to the Sound. Isn’t that cool!

Revel in the blue lines and arcs that are generated from the center and then end in pinkish-orange color! If you’re a fan of decorative lights like fairy lights, laser lights, fiber optic lamps, and others, then add this to your collection. Your home will be a hub of positive energy, colors, and fun!

Guess what – if the glass globe breaks, there’s another one that comes with the package to replace it. So, if you’re in the mood to conduct some physics experiments at home, this is the best plasma ball for you! Go right ahead, because you have the spare ball to fall back on!

Have your own science museum at home with this plasma globe and bond better with your kids.

Highlighted Features:

  • Measures 11 inches from the base, 7-inch diameter.
  • Plastic base for lightweight but sturdy.
  • Fits in with other decorative lights.
  • Sound activated to your voice or music.
  • 3 modes of operation for convenience.

4. Katzco Plasma Ball - Plug-in - for Parties, Decorations, Prop, Home 

Reach new heights of interactivity with this super plasma ball! With two operating modes, choose between a touch-only mode or a touch-and-sound mode!

With the first mode, you’ll start off a multi-colored show of lights. If you choose the second mode, the plasma ball will dance to your touch and sound! How cool is that!

Set up your arena of light and sound entertainment by simply plugging in the plasma globe. It comes with a 6-foot plug-in cord so that you have the flexibility to reach hard-to-access power outlets. The cord also gets rid of the need for batteries.

Perfect for nerds and science enthusiasts, use this product in your office, home, room, dorm or anywhere to create a celestial aura. The globe measures 6 inches in diameter, large enough to put up a dazzling show.

If you’re in the mood to throw a party, add some extra oomph with this product. It sure will light up your party and lighten up the atmosphere, in a literal sense!

This plasma nebula globe is great as an add-in at your shows and events. Place these in strategic corners of a stage or a hall to create an out-of-the-world and energetic environment.

Team this plasma ball with other decorative lights to give more color and depth to your room. Just place the lights at different heights to get the effect.

From the base to the top, it measures 10 inches and is great for activities and carrying around easily.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6 inches in diameter for using anywhere.
  • A power cord of 6 feet to reach power outlets easily.
  • Both touch and touch-and-sound modes.
  • Lightweight and portable for convenience.
  • Suitable as a stand-alone or teamed with other decorative lights.

5. 8" Nebula Plasma Ball Novelty Style

If you’re scratching your head over what to get your colleague on Christmas, why not try getting one of these plasma lamps? It also makes a pretty decoration on your desk or in your science lab. Your students will remember the fascinating way in which you explained how lightning works.

8 inches in diameter, this is another modern marvel that you’ll never get tired of. Watch the colorful lightning bolts as you touch the surface of the glass ball. Make sure the room is slightly darkened if you want to see the colored strobes properly.

Release work stress and give yourself and your teammates a break by watching colorful lightning bolts form at your fingertips! Certainly, the cheapest way to get a breather when you’re overworked!

You can select either an Always On mode or a second mode that reacts to your voice or music. It makes for a hassle-free party accessory as you can set it up to the music and watch the lightning bolts react to it. With the enclosed AC adapter, within minutes you can get your party going!

Safe to use, this plasma ball is easy to set up. Just plug it in into your nearest power outlet. It shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of continuous use to ensure your safety.

The plasma globe is black, not white as some users expected. For best results, when you turn it on, keep it away from other electronic devices to prevent it from its functions affected.

Highlighted Features:

  • 8 inches in diameter for a great show.
  • Two operating modes to choose from.
  • Auto shut-off after 30 minutes for safety.
  • Black plasma ball for maximum effects.
  • Great as a gift for home, school, and office.

6. EDM - 8" PLASMA Nebula BALL Light TOUCH & SOUND Activated

Any Halloween party can be lit up with this plasma nebula ball. Or, any party, for that matter. The sound activated product generates rhythmic lightning bolts in reaction to the music you play. That’s a cool way to get your guests in the mood to party!

The glass ball is 8 inches in diameter and reacts well to both touch and sound. So, you can have a lot of fun either with either of the two modes. Without the music, you can spend time just watching the pink and purple unchained lightning bolts that are produced at your touch.

What’s more, you can even have your own private party with this plasma ball. Because it reacts to your voice vibrations, just talk to it and watch the lightning reflect your voice patterns!

Use it as a gift for fussy teenagers who don’t seem to take on anything easily. You’ll be amazed at how much time they can spend with this product without any kind of complaints!

If you’re uncomfortable sleeping in a totally dark room, use this as a night light! You’ll have happy dreams of sleeping in a truly celestial atmosphere. Simply plug into your power outlet. The AC adapter comes with the product, saving you from any hassle.

The base is lightweight so that you or your kids have no trouble moving it around easily. However, some users have mentioned that the base could have been a bit heavier to prevent it from being tipped over easily.

Highlighted Features:

  • 8 inches diameter for a perfect performance.
  • Makes for a great gift to adults and kids.
  • Works as a night light.
  • Two operating modes, including sound and music.
  • Patterns generated to match the voice.

7. Plasma Ball, Theefun 3 Inch Magic Touch Sensitive Plasma Lamp, USB Supported 

This product gives you more options – use it in more ways than as a nightlight or a tool to teach science.

With its diameter of 3 inches, it’s small enough to be placed on your car or work desk. Jazz up a bar counter by placing these plasma balls to add an electric atmosphere.

You can also place it at the center of your coffee table to lend a cheerful look to your room. You’ll surely find your guests giving it a look at least twice!

To turn it on, simply use 4pcs AAA batteries or connect it to a USB port. Since the included USB cord is short, have it plugged in near to where you’ll place it or use an extension. Touch any part of the sphere to see lightning bolts that follow wherever your finger goes.

As one of the best plasma balls, you can see the lightning strikes well in the daytime or in a well-lit room. When the room is darkened, the bolts look even more amazing.

You should know that your other gadgets like iPads and tabs won’t work when near the plasma ball. That’s because of the high voltage the ball uses at low levels of current. But when you place these at a distance from the plasma globe, they work fine.

Even after a few weeks of operating it, you’ll find that it works with the same intensity with many electricity strands jumping around and streaming inside to create a spectacular show.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3 inches diameter for smaller spaces.
  • Runs on 4pcs AAA batteries or USB port.
  • Works well even in the daytime.
  • It doesn’t lose intensity after weeks of use.
  • USB cord included, but short in length.

8. Rock Your Room Electric 6" Plasma Globe Glassball Light

Add a conversation piece to your home or office with this plasma globe that’s 6 inches in diameter. Turn your room into a unique place with this product that creates fun patterns with lightning bolts.

With high touch sensitivity, you’ll see electric tendrils forming at the touch of your fingers. Turn your party into a memorable one by placing this device strategically to attract all the attention.

It also responds to sound, so turn up that music and watch the lightning bolts dance! Or, just talk to it to see how your voice patterns are reflected through rhythmic lighting bolts.

You can place it in the corner of your kid’s bedroom and use it as a night lamp. Use it in your bedroom or dorm or office to brighten things up and relieve the usual monotony. Even shop fronts can use these to make the displays more attractive.

It’s a perfect gift for kids and adults alike. No more worrying about gifts as it fits any occasion – birthdays, Halloween, or Christmas. Always be cautious when using glass balls as these are made of glass. Make sure there’s no chance of it tipping over and breaking.

Users have claimed that this worked great even after two years. So, durability is another strong point, provided it’s used with caution. As its size is neither too small or too large, you can place it almost anywhere to enjoy the light and sound show.

Don’t touch one spot for more than a few seconds as it gets hot.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6 inches in diameter, easily placed anywhere.
  • Great for gifts for both kids and adults.
  • Long-lasting if used with caution.
  • Glass plasma ball for maximum effect.
  • Responds to both sound and touch.

9. HDE Plasma Ball Lamp Light, Nebula Sphere Globe Novelty Toy

What could be a better way to explain Tesla’s invention than having a plasma globe in your hand? This educational tool easily doubles up as a toy for both kids and adults who still have a child inside them.

Measuring only 3.18 inches in diameter and with a height of only 5.25 inches, this product is a super cool way to conduct a science class. Its interactivity and sensory experience will teach kids all about electricity in no time.

Powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included) or a USB cable that’s included in the package, it’s easy to set up. Now for the fun part. Simply place your finger on any part of the plasma lamp to see an orchestra of colorful lightning bolts.

It looks great in the dark and can be easily used as a night light in your kid’s bedroom. You can buy a couple of these to give away as gifts, place on your desk, or as added decoration on Halloween or Christmas.

Because of its size (slightly larger than a baseball) and weight, it’s portable so that you can move it from one place to another easily. Just be careful as the sphere is made from glass.

Use it as a stress-reliever or calming your nerves. The play of colorful lightning bolts really does take your mind off things and gives you some breather.

Highlighted Features:

  • Small at only 3.18 inches diameter, can it anywhere.
  • Great as a gift, toy, or educational tool.
  • Relieves stress and monotony.
  • Run by USB cable or 4 AAA batteries.
  • Interactive to touch only.

10. Kicko Plasma Ball And Plug-in Lava Lamp

A 7.5-inch diameter plasma ball that’s multifunctional. Use it for decoration or educational purposes.

To give your room, office, dorm, or living room a super-charged atmosphere, place this product anywhere to create an aura that even Carl Sagan would be amazed at.

You can place this in any part of your living room and turn the space into a party zone. Just plug it in and turn it on. Add some music to groove along as the lightning bolts from the plasma dome literally lights up your room.

These days, at any get-togethers and events, people use props to give a fun and creative look to photos. This nebula ball will serve as a great prop as you make funny poses with it.

Kids will absolutely love watching the lightning streaks inside the ball. Use it in videos, photos, and plays to lend a creative edge to the activities.

For extra convenience, use the 6-foot power cable that comes with the package. This way, you don’t need to worry about batteries dying out in the middle of your party. Simply plug and play from anywhere.

There are two modes of operation. With the first switch, you get the touch-sensitive response. Wherever you put your finger on the globe, lightning bolts will form. These will follow the movement of your hands or fingers.

The second mode is sensitive to touch and sound. Therefore, you can talk to it, play music, and touch it to create the most fascinating and colorful light and sound show.

Highlighted Features:

  • 7.5 inches in diameter and multifunctional.
  • Use at parties or for decoration.
  • Sound and touch-sensitive for an electrifying performance.
  • 6-foot power cable enclosed for convenience.
  • Suitable for use as props for a creative look.

11. Voilio Plasma Ball Globe, USB and Battery Powered

This is another battery-powered plasma sphere that will fit easily anywhere. With just 3 inches in diameter, it makes for a great gift or decoration. Also, use it to teach kids about science as its interactivity is sure to dazzle kids and kindle their interest.

Add these to your decorative lights to create a unique ambiance in your living room or bedroom. Use can use these as Halloween or Christmas decorations. When these holidays are over, you can place the plasma ball on your office desk. There’s no dearth of creative ideas you can explore with this!

The colorful effects are triggered by your touch. Enjoy the show with the special lighting created to give the maximum effect in the dark. Watch the color of the lightning bolts change as you move your fingers over the globe.

By the way, if the batteries run out during operation, just use a USB port to get the charge right back on. This way, there’s no chance of the plasma globe getting hampered during running a physics class for kids.

This could be your fevorite plasma ball to date. It not only puts up a great show of colorful strobes but also purifies the surrounding air by releasing negative ions. These get rid of cigarette smoke, mold, viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust, odor, and pet dander.

If you run out of gift ideas, grab one of these. Both kids and adults would love to have their hands on it!

Highlighted Features:

  • Purifies the air with negative ions.
  • 3 inches in diameter for flexible placement.
  • Educational tool plus decoration.
  • Excellent gift for adults and kids.
  • Battery- and USB-powered for convenience.

12. Crystallove USB or Battery Operated LED Plasma Ball

This lightning globe has a glass sphere and a plastic holder or base. Because of its size of only 3.5 inches diameter and 5.5 inches height, it’s easily portable. Thanks also to the plastic base that keeps the weight on the light side.

Watch and enjoy the light pink tendrils emanate from the center as you turn it on. Simply use batteries or a USB port to power up this magical plasma globe.

Drum your fingers on it or dance your fingertips along the smooth globule. Now sit back and enjoy a lightning show from your most comfortable armchair!

If you want to have a closer look, this plasma ball affords it as well. Peer down the transparent bottom to see the mechanism. But you can do so only when you’re using a USB port. Otherwise, the batteries will obstruct the view of the clear bottom.

Unlike other plasma balls, this one produces lightning bolts of many colors, so you’ll never have a dull moment with it. Use it as a night lamp in your kid’s room or your own.

Decorate the base of your Christmas tree or placed behind the pumpkins at your porch to create special Christmas and Halloween decorations. You can also give this plasma ball as gifts to people of all ages. Lights and colors are something we all find mesmerizing, so it won’t fail as a gift!

Alternately, keep o your office desk to take a break from long hours.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3.5 inches diameter and 5.5 inches in height.  
  • Powered by either USB port or battery.
  • Multi-colored lightning bolts.
  • Transparent bottom for a closer look.
  • Gift and decoration options.

13. CozyCabin Plasma Ball, Plug-In Touch Sensitive

Small enough to fit any corner but large enough to provide the right entertainment, this plasma ball measures only 3 inches in diameter.

It can be carried around easily and is a great source of amusement for people of all ages. The lampshade is made from glass while the base is made of plastic.

Simply turn it on using 4 AAA batteries or with the USB port on your computer. Watch colorful lightning streams follow your finger as you trace it around the sphere. It can be placed at your desk or any corner of your room to give it a sci-fi look.

Pose with this small nebula ball to get super creative results on your photos. Use this as a prop in your party or videos to step up the creative notch a bit higher.

Give it away as a gift on Christmas or any occasion. Also, use it strategically placed with pumpkins on Halloween for an added effect. Your neighbors would love that as well as all the kids.

If you use it with other decorative lights like fairy lights and flameless candles, you can cook up a festive atmosphere without much effort.

You can even place these plasma balls at varying heights in your living room for a unique look. At night, place it near your child’s bed as a night lamp.

School kids get more interested in science lessons if a plasma globe is used. Learning about static electricity has never been so visual and fun!

Highlighted Features:

  • 3 inches in diameter to fit everywhere.
  • A USB cable included in the package.
  • Suitable for decoration and educational purposes.
  • 4 AAA batteries can also power it.
  • It makes a small but interactive gift for everyone.

14. Lebbeen Glass Plasma Electrostatic Flashing Ball

Another chance to enter a magical world with this 6-inch diameter plasma globe. Create your own enchanting story as you touch the globe with your fingertips. Colored and glowing lightning bolts will accompany your every touch.

If you want something a little more intuitive, then clap your hands or play your music loud. The lightning tendrils will reflect sound vibration and produce unique patterns. You can even feel the tingling energy at the tip of your fingers when you touch the surface.

You have the best of both worlds with this touch and sound responsive plasma sphere. The ultimate in any light and sound show, you can enjoy this from any angle without the hassle of moving it.

The package includes an AC adapter. So, it’s very convenient for you to use it as a night lamp or decoration. Turn this into a piece of art by placing it on your console or coffee table.

A boring party can be turned into a happening one in minutes with this amazing product. Just place it in a hall and power it up. Turn on some music and watch the crowd go crazy! Anyone would love the light and sound show from this globe.

Place it in your science lab so that students pay more attention when you explain static electricity with the use of this nebula ball. This is sure to reinforce what they learn from reading a book.

A cool gift for any occasion - be it Christmas or birthdays – for everyone.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6 inches diameter and works from any angle.
  • Included AC adapter in the package.
  • Two modes of operation – touch and sound.
  • Suitable as gifts for all ages of people.
  • A great educational tool for science teachers.
Best Plasma Ball

Best Plasma Ball

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Plasma Ball

As you have already found out, a plasma ball is a multi-functional product and can be put to various uses. If you’re looking for the top quality plasma ball to buy, these are the main factors you need to consider.

1. Size

The size of a plasma ball for sale comes in a wide range. The mini plasma globes come as small as only 3 inches in diameter. The standard ones are closer to 7 inches in diameter.

Depending on where you want to place it, pick the size that’s right for you.

2. Purpose

You can use a plasma ball as an educational tool, for decorative purposes, as a night lamp, or as a gift.

It makes a great gift for people of all ages. You can be creative and use these with other decorative lighting to create a different ambiance at your home – in the living room or the bedroom. Use it as a night lamp if your kids don’t want to go to sleep in the dark.

This is especially handy for science teachers who can hold the attention of kids when discussing static electricity in the classroom.

3. Modes

If you’re the type of person who likes to touch without creating any noise, then the plasma balls that operate only on the touch-sensitive mode is perfect for you. You can watch the lightning bolts just at the touch of your fingers.

However, you could be a party animal and want to make some noise with an accompanying light show. Then, make sure to get a touch and sound sensitive one. The dual-mode operated plasma balls work to both light and sound like music, clapping, and voice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Exactly Is Plasma?

Answer: Plasma is the fourth state of matter besides solid, liquid and gas. Plasma is gas where enough energy has been provided to free the electrons from the atoms or molecules.

However, the ions and electrons live side by side. Any gas can turn into plasma if given enough energy.

Plasma is said to be the most common state of matter in the Universe. You may be surprised to know that the Sun is the biggest formation of plasma. With the best-quality plasma balls, you can easily see the phenomenon right before your eyes.

2. What’s The Best Size For Me?

Answer: Depending on how you want to use it, you can choose from among the plasma globe for sale. Mini ones are only 3 inches in diameter. The larger ones go up to 8 inches in diameter. For decoration purposes, you can select any size that fits the space you have in mind.

For educational purposes, it’s better to get a large one so that a group of students can look at it together.

However, if you want to place it on your work desk, then choose a medium or small size. If you want to gift it as a toy, a small plasma globe works fine.

If you want to put a plasma ball in a trade show or event, choose the largest size for the best effects.

3. How Safe Is It For Kids?

Answer: As with all other electronics, you have to exercise caution when kids are handling the plasma light. As these are made of glass, make sure to place it firmly on an even surface to avoid it being tipped over. Also, when you power one with a cable, don’t let young kids plug it in.

Plasma ball is quite safe when it’s battery operated and even kids can play with it.

When connected to a USB port, make sure the cable is long enough for kids to handle the globe without toppling it over. It’s wise to keep an eye on them if the dome is made of glass.

4. Who Invented The Plasma Globe?

Answer: While experimenting with high-voltage electric currents in a vacuum glass tube, Nikola Tesla invented the plasma ball. Which is why the electrode at the center of the dome is also called a Tesla coil.

However, much later, it was developed by an MIT student – Bill Parker – as a lamp design.

Final Words

Many inventions saw their initial state getting developed into something more useful later on. Such is the case with plasma balls. It was the happy result of an experiment being conducted by Tesla. Later on, it became a novelty product in the hands of Bill Parker.

To choose among the best plasma balls that are available in the market, you must carefully go through product reviews. You also have to decide the purpose of the plasma globe you want to buy.

Whether you want to put it in your science lab or as a decoration on your office desk, your purpose will determine the right size of a plasma dome that’s right for you.

When you don’t know what the best gift for kids and teenagers could be, you can easily opt for a mini plasma ball. It will provide a sound and light show at the user’s bidding and is sure to provide good performance.

Such a small thing as a plasma globe can recharge your mind also. If you place it on your desk, it can relieve your stress and give you a break from work.

We hope this article has provided useful information for you. Happy shopping for a plasma ball to light up your life!

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