Best Nunchuck Reviews In 2021 – Check Our Top 13 List Now!

While popular in martial arts movies and within the most enthusiast karate practitioners, nunchuks can also be pretty fun to have at home. But even if they are just for fun, you’ll want the best nunchuck possible.

You won’t like when the karate stick breaks because it hit a wall, or just because you swung too hard and the rope broke. Instead, you’ll want a nunchuk that stands out the weight of time but at the same time resists heavy use. You’ll also want something cute, and that fits your demands.

Luckily, you will find everything you need to know in this article – from some reviews to a buying guide to help you pick. If you are looking for a new nunchuk, then reading this article will be your best decision!

Our Top 10 Best Nunchucks Reviews In 2021

Whether it is because you want quality, a more attractive design, or just something that meets your specific desires – you’ll need to know about the different options available first. Here, we go over 13 of them so you can find your preferable one;

1. Spirit Sports Foam Training Nunchaku Cord

A simple design with not much to show in looks, the Spirit Sports Foam is a training nunchaku that modest users will love. And just because we know it is such a high-quality choice, it is among our best nunchuck.

It is totally corded with nylon. This means you get a flexible and very light product, especially when you add the foam construction.

Its lightness makes it ideal for training. You won’t have to tire your arms while practicing. The weight makes it completely easy to last several hours without any strain or impediment.

But the foam also has the purpose of being completely safe to use. It won’t cause any damage at all on the body of the user if any bad movement arises. This makes it perfect for novices who are just starting to learn how a nunchuk works.

Another exciting part that adds to its training purpose is the short cord. You won’t get something large like competition nunchakus that can be pretty dangerous in the wrong hands. Luckily, this one has a very short cord that adds more stability and less danger when practicing.

Finally, it looks decent with a classical Golden Dragon graphic on its black foam surface. For any martial art gym, this nunchuk can be an excellent choice without a doubt.

Highlighted Features:

  • Very soft foam construction for extra safety
  • Ideal for training with its safe & short design
  • Very stable; thanks to the small nylon cord
  • Enticing Golden Dragon design
  • The perfect option for beginners

2. Estink Nunchaku Foam Rubber Safety

Those who are on a medium or high level of martial art expertise will love a chain nunchaku – and the Estink is precisely that.

Boasting a metallic chain, it delivers the rugged look that many people love to see in movies. It looks sturdy and reliable while providing a long-enough chain for experienced users to enjoy.

The chain is sturdy and reliable, so you can expect several years of use out of it. This pairs up well with a ball-bearing system that helps to move them more easily. You will get the durability & resilience for a safe yet enjoyable experience.

What stands out is the rubber build, though. The rubber makes it easy to grab, adding tons of strength and grip. Practicing with this piece will ensure you develop a durable handle and a more confident style over time.

It is ideal for training sessions with offensive and defensive methods. And anyone can use it despite its massive design.

Whether it is flexibility, agility, or a more confident stance – using this nunchuk will add tons of skills. At only 640g of weight and with a 13-inches length – it makes an almost perfect option for experienced users to train.

The nunchaku also looks well enough with its black rubber and metal chain with cap. It adds that shiny appearance that most people love. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Safe & reliable chain construction
  • Offers tons of grip with its rubber handles
  • Versatile & flexible ball-bearing cap
  • Light and medium-sized construction for experienced users
  • Stylish look with shiny metal & rubber

3. Ninja Toys Ninja Costume Foam Nunchakus

Sometimes, getting a serious nunchuk is not the right choice. Whether it is a party, a surprise, or just fun with friends or family – a toy nunchaku can do the job – and that’s what you get with this one.

Coming from Ninja Toys, you immediately realize this is not a regular martial arts piece for those looking to practice their skill. Instead, it is a colorful and entertaining choice that works as a toy – mainly oriented for children.

The nunchuks are wholly made of foam, which makes them outstandingly safe in the hands of kids. This makes them ideal for children as it will reduce the amount of damage they can do to others or themselves.

But it is still not a bad choice for little ones who like their karate. Thanks to a nylon cord, you can expect these nunchakus to last a lot of time too. So, if your kid is a karate enthusiast, they will appreciate an enjoyable set like this one.

You will get two sets, one in green color and the other in red. Both are pretty soft and entertaining to use. If you don’t want something serious, then you’ll be glad to get this option for sure.

Highlighted Features:

  • Entertaining toy design with colorful surface
  • Entirely made of foam for extra safety
  • Reliable nylon cord for durability
  • Works well for fun time or practicing if needed
  • Comes in two enticing color options

4. DI QIU REN Foam Rubber Safety Training Nunchucks

Everyone knows Bruce Lee is the king of martial arts. Even after several decades of his passing away, he’s still the major figure of the industry. And that’s why di qiu ren gets the most out of it with this piece.

You will get a Bruce Lee graphic on the yellow nunchuks that stands out among every competitor. Just for that, you could say this is one of the most attractive options you’ll find.

The piece is entirely safe to use, with an elastic rubber and metal construction that enhances the grip but also the safety you’ll want. It works really well as an entertaining or collection piece, but it also does its job as a training nunchaku.

You can expect this nunchuk to last a long time too. It comes with a 7-inches chain that adds tons of strength to its construction. And with the convenient 1.1 inches stick diameter, it gets even better.

The design is medium-large, at 11.4-inches in length on each handle. And along with the rest of the chain, this becomes a perfect choice for experienced users to practice with.

Coming back to its design, there’s no doubt that the best thing about it is the appearance. With its black finish and shiny metal appearance– this one will provide a fascinating experience no matter the use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Enticing black finish sticks with metal chain.
  • Long 11.4-inches design for experienced usage.
  • High-quality elastic rubber grip for safety.
  • Extra reliable 7 inches metal chain.
  • An ideal choice for training & collection.

5. Sensei David Red Foam Nunchaku for Practice

Good-looking and practical nunchuks are always a go-to choice – and the Sensei David Red Foam nunchakus offer precisely that.

They come with a firm sponge core construction with foam padding that adds to a strong grip but totally safe structure. You won’t have to fear about hitting yourself or someone else, as it is totally inoffensive to use with its soft build.

The design doesn’t stay behind in terms of safety either. It comes with a 13-inches length that gets better with its chain attachment, offering enough reliability and versatility along with the ball bearings.

With the grip and excellent comfort, you can use them for any type of application. Whether it is practicing, for mere fun or even as a prop – it works really well.

This gets better when you add the impressive read design with the Golden Dragon graphic. It adds that touch of martial art to the piece while making it an ideal option for those who appreciate the culture.

Apart from all that, it comes with a unique set of video lessons, perfect for developing your skills, improving coordination, and increasing your agility.

Put everything together, and you’ll get one of the best options for sure. The style, build, grip, and overall quality make it a perfect choice for demanding users who want a truly reliable piece.

Highlighted Features:

  • Exceptional red-foam design with Golden Dragon
  • Superb 13-inches length for adult use
  • High-quality sponge & foam construction
  • Durable & reliable metal chain with ball bearings
  • Comes with additional video lessons for convenience

6. Realhunlee Safe Foam Rubber Training Nunchucks

As soon as you see the Realhunlee nunchakus, you will immediately fall in love with them. They are simply amazing from their looks to their build, making them a perfect option for both users who want to practice or just have fun with them.

The first thing you’ll notice is the firm sponge core with the soft foam exterior. This allows you to receive light and safe product in its entirety that makes sure you never harm anyone or break anything. But what really stands out is the grip and the overall durability, making it a top-notch option instantly.

As an additional feature, you get a high-quality stainless steel chain with a ball-bearing cap. This will help to receive the most versatile experience when using. They will move practically anywhere you want, the way you prefer, ideal for those looking for the maximum agility.

The length is also excellent at 12.2-inches with a 1.18-inches diameter. They are relatively easy to grab and will not be a problem for either adults or children to use.

Something that stands out is the detachable stick head. By removing this cover, you will have the chance to add any type of material inside which would eventually increase the weight of the nunchakus. As an expert or competitor, this will come pretty handy over time.

And all of this comes with stylish black color and unique golden dragon design. Put it all together, and these nunchakus have no competitor.

Highlighted Features:

  • Superb rubber and foam construction
  • Reliable stainless steel chain with ball-bearing cap
  • Hugely versatile design with removable cap & filling space
  • Excellent design for training & competition use
  • Totally safe and easy to use for children

7. Jandays Nunchakus

For children and beginners, there’s nothing better than a well-made yet still safe nunchuk. And guess what? That’s precisely what you get with the Jandays nunchakus set.

This is a model that takes into account the safety of the user by providing high-quality sponge core with a soft foam exterior. You won’t ever damage yourself using this model, and even less harm another person thanks to how soft it is.

Apart from that, it comes with excellent design at only 11-inches, large enough to provide enough handle space so you can use it effortlessly. It is also one of the lightest at 0.5 pounds and offers a fantastic 1.8-inches diameter so even kids can get it inside their hands without problems.

The nunchuks also come with a cord connector. This maintains both pieces together even after several years of use. You won’t have to worry about the nunchaku separating while using either. And even if you hit something by mistake, it will stay on one piece without setbacks.

Apart from all that, it is still an attractive option with the Golden Dragon on a black foam surface. Adding up the softness, durability, and excellent design – this is a model you shouldn’t overlook.

Highlighted Features:

  • Remarkable sponge and foam build
  • Resilient construction for more durability
  • Ideal design for expert & beginner use
  • Very light & easy to handle for extra safety
  • Amazingly cheap for the quality

8. Playwell Foam Rubber Training Nunchucks

If it comes to finding the best nunchaku for training, there’s no better option than the Playwell training nunchuks. Coming from one of the best brands in the whole industry, you can expect no less than exceptional quality.

You don’t need much more than a well-designed set that takes your experience to another level. And it all starts with its foam & rubber construction. The rubber inside that comprises the center for a reliable and secure weight. And with the foam on the outside, you get a soft and safe model in its entirety.

But what rightly stands out is the exceptional design it boasts. You will enjoy red stripes with black foam that stand out, adding an exciting style that you can appreciate as a martial artist.

It boosts the visuals with the addition of a golden dragon and a stainless steel chain that secures the product even more.

Adding the 12-inches length and the ball-bearing caps, you can expect this set to be hugely reliable and provide an outstanding experience for years.

You will get years of use out of this piece. It is specifically designed for the experienced user who likes a stylish design, but it also works for the beginner. Even children can get a lot from this set. So, it is an excellent choice in its entirety.

Highlighted Features:

  • Enticing design with red stripes & golden dragon
  • Top-notch build with rubber and foam
  • Excellent 12-inches design for extra grip
  • Reliable & durable stainless steel chain
  • Works for almost any type of user

9. Hotmall Martial Arts Foam Training Nunchucks

Simplicity does it best when you are not looking for too much. And with the Hotmall Training Nunchuks, you get not only a simple set but also a hugely reliable one without too many extras.

As soon as you look at what they offer, you’ll realize this is more than a simple set of chuks, though. They provide a straightforward striped design in both black and yellow, plus an excellent construction made of sponge core and foam padding.

This way, you can easily find out that it is more than a simple set, but one of the best for children and beginners. You won’t have to get a perfect product when you can get something that’s just enough – and these nunchucks are precisely that.

The stainless steel chain holds the handles together well enough and makes sure you can swing around with the most flexibility possible. You won’t ever break it no matter how hard you swing it, but it will also perform well when it comes to grip & control.

The size is standard at 12-inches and comes at a medium weight of 1.2 pounds. You won’t have to make much of an effort to use it. And for beginners and children, that will come like the perfect choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Simple yet hugely reliable design
  • Sponge core & foam exterior for extra softness
  • Terrific stainless steel chain for durability
  • Perfect size & weight for beginners
  • A good-looking style for children

10. RUNACC Practical Foam Nunchucks

The dangerous design of a nunchuk also looks fantastic when paired up with classical Chinese art. With the RUNACC practical set, you get a product that not only works amazingly well but also provides a unique appearance.

It looks like any other nunchaku, but in reality, offers one of the most exciting touches out there. With a superb simplicity, it boasts a Golden Dragon graphic plus a black surface that stands out for those who appreciate modest designs.

It is made of sponge with a reliable coating that adds excellent grip. You can use it for almost anything and still get the best results.

The best of all is the weight, at only 6.1 ounces or 0.38 pounds that make it ideal for children to use. Along with the 1.2-inches of diameter and 11.8-inches in length, you can expect no less than an excellent experience.

The stainless steel chain is also excellent, offering several years of use with its high-quality build and ball-bearing caps. It will also stand any type of use, and provide the flexibility you need for an excellent experience.

There’s no doubt this is among the best options for practicing. If you are looking for something that makes your practice more enjoyable, then this is your go-to alternative.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique enticing design
  • Perfect size & weight for all users
  • Well-made with a foam sponge
  • Superb stainless steel chain
  • Ideal practicing design build

11. Ieasky Practical Foam Portable Training Nunchuck

A cheap set of nunchuks doesn’t have to be of bad quality. That’s what ieasky teaches us with this Portable Foam Training Nunchaku set.

You get a sponge core with foam coating that prevents the handles from causing any damage. This improves the effectiveness of the piece exponentially, helping to use the nunchuks safely at all times.

They are totally light too, at only 0.8 pounds and with a 1.2-inches diameter. In length, these are among the shortest at only 7.8-inches, which can be an excellent option for children and beginners.

Apart from the build & design, the nunchakus offer a stainless steel bearing and chain that improve pivoting exponentially. Doing tricks and moving the chuks around will be easy, but also safe over time.

You can get lots of hours out of this type of model without having to worry at all. And it gets better when you consider the overall design, making them ideal for beginners or experts who want to train.

If you are someone who appreciates beautiful pieces, then you’ll be happy to know that they’re also decently designed. With black & red colors along with a Golden Dragon graphic, you can expect a stylish touch on your chuks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Incredibly affordable for the quality
  • Entirely well-made with sponge & foam
  • High-quality stainless steel chain & bearings
  • Ideal design for children at only 8-inches long
  • Decent performance for beginners

12. Fayscingo Martial Arts Foam Nunchucks Safety

Don’t get crazy trying to find the greatest set of nunchakus when you can get a modest model that offers everything you need. The Fayscingo is the training nunchuk that provides that and more.

It doesn’t go far trying to impress everyone. But it still manages to provide a more-than-decent experience with a plastic core and foam exterior layer, ideal for a very light yet safe construction overall. It gets better with the stainless steel chain.

The foam feels soft on your hands but also delivers the ideal grip for an outstanding experience. You will feel secure almost at all times while ensuring you can practice for several hours with no complaint.

The plastic adds the ideal weight so anyone from adults to children can use it. With its 12-inches design, you may also enjoy a wide array of applications, and the superb chain offers flawless versatility for pivoting.

But there’s no doubt that this piece stands out for the safety it offers. The design, the construction, and the well-made chain all come together to provide a next-level nunchuk for a very affordable cost.

And it still boasts a good-looking appearance with a black foam color alongside three attractive yellow stripes that anyone will find pretty interesting. Overall, this is a perfect set of nunchakus for beginners, children, and Kung Fu enthusiasts.

Highlighted Features:

  • Modest yet good-looking design
  • Excellent size & weight for training
  • Outstandingly cheap for its quality
  • Terrific build with plastic & foam
  • Hugely reliable stainless steel chain

13. MARCOLO Training Equipment Safety Foam Martial Art Sticks

For those who like to train a lot – there’s nothing better than a well-made set like the Marcolo. From the design to the high-quality construction, this mode doesn’t let anyone down.

The first thing you’ll find fantastic is its foam construction. It is totally durable and resilient, but it is also soft and safe to use for any person, including children.

You will also get a standard design at 12-inches of length plus 7-inches more with the chain. This allows experienced users to get a highly realistic experience when using one of these. Add the swivel design of the chain, and you get a hugely reliable and practical nunchuk in its entirety.

The piece is still only 0.3 pounds heavy, which makes it a perfect choice for training and children to use. This happens due to the fantastic foam build, which also comes with sufficient grip so anyone can enjoy a practice without hurting themselves, someone else, or breaking anything around.

On top of everything this chuk offers, this is a beautiful set. Boasting a blue foam color with the popular Golden Dragon design, you can expect no less than a fantastic experience in its entirety.

You can develop nunchuks skills, enjoy a stylish piece, and still be completely safe while using it. If that doesn’t make this a magnificent choice, then nothing will.

Highlighted Features:

  • Superb high-quality foam construction
  • Excellent size & weight for children to use
  • Very enticing design as a training piece
  • Reliable stainless steel chain with swivel
  • Totally safe to use in any situation

Nunchucks Buying Guide for Beginners: What to Look Before Purchase One?

If you want the best nunchuck, you’ll have to know what to look for. Here we explain a few of the critical factors you should know about this time.

1. Material

The material of a nunchaku will completely change how expensive, safe, useful, and practical the product is. It makes the whole difference between a nunchuk for practicing, competing, or just having fun.

Here we explain all the materials you’ll find.

2. Plastic

Most nunchuks come with a plastic core. This is pretty common because it is cheap and pretty reliable nonetheless. The plastic is typically covered in rubber or foam, but you may also find some made entirely of plastic mostly useful for having fun.

3. Foam

Foam is another excellent choice for low-budget nunchuk users. Most of the time, foam chuks are for training or children use because they are really soft and entirely inoffensive. Some alternatives may have rubber interior or other materials along with the foam to add some weight.

4. Rubber

Then, you’ll find rubber. It is another cheap option, but a little more expensive than both foam and plastic. In fact, rubber can be found inside many foam chuks out there, making it an excellent choice for its weight and hardness.

Apart from that, they work really well for training, but also make decent competition nunchakus. Chuks with rubber over foam or with entire rubber handles offer excellent grip, which is very useful for experts. 

5. Wood

Not many people sell nunchakus made of wood. Most wooden models are only used in competitions and by experts. But of course, the wood needs to be sturdy and resistant to handle the use. So, they can be somewhat dangerous to the point of being prohibited from being sold in certain countries.

6. Steel

Finally, you’ll find entire nunchuks made of steel. It is not a very common sight, and it is also illegal in many countries to sell this type of alternative. Still, they offer the best results as self-defense pieces or to achieve the highest realism possible.

7. Linking Material

Apart from the material that makes the handles, you should also consider the material that connects both together. Here, you’ll find cord, rope, and metal – here’s what to know about each:

8. Cord

Mostly made of polyester, cord is an excellent option for low-cost alternatives. It is pretty safe and offers ideal versatility so users can move their nunchuks around without any limitation.

The problem, of course, is that nylon cord is not the most durable out there. It tends to wear out faster than other options and may eventually break. This is a pretty popular option in nunchakus for children.

9. Rope

Then, you’ll find rope. It is very similar to nylon cord in many ways, especially for the construction. But the difference is that rope tends to have a thicker link material which makes nunchuks a little more durable than cord options.

Besides, the rope also makes nunchakus look for realistic. People who like to do cosplay or who want the product as prop for videos and the like will probably find this one an excellent choice.

10. Metal

Metal usually comes with steel chains. There are a few alternatives like collar-like builds and the line, but most of the time is just chain. They come with caps on the sticks that connect both together. To add some flexibility to the pieces, they offer ball-bearings so they can move freely around.

The problem with chain linking material is the weight. They tend to go up to 2 pounds or more of weight, which can be challenging to use. However, this is the go-to option for experts and competitions due to complexity.

11. Weight & Size

To make sure you have the right product, there’s a pair of things to consider: weight and size.

The weight of a nunchuk shouldn’t be more than 2 pounds. Anything heavier than that ends up being too weighty and very dangerous. You should go for no less than 0.4 pounds of weight for the best results.

As for size, we recommend at least 10 inches in length. This will allow you to use the piece more easily without losing any grip. For children, you may find shorter options than that, and that won’t be a problem. Apart from that, make sure the length doesn’t go over 14 inches – that would be ideal.

Types of Nunchucks

After going over all the factors to consider before buying the best nunchaku, you’ll want to know about the different types available. And of course, that’s what we’re going to show you here:

1. Karate

There are thousands of uses for nunchakus nowadays. But the most popular and common is for karate.

Every kid who does karate close to an expert level will eventually have to learn how to use nunchucks. It’s probably part of the whole path to becoming a professional in the field. Using one of these becomes a demand.

The karate model is standard in every way. It is medium-sized, made with wood and metal chain, and comes with a glossy design set to stand out in competitions. Typically, it also comes with several graphics and shiny colors too, mostly with metallic tones.

The whole purpose is to have an ideal nunchuk for karate presentations. And it should also look good to provide such results.

2. Speed & Agility

Training in martial arts is crucial, especially when it comes to speed and agility. That’s why people of almost every martial art out there eventually has to learn how to use the nunchakus and practice with them.

This helps to develop rhythm while fighting or presenting, while also helping to improve overall concentration.

While nunchuks are looked as weapons or resembling them, they are actual tools to perform. And in training, performing helps to develop a specific type of discipline that martial artists need.

These usually are pretty light, with foam surfaces, and a cord or rope connector. They are pretty simple, though. You won’t find training nunchakus that offer too many graphics or overdone colors.

The focus is to provide the ideal tool for performers to train, and that’s it.

3. Offensive & Defensive

Some nunchakus are for training, others are for presentations, but some are indeed used for what they were initially created: attacking and defending.

While these are pretty uncommon nowadays because they can be used as weapons easily, they are still common to find out.

Of course, they are not as dangerous as a gun, but they can still produce some damage. Usually, these are made of metals in their entirety. Some even come with pikes on the sides, or with blades in the tips.

Because you can use these as weapons, they are generally illegal in most countries. And of course, people may hurt others or themselves with one. If you find one of these, don’t get it to keep yourself and others safe.

4. Cosplay

Finally, you’ll find the popular cosplay nunchuks. These are everywhere nowadays, and they resemble other famous models from anime and manga.

People who like to dressed like superheroes and other fictional characters from their favorite animations or movies eventually get these.

From characters like Michaelangelo from the Teenage Ninja Turtles to Daredevil from DC Comics, to even Bruce Lee himself – people impersonating these characters will eventually need one of these. So, they go for them.

These are inoffensive in their entirety, though. Most come with foam or rubber constructions. People may add extra details to the models. Overall, they are pretty safe to use and a great choice if you like cosplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s not enough to learn about the different parts, components, and types of chuks. You may also need to learn about those specific things most people have problems with. Here are a few questions users have about them;

Q: How cheap are nunchuks?

A: They are pretty cheap, actually. With one-hundred bucks, you can get several models without problems. But if you’re on a low budget, you can always get the best nunchucks for sale for really meager costs. You’ll just need to look well or wait for a sale to start.

Q: Can I own nunchakus without infringing the law?

A: Yes, but it depends. Several cities in the US and entire countries in other continents may have nunchuks among their banned products. This happens because they can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Luckily, you can still find some models that are safely made that you can find anywhere. 

Q: Will a pair of nunchakus improve my fitness life?

A: Yes, in fact several gyms nowadays use them as an alternative training tool for martial art lovers. They are useful for cardio and agility. While you won’t find them completely useful as a beginner, you can get a lot of benefits over time if you learn how to use them.

Q: What can I do if the chain, rope, or cord of my nunchuk breaks?

A: If the connector of your nunchuks tears apart, you’ll have to look for a replacement. For chains, you will have to take the caps on both chuks off and install new ones. As for corded or rope models, you just need to replace the broken ones with new ones.

Q: What’s the minimum age for a child to use a nunchaku?

A: Children as young as 4-years-old can start one of these without problems. It is recommended to enlist your kid in karate or martial art programs so he/she can learn how to use a nunchuk the right way.

Final Word & Recommendation

After reading all about the best nunchucks, you’re probably wondering which one to go for. Well, don’t worry – it all takes time and effort to process so you can eventually pick the one you prefer.

Overall, however, we think the Spirit Sports Foam Training Nunchaku is easily the best option in the whole list. But there are still several other fabulous pieces you can go for, including the Playwell Foam Rubber Safety Training Nunchucks which offers a magnificent experience as a training model.

Whichever you choose, do it with our help. With these reviews and info guide – there’s no place to making a bad choice!

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