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Top 12 Best Magnetic Tiles for Your Kids – Reviews in (2021)

Aren’t kids just lovely? As parents, we like to ensure our kids have the best in life. We like to help them develop skills that will be helpful throughout life.

I’m going to tell you why a box of the best magnetic tiles truly adds value in a child’s life.

When my daughter joined first grade, her teacher approached me one day and with a sad face, asked if anything was the matter back at home. He was concerned that she was not getting simple arithmetic and alphabetical patterns. Moreover, she was always reserved, refusing to interact with kids at school.

But I was sure she was not going through psychological issues, since she not getting deprived in any way. She had nice things, food, my attention, everything.

What could have been the matter? I asked my dad for help.

Dads are the best. What he suggested did not just solve my daughter’s problem. It proved to be very helpful in all areas of her life.

My dad brought a box of magnetic tiles and would spend hours playing with her. Slowly, my daughter’s spirit lighted up. She talked more and even wanted to play with other kids.

Her problems with numbers and letters also faded. Now in 3rd grade, my daughter tops her class in math almost always.

Well, if you relate to such issues, you might find your answers in a magnetic building set. Magnetic blocks are not just toys. They’re toys that help kids improve their cognitive, motor, social, and math skills while having fun.

In this post, I will steer you around the rubble and help you get a good magnetic tile set for your little ones.

What Are Magnetic Tiles and What Are the Benefits of Playing with Them?

Magnetic tiles are 3D blocks with little magnets attached or implanted within. These blocks, which are typically made of metal, plastic or wood, can be snapped together, thanks to the magnets attached/implanted.

When it comes to toys, there are two types – those are just for fun, and those that kids can have fun playing with, while enjoying various educational benefits.

Here are the main benefits of magnetic toys:

1. Improving logical thinking

To create specific models, say a car or castle, the child has to follow the patterns that will get them there. If they make the wrong moves, they end up with a model different from what they were looking for. Magnetic tiles, thus, help the kid think logically, following the right steps to achieve goals.

2. Encouraging creativity and imagination

Magnetic building blocks are all about patterns. There is a whole world of possibilities with these items. As ideas bubble up in the minds of kids for how to come up with various models, the kids grow their creative and imaginative capabilities.

3. Building social skills 

Building blocks are the sort of toys that encourage kids to work together and interact in a healthy manner. As they work together and combine their imaginations to come up with various models, they grow their social skills and learn how to relate well with other people.

4. Growing math skills

Magnetic tile toys are full of geometrical and mathematical patterns.

For many kids, math is not a very exciting subject. It seems like a boring topic full of puzzles. But if they have fun while working with mathematical patterns, they will adopt the idea that math is actually exciting. This will go a long way into helping your kids love and understand math at school.

5. Improving motor coordination

Motor coordination refers to the ability to use the hands, legs, eyes, and other body parts together in a meaningful way. It’s one of the things that kids have to learn and develop, and the right tools can be very helpful.

Magnetic tiles for toddlers are meant to remove clumsiness and replace it with mastery of motor coordination.

Let’s jump into the reviews and find the best magnetic blocks for your little ones.

Top 12 Best Magnetic Tiles Sets for Your Kids in (2021)

1. PicassoTiles 60-Piece Magnet Building Tiles

Creativity is a factor we all need, and when developed from an early age, it can be a powerful tool throughout a person’s life. One way you can make your kids learn to be creative right from an early age is get them the right building tiles.

One model you could never go wrong with is the PicassoTiles 60-Piece Magnet Building Tiles Set. As the name suggests, the set contains 60 pieces of magnetic tiles.

These can be arranged together to create endless building models.

Variety is one of the major factors that make a building tiles set worth getting. And when it comes to variety, the PicassoTiles set has got you covered. In the package, you will find 18 small equilateral triangles, 24 small squares, 8 right-angle triangles, 4 large squares, and 6 large isosceles triangles.

With such a mix of building tiles, you can be sure that you’ll be able to create all sorts of magnificent structures.

Keeping in mind that it is kids that mostly use these items, the best magnetic blocks are those that are easy to use. If your kids have to struggle to put the pieces together or even to dismantle the structures, the tiles will end up gathering dust unattended.

Thankfully, the PicassoTiles are easy to use. They have a strong magnetic interior that keeps the structure intact. And as they’re just plastics with magnets enclosed on the inside, dismantling the structures is not a hassle.

Kids love to fling toys around. That means durability is a crucial factor when shopping for building tiles. For this set, the plastics seems sturdy enough.

I wish they had used metal rivets instead of glue to seal the two sides of each piece together like with the Magna Tiles, but for the price the construction is acceptable. It will hold up, though not as much as Magna Tiles.

Highlighted features:

  • Wide variety – 60 pieces of different shapes
  • Magnets are enclosed in plastic cases
  • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Beautiful colors
  • Compatible with magna tiles – only that they lack metal rivets
  • Relatively inexpensive

2. Magna-Tiles 100 Piece Set

If quality is what you’re looking for above everything else, don’t even look any further. Get the Magna-Tiles 100 Piece Set. Magna tiles have been around for over 20 years now, during which time they have gone through tremendous improvements to make user experience unrivalled.

As the title suggests, this set comes with 100 pieces. And as you can imagine, 100 pieces means variety. There are 4 large squares, 50 small ones, 20 equilateral triangles, 15 isosceles ones, and 11 right angles.

That means your kids have all the tools they need to build almost any structure they can imagine, from boats and airports to firehouses and little villages with buildings and tracks. They can even arrange them to make space rockets.

So, if you need something that provides your kids with unlimited possibilities, this set would be a perfect choice.

The perks are creativity, motor skills, and problem-solving skills.

Note that this set is not cheap. It is expensive, going for over 100 bucks. While some might see that as a drawback, let’s think about this for a moment. You can get a cheaper set, for instance the PicassoTiles. But then, the set will break in a few years, or even earlier if your kids fling the tiles too much.

Or, you can get this set and see your kids use them and leave them still intact for the kids you’ll have 10 years from now.

Like I said earlier, the Magna tiles are all about quality. While the two sides of each piece are fixed together using glue on other sets, they are attached using metal rivets on the Magna tiles. Again, the plastic as well as the magnets within are of unmatched quality.

If you can spend a hundred bucks on breadsticks and pasta, why not on a high-quality magnet tiles set for your kids?

Highlighted features:

  • 100 pieces – squares, equilaterals, right angles, and more
  • Exceptional quality – can last over 10 years
  • Endless possibilities – thanks to the wide variety of pieces
  • Strong pieces – able to hold up to rough handling
  • Translucent with beautiful colors
  • Metal rivets hold the pieces together
  • Strong magnets
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble

3. Playmags 3D Magnetic Blocks (100 Pieces)

When you hear that a magnet blocks set has 100 pieces, then you know it’s offering limitless possibilities. That is exactly what the Playmags 3D Magnetic Blocks set brings to the table.

If you’re on a budget, this would be an appropriate choice, thanks to the price (which is lower than that of Magna). I also love the attractive discounts that the seller often offers on amazon (more than 55% sometimes).

As said, the set contains 100 pieces. Of these, there are 26 small squares, 2 large ones, 12 equilateral triangles, 8 acute ones, 10 right angles, and 8 rectangles.

In addition to these, there are a couple unique pieces. There are two windows with 4 open sections, and 14 smaller open windows.

And that’s not all. This set comes with alphabet letter and number clickins, which can be attached the windows. That way, you little ones can learn architecture and get creative while learning the alphabet.

How cool is that!

As you might agree, this set offers not only variety but also unique pieces. Few other models offer you open windows. And of course, the window pieces push your kids’ creativity a step further while making it fun and easier to come up with designs.

Ease of use is on another level with the Playmags tiles. First off, the tiles feature a strong magnet enclosed in the plastic pieces. That makes attaching the pieces easy and keeps the structures stable. Removal is also easy, which makes kids love playing with these tiles.

And you know something else? The package also comes with a special ideas book, which kids can use to build a wide range of structures rather than repeating the same structures over and over.

Highlighted features:

  • 100 pieces with a variety of shapes
  • Unlimited possibilities
  • Special ideas book
  • Alphabet and number clickins to help kids learn
  • Build to last

4. Magnetic Stick N Stack Magnetic Tiles Set (60-Piece)

Who is the Magnetic Stick N Stack Magnetic Tiles Set for? This unit contains 60 pieces, so it is best suited for toddlers under 4 years old. If your kids are just starting to learn their motor skills, there’s no need to get them a unit with 100 pieces.

You can start with this 60-piece set, then advance to a set with more pieces once they’ve mastered this one.

For someone whose budget is tight, the Magnetic Stick N Stack would be a really good option, considering it goes for less than 30 bucks (note that prices may vary, so check the exact price right now).

Even with just 60 pieces, this unit gives you a good variety.

You get 26 small squares, 12 small triangles, 10 long triangles, 8 wide triangles, and 4 windows. There’s also one or two rectangles. Note, the number of pieces in your set might vary slightly.

I love that there are three different sizes of triangles. This widens the scope of possibilities with regards to structures you can make. In some other models I have seen, there’s only one or two sizes of triangles, so the three sizes are much appreciated.

As you’ve seen, there are also windows in the package. They haven’t gone overboard with the windows, which makes things less confusing for your toddlers.

 Color is one of the things that attracts kids to toys, so they matter when shopping for building blocks. Your kids will likely love the bright colors on these blocks. They feel and look great.

There’s only one issue I have noted with these. They’re not long lasting. They break easily, and will hardly last over a year. But, you get what you pay for with these products. I like to see these as a starting point. They’ll suffice for practice.

If you’d like something long lasting, Magna Tiles would be your ideal pick, but then you’d pay almost five times over

Highlighted features:

  • 60 pieces in the set
  • Wide variety – different sizes of triangles, squares, and rectangles
  • Bright colors – suitable for kids
  • 4 windows included
  • Strong magnetic frameworks

5. Magformers (62-Piece) Basic Set

If you’re looking for a set of magnetic building blocks that comes with other shapes than just the squares and triangles, you might want to check out the Magformers (62-Piece) Basic Set. Apart from basic shapes, this one also comes with pentagons.

As the title suggests, the unit comes with 62 pieces. Of these, there are 20 triangles, 30 squares, and 12 pentagons.

Kids love colorful items. Each of the shapes whether pink/yellow, green/purple, or red/orange, happens to feature a striking 2 tone color. The colors are also bright, making the shapes so cool and attractive to look at.

When kids are just getting started with block building, it can be a bit confusing for them, and maybe you’re not always there to guide them along. And when it gets confusing, your kids can give up on the whole idea.

It was, thus, very thoughtful of the manufacturer to include a model booklet in the package. The booklet/idea book contains illustrations for building a variety of shapes, including UFOs, microphones, fish, hearts, turtles, and more.

There are even some fancy 3D models in the idea books, some you might even have never heard about, such as icosidodecahedron – goodness, what does that even mean? Well, it’s all there in the idea booklet.

While the Magformers set certainly has many pros, there is one major con I noted – the shapes are not built to last. Expect them to give in to being knocked around in less than a year.

That shouldn’t stop you from getting them though – they would make an excellent practice tool for your kids.

Highlighted features:

  • 62 pieces
  • A variety of shapes included – triangles, squares, and pentagons
  • Handy ideas booklet
  • Strong magnets that hold the pieces together effectively

6. Cossy Kids (120 Pcs) Magnet Toys Magnet Building Tiles

There are kids that naturally lose interest in toys just a couple of days after playing with them. If your kids are like that, there’s no need to invest in an expensive magnet building set worth over a hundred bucks. Just get them something cheap for starters and see how it goes after that.

If they like the blocks, you can invest in something higher-quality later.

We Include 44 small squares 4 large squares 4 Windows 24 small triangles 16 medium triangles 10 tall triangles 2 car bases 2 arches.

As you the title suggests, the set contains 120 pieces. But listen – it doesn’t actually contain 120 magnetic building blocks. The manufacturer actually counts everything, including the letter inserts. Having letter and number inserts in there is great, but including them in the count can be misleading.

If you have a child that is interested in vehicles, they might be interested in this unit. Why? Apart from the building blocks, the package also contains little wheel assemblies, which your child can attach to the vehicle models they make with the blocks.

Talking of making items with this unit, it is really convenient that you’re provided with an ideas booklet. That way, your child doesn’t have to struggle to get started.

What about the quality, you ask? The blocks are made of tough plastics with a magnet encased within. They’re not as durable as Magna or other premium brands, but they can survive over a year.

Highlighted features:

  • Around 60 to 70 magnetic pieces
  • Varying shapes – triangles, hexagons, and squares
  • Magnetic wheel assemblies
  • 2-tone colored pieces
  • Bright and attractive colors

7. Magnetic Stick N Stack Junior Set (40-Piece)

When it comes to a low-priced option, the Magnetic Stick N Stack Junior Set offers you the best magnetic tiles for kids.

Going for less than 20 bucks this set of 40 pieces offers you a quality that is truly unmatched when compared to sets of that price range. It has true value for money.

Ok, before I go on, there’s something id like to make clear about this set. Realize that of the 40 pieces in the count, only 32 are actually magnetic building blocks. The rest (8) are stilemags, or rather stickers that your kids can use to decorate their models.

That being said, 32 quality blocks being offered at that price is still something to appreciate.

Among the 32 pieces, you’ll find different shapes – squares and triangles. These are available in varying sizes, to make it possible to build a wide range of structures, from castles to firehouses.

If there is one thing I really love about the Magnetic Stick N Stack Junior tiles, it is the sturdiness of these items. Built from strong ABS plastic, these blocks are able to hold up to getting flung around for well over a year.

The magnet is also strong, and being enclosed within the plastic blocks, it stays intact, so that the ability to attach the pieces doesn’t cease gradually.

Lastly, these tiles got the looks. They got bright colors that kids find very attractive. If you’re on a budget and you need the highest-quality building tiles for your little ones, the Magnetic Stick N Stack Junior Set is unlikely to disappoint you.

Highlighted features:

  • 32 Magnetic Tiles
  • 8 Stilemags
  • Powerful magnetic tiles for firm connections
  • Beautiful colors
  • Durable pieces

8. Orrente Magnetic Blocks (60-Piece)

If you go to most of the stores, you’ll see that a quality 60-piece unit goes for over 60 bucks. So, it’s a fantastic thing to see a nice 60-piece unit that costs just around 30 bucks. That’s half the price!

What unit am I talking about? I’m talking about the Orrente Magnetic Blocks.

This set arrives quickly and has great packaging. The plastic seems high-quality, to the level that you cannot even differentiate it from the expensive sets such as Magna. Quality-wise, the pieces seem faultless and as though they will last.

Kids love this unit majorly because of the diversity it provides in terms of the shapes of the pieces. In there, you will find a wide range of shapes from triangles and squares to rectangles and L-shaped blocks. There are also several unit blocks, including a trailer unit with wheels and various types of windows.

With the variety provided, you little ones will easily have fun and won’t have a problem playing for hours. They can create a wide array of models from castles and cars to amusement parks and airplanes.

Safety is a factor that the manufacturer obviously thought about when creating these. How so? The pieces are made of non-toxic ABS material. It has no sharp corners, meaning your kids aren’t likely to hurt themselves using the pieces.

In fact, the brand has passed the CPC toy test in the US, showing the tiles are safe for use by kids.

Speaking of the construction, the pieces are tough and resistance to damage from impact.

If you’re looking for a quality set of beautiful building tiles to get your kids started with block building, the Orrente Magnetic Blocks won’t let you down.

Highlighted features:

  • 60 pieces in the set
  • Colorful pieces – bright and beautiful colors
  • Widely diversified shapes
  • CPC-complaint – safe for kids
  • Durable – made of high-quality ABS plastics

9. DreambuilderToy Magnetic Tiles Set 

Looking to have your little ones learn some basic Math while they play with magnetic building blocks? Consider getting the DreambuilderToy Magnetic Tiles Set.

Before you jump in and get it, I’d like to make one thing clear. I have seen many people regretting to buy this product after getting fooled by the price and the count of pieces.

The seller gives the piece count as 106, and considering the price is set below 30 bucks, many people have rushed to purchase the set thinking 106 is an incredible number of tile for the price. But that is until they get the set and realize that there are actually about 60 magnetic tiles in there.

What’s going on here is that the seller counts every little thing in the set while coming up with the count. They’ve included the wheel sets and the alphanumeric cards, which are not even magnetic.

I am not going to lean on the side of the seller and say that buyers are at fault for not digging deeper to find out how many magnetic pieces are in the set. The seller should declare the truth in the open for everyone to see, not hide it in the description.

However, I think the provided number of tiles is still a good offer. 60 pieces and a bunch of other stuffs going for less than 30 dollars is quite something.

But the ultimate reason why I am recommending this set is that kids love it.

As the set comes with a wide range of items, it engages kids excellently. Some of the items you’ll find in there include magnetic triangles, squares, semi-circles, rectangles, hexagons, and even wheel sets, which the kids can use to create vehicle models.

Not to mention that the colors are beautiful.

Included in the package, also, is a nice pamphlet full of ideas on what to make. The pamphlet is very useful, though it’s a shame to see that you cannot create some of the models described as the required pieces are not included in the package.

Highlighted features:

  • Around 60 magnetic building tiles
  • 42 Alphanumeric Cards
  • Ferris wheel set
  • Well-made pieces
  • Pamphlet packed with ideas

10. Manve Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks (130-Piece)

Magnetic building tiles can be bulky. If you have a set of over 100 pieces, you might find it great for when your children are playing in the house, but not as great when going on a trip. I remember losing a 100-piece Magna Tiles set one day while on a trip with my kids, and it wasn’t fun.

If you want something that is convenient to take on a journey or something that your kids can easily take with them as they go to school, a set with less pieces would be better.

The Manve Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks set, which contains only 40 pieces, would be a good consideration.

The pieces are lightweight and the packaging is great, making it easy and convenient for your children to carry the building tiles wherever they go.

One thing that kids love about this set is the simplicity it offers. When kids are just getting started with the magnetic tiles toy, it’s unsuitable to give them something fanciful containing many shapes. That would easily confuse them. A set with only a few shapes would be more appropriate for a start.

Containing only two shapes – squares and triangles, the Manve set is one of the simplest units out there. And of course, it’s a great start for kids. The two shapes are available in varying sizes, which makes it possible for kids to construct a range of structures.

A booklet is included with the package to make it easy for your kids to learn. The booklet contains various models that your kids can refer to.

When it comes to helping kids become more creative, a strong sense of color matters. To address this need, the manufacturer has designed this set with beautiful and brilliant colors that your kids can easily differentiate.

Highlighted features:

  • 40 pieces
  • No fuss – only squares and triangles
  • Compatible with other brands e.g. Picasso and Magformers
  • Bright and clear colors
  • Nice, lightweight packaging

11. Jasonwell Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks Set (108-Piece)

While it is true that with magnetic building tiles, you get what you pay for, this rule doesn’t always apply. The Jasonwell Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks Set is one of the few models for which the rule does not apply.

Why do I say this? Because you see, to get a set of more than 100 pieces going for less than 40 bucks is not an ordinary thing. Usually, something with such an attractive offer comes with a catch, for instance having fewer magnetic blocks than advertised, or being of terrible quality.

But not this Jasonwell set. It has over 100 magnetic building blocks. And on top of that, the quality is really good.

Thus, if you’re on a budget and you need a quality set of many magnetic building blocks, don’t look any further, go for the set.

Diversity is one of the pros of getting this unit. Some of the shapes you will find in the package include different forms of triangles, trapezoids, squares, hexagons, diamonds, and semi-circles.

With such a broad range of shapes, it is possible to create a dazzling array of structures. Your children can create castles, skyscrapers, amusement parks, and a whole lot of other things. What is most amazing about it is that as there are numerous blocks in the package, it is possible to come up with 3D structures.

Apart from learning geometry, you little ones can learn numbers and letters with this set. In the package are 26 alphanumeric cards meant just for that purpose.

Another benefit the set offers is that it helps kids learn to identify colors. The blocks feature bright 2-tone colors. Whenever you have time, you could be teaching your kids about colors using these colorful tiles.

Highlighted features:

  • Over 100 magnetic building pieces
  • Ferri wheels for building vehicle toys
  • Numerous shapes
  • High quality – original ABS material
  • Alphanumeric cards
  • Strong magnets for support
  • Low-priced

12. CMS MAGNETICS Magnetic Building Set (156-Piece)

Do you have a kid who is 7 to around 13 years? Maybe they feel they have had enough of the ordinary building blocks, and they want something a bit more “mature”. In that case, I would recommend the CMS MAGNETICS Magnetic Building Set.

One cool thing about this unit is that even though it features great quality, the price is less than 30 bucks. That being said, it is good to note that the surface area of the pieces in this set is much smaller than that of the conventional building blocks. That lowers the cost of production, and subsequently the price of these items.

Still, we have to appreciate that for someone on a budget, these would be an option worth considering.

As you can see in the pictures, the pieces are little sticks and little balls. The balls are made of magnetic material (steel), while the sticks are made of plastics. Inside the ends of the plastic sticks are embedded little magnets that stick to the steel balls.

Since the sticks are made of plastics and not metal, that makes them lightweight enough for easy operation.

The steel balls and plastic steels feature a stout construction. Unless they are banged around, these items are sure to last over 5 years.

You will also love how potent the attraction is. Once you make your structure, it stands strong, unlike other models that crumble easily.

Talking of structures, the possibilities are endless with these sticks and balls. You can create anything from hanging star decorations to stunning pyramids.

On the downsides, it is easy to run out of pieces trying to create large structures. You might have to order an extra set. Again, the sticks are too small (around 2.2 inches long). I wish they made them a little bigger or sold another version of bigger sticks.

Highlighted features:

  • 156 pieces – sticks and balls
  • Stout construction
  • Potent attraction
  • No fuss – suitable for older kids and adults

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Magnetic Tiles

With the numerous brands and models of magnetic building tiles out there, things can get confusing. What are you to do to get the good quality magnetic tiles for kids?

The secret lies in knowing the factors to consider.

1. How many pieces are included?

Magnetic tiles are usually offered in sets of shapes. The number of pieces of pieces included varies greatly according to the model. Some contain as few as 20 pieces, while others contains as many as 130 pieces.

Knowing the number of pieces there are in there matters. Why? Because the number of pieces included determines the range of structures your kids can make using the blocks. The more the blocks, the wider the range of items they can make, which also means they won’t get bored.

But you also need to consider the age of the user when deciding the number of tiles to get. For kids below four years old, it can get confusing to have over 100 pieces to deal with, while for kids over 6 years old, it can get monotonous to have 30 pieces.

2. Construction

Children tend to be rough on toys. They fling them around and just want to pull them apart sometimes, perhaps with the curiosity of what lies inside.

With this factor in mind, sturdiness of the pieces is of utmost importance. That is if you want the set to last.

If you’re looking for something that will last, be sure to look at the construction.

Most tiles are made of plastics, but the quality matters. Go for original ABS plastic, as it is not only strong and durable but also eco-friendly.

Some units have the magnet exposed, while others have the magnet buried between two pieces of plastics. The latter model is better, as it keeps the magnet safe, so that the pieces keep their adhesiveness for a long time.

Most magnet tiles are composed of two pieces of plastic joined together, with the magnet in between them. While figuring the longevity of the tiles, look at how the two pieces are joined. In some units, glue is used to join them, but this is not robust; it can come off.

In other units, such as Magna Tiles, metal rivets are used to make the bond strong and lasting.

3. The included shapes

Like the number of tiles in the set, the number of shapes included determines the range of items your kids can construct with the set.

Different models contain a varying number of shapes. Some contain only triangles and squares. Others contain a wide range of shapes going from trapeziums and hexagons to semi-circles and rectangles in addition to the squares and triangles.

If your kid is only getting started with magnetic building tiles, you don’t want to overwhelm them with too many shapes. Just two to three shapes will be enough.

But if your kid is already used to these items, you can level up to a set that offers them more options with regards to the shapes.

Also, you might want to check if the set contains different sizes of the same shape, for instance, different sizes of triangles or squares.

4. How old are the users?

By now, I bet you already appreciate just how important the age of the user is when deciding on the right magnetic tiles. Note that magnetic tiles can be used by anyone, from toddlers to the elderly. I once saw a young lady enjoying building tiles with her grandmother who had dementia.

For toddlers below four years old, it’s best to get a no-fuss set that contains colorful, attractive, and simple pieces. As the age increases, so does the need for more advanced shapes.

Top 5 Magnetic Tiles Brands In The Market

1. Picasso Tiles

The PicassoTiles company was created in 2012 by Albert Tsao. Tsao’s plan was to make toys that made it possible for kids to learn various skills while having fun.

Based in the US, the toy company specializes in building block sets that immerse kids into 2D and 3D art. Through the integration of magnetism and geometry, PicassoTiles give children exposure to the basics of important subjects such as physics, mathematics, and architecture.

Apart from building blocks, the company sells a few other products, including kid-safe fleece headphones, take-apart construction toys, magnetic drawing boards, and foldable pet carriers.

2. Magna Tiles

MagnaTiles is one of the oldest building block brands today. It was established in 1997 as a subsidiary of Valtech LLC, the company that also makes the Magna Qubix.

The story of how MagnaTiles were first designed is rather interesting and reassuring. A mathematics teacher from Japan noted how some kids were struggling to learn geometric concepts. He wanted to come up with a way such kids would learn these concepts fast at home and in school.

And therefore, he came up with the MagnaTiles designs.

Loving the teacher’s models, Valtech LLC contracted him to work for it to mass-produce the product for the US market. And the MagnaTiles brand was born.

Today, MagnaTiles offers some of the best magnetic building tiles on the market.

3. Play Mags

PlayMags is a toy selling brand with operations in London and New York. Like many other brands of its kind, PlayMags does not manufacture its own products. Instead, it works with top manufacturers to produce the products. It then takes the products and ships them to customers.

This firm doesn’t focus on too many products. It only sells building blocks, which is likely the reason it’s able to pay attention to quality and the needs of the consumer. The brand’s building block sets are some of the market’s most favorite.

4. Shape Mags

The story of ShapeMags is both inspiring and heartening. It is rooted in the love between a man and a woman, and their love for kids.

Jonathan and Julie had been schoolteachers, working with elementary school kids. The couple observed how toys were changing children’s lives. Kids were learning how to solve problems and create patterns useful in mathematics and physics, and as a reward, they were having fun while doing it. And as they were learning while having fun, it seldom got boring for them.

But there was a major hiccup – cost. Some parents were not able to afford the expensive educational toys. So, Jonathan and Julie embarked on finding a solution.

Working with a Japanese inventor, they were able to come up with the designs and produce toys that were high-quality but affordable enough for everyone. And ShapeMags was born. One of its famed products is the adored Magnetic Stick N Stack.

5. Magformers

Magformers is a private company based at Ford Road in Canton, Michigan. As one of the top manufacturers of magnetic toys for children, the company is founded on the idea that kids are the architects of the future.

Quality is one of the key pillars of the Magformers product line.

Though relatively expensive, their building blocks offer a unique playing experience. Their “always attracting” design makes it possible for the building blocks to remain functionable well into the future.

Care and Safety Tips for Magnetic Tiles

Toys including magnetic building blocks, are constructed with safety in mind. That being said, no toy is 100 percent safe. When building blocks are misused, they can break, creating sharp corners, which can be hazardous.

The following tips will help you ensure your kids are safe while using magnetic building blocks.

1. Understand the risks involved

Building blocks can be made of plastic or wood. If they’re made of wood, and the surfaces are not smoothly finished, the wood can splinter, leading to injuries.

Brittle plastic blocks can break, creating sharp edges, which, in turn, can cut the child.

Whether the parts are made of wood or plastic, there’s the risk or chocking on small parts if the child puts them in the mouth.

Choose models that’s in your child’s age great

Safety is one of the reasons why toys are graded by age. For instance, while a seven-year-old might know that putting those building blocks in the mouth is not okay, a 3-year-old might not know or understand the dangers involved.

The risks described above are lower when the building block set is age appropriate for your child.

2. Go for quality

It is easy to get tempted to purchase something that looks pocket friendly. But what’s the use if that 20-dollar set is going to hurt your little ones? Wouldn’t it make more sense to get something expensive but which has good quality to keep your kids safe?

When shopping, make certain that they are made of plastic, the plastic is not brittle and that it doesn’t have any sharp edges or corners.

And if it is made of wood, ensure that the wood is smoothly finished.

3. Check the blocks regularly

No matter the quality involved, checking the blocks on a regular basis is crucial. Why? Because kids love messing with toys. They can knock them around, creating cracks or splinters, which are safety hazards.

At least once a week, check the blocks for broken parts and other issues that may pose a threat to your children’s safety.

Don’t leave toddlers with little building blocks

Kids under the age of three don’t fully understand the dangers of putting things in their mouths. As such, it’s advisable not to leave them alone with the building blocks.

Let them play in your watch only. After three, you can let them play alone with the blocks, but be sure to warn them against putting the blocks in their mouths. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are magnetic building blocks?

Also called magnetic tiles, magnetic building blocks are little blocks made of plastic or wood and attached to a magnet. The attached magnet is what makes it possible to stick these blocks to create structures.

Q. Is it safe for kids to use magnetic tiles?

That depends on the construction. Whether the tiles are made of plastic or wood, they should be smooth, and with no sharp parts that can injure the kids. Mostly, magnetic tiles are graded according to age. Getting a model suitable for your kids goes a long way into ensuring they stay safe using these items.

For kids under the age of three, it’s best to do active monitoring to avoid the kids swallowing the blocks.

Q. What age are magnetic blocks suitable for?

Magnetic building blocks can be used by anyone above the age of one and a half years. Be sure to check the age grading of the specific model you’re buying. It should be indicated somewhere on the packaging.

Kids under three should play under supervision. On the other hand, kids above three can play on their own but they should adequately be warned about putting the blocks in the mouth to avoid chocking.

Q. What are the benefits of kids playing with magnetic tiles?

Magnetic blocks fuse creativity, science, and math. As kids play and arrange various structures, they grow their motor skills and fine motor skills, which are at a developing stage. Again, they learn various shapes and how these shapes interact with one another, which is basically math.

And as they embark on creating new models, they become more creative and grow their problem solving skills.

Q. Are different magnetic tile models compatible?

Yes and no. Some brands are compatible with each other, while others are not. Compatibility stems in having the same size. For instance, Magna Tiles, Picasso Tiles, and Magna Qubix are compatible with each other. The bonds, are however, not as strong as they are within the blocks of the same brand.

Q. How can I clean dirty magnetic tiles?

Magnetic tiles are often made of plastics, which makes it possible to keep dirt at bay. Cleaning the dust off of these pieces is typically as simple as just wiping them down with a damp cloth.

Final Word

Your kids deserve the best magnetic tiles. I hope my work has been useful toward that cause. As mentioned, these items are packed with great benefits.

The earlier you introduce your kids to them, the more strongly you help them develop useful life skills. They learn math and patterns, which are a huge part of life, while developing patience, creativity, and problem solving skills.