Best Lego Star Wars Rebels

Best Lego Star Wars Rebels Reviews 2022

Imagine a war in some outer area from the earth. In another space or even in a spaceship.Two of the teams getting involved in a war with their weapons.Laser guns, bazooka, missiles, troops, and so many things. One of the leaders from a team gets injured and sent for treatment and so many cool things. That is what happens in the Star Wars movies and series. The reason behind the huge popularity of this series is the advanced technology and all the high performing weapons and vehicles. Majority of the Star War fans get attracted by the equipment and all the high quality setup of the series. From the launching time, Star Wars are producing so many series and parts for the fan. One of the sectors is related to the best Lego Star Wars Rebels. So on this topic, some of the best and well know Star Wars Rebels will be exposed and detailed properly. 

Best Lego Star Wars Rebels

There are so many series and episodes of Star Wars where Star Wars Rebels is one. As from the series, the very famous toy making company in the world Lego has launched their similar product depending on the Rebels series so that Star Wars fans get more attraction. And their intention has gained a huge response while Star Wars Rebel series of Lego got sold a lot. For those who don't know what type of toy Lego has, Lego is a company that makes interlocking blocks or bricks made from plastic. And all of their toys contain the constructional playing pattern. Best Lego Star Wars Rebels have been chosen by customer demand, popularity, and all the useful facilities. And here are some of them given.

Product Image

Product Name



LEGO Star Wars Rebel U-Wing Fighter

LEGO Star Wars Rebel Trooper Battle Pack

LEGO Star Wars Rebels Microfighters Series 3

LEGO Star Wars Rebels at-DP 570

LEGO Star Wars 75133 Rebel Alliance Battle Pack

1.U-Wing Fighter Lego Star Wars Rebel

Remember the fighter jet of the Star Wars? A jet that gets controlled by Luke Skywalker. Now the U-Wing Fighter jet has come into Lego. This Lego set is suitable for the age of 8-14 years. As essentials, there is a total of 659 pieces that help to build up the whole construction. 5 different Minifigures with the Lego set are Bistan, JynErso, CassianAndor, a Rebel trooper, and the U-Wing Pilot.

Talking about the U-Wing Fighter, 4 bigger engines that contain individual interlocking bricks along with a cockpit and the lower placed window. Like the other facilities, the U-Wing Fighter has one side placed shooters that come up through pulling out the side doors.

At the front side, there is a spring loaded shooter, rear side placed storage compartment along with bigger sized sweep back wings. Both of the rear compartment area and the pulled outside doors with the shooters get controlled by two of the Minifigures. For sizing, this U-Wing Fighter looks more attractive and gorgeous and the size measurement is 3 inches in height, 17 inches in length for the wings, and 7 inches in width.

From kids to adults, all the Star Wars lovers will fall in love with the U-Wing Fighter. Having all the cool and unique features in this Lego toy is the main reason for getting huge demand and popularity. There is no better thing to gift your loving one rather than the U-Wing Fighter Lego set for sure.

Key Features:

  • Four bigger sized engine placed to the rear side that looks almost same to the series one
  • Front side cockpit with a Minifigure supportive feature
  • Observation window placed at the lower side with the transparent pattern
  • Pulling out system door at the right side area that gets controlled by a Minifigure with the sturdy shooter
  • Front facing spring loaded functional shooters with moveable long wings

2. Rebel Trooper Battle Lego Star Wars

Rebel Troopers are ready to go for the war with their tanks and all the equipment. This total Star War concept comes into the Lego. There is a total of 6 different characters and components in this Lego set. Among them, 4 are the Trooper Minifigures, and the rest two is the equipment.

For the troopers, laser guns have been attached in the hand with total war preparation safety and items where the speeder bike and the trench are loaded with some heavy and powerful items.

As a weapon, the speeder bike contains an area for the Minifigure with the control panel along with the sturdy bluster and the storage clips at the front area. Along with the multidirectional and functional laser cannon, the trench can make a shot at the enemies for a long time even without making any replacement or reloading issue because of the extra ammo capability.

Each of the items of this Lego set contains different size measurements. For the speeder bike, the size is, 1 inch in height and width with 4 inches length and,

For the Trench section, the size is 1 inch in height, 2 inches in depth, and 3 inches in width. Including the box, a total of this Lego constructional toy weighs around 0.352 ounces only and 120 pieces.

As the war scene from the series gets accomplished by the Rebel troopers, there are a lot of fans for the Trooper army and the vehicles. They can be satisfied by offering one of these Lego sets.

Key Features:

  • Total Rebel Troopers along with their vehicles and weapons just like the scene
  • All 4 of the Rebel Minifigure Troopers contain laser gun in hand
  • Functional speeder bike with a Minifigure capacitive cockpit and sturdy bluster also with the front sided storage area
  • Front side placed multifunctional and multidirectional laser cannon with extra ammo
  • Easy adjustable interlocking blocks with detailed constructing chart

3.Microfighters Series 3 Lego Star Wars Rebels

Who doesn't know Wookie from the Star Wars series? A Chimpanzee faced character with the bowcaster in hand in search of the bad guys. The same character along with the similar design and color came into the Microfighters Series of Star Wars Rebels.

In the total set, there is a WookieMinifigure with the Wookie Gunship microfighter. Wookie just hops into the sit and travels from a galaxy to another. With the front faced transparent cockpit, the microfighter looks very charming and attractive.

As the facilities, the microfighter contains two sided dual flick missiles with moveable wings. Both microfighter and Wookie got enough defensive equipment to fight and going to the war.

A total of 84 small pieces come in the package for building up the structure. And the total of the package weighs 0.32 ounces only. With wing spreading the size of the microfighter comes in 1 inch of height, 3 inches of length, and 3 inches of width.

Though there is an age recommendation of 6-12 years kids for using. But some of the Wookie lovers and the microfighter fans can keep both of them in their collection.

Key Features:

  • The main Minifigure character comes with their carrying object
  • Perfectly build WookieMinifigure with a bowcuster in hand
  • Functional and moveable microfighter wings
  • Front side placed dual flicking missiles
  • Small sized propeller in the real area provides a more realistic look

4.AT-DP Legos Star Wars Rebels

Walker and the troopers are ready for the battle with heavy loaded equipment and guns. This total army and setup get produced by Lego for the fans. In total there are 5 items in this Lego set with 4 Minifigures and a walker.

Wullffwarros, KananJarrus, and two of the Wookies are the main Minifigures of this Lego set. Two of them contain the bluster gun, one of them has the laser gun and a single one contains the lightsaberin hands.

Coming to the walker, contains two legs with an easily moveable and poseable facility. Besides, a lower front faced functional spring shooter that makes the walker more efficient and real. For the attachment, there is a sliding up door patterned with 2 cockpits with 2 troopers facility.

The total of the set is ready for the war against the enemies with a great package weight of 1.65 pounds and the block numbers of almost 570 pieces. Compare to the other packaging, this set of Legos looks more beautiful and gorgeous for the transparent upper side. All these unique and great facilities of this Lego set make it more attractive and suitable to use by the fans.

Key Features:

  • 4 different Minifigures with weapons in hand
  • The easy moving ability of both of the legs and can be posed at any angle
  • Two front sided cockpit for two Minifigures
  • Easy opening side hatch with rear sided bay doors of the walker
  • An additional ammo storage system with a single gun post

5. Star Wars Lego Rebel Alliance Battle set

This is a Rebel alliance battle set that features a speeder bike and 4 rebel trooper Minifigures. Each of the Minifigures comes with a stud bluster in hand. Very few of the speeder bikes come in a unique design like this one.

At the front area of the speeder bike, there are two sturdy shooters with a little distance from the main body. To the backside, there is also a stud blaster that can be detached easily. For operating, a cockpit with a single Minifigure facility.

For the better protection of the troopers, there are two different helmets for each of them. With a total of 101 pieces, the speeder bike contains the size of 1 inch in height, 6 inches in length, and 2 inches in width after building up.

The speeder bike along with 4 of the troopers can be placed in the collection by the young Star War fans or else can be gifted to the Lego loving kids.

Key Features:

  • Armored troopers with heavy duty speeder bike
  • Operate able front side placed cockpit
  • Sturdy and functional front facing shooter with additional ammo
  • Two separate helmets for the Rebel Troopers
  • Easily removable stud bluster of the speeder bike

6.Rebel Combat Frigate Star Wars Lego

One of the best looking Star Wars Lego sets. Ahsoka, Join Ezra, Chopper, and Commander Sato have gone to outside galaxies through this Frigate. As a result, star wars fans will surely find it wholesome to have this Lego set with a beautiful design and attractive shape. The total of the packaging only contains the Frigate that looks outstanding after getting build up.

As a facility, this frigate contains spring loaded shooters, stud shooters, and a lifting handle. The upperside cover is removable for easy accessibility and builds up. As for the real starship operating feeling, the handle can be pulled up and use. There is also a wrench accessory material into the Frigate.

As there are a lot of pieces of almost 936 for building up this great toy, the size is also enough bigger than any others. With 4 inches of height, 14 inches of length, and 5 inches of width, this Frigate will surely catch the eyes of pure Star Wars lovers.

Key features:

  • Total setup with huge frigate or starship and 4 different and iconic Minifigures
  • Perfectly armed Minifigures and starship
  • Foldable wings with functional spring loaded shooter and stud shooter
  • Easy removable top part for another level of experience and playing mode
  • Lifting handlebar for better performance and realistic operating feel

7. Tropper Battle Pack Lego Star Wars

This small Lego pack contains only 79 pieces of blocks with 3 troopers and a Zevsenesca. As for the features, the Ice cutter contains 2 flick fire missiles along with a cargo box and the rotating gun. For operating, there is also a rebel trooper at the top area with the controller.

For 3 of the rebel troopers, there are new hoth figured helmets that make them ready for the action and strike. Total packaging along with all the items weigh around 4 ounces. It may not make a huge impact among the Star War lovers but still, many of the fans chose it for their collection.

Key Features:

  • Simple and small team up items
  • 3 rebel trooper with blast guns and hot figured helmets
  • Ice cutter comes with a single seated controller and rotating gun
  • Dual flick missiles at the front side with cargo box
  • Adjustable and detachable operating sector
Lego Star Wars Rebels

Lego Star Wars Rebels

Some of the buying guys can be followed to get the proper and the best Lego Star War Rebels. And here they have been given below:

Style and design:Most of the Rebel Star Wars has a beautiful and attractive design, choosing the according to the style and design may not get useful as they have launched according to the sequence of the series. But some Lego lovers will go for the beautifully designed one. Therefore, this term can be listed as the buying guide.

Unique features:From the listing above, some Lego sets have extra features and specifications in them. Spring shooter, engine design, rotating cannons are some types of unique features. Choosing the best one according to the unique features may become worthy for some Star Wars lovers.

Sizing:In terms of sizing, there are no Lego toys that match each other. Though the majority of the term is dependent on the user's choice and requirement, still it can be followed for getting the perfect one. A midsized Lego set can be suitable for choosing the best one.

Pricing:Lego set toys are the expensive ones. Sometimes, pricing may affect the buying. As some users require a lot of Lego items together, they tend low costing. But some of the Lego toys can come at a higher price instead of a single item. That is why choosing the Lego set can vary on the pricing.

 Was Star Wars Rebels Cancelled?

Yes. Star Wars Rebels series have been discontinued by its director Dave Filoni in the year 2018. Before discontinuing, 4 of the seasons of Star Wars Rebels have created huge popularity and demand among the viewers.

 What is the Rarest Star Wars Lego Set?

Millennium Falcon can be declared as the rarest Star Wars Lego set of all time. In 2007, this Lego set has been produced with the most numbered of blocks around 5200 pieces blocks.

What Lego Star Wars Sets are Coming out in 2021?

Some of the Lego Star Wars set coming in 2021 April. They have been given below:

1.76199 Carnage

2.10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery

3.75306 Imperial Probe Droid.

4.21326 Winnie the Pooh

5.76182 Batman Cowl.

Final Words

Star Wars Rebel series had not continued for a long time. But there was a huge demand for this series and the Lego sets. As they are unique, fun, and very educative type toy, Star War fans and lovers get used to them. Some lovers from the 90s generation created a huge collection club along with this Star Wars Rebel Legos. Just like the other types of Lego, this listing of Best Lego Star War Rebels shows all the best Legos of the Rebel edition. Choosing the best one is now dependent on the user and the Star war lovers.

All these items for the best Lego star war rebels highlighted after judging the necessity, demand, and response of them. From the 90s generation to now, kid's adults, and even senior citizens also have the attraction for the Rebel series of Star Wars. That is why the collection of every individual by them is not a term of surprising at all.