Best Kubb Sets

Top 7 Best Kubb Sets In 2022 : Reviews and Buying Guideline

'Hey, you know what a Kubb is?'

'Did you mean a Cub? Like the young of a Fox or a Lion or some other carnivorous mammal?'

*awkward silence*

This may be the type of conversation if you ask someone what a Kubb is. On a more serious note, Kubb is not any mammal. It is rather a very interesting, a somewhat underappreciated game which dates way back to the Viking age.

The game was first played in Gotland, Sweden which is thought to be the game's origin. Ever since the turn of the century, Kubb has started to get more and more famous.

With Wisconsin declaring itself to be the 'Kubb Capital' of the world, they have started hosting the US National Kubb Championship since 2007. The game is no longer confined to just Sweden, it is now played across the world. Therefore, the search for the best kubb set is on among people. 

Top 7 Best Kubb Set Reviews For The Money

1. Yard Games Kubb Game Premium Set 

Outdoor playing brand yard games have been on the market of playing appliances for a long time now. Seeing the rise of yard games, they have brought out their Kubb Game Premium Set.

For kubb game enthusiasts who prefer hardwood sets, this can be a very good choice for them. The main attraction for the set is its price which is an absolute bargain.

These sets also come in a good quality carrier bag which makes it easier and more convenient to carry around. Yard Games' premium set hasn't been known to injure players during the gameplay.

The notable part about Yard Games' set is that the edges of the pieces are properly cut. Therefore, they won’t cause cuts or injuries. This is why many people have been attracted to this particular set.

Yard Games has also been known for never compromising quality. And that is why users can rest assured about the long-lasting quality. Many have said it to be an ideal past-time with friends, family.

Be it in a get-together, or even a BBQ, it is of great use. As it can be a game that can be played among a lot of people, it helps to bring everyone together.

Another great aspect of this set is the durability. The hardwood helps for the pieces to be less dent prone. With all these in mind, Yard Games have knocked it out of the park. For the price of a regular set, one really can get a premier one indeed.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes with a complete package.
  • It brings the most value for the money.
  • The pieces are tough and long-lasting.
  • Quality bag to carry the pieces.

2. Play Platoon Premium Hardwood Kubb Game Set 

Play platoon is a very popular website for Kids games around the world. They have pieces of stuff like swings, Cornhole, building bricks, and whatnot. The children-friendly site has also weighed in on the Kubb set sales, with their Premium Hardwood game set.

Using the strongest hardwoods, as claimed by the experts, Play Platoon's main selling point is the durability of these sets. Like Yard Games' set, these also come in a very fashionable carrying bag.

As durability is not compromised, this kubb set of play platoon can be played on almost any surface. Specifically, the users playing it on sands have also been impressed by its standard of quality.

Another very impressive aspect of it is the pricing. The set comes at a very reasonable price for the qualities it delivers, making it a top seller amongst the others.

Play Platoon is one of the top-notch quality kubb sets that are perfect for all ages of people. Therefore, the weight or the materials of the products are not that an issue for anyone. That is why people who buy Kubb sets to simply play with their families, are the ones buying from Play Platoon the most.

While there haven’t been any visible complaints, some users pointed out that the wooden pieces get dented quite easily. To be fair on Play Platoon's part, no matter how hard woods may seem, if they are hit on a regular basis, they are bound to get dented.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easily carryable to almost anywhere.
  • Durability is the main attraction.
  • The brand image of Play Platoon.
  • Being safe, it’s perfect for all ages.

3. Triumph Kubb Viking Chess Outdoor Wooden Game Set

As we have mentioned before, Kubb's origin dates back to the Vikings time. Triumph sports has seemed to have played the historical nostalgia card and brought out their Viking Chess Outdoor Wooden Game.

One thing that many users may or may not know about Kubb sets is that they are also known as 'Viking Chess' in many parts of the world, particularly around the Scandinavians.

The name may look quite long to some, but it is because this set not only is a Kubb but also can be used for bowling and horseshoes. Very understandably, this is the main and unique selling proposition of the set.

Another one of its stand out factor is that all of the pieces are 100% kiln-dried hardwood, making it playable on almost any surfaces. Having the assurance of kiln-dried hardwood, one would expect it to be long-lasting or premium looking.

However, some users have complained about its lasting issues while also calling them a 'cheap alternative' to a proper kubb set.

With all those in mind, the set isn't exactly the worst. As mentioned before, Kubb sets' qualities kind of varies from people to people as different people prefer different weight and feel of their set.

Highlighted Features:

  • Very reasonable pricing for the product.
  • Kiln-dried hardwood, making it durable.
  • Proper usage of weight distribution.
  • People of all ages can play it.
  • A great choice for spending quality time.

4. Striker Games Kubb Lawn Game 

Multi Entertainment Company Striker Games have also weighed in on the Kubb game battle with their Kubb Lawn Game. The set is almost identical to others. Compared to its lightning logo on the King piece, the other ones look pretty generic in design and shape.

Unlike Triumph sports, this is not a multi-purpose game, rather just a Kubb one. The product comes in a nice mesh bag which is rare among companies selling Kubb sets. The set is well furnished and has a nice feel to it when played with.

Proper usage of durable wood has been an added feature for the set. This has only gone and improved the reputation of the set. Striker Games have also done wonders with the quality of the entire set. Many people are also drawn to it by the brand image Striker Games already possesses.

Striker games have impressed with the quality of the bags in which their sets come in. The bag, as mentioned, is made of mesh. This is a real game-changer in terms of quality and fending off the competitions.

The problem starts with the shape of the items. Many of the users have complained about the size being relatively smaller than others, which is against the rules of the game.

However, for people into minimalistic designs and just wanting to play with regardless of shapes or colors, Striker Games' playing set is a really good choice and this is the best kubb sets for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • The lawn game can be played on any surfaces.
  • Quality of the carrying bag is unmatched to none.
  • Recommended by people who just want to have a good time.
  • Suitable for who like smaller pieces of the set.

5. Kubb Empire Tournament Edition Premium Hardwood Set 

Kubb is a game which is played more by people who want to have a good time with their families and friends, rather than the ones who play it as a serious tournament. Keeping the ones who like to contest others in this game, Kubb Empire has come with a professional version.

Their most premium set is the one named 'Tournament Edition'. From the name, it's easy to determine that the set is made to be played in various tournaments.

And reports have shown that Kubb Empire's this set is very popular among the professional players who contest the championships. Many people are attracted to this particular piece because it ensures all the boxes are ticked that are required for a proper game of Kubb.

As expected, the entire set is made of poplar wood, making it easier to carry and be played with. Another really great feature of this set is that it is extremely durable despite being lightweight.

Also, the pieces are not prone to dent. Many people who have contested the championships with these have responded positively in this aspect. Poplar itself creates far less dent prone accessories. And that is exactly what Kubb Empire has played on.

From all the sets that have been mentioned thus far, this tournament edition really does take a lot of plaudits since they offer the most premium set at a very affordable and reasonable rate.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tournament edition set gives the user a realistic feel.
  • No need to worry about the set being shortcoming in size
  • Poplar wood ensures durability and easy to carry.
  • The carrying bag is a catch for this price range.
  • Made of hardwood, the set won’t get dented easily.

6. Get Out! Kubb Game Set 21-Piece Yard Toss Fun 

Reasonable. That is the word that comes to mind while looking to Get Out's Kubb set. The most endearing part of this set is that it comes with some spare pieces in the box, in case some of the playing items get dented or become unusable.

Guess what? Get Out doesn't charge the buyers anything extra for those. Another really impressive aspect is that the entire set in made of solid pinewood, making it really durable.

As the set is made of pinewood, the items are weatherproof and can be played in any season. Rain would not be an issue in terms of the durability and the pieces getting affected. As a bonus, the set comes at a reasonable price.

Another impressive fact about the set is that the pieces come with protective gear for each one of them. It offers a great way to carry the pieces without worrying they’ll get dents. The pieces are known to be usually shatter-proof, which is a really good side for the set.

For people living in areas where it snows a lot, they will be really pleased to know that this set is also perfect for playing in such conditions. The box and the user manuals specifically mention that the set is playable on every sort of surface there is.

If one may think of it, Get Out is really the 'jack of all trades' set of this game. Spare parts, waterproof bag, can be played on snow- it offers everything that backs up their hypothesis of being the top quality kubb set in the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • Spare pieces can come handy if one of the main ones are broken.
  • The carrying bag is made of mesh, so premium quality.
  • Durability is not compromised thanks to the material.
  • Can be played on every surface, even on snowy ones..
  • Weatherproof, therefore rain isn't a problem.

7. EasyGoProducts Kubb The Viking Wooden Lawn Game Set

EasyGoProducts has been ruling the market for its wide range of entertainment-based products. Ever since the popularity of Kubbs started increasing, they have weighed in with some of their sets. But the most eye-catching one they offer is the Outdoor Lawn Game Set.

The remarkable part about this set from EasyGoProducts is that users do not need to worry about the shapes and sizes of the set. Like Kubb Empire's Tournament Edition one, EGP has also made this set with the professional game in mind.

Therefore, the pieces of the set are standard ones according to the actual measurements required for the game. However, they’re 20% thinner compared to tournament ones to provide better portability.

EasyGoProducts have also taken note of users emphasizing on how important the carrying bag is to them. They have really impressed everyone by giving a waterproof bag with it which brings expediency for the users.

With rain a common trait among many countries, it's really a handful to have a carrier bag which can keep the pieces safe. People who have purchased this product have really been impressed by its quality.

Like the bag, the pieces are also really rounded out and does not have sharp edges which might result in injuries. All in all, EGP has really provided people who want to enjoy the game as a leisure sport with a pretty good choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1. Waterproof bag enables easily carryable pieces.
  • 2. Can be played on almost any surface.
  • 3. The pieces are really durable and smoothly cut.
  • 4. No issues with the measurements of the pieces.
  • 5. The pieces are 20% thinner for easy carrying.
Kubb Sets

Kubb Sets

Best Kubb Set Buying Guide For The Beginners

1. The Components

Before buying a Kubb set, one has to understand all the pieces that go into the set. For starters, there are 10 rectangular blocks made of wood which are 15 cm tall and 7 cm square on the end. There is also a king, a larger wooden piece than the others, standing at 30 cm tall and 9 cm square.

There are also 6 batons, same height as the king's (30 cm long) and 4.4 cm in diameter. Finally, there are six field marking pins, 4 for each corner of the pitch, and 2 to mark the center. 

2. Material

As one might have noticed, Kubb is a game played outdoors or on hard surfaces. Sure, they can be played on sands but hard surfaces are more fun to play on.

As the components of a Kubb set are all wooden, the quality of the wood is the most important while buying the set.  There are various types of wood that are used to make Kubb Sets. But the most prevalent one amongst the many is the poplar one.

Made from Poplar trees, the main reason Poplar wood is used is that they're very cost-friendly and are the most lightweight among all the other hardwoods.

Poplars are not only popular in terms of making Kubbs, they are admired for making drums, drum sticks, cricket bats and also other accessories. Being lightweight, Poplar made Kubbs are easier to hold, throw and reduce risks of injuries if hit by one of the playing items.

However, many do not like their kubb items to be lightweight. Therefore, using hard and heavyweight woods like Oak, Beech, Ash are also known to be popular amongst people for the ingredients for Kubb sets.

The concept here is that harder components make the set relatively more long-lasting.

3. Precision And Durability

Wooden playing items or just about anything requires precision in finishing. If they do not have that, they will increase the chances of bad injuries, cuts from the pieces. Kubb is a game that requires throwing pieces of wood to another, the cuts on the pieces need to be examined properly before buying.

Then comes the size of the playing pieces. Kubb is a game that requires the pieces to be exact and accurately measured according to the rules. Make sure the measurements described in the previous paragraphs are properly followed by the manufacturer.

4. Size Of The Pieces

One also has to keep it in mind that Kubb Sets' efficiency or long-lastingness will not just depend on the type of wood that it is used to make. There are a lot of other factors. For example, people like playing games with a realistic vibe. Many Kubb sets have pieces that do not match the required size.

Therefore, before buying, one has to keep in mind the sizes that professional Kubb games require and may want to test out the measurements themselves before buying.

5. Surface Type

Another issue is the kind of surface that is required to play on. Various types of woods are there in the market that are used to make the sets. Not all are suitable for every place.

For example, solid pinewood is perfect for snowy conditions. Other kinds of wood like Oak, Bleech are not that much suited. Therefore, before buying the game set, this is an important aspect to keep in mind. Another one is the type of precision among the set of pieces.

6. Warranty

Many Kubb players have complained about their sets getting dented very soon. One has to remember that no matter how good the set is, continuous hitting against each other will result in any wood to get dented pretty soon. T

There isn’t much to do about it. But with that in mind, one should buy sets which offer warranties or replacements for pieces should they get dented.

7. Storage

Lastly, one issue that may or may not be major to some is the quality of the carrying bag that is offered with the sets.

For example, if one lives near places where it rains a lot, they might want to buy a set that comes with a waterproof bag. Some companies do offer those, some do not.

But, at the very least, the bag should be of good quality as it will be designated to carry quite some amount of wood in it. And a carrier bag of premium build goes a long way to satisfy the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Many People Can Play This Game?

Answer: As we have mentioned earlier that this is a family game, the number of players can range from 2 to 12. Any number of people in this range can play together, which is why this is such a popular family game.

As there are a lot of people who can play it, it can also be played individually or even in teams. In terms of teams, both the teams need to be equal.

Q2. What Are The Best Kubb Sets In The Market?

Answer: Well, the quality of a Kubb set is quite objective. Because it depends on a lot of things like weight, quality, durability, etc. Therefore, to every person, quality may differ otherwise.

The main buying factor for a Kubb set can vary according to people's convenience. Many people may choose certain brands, or many may look for other aspects. Durable sets are the most common aspect that people keep looking for nowadays.

Many people prefer their sets to be lightweight, many prefer it to be a heavyweight. Also, there are other issues like the quality of the carrier bag.

Some companies provide waterproof bags for the sets. Whereas there are many bags which are made of mesh and ensures proper distribution of the weight of the pieces.

Q3. What To Do When The Pieces Get Dents?

Answer: One has to remember that woods, despite how hard or durable the woods are, after constant hitting for a certain period, the woods are certain to get dents on them.

Therefore, the ones which are prone to dents after a comparatively longer time. What’s great about Kubb sets is that in their many user manuals, they always mention how long the pieces are to last.

Therefore, it should not come as a shock. If you need superior durability, the ones on a relatively higher price range offer different sets that do not get dented at all.

Q4. What Are The Finest Types Of Woods That Make The Sets?

Answer: Poplar is the most appropriate sort of wood that is used for making these sets. As those are lightweight and are easier to carry, Poplar made sets are becoming more and more popular day by day. But other elements are also used to make them.

Woods like Oak, Bleech are really good for the Kubb sets. They are known to create the most long-lasting kind of sets in the market.

Q5. Can This Game Be Played On Any Surface?

Answer: The answer is yes, but with some conditions. Some sets can be played on every surface and there are some that don’t facilitate that.

For example, most of the products we reviewed in this article can be played on almost any surface, be it snow, sand, or wooden surface. Make sure you check the surface suitability before buying any model.

Final Words

Kubb is a game that has been becoming more and more popular nowadays. For playing outside, or spending time together, it is really a great way to bond with your loved ones.

It is also a perfect way of spending quality time in a BBQ or a Picnic. While the rules may seem a tad difficult to some, they really are quite easy once one gets playing.

Best Kubb sets aren’t set in stone since the choice varies from person to person. Any set that is convenient for the players and comes within the right price range, should be considered as the most suitable for that particular group of people.