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Top 10 Best Funko Pop Protectors in 2021 – Buying Guide

Any toy collector will agree to the fact that Funko Pop figures are a must-have in their repertoire. Who wouldn’t want these 4-inch tall vinyl figures with exaggerated facial features standing on the shelf!

And because these figures are none other than those of your favorite Marvel heroes, they’re even better!

However, when your precious possessions include Funk Pop characters, it’s your responsibility to protect them well. After all, you want admiration from your geeky friends who are into movies and comics about Hulk, Spiderman, and other heroes.

With so many brands of protection available for your favorite Pops, how would you know which ones are the best Funko Pop protectors for you?

These protectors must be such that they bring out the most remarkable features of your figurines.

Besides, these must be resistant to scratches and harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. We have compiled the top ten protectors for your Pops. Do read through the entire article to get a thorough brief.

Top 10 Best Funko Pop Protectors Reviews In 2021

1. Funko 3.75-Inch Vinyl Plastic POP Protector

Your premium Pops need a premium plastic packaging!

Go ahead and collect as many as you can of these Funko Pop protectors! They stand 3-3/4-inch tall and give the right protection to your precious figurines.

You don’t even need to open your Pop characters from their original packaging. The clear plastic protector will display your toys perfectly without any visual hindrance.

To put your Pop inside, take off the top lid and place it in easily. However, hold the bottom of the box while putting the figure inside to prevent it from giving away accidentally.

These Pop protectors are long-lasting and keep your toys in mint condition. What’s more, you can stack your toys as they interlock just right. Hence, in one protector, you can store more than one figurine.

Putting in more than three figures is not recommended by users. However, you can do so when the sides of the box provide proper support.

The design of the protector has been done carefully so that the figurines will not move inside, causing damage. Plus, it protects your precious from dust, animal fur, and any accidental fluid spills.

The good fit and sturdiness of the box make them preferred over other types of cases. Made from premium plastic, they are light and easily portable so you can move them about with zero hassle.

However, beware of getting scratches on the surface when handling them.

All said and done, your characters would be delighted to find a new home where everyone can see them in all their glory!

Highlighted Features:

  • Premium plastic protector of size 3-3/4-inch.
  • It allows the stacking of up to 3 figures
  • Sturdy packaging that lasts long.
  • It offers a clear view without any hindrance.
  • Tight fit to prevent figures from moving.

2. Gosu Toys Clear Plastic Protector Case

Keep your Funko Pops figures snug in a hug!

This protective case for your Pops comes with the inner dimensions of 4.5-inch by 6.25-inch by 3.5-inch. Thus, you can put any regular size Pop heroes inside without any worry. It’s just the right fit to keep all your favorite figurines snug and tight.

There’s a film of protection on the box that can be taken off by pulling a tab easily. You don’t this film when you want to display your toys with crystal clarity.

Get this package of 40 boxes so that you can safely put away all the Funko Pop characters in your collection without any fear of damage. The 0.35-millimeter thick wall of the box does a swell job of keeping away all the dust.

With the perfect design and thickness of materials used, these protectors last for a long time. Hence, they keep your characters in pristine condition for years.

Each box needs to be unwrapped individually. This works well for those who are putting in one Funko Pop character at a time. It could be a little frustrating for those planning to put all the 300 characters in at one go!

If you find the box a little bent out of shape, don’t worry. As soon as you put your toy in, the box will assume the correct shape. Moreover, you can stack these boxes on top of one another, thus making the most use of your space.

With no tab to lock the top panel, you can comfortably slip in and out your toy without damaging it.

Highlighted Features:

  • An inner dimension of 4.5-inch by 6.25-inch by 3.5-inch for the right fit.
  • Protective film on the box with an easy-peel tab.
  • The package includes 40 boxes.
  • For convenience, no tab for locking the top panel of the box.
  • Each box needs separate unwrapping.

3. PLAYOLY Pop Protector Case for Funko

Timeless toys are what collectors of Funko Pop characters dream about.

And to preserve these collectibles time after time, this pack of ten protective cases is here to make your dreams a reality.

Made from the highest quality of RAW PET plastic, these will preserve your collection like no other. That’s because the plastic material has none of the usual PVC components that contain chlorine. Over time, chlorine breaks down and has a bleaching effect on all that it comes in touch with.

The protector has an extra thick plastic that’s soft and absolutely clear. You can easily stack your collection of Pops one over another without any fear of damaging the box. Since you don’t need to take off the original packaging of the toys, they remain in their finished condition inside the protector.

Every box in the package needs to be unwrapped separately. You’ll find that each one is wrapped in a protective film. You can peel this off without any hitch. This film provides protection against any scratches on the box.

To keep everything inside sitting tightly, the protective case has push-lock tabs on the top panel. The auto-locking system on the bottom panel comes especially in use when you’re assembling the box. It prevents this side from falling apart.

With such a secure locking system on the main sides of the box, you may rest assured that your toys will stay safe even if your protector takes a tumble by accident.

This product has been manufactured keeping in mind the safety of the environment. All the parts of the PET plastic case are reusable and recyclable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pack of 10 boxes made from highest-grade RAW PET plastic for durability.
  • Reusable and recyclable material that’s environment-friendly.
  • Superior locking system to prevent the figurines from moving inside.
  • Easy-to-peel film on the protector to prevent scratches.
  • Extra thick and soft plastic gives a clear view.

4. Chalice Case for 4-Inch Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

As Baby Yoda is doing its round on the Internet, how about adding one to your Funko Pop collection! It will surely appreciate in value in the years to come, especially if you keep it well preserved in a Pop protector.

For all Funko Pop 4-inch characters, we present you this protective case that has few competitors when it comes to its quality. Line up as many as 5 Pops – one on top of another – without affecting the bottom of the toy.

With a commendable 0.5-millimeter thick wall, this box will give supreme shielding to your valuable collectibles. For your convenience in assembling and easy storage, the bottom of the box has a pop-up opening.

This product is the answer to any collector’s requirements. It’s transparent and colorless, offering an unobstructed view. As it’s sturdy and light, it is easily portable. Its impact-resistant feature means that your toys won’t be affected if the box accidentally falls.

Since this product is custom-made for your Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, and other characters, you can preserve and display them at the same time. There’s no fear of crushing the bottom of the toys. Moreover, it makes for easy assembling of the boxes from a flat shape to a perfectly crisp one.

It’s one of the best Funko Pop protectors as it is naturally colorless and its material is recyclable and reusable. Hence, if you choose this, you’ll be making a choice that goes easy on the environment. Besides, the acid-free and archive-quality PET plastic material will keep your toys free from dust and handling.

Highlighted Features:

  • Custom-made box for 4-inch Funko Pop characters.
  • Transparent, colorless, and 0.5-millimeter thick walls for protection.
  • 5 boxes can be stacked on top of one another.
  • Made from acid-free, high-quality PET plastic.
  • Protects against fingerprints and dust.

5. Pop Protector Case for Funko

Even the strongest superheroes need some protection. And that’s what you’re going to give to your 4-inch superhero Pops!

For casual fans and die-hard collectors alike, this protective case is a life-saver for their favorite toys. The clear and acid-free case is made of strong walls based on proprietary technology. You can flaunt your collection without letting any dust or fingerprints get on them.

At times your box can take a fall and damage your toys inside. But with this product, your characters won’t get damaged even when the case falls. That’s because the top part has a locking mechanism that keeps the toys inside fit snugly.

Plus, the structural strength and the ability to absorb any high impact also ensure the toys stay intact.

A protective film covers the box so that it reaches you in pristine condition, with no marks or scratches. In addition, the TruFit technology that this protector has applied will make sure the original packaging of your character fits right in. That’s less hassle for you as you don’t need to take it out at all.

Since you can retain the original packaging, your toys will need less handling and thus, they will maintain their factory condition. This is sure to increase the worth of your collection.

This protector for your Pops is very easy to assemble so you can spend less time in the process of assembling and more time admiring your collection. These crystal clear shielding boxes come in a pack of 50. So, if you have a massive collection, it’s worth it.

Highlighted Features:

  • A clear and acid-free case made of strong walls.
  • TruFit Technology to ensure Funko Pops fit right.
  • High impact and strong structural features ensure toys are intact.
  • Each case is covered in an anti-scratch film.
  • Easy assembling for convenience and saving time.

6. 30 Funko Pop Case Protector

Want to show off all your Funko Pop characters together? Then this is your chance!

This pack of 30 protectors for your vintage and valuable Pops will keep them safe while showing them to their finest appearance.

With a crystal clear plastic, not a corner of your figures will get hidden. This is suitable for any standard 4-inch Pops. No need to jostle and struggle to get them inside the protector. These have been made to fit these like a glove.

Afraid that the box might tumble and your heroes would become unrecognizable? That won’t be the case as long as you put them in these cases. They are hard and come with extra locks on the back. So, even if the case falls, your collectibles will remain just as they were when you bought them.

What’s more, these protectors are made from high-quality PET material that doesn’t harm our environment. These are acid-free and provide a museum-quality display. That also means they will last for a lifetime and so will your characters.

To shield your possessions against dust, fingerprints, harmful UV rays, scratches, and moisture, these boxes will give them 100% guaranteed protection.

It’s easy to assemble these cases and the crease that you get are smooth and well-defined. The tab on the top panel adds to the security and it’s easy to put in and take your figurines out of the box.

Once you have assembled these boxes, you can stack them on top of each other to display your collection of rare Pops. Moreover, because of the tabbed lid, you won’t face any hassle when stacking them. Everything fits smoothly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pack of 30 crystal clear PET protectors.
  • Environment-conscious PET material used.
  • The tabbed lid and extra back locks for extra security.
  • Gives the snug and the right fit for any 4-inch Pops.
  • Easy to assemble and gives a neat crease.

7. Ultra Pro Premium Figurine Display for Funko POP

If you are the owner of Funko Pop and other figurines and don’t know how to arrange them, then this protector could serve your purpose.

A unique protective case, it can store Pops and other toys that go beyond just the standard 4-inch size. Use this to shield and display your collectibles that may measure 4.5-inch, 3.5-inch, or 6.25-inch.

The ultra-clear feature of the acid-free plastic material of the protector ensures that your display is loud and clear. You don’t need to take the toys out from their original boxes. If you’re a seasoned collector of Pops and other superhero figurines, put them on a real show with these cases.

As these are made from PVC-free materials, these are friendlier for the environment as well as for your toys. PVC contains chlorine which tends to bleach anything that comes into contact with it. Hence, this box without PVC is a smarter choice.

Moreover, the acid-free property of these boxes is also resistant to UV rays that can discolor the toys or make the colors fade away fast. They are also resistant to scratches and won’t give any foggy effect.

The sturdy and thick plastic of the case ensures durability and any damage due to a fall. They also enable the boxes to be stacked on top of one another without harming the contents.

The double slide lock feature gives a more secure fit to the toys and keeps them away from harm.

There is also some buffer space between the protector and the original box of your Pop figure. Some users prefer this extra space.

Highlighted Features:

  • Double-slide locking mechanism keeps the figurines protected.
  • Ultra-clear and acid-free acrylic material for a clear display.
  • More environment-friendly as no PVC used.
  • Protects from dust, scratches, UV rays.
  • Sturdy and thick for durability.  

8. Funko POP! Vinyl Figure Display Case

You want your Dragon Ball Z Pop characters to be shown in their action but your protector doesn’t give a clear view. What do you do?

Well, you can buy this 5.5-inch by 4-inch by 3.25-inch protector that gives a clear 360-degree view of all your action figures. Now you have more display options than the usual stacking style. Plus, you can take these toys out from their original box and store them in these cases.

If you want to you can add more chutzpah by putting each case under a spotlight. Your fellow collectors would be amazed by such a unique display that reveals all the details!

Unlike the other hard plastic cases that break easily or get chipped, these protectors are made from high-quality PET material. With a thickness of 0.5 millimeters, your valuable collectibles will stay in their true colors forever. The box will protect them from fingerprints, dust, UV rays, and moisture.

The colorless transparency of the boxes is what makes them endearing to seasoned collectors of Funko Pop figures. On top, they are light and easily portable. Also, their good quality makes them resist high impact and they will protect your toys in case the case takes a fall.

With a metallic base that is colored and appealing, you can be sure that your toys have solid ground beneath their feet. These bases are sturdy and flat, keeping the figures firmly planted, even in case of an accidental fall.

You can also stack these boxes as the rigidity of the base provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

Easy to assemble, just unfold the flat cases and put them into their right shape and form. With an individual protective film on each case, you get a pack of 5 boxes free from scratches or marks.

Highlighted Features:

  • 360-degree clear view from all sides to show details.
  • A colored metallic base for firm placement.
  • Made from high-grade PET material for durability
  • Pack of 5, easy to assemble.
  • You can display the figurines in stacking style.

9. Funko Pop Acid-Free Plastic Protector Case

Only Funko Pop collectors know the worth of having vintage figures that last a lifetime.

To protect yours from the effects of time, you can invest in a lot of 100 protective cases so that your toys stand the test of time.

Using PVC-free, high-quality RAW PET material, these protectors will keep your prized possessions from the onslaught of dust, UV rays, moisture, and fingerprints. The result: a mint condition of all your toys with their colors as vibrant as before.

With a 0.35-millimeter thick wall and a clear material, your Pops are safe and sound in this box. You can have both a clear display and get rid of any fear of your collectibles getting damaged in the event of a tumble.

The soft plastic of the case makes it easy to handle and stack on top of one another. You can keep the original packaging of your figures on as these will fit warm and snug into these protectors.

The boxes have been wrapped separately with a film to protect them from scratches and dirt. Thus, you have the confidence to display your collection clearly with zero hassle.

With a bottom that locks automatically, you have no need to worry about dropping your Hulk figure while you’re putting it in the box. Moreover, there’s a push-lock tab that ensures you of more security. Even if the box falls, your figures would still hold their position inside.

Since these protectors have been made from PET material, it shows their concern for the environment. They are reusable, recyclable, and can be upcycled too. So, you will do yourself and the environment a favor when you get these boxes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pack of 100, clear boxes for a superb display.
  • Stackable and comes with secured locks and tabs.
  • 0.35-millimeter thick wall to protect toys during a fall.
  • Made from PET material for a better environment.
  • Each box wrapped in an individual film for protection.

10. Katana Collectibles Protector Case

You don’t want your favorite celebrity and artist Funko Pop figures to ever fade away. They are a reminder of the good things in life.

Although all good things must come to an end, it’s not necessarily so with your collectibles. These protective cases are here to ensure they enjoy a lifetime on your shelves.

Each case has a crystal clear cover so that your toys don’t get covered by any foggy plastic material. What’s the use of having these toys if you can't display them properly!

The boxes have been well designed for giving the contents the highest security. The bottom panel has an auto-lock system so that your Pop figures won’t fall on the ground when you put them inside. There’s also a tab on the top lid that locks, giving the toys all the security they need.

If you want to stack the boxes, go right ahead. Their sturdiness and rigidity along with their walls of 0.35-millimeter thickness make stacking a worry-free process.

Put all the regular sized Funko Pop characters into these protectors and forget about any maintenance. They are going to be shielded from moisture, marks, fingerprints, and UV rays. Thus, your toys will retain all their original colors and shades.

Every one of the 5-pack case set is wrapped in a protective film so that you get these free from any scratches. These are easy to assemble as they come in flattened shapes and need to be put in their right form. After assembly, the dimensions are 7.5-inch high by 8.25-inch wide by 3.625-inch deep.

Highlighted Features:

  • Auto-locking bottom and lock-tab on top for security.
  • Crystal clear material with 0.35-millimeter thick walls for display.
  • Protects from UV rays, fingerprints, scratches and moisture.
  • 5-pack set with individual protective film for each case.

Best Funko Pop Protectors Buying Guide

1. Material

Check for the material from which the protector is made. Go for crystal clear plastic or acrylic ones. It’s important to display your Pops correctly. Hence, a clear view is important.

If you are conscious about the environment, then the Best Funko Pop Protectors for you will be the ones free from PVC and acid. Both are harmful to the environment. If you pick boxes made from PET material, you’ll favor the environment as these are recyclable and reusable.

Besides, the material should be resistant to scratches and marks, UV rays, moisture, and animal fur.

2. Thickness Of Walls

The thickness of the walls of the protective cases is a very important consideration before you buy them. That’s because in the event they fall on the floor, their wall thickness will have a direct impact on the toys inside.

Look for at least 0.35 mm of wall thickness. If you can get boxes with 0.5 mm thick walls, even better. The thicker the wall, the more secured your collectibles are.

3. Dimensions

Most of the Funko Pop characters have a height of 4 inches. When you buy a protector, make sure these are a little higher so that your toys fit in well. Moreover, if you collect other figures as well and want to protect them or display them along with the Pops, look for a larger size.

4. Locking Mechanism

Putting in and taking out the toys from the protector should be a safe and secure process. Tabs that lock on the top lid and auto-locking system on the bottom panels ensure your figures remain safe. Moreover, these locking systems should be rigid, enabling you to stack the boxes on top of one another.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why Should I Use A Funko Pop Protector?

Answer: If you really care about your Funko Pop characters, then you should use a protector for them. These keep the toys inside securely with their base. In addition, you won’t lose the color of your characters as the protector will keep away UV rays, dust, and scratches.

Also, the protector will enable you to stack the boxes for a cool display. These shields are made in a way that makes the figurine fit in well. So, even if the protective case takes a tumble, your toys will be unharmed.

2. What’s The Most Appropriate Dimension Of Protector?

Answer: The most apt dimensions of a Funko Pop protector should have a height a little over 4 inches. That’s because standard Pops come in a size of 4-inche height. Therefore, the protective case should be a little taller for easy accommodation.

However, some users go for a larger dimension to give some buffer space between the Pop’s original packaging and the protective case.

3. How Do You Assemble Funko Pop Protectors?

Answer: Assembling of protectors for Funko Pop characters is easy. You will get them in a flattened state. Just bend out at the creases to give the box its shape and correct form. Pay attention to the top and bottom panel lids. Some protectors come with an extra or auto-locking mechanism at these places.

Be careful when you’re putting the toy inside because if you haven’t assembled the box properly, the bottom panel might give away and your character will fall on the ground.

4. If I Stack The Funko Pop Protectors, Will They Fall?

Answer: If you buy good quality Funko Pop protectors that have a lid on the top panel that closes properly, then stacking the boxes won’t be a problem. Make sure the top panel is flat so that the bottom of the next protector can rest on it securely.

If the top lid is bent or any part of it is sticking out, then the next box will not sit firmly on it.

5. Why Does The Material Of Funko Pop Protectors Matter?

Answer: It’s very important to choose a material of your Funko Pop protector that would clearly show your toy with all its details. Always go for a crystal clear protector material. Do try to get a protector that offers a clear 360-degree view so you can see your toy from all angles.

Another thing to remember is that the material of your protective case has an impact on the environment. You will make the right choice if you buy one that is acid-free and contains no PVC. Go for protectors made from PET plastic that is reusable and recyclable.

Final Word

An informed choice is the best choice!

It’s never too late to take up collecting Funko Pop characters as a hobby. You can take tips from your collector friends or get advice on an online forum. There are superheroes with whom you have a special bonding since childhood. Why not extend this fun association and keep Funko Pops in your room!

With the best Funko Pop protectors that are now available solely to shield these characters, you don’t need to worry much about their maintenance. You can admire them while they are still in their original packaging and protected by another case. You can also save space by stacking them on top of one another.

There are many brands of these cases but only some careful research can lead you to the finest products. This post will save you plenty of hunting time as it cuts to the chase. It highlights only the ones that are worth investing in. Hope it will benefit you to make the right choice.

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