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11 Best Fort Building Kits In 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Kids are curious by nature. They are imaginative and are keen to understand on how things work. When kids play, they not only get to practice decision making, but also learn new skills!

Yes plastic toys and plush animals are fun, but there is something else that is even more fun to play with. They are fort building kits!

Fort building kits allow you and your little ones to create amazing structures. Kids will be able to create caves, forts, tunnels, or even rocket ships! They are not only fun to play with, but are educational as well.

Fort kits help to increase your child’s critical thinking, social, and leadership skills. It is the type of playing set that is not only engaging, but contributes to your child’s growth and development as well.

Now before you rush to your favorite toy store and get the best fort building kit for your child, give our article a read. We have picked the finest kits in the market that your kids will love!

Fort Building Kits Buying Guide For Beginners

1. Type

There are several different types of forts and playhouses available on the market. It is crucial that you know about all the types before purchasing one.

The variant that consists of fort building sticks and balls are the most commonly seen. These consist of plastic sticks of different lengths and connector balls that need to be put together.

One of the major benefits of this variant is that you can get creative with it and create a range of unique structures.

The second variant comes in the form of a complete playhouse. These are basically standalone play tents for toddlers that requires little effort to assemble. They have a specific theme such as a house or cabin and can be used outdoors.

2. Size

Fort building kits come in various sizes. The size of the structure you will create depends on the number of components.  With more sticks and connector pieces, you can create bigger structures that can accommodate 2 or more kids.

If you are looking to build massive forts and castles, select the product with a higher number of pieces. This will give your children sufficient room to play inside the fort.

It will also allow you to put in additional toys. If you want something small that can fit in your child's room, purchase the smaller indoor forts for sale.

3. Features

Readymade forts come with an array of useful features. Some forts come with multiple flap doors and windows that provide ventilation. Others have tunnels that can be used to access other forts. Others are reversible, which allows you to set them inside out. Select the product that has the most features.

4. Portability

Portability is one of those factors that are always welcomed, and in the case of fort building kits portability is a bonus. Some kids tend to enjoy playing outdoors more than they do indoors. Kits that come with a travel bag allows you to carry it anywhere. This means that trips will never be boring for the kids.

5. Quality

Quality is an important factor to consider purchasing a kids fort builder. The components need to hold together well to keep the fort stable. Also, it needs to be strong enough to withstand children's activities. The best fort building kit usually comes with quality components that will give your years of service.

6. Expandability

At some point, you may think of building bigger forts. You don't have to purchase a different brand in order to do this. Some fort building kits are expandable. You simply have to purchase another set of the kit and use it with your existing kit.

This way you can create bigger structures and increase the children’s play area. It might also open the doors to new fort designs.

Our Top 11 Best Fort Building Kit Reviews In 2021

1. Crazy Forts, Purple, 69 pieces

Let your kid’s imagination fly with crazy forts!

Crazy forts give your children the flexibility to build various shapes. It consists of sticks and balls that when connected forms a structure. You can create massive cubes or forts and cover them with a blanket or a sheet to complete the setup.

The product consists of 69 pieces. It consists of 44 brightly-colored green plastics sticks and 25 purple balls. The balls have multiple slots where the fort building sticks can be fitted. You can also join the pieces with another set of Crazy Forts to create massive structures.

When it comes to building quality, the structure when put together can withstand years of fort building. The parts are well made and form sturdy formations.

The construction toy is relatively simple to set up. To build a frame, simply insert and twist the sticks in the slots. For the right configuration, the ball should have the Crazy Forts logo facing upwards. Repeat the process until you have finished creating the fort.

It is a fun activity that will keep kids engaged and entertained. By building creative structures, children will develop motor skills and increase social interaction amongst themselves. The product is compatible with kids ages 5 and above.

The set is quite portable. Although the box of Crazy Forts cannot be reused, you can put all the contents and put them in a plastic container and take it with you. It also comes with an instruction booklet, which consists of various fort designs. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Build forts of various shapes.
  • Easy to build and doesn’t take much time.
  • Increases motor skills and social interaction of children.
  • Components have a great build quality.
  • It can be joined with additional sets.

2. Discovery Kids Construction Fort 32pc Build & Play 

Unlimited fun at an affordable cost. Discover your child’s inner creativity with this Fort building kit from Discovery kids.

This product will keep the little ones busy for hours. It consists of 72 pieces that are comprised of plastic blue sticks and orange balls. Simply start connecting the pieces and let your imagination take over. It has a sufficient amount of components for a decent sized fort.

You can also use another set of Discovery kid's fort building kit to build bigger structures. After the construction is complete, simply put a sheet or a blanket over the structure to complete the setup. As easy as it is to build, you can disassemble it in a short time.

When it comes to stability, the completed structure can hold its shape very well. Even though it is sturdy, the weight of the blanket can cause the structure to bend slightly. To avoid this problem, simply use a blanket with low mass, and you will be all set.

Quality Wise, the product is decent. The components are made with great quality plastic which will not wear out easily. The sticks are easy to insert and stay locked in place. 

The product is suitable for kids of all ages. With a bit of adult supervision, it is possible to build creative and unique structures that will keep the kids entertained and engaged. The set provides collaborative play between boys, girls, and adults as well.

The product is an ideal gift for your children as it will bring the entire family together.

Highlighted Features:

  • Build unique and creative structures.
  • 72 pieces are sufficient for a decent sized fort
  • .Forms stable structures that will hold the shape well.
  • Suitable for kids of all ages.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.

3. The Original AirFort No-Floor Design 

Don't want to go through the hassle of assembling a fort part by part? Then the Original Airfort is the perfect product for you.

The Airfort is an inflatable playhouse that requires no assembly. To inflate the playhouse simply attach a box fan in the front. Within 30 seconds, it will be inflated! The fort measures 6.5 ft. in diameter and 4 ft. in height when inflated, which is spacious enough to accommodate multiple children and parents as well.

The playhouse has a no-floor design. This eliminates the chances of floor shifting. Also, you don't have to worry about cleaning any food spills. The fort features multiple viewing windows which allows kids to see outside. It also comes with a mesh divider that prevents the kids from reaching the box fan.

The spacious fort is ideal hangouts and playdates. It can also be used as a private play space for your kids. It doesn't contain any doorways to access the tent. It basically hovers over the ground so you can access it from any side by simply lifting one side of the tent.

The product is made with a lightweight material which makes it soft and breathable. The airflow of the fan doesn't disturb the children's play as it gets diffused by the mesh fabric. The fort has sufficient space to fit in pillows and blankets, making it ideal for sleepovers.

With 7 exciting color variations to choose from, Airfort makes the best fort building kits on the market. Your children will have a hard time choosing which one they love more!

It also comes with a matching travel bag, which you can use to take it with you on trips. The bag is incredibly small and doesn’t require much storage space. 

Highlighted Feature:

  • Fort assembles within 30 seconds.
  • Sufficient room for multiple kids.
  • Lightweight material makes the playhouse breathable.
  • It comes with a carrying bag for travel and storage.
  • Accessing and exiting the fort is very easy.

4. Straw Constructor STEM Building

Fun, engaging and innovative. These words define the STEM building toy set.

This product is a STEM-based toy set that consists of 300 vibrantly colored pieces. The pieces consist of interlocking straws and connectors that are fun to use. It is a multipurpose building set that helps children enhance their engineering and motor skills.

The colorful plastic straws fit perfectly with the connector pieces. The straws can be flexed to create arches. This allows you or your kids to create unique structures. They will be able to create forts, tunnels, caves, rockets, or even a boat!

The variation in the color of the straws enhances children's imagination. It also helps with color recognition and learning.  They can create their own or team up with a friend and construct creative shapes. This will boost their social and leadership skills.

It not only promotes creativity as well as education. Kids will be able to learn the differences in colors from a young age, it will also help the young learners to learn basic mathematics such as addition and subtraction.

The components of the set are made with materials that are non-toxic and BPA free. In case the straws or the connectors get dirty, they can be cleaned with warm water and some soap. Quality-wise, the set is one of the finest in the market. The components don't feel cheaply made and are long-lasting.

Overall, the product has all the finest features, making it the best fort building kit in the market. As a cherry on top, the set even comes in a reusable bag that can be used to store the contents when not in use. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Kits consist of vibrantly colored components.
  • It doesn't contain harmful toxic elements and BPA.
  • It comes in a reusable bag that can be used for storage.
  • Promotes creativity and boosts social skills.
  • It can be used for educational purposes.

5. Everest Toys Crazy Forts, Glow in the Dark, 69 pieces

Building cool structures just got better with the glow in the dark fort building kit from Everest Toys.

The kit consists of 69 stick and ball pieces. The pieces are comprised of 25 glow in the dark balls that illuminates at low light. The balls are geometrically precise and can easily fit the sticks to create a wide range of creative structures.

Creating forts with this kit is quite straightforward. Simply attach the sticks with the glow in the dark connectors and let your imagination do the rest. Since the kit does not include fabric, you can use any sheet or blanket of your choice to go with the forts.

You can create various structures with the kit. Apart from forts, you can build caves, pirate ships, castles as well. With a bit of creativity, you can also create your unique structures of your own. If you are looking to build bigger structures, simply use another set of Crazy Forts and connect it with your kit.

Quality-wise, the kit is as good as the more expensive options on the market. The poles can support a considerable amount of weight from the fabric without exhibiting any flex. Also, this kids fort builder sticks lock firmly to the connectors, which is essential for building sturdy structures.

The kit promotes your children's motor skills as well as the ability to understand the designs and follow directions. Building forts with this kit also enhances social skills as it encourages interaction and teamwork.

Highlighted Features:

  • Glow in the dark components is fun to work with.
  • Enhances social skills and teamwork.
  • It can be combined with another set for bigger structures.
  • Components are made with good quality materials.
  • Connector pieces are geometrically precise.

6. EZ-Fort Building Kit

Toobeez is a well-known brand that focuses on making quality playhouses and forts. With EZ-fort, you can build a wide variety of structures that your kids will absolutely love.

The product comes with 54 pieces that include tubes of different lengths and locking mechanisms. The number of pieces may seem less, but it is perfect for building mini forts that can fit two children.

The size is perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. You can also use the second set of EZ-Forts to build bigger structures.

EZ-Fort is an excellent product for developing your child's critical thinking skills. It not only inspires your child to create unique structures but also increases their communication skills as you will be constantly interacting with your little ones to create amazing structures. You can also build your forts outdoors for additional fun.

The kit excels in terms of quality. The components are well made and form a stable structure when completed. The balls consist of many slots and are geometrically precise. The tubes lock into the slots well and don't dislocate easily.

The kit comes with a white fabric that can be used to cover the structures. Alternatively, you can use your blankets or sheets of your choice. The finished structure holds the weight of the blankets remarkably well. It doesn't bend or flex much under heavy stress which makes it durable.

The number of possible structures you can create with this product is endless. Create a castle, a fort, or a super special hideaway!

Highlighted Features:

  • Develops children’s critical thinking skills.
  • Components are durable and well made.
  • Connector balls and sticks are geometrically precise.
  • It can be used with additional kits to create bigger structures.
  • Easily fits in two children.

7. Fort Magic: Fort Building & Construction Toy Kit 

If you are looking for a kit that comes with all the bells and whistles, then Fort Magic is for you!

With Fort Magic, you can not only build forts, but a ship, and a submarine as well. It comes with 354 pieces that allow you to build big structures with ease. Your kids will be able to create unique structures for inventive play.

The product consists of straight and curved sticks that support the structure, and connector pieces of various shapes and lengths to join the sticks. It also comes with a color manual, which has the design of more than 20 structures that you can build.

The directions in the manual are easy to go through. You can get a frame ready within 15 minutes. As the product doesn't come with fabric, you have to add your own. This allows you to add sheets of different themes or colors to go with the design of the structure you have created.

The build quality of the components is simply excellent. The sticks are sturdy and provide great stability to the built structures. The connectors hold the fort building sticks firmly in place and don't dislocate from time to time, which is common on cheaply made fort building kits.

The endless possibilities of structures you can create with Fort Magic are simply amazing. You can either follow the designs that are in the instruction manual or get creative and build unique structures of your own.

Overall this is an innovative kids fort builder that will enhance your kid's imagination and promote creative play.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ignites your children’s creative imagination.
  • The instruction manual consists of over 20 exciting designs.
  • High build quality provides stability to the structures.
  • Building forts is fast and easy.
  • Enough components to create large structures.

8. Matchaccino Glow in The Dark Construction Fort Building Kit

Make your creations glow with the Matchaccino glow in the dark fort building kit.

Take your forts to the next level using this glow in the dark building kit. The 77-piece set is an excellent set to enhance your child’s creativity. Your child can create amazing structures that will be visible in the dark.

The kit consists of 28 connector pieces and 49 sticks. They can be arranged to create playful structures such as forts and hideaways. The set is perfect for kids who are 5 years of age or above.

One of the most interesting properties of the sticks is that they are incredibly flexible. This opens the door to more design options such as tunnels or curved caves. You can also combine the kit with another Matchaccino glow in the dark set to make massive structures.

The set can help encourage your child's development. As they will try to join the pieces and build a fort, they have to face multiple obstacles and take them as a challenge. By going through them, it will enrich your child's problem-solving skills, and hone in their imagination and creativity.

Quality-wise, the pieces are incredibly durable. The kit is made with strong plastic and can withstand any roughhousing by the kids. It can even be used outdoors for additional fun!

Highlighted Features:

  • Flexible sticks increase design options.
  • It can be used with another set to create massive structures.
  • Boosts your child’s imagination and creativity.
  • Structures will glow in low light.
  • Structures can be created outdoors.

9. Playlearn LARGE 800 Piece Straws

Create interesting structures with your little ones and educate them at the same time with the Playlearn Large 800 piece straws.

The Playlearn building set is designed to be both fun and educational. It allows your child to be creative from a young age. It also increases their thinking skills as they try to connect the pieces and build beautiful structures.

The 800 pieces consist of straws, connector pieces, and clips. The straws are flexible which allows your children to create arches. This allows them to construct shapes that have endless possibilities.

With a bit of creativity and imagination, kids will be able to create amazing structures such as castles, boats, and rocket ships!

The brightly colored straws perfectly interlock with connector pieces at different angles. The clips help to connect two straws increasing its length. With the number of pieces in the set, you can build massive structures. Also, you will not run out of pieces that easily.

Not only does the set excel in terms of quantity, but it also does for quality as well. The straws are quite thick are feels great in the hands. They measure 20mm in length and are 7mm wide.

They can withstand a reasonable amount of weight so you can drape a light sheet over the structure to complete the fort.

As the components are colored differently, you can use them to learn basic arithmetic calculations. The set also develops the child’s hand-eye coordination and communication skills.

The set comes in a storage box where you can keep all the pieces when not in use. This way you won't misplace or lose any of the components.

Highlighted Features:

  • Consists of brightly colored components.
  • It comes with 800 straws, connectors, and clip pieces.
  • Improves hand-eye coordination and communication skills.
  • Enhances the child’s critical thinking skills.
  • Components come in a storage box.

10. ZoZoplay Straw Constructor STEM Building Toys

Enhance your toddler’s development by using this amazing STEM building set from ZoZoplay!

The vibrant colored components will surely fill your child's heart with joy. It will be even more exciting for them when they create cool forts. With this stem building toy set, your toddlers will be able to build a wide variety of structures, starting from basic alphabets to cool castles.

The building kit is designed to increase your child's skills from a young age. It boosts hand-eye coordination and increases their perception skills. You can also use a kit to entertain and educate them.

The kit comes with 400 pieces, which are comprised of straws and connectors. The components fit together perfectly, and will not dislocate easily. However, you can bend them to create cool arches or any semi-circular shape. This gives you an opportunity to create any possible shapes.

When it comes to the quality of the components, the product ticks all the right boxes. The pieces when combined form sturdy structures. Also, they are durable and will last long. As the pieces are made out of plastic, you can give them a wash in case it gets dirty.

The components don't contain any harmful elements. They are non-toxic, BPA-safe and free of lead. It poses no threat to your child's health and is completely safe to play.

Highlighted Features:

  • Increases your child’s skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Children will be able to create a wide range of structures.
  • Free of any toxic substances.
  • The kit consists of 400 pieces.
  • Components can be washed if they get dirty.

11. Everest Toys Crazy Forts, Pink

A fort maker kit for the little princess in your house!

Everest fort building kit has 69 pieces which are comprised of plastic sticks and balls.  It is colored in pink for the little princess in your family.

Assembling the pieces doesn't take much time. The kit has sufficient pieces for creating a wide variety of structures. You can build cool structures such as caves, pirate ships, and castles. With a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can build your structures as well.

Crazy Forts excels when it comes to quality. The sticks are of equal length and the connector pieces are geometrically precise. The plastic sticks lock on to the balls perfectly, which is essential for making stable structures.

The structures you create with crazy forts are sturdy. It can withstand the weight of thick sheets or blankets without bending or flexing.  You can add another set of Crazy Forts and connect it with your existing one. This will allow you to create bigger shapes.

As the kit doesn't come with fabric, you have to drape your own sheets or blankets over it. You can use a princess themed sheet to match the pink building components.

Disassembling the fort is also very simple. As it doesn't come with a carrying bag, you can put the components in a container and store it.

Crazy Fort’s pink building kit will exercise your child’s mind and also help them to develop their motor skills. The kit also encourages social interaction and creative thinking skills.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Improves your child’s thinking skills.
  • Components are made with good quality plastic.
  • It can be used to make caves, pirate ships, and castles.
  •  It can be combined with another Crazy Fort set for bigger forts.
Fort Building Kits

Fort Building Kits

Benefits Of Using The Best Fort Building Kits for Your Kids

1. Increases Critical Thinking Skills

As simple as a kids fort builder kit may seem, it can get a bit difficult at times. Forts don't just assemble themselves. It requires critical thinking.

You may go through trial and error at first until you get it right eventually. This is a part of the learning process, and it boosts thinking and creativity.

Solving problems is a great way to exercise the mind. You can think of fort building kits as a puzzle. It will give you and the kids a great sense of accomplishment once the building phase is complete.

2. Boosts Social Interaction Skills

Teamwork makes solving problems a breeze. Kids need to constantly interact with each other and adults to build the structures. This increases their social and interaction skills

Building a fort encourages leadership skills, and the ability to focus and solve a problem. If the fort collapses somehow, it forces the kids to assemble it together as a team. Moreover, they can designate roles for building and complete the fort together.

3. Increases Creativity 

Building fort requires creativity. Furthermore, kids can get to build a wide array of unique structures using fort makers. They help to develop skills at an early age which will be crucial in real-life scenarios. 

They will eventually come up with new and unique ideas that can help them tackle any problems in a creative way.

Tips For Using Fort Creating Kits 

1. Location

The location of the fort matters. If you are building the fort indoors, create the structure on a good spot. For instance, you can build it near the window where your kids can enjoy the warmth of the natural sunlight. You can also build it facing the TV so that your kids have a fun movie night.

2. Add Toys For Additional Fun

You can always add toys to make the children's fort experience even more exciting. Adding items such as plush toys and plastic balls in the fort will keep them engaged in their play.

3. Teamwork

Working in groups makes the experience even better. When a problem arises, team members will step in and encourage each other to solve it. It boosts morale and most importantly enhances communication skills. It also gives the feeling of camaraderie and encourages learning.

4. Make It Personal

Why just build forts when you can build a wide variety of structures? You can build shapes that inspire children. For instance, if spaceships make your child happy, create the shape and drape a spaceship themed sheet over it. This way, you can simulate the feeling of being in a spaceship!

Safety Issues That You Should Take Care Of While Using It

1. Be Cautious Of Sharp Edges And Points

The components of the playhouse may have pointed edges. This may hurt the children during the building process. If a plastic component breaks, chances are that there will be sharp edges. It is best to discard any broken components, as it will eliminate the chances of an accident.

2. Small Components

Fort building kits may have small components. There is a chance that kids might accidentally swallow them. To avoid this make sure to take part and supervise the building process from start to finish.

3. Plastic Bags And Wraps

When you buy building kits, the components often come wrapped in plastic. If there are any, you should discard them right away as they may pose a strangulation hazard to the kids. You should also remove any tags or ribbons that come with the product.

4. Loose Cords And Strings

Some forts may have strings that are used to tying poles or anchoring forts to the ground. Strings that are more than 7 inches in length pose a threat to toddlers as it might get wrapped around their necks. If you find any loose strings, simply tie it to the poles or tuck them in.

5. Store The Fort When Not In Use

Forts can be easily disassembled.  If the fort is not being used simply disassemble it and store it in a safe location. You can take it out and assemble it again if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Build Forts Outdoors?

Fort building kits can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. The poles of the forts provide sufficient stability to be used in outdoor areas such as in parks or backyards. In case the structure gets dirty, you can easily clean it with a bit of soap and water.

2. What Is The Amount Of Space Required To Build A Fort?

It depends on the number of pieces that come with the fort maker set and the size of the fort you will be building. With a large number of pieces, you can create bigger and more spacious forts which will take up more space in your room.

The sets that have less number of pieces are perfect for toddlers. It also doesn’t take up much space and can be placed in any corner of the room.

3. What Type Of Fabric Can Be Used On Fort Building Kits?

It is better to use the fabric that comes in the set. The fort building kit may not be able to withstand the weight of the heavy fabric and might collapse.  If your set doesn't include fabric, simply drape a lightweight sheet over the fort. Sets that have sturdy poles can be used with heavy blankets.

4. Are Fort Building Kits Portable?

Most fort building kits are portable. Some sets contain a carrying kit that can be used for storage and traveling. The components of the fort don't weigh much which makes it easy to carry. You can also store the pieces in a plastic container and use it to carry the set.

5. Are Building Kits Easy To Use?

Building a fort may require some adult help initially. With so many pieces to join, kids may easily get confused. You may go through some trial and error before you build the perfect fort. But once your kids get the hang of it, they will be able to create complex structures with ease.

Final Word

A lot of kids these days spend their time playing computer games and watching their favorite cartoons on TV. These activities are entertaining of course, but don’t contribute much when it comes to creativity.

Building forts is an engaging activity that helps your child develop critical problem solving skills. The best fort building kits make playing engaging and educational and at the same time, improve your child’s communication, cognition, and hand-eye coordination.

In this article, we reviewed the finest fort making kits available on the market. We hope our reviews helped you narrow down your choices and get the kit that suits your child’s playing needs.