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Top 12 Best Dungeon Crawler Board Games of 2021

It doesn’t take much for one to snap out of boredom and start having fun for a change. One way to do that is to play a game with your friends and family. The ideal choice for a multiplayer game would be a dungeon crawler board game.

There are characters, exciting plots, sceneries, and quests that you need to follow and missions that you need to complete, and lastly, evil little monsters that you need to defeat. Surely, you’ll remain busy with a fun activity for some time.

Good games are hard to find, and for that, we are bringing you the best dungeon crawler board games.

What to Look before Buying Dungeon Crawler Board Games 

Not all board games would be appropriate for you. Some of them might interest you while the others, not so much. Before you go ahead and buy a dungeon crawler board game, here’s what you need to know:

1. Appeal

You wouldn’t like all the games available. So, you need to find a game that appeals to you. Different people like different kinds of games. People look at how much the hero can be upgraded or how many monsters the game carries or how challenging it is.

Everyone is not in a search for hardships or challenges. You have to decide which type of gamer you are. Do you like thrills, or do you like to win without any complexity? Depending on that, you’d have to choose which item would be suitable for you and would pique your interest.

In the instance of multiplayer games, a huge array of games can be categorized into a vast number of different categories quite easily. This could include eliminating other multiplayer games where you have to defeat or eliminate the rest of the players so that you could secure the winning position.

Then there are the cooperative games where it’s all about team building and how all of the players work together to win the game by finishing it. Only you would know which type is the best dungeon crawler board game for you.

2. Range of Your Age 

All board games have age restrictions. For minors, this is mainly because the rules of the game might be too difficult to grasp onto or simply due to the graphics of it. Another reason behind the age recommendation for the minors is that there may be choking hazard because of the game pieces.

The designer of the game decides the range of age. But, obviously, you can decide whether or not the game is fitting for you to play. People have dissimilar views on the range of the player's age for game suitability. A game with a range of 8-13 might be fun and exciting for adults and teenagers.

3. Accessibility of the Game 

For those who are just starting out to play board games, you’d be glad to know that these are very accessible. Usually, games look easy at first but get complex right after you start playing them.

In the case of board games, when you start to unpack them, they may come off as complicated-looking and might overwhelm you. But it gets easier once you start playing.

However, there are games that might take you a while to get the hang of, and if you are just a beginner, it would be better and more enjoyable to stick to something simple.

Every game has a separate set of rules, and the creators try to make it as simple as possible. But if you still feel that you might face difficulty, check the rules of the game and read the instructions on the company’s website or you can watch videos of the gameplay before deciding to get the dungeon crawler board game.

Best Dungeon Crawler Board Game Reviews

You would find plenty of games on the market, but not every one of them is enjoyable. That’s why we are here to present to you our well-researched recommendations. In this section, we are going to talk about our top 12 dungeon crawler board games that are certain to pique your interest.

1. Small World (Days of Wonder)

Are you looking for a game which has it all from monsters to adventurous scenarios that will not bore you even if you play it multiple times? Then, this is the one you should consider picking up.

With its affordable price tag, it becomes more alluring for those who just want to have some enjoyable time without having to spend much.

The games feature multiple upgradable characters such as ogres, witches, dwarves, and even humans. Here, the mission for you is to compete with others to conquer lands and to have supreme power over the world, which is too tiny for everyone to live in.

You would be able to choose from 14 separate fantasy-based races and will have the chance to acquire 20 distinctive superpowers. The main objective is to weaken your opponent by snatching their lands and expanding yours.

This is basically a civilization game which is lighthearted, follows a strong theme, and has a huge-box sized game with good quality illustrations. You’ll also find dozens of pieces of hills, mountains, tokens, badges, banners, fortress, lairs for trolls, coins to denote victory, and a dragon.

Lastly, the board has two sides, and each side has a configuration of 4 players. Surely the game is a multiplayer game, and up to 5 players can take part together.

To finish the entire game, you would not need more than 60 minutes if you don't get interrupted in between.

Highlighted Features 

  • Multiplayer Game
  • Euro components are of excellent quality
  • Offers challenging sceneries
  • Gameplay time is at most 60 minutes

2. Mice & Mystics

If you are in search of a game that has an extremely thrilling story and adventure, take a look at this one. This game has a background story that involves a king who’s been left alone with no other family but his son.

It further proceeds when a beautiful enchantress enters the scene and encapsulates the king's heart, and they later decide to marry. This is when trouble befalls the kingdom, and here is where the game starts.

In the game, the players would take up the role of the people whose loyalty still lies with their king, and their aim is to come out of the enchantress’s clutches.

You have to be aware of the minions and run through the huge castle to meet with the exit. The overall motive of the game is to make the king aware of the enchantress’s motives and to defeat her. You’ll find many characters such as Prince Collins, Soldiers, a healer, and mice.

Other figures you will get in the box are roaches, a cat, spiders, and rats, which are the hero’s adversaries. Plastic cheese crumbs come with the box as a power-up and to unlock new upgrades for the mice to make the journey out of the castle simpler.

This is a multiplayer game, but the best part about it is that you can also play it alone. With its enticing storyline and premium quality illustrations, you and your friends will never get bored. Rest assured, this is one of the best dungeon crawler board games.

Highlighted Features

  • Gripping storyline and illustration
  • Can be played solo and can accommodate up to 4 players
  • Has a gameplay time of 40-60 minutes
  • Reasonable price

3. Fantasy Flight Games’ A Game of Throne Board Game 2nd Edition

The thrilling, highly political and strategic series has released its second edition. Previously, in the 1st edition, King Robert Baratheon had died and, Westeros was preparing for battle. Are you capable of what is needed to sit on the iron throne?

This game is a literal depiction of the famous HBO TV series and has been titled after it as well. And, just like the series, you will be taking the mantle of your favorite characters as you battle other players for power and control over the kingdom.

You will be given the leadership of one of the six main Houses of Westeros as you make your journey through harsh politics and wage war to take full control over the land. Additionally, you’ll be gathering your army as you march into battle with the remaining great Houses.

Each house enables you to have different abilities, skills, and gaming experiences, and also includes a well-detailed representation of Westeros with plastic figures representing foot-soldiers, knights, ships, and sieges.

Also, some new features have been introduced, such as new cards like the tides of battle cards and a new player’s screen. The goal of the game is very simple. And the winner will be the one who has conquered the majority of the fortresses within 10 rounds.

Moreover, you will be making companions according to your needs and will be betraying them. In this game of complex politics, no one can be deemed as a friend. This game has an updated and detailed instruction manual and allows you to add elements from the previous chapter.

Ages ranging from 13 and above are allowed to play. A minimum of three people can play this game, but a number of six is recommended as it will give a vivid experience of the real thing. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase the game now!

Highlighted Features

  • Well designed and detailed artwork
  • Highly political, strategical and thrilling
  • Make friends with your enemies and break them off when required
  • Age of 13 and above are recommended
  • Multiplayer
  • All the houses provide different experiences
  • Previous edition’s elements and components can be added to this edition


An open-world conquest is probably one of the best concepts for a tactical game, and this board game was built on a similar concept. It allows players to enjoy several stories which are the outcome of their own decisions.

Also, you can take up the mantle of a cool wonderer who has his/her own attributes and abilities that can be used in conquering dangerous dungeons and cursed ruins. If this doesn’t sound interesting to you, I don’t know what will.

You, along with the other board players, will be forced to work together as you conquer dungeons and ruins and, receive items, loots, and experience that will upgrade your skills and abilities.

Not only will you reach a higher level but you will be able to excavate new places; places which will pit you against ferocious monsters.

The game has a very developed card system that will allow players to select the order of who will fight the threat, including the attack moves. You have to pick two cards and cards' numbers determine what happens in that round.

Each card has power on both the top and bottom and. According to the order set by the system, a player has to choose whether to use the bottom or top power of the card. There is also a time limit to how long a player can take in choosing the power.

So, you need to keep in mind that taking too much time might cause you to forfeit your card forever and might force you to retreat. The multiplayer game allows up to 4 players to play taking an average time of an hour or two to finish.

Due to the game having so many stories, outcomes including highly-detailed plastic figures and whatnot, the game is quite expensive. Although it is expensive, the thrills, actions, and never-ending stories make sure that it is a great purchase.

Highlighted Features

  • Highly-detailed plastic figures such as heroes/heroines, monsters, and bases
  • Well-developed card system allows the game to be enjoyed to its fullest
  • Your decisions determine your outcome so you will never end up in the same event again
  • Can accommodate 4 players, but it can also be played solo
  • Minimum game playtime is one to two hours

5. Descent Journeys in the Dark Second Edition

From time to time we all enjoy spending hours playing different board games with our friends and family. And for that, Descent Journey in the Dark Second Edition is one of the best options from Fantasy Flight Games. 

In this game, the players have to play different roles, where up to four players get to be the heroes, and one has to be the bad emperor or overlord as it is referred to as in the game. So, you can say that five people are going to be able to play the game comfortably.

The main aim of the game here is for the heroes to go through different challenges and quests. They have to cross ruins, caves, dungeons and cursed forests to go further in the game. And their ultimate goal is to make sure that the scheming overload is unable to complete his ploy.

When you play this game, you will surely feel like you have entered into a whole new fantasy realm, which has a very thrilling plot. The heroes in this game have many different skills and capabilities which are countless. You are sure to enjoy spending your time playing this board game.

That is not the end of it; this game also features board pieces that are dual-sided, which adds a whole new dimension to the game. You are sure to have an adventure while playing the Descent Journeys in the Dark Second Edition.

Highlighted Features

  • It takes about an hour or two to complete the game
  • The game can be played by at least 2 people, and the maximum is 5
  • It is a revised version of a famous board game of this genre
  • You will find 50 figures, 48 map tiles, around 250 cards, and 9 dice

6. Dungeons and Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Board Game

If there is one game that has very quickly and surely infiltrated the hearts of many children, teenagers, and young adults, then the award would go to Dungeons and Dragons for sure. And it has been like this for a very long time in most households. Many people even call it the best dungeon crawler board game.

Mainly there are a few players or heroes you can select from as your avatar in the game. Now, based on the hero you have chosen, you would be assigned to explore further into the dungeon and fight your way through. You will have to face new challenges at every turn.

By that, it means that as there is a change in the tile, you will have to come headfirst with a new and complex challenge which you will have to fight against to move ahead in the game. There is obviously a point system in the game, and you will receive those points whenever you defeat any of the monsters.

These points can be added to their experience, and these experience points can enhance your skills too after you have defeated or slain the demons in the game.

Each of the challenges faced will be very different from the ones before, and they will also depend heavily on the scenarios the players have chosen to play in. All of that is sure to make people enjoy each minute of their time with this game.

Highlighted Features

  • This game usually lasts for about an hour
  • It is best if 4 players play the game, but you need a minimum of 2 players, and the maximum number of players is 5
  • Includes hard yet enjoyable quests and a lot of action
  • Reasonable price

7. Blood Rage

Become a legendary Viking warrior who fights glorious battles and, hope that you are to be sent to the promised land of Valhalla. This is where you wait to fight alongside Odin and the other Asgardians, Gods of the Norse mythology, as Ragnorak comes near.

The game manufacturer has focused highly on the designs and details of the game like perfectly-detailed miniature figures, landscapes, etc. And the game cards give this game a very realistic touch and make it more exciting. The game also allows you to create your own clan.

You can enhance your own clan and can add monsters straight from the Norse mythology creating your own strength and strategy.

It consists of 101 plastic miniature figures from which 49 are plastic characters and 52 plastic bases, 4 plastic glory markers, 102 cards, one main game board, 36 tokens, 4 clan sheets including 2 support sheets.

This makes sure that all the items needed for your excitement are provided with the purchase, and you will never have to buy anything separately. The cards play a very vital role. It allows players to finish a quest, upgrade your clan, and be victorious in battles.

In this game, you will be battling over land, expanding your territory as you win. Anybody above 14 can play this game. It requires at least two players and needs a game playing time of 60-90 minutes. 60-90 minutes seems like a lot of time, right?

Well, once you start playing, you will not even realize that so much time has gone by. Price of the game is kept moderately high, but it is worth every penny. It provides everything and ensures the excitement and fun that you are looking for.

Highlighted Features

  • 101 plastic miniatures of which 49 are characters and 52 are bases
  • 4 glory markers
  • 1 main game board
  • 4 clan sheets including 2 support sheets
  • Strong theme
  • Highly-detailed designs
  • Build your clan

8. Fantasy Flight Games’ Mansion of Madness

Take board games, puzzles, mysteries, a good touch of horror, modern devices and, combine them all; the result is a board game that stands out on its own. This game made by the makers of Eldritch Horror will take you and four of your friends in a mind-boggling and scary adventure.

The game takes place in the dreadful halls and alleyways of a mansion, which will throw you into many sticky events where the feeling of amusement and confusion slowly takes over your mind. Each event has its own uncertain and special map, including new complex puzzles and dangerous monsters.

You, along with your companions, will move across the two-faced map blocks and will have to face the miniature figure of dangerous monsters every time. The game also ensures that there will be no repeat of the same instance.

There are countless map scenarios with numerous cards. Your decisions will not allow you to end up in the same situation again. Also, being an app-based game, it allows players to have a more vivid experience of the game.

When the app is downloaded in your mobile, it acts as the Keeper and also narrater, allowing a more mutual investigation. The app is available for all operating systems such as iOS, Android, etc.

This board allows complete mutual investigation and support for up to 5 players. It has four adventures requiring different time durations and of varying difficulties. Also, it has more than 500 well-sculpted plastic figures which include 32 plastic characters of monsters, heroes, etc.

All of these ensure that the players have a complete mutual and fair experience and enjoy every aspect of the game. The multiplayer game of 5, takes almost 2-3 hours to finish and is allowed for players who are above 14.

Highlighted Features

  • A complete fair experience is provided by the main game board
  • 4 main events of different time durations and complications
  • 500 miniature plastic sculptures
  • Equipment to convert the previous edition’s game materials
  • The thrill, mystery, and horror is encapsulating
  • The application of the game enhances the play
  • For ages 14 and above
  • 2-3 hours of playing time are required

9. Arcade Quest: Core Game

Interested in thrills, strategies, and a lot of looting? Well, this game might be perfect for you. You see the notorious Dark Lord named Fang is causing chaos in the beautiful city of Arcadia, and it is your job to stop him at all cost.

In your quest to battle Fang, you will be building your own guild upgrading and fighting monsters and other players. The manufacturers of the game have given a lot of effort in the details, designs, and the functionality of the game. The highly-detailed plastic figures give the players a very graphic and fun experience.

They have gone to such detailed accuracy that they have made sure that even the upgrading of the guilds looks real. Enhancing your character is very important in this game. The Dark Lord Fang has joined forces with the monsters making him very powerful.

To fight him and his wicked forces, you will have to go into battle and gain more powerful weapons, loots, and abilities. Arm your guild with these powerful items and make yourself even more powerful so that you can be victorious. Also, the battles do not have a very complicated method, like most board games.

During a confrontation, a simple method of dice-rolling is used as a mechanism of battle. All the necessary things will be provided during the purchase. Nothing has to be purchased separately. It even includes a guide book which tells you how to play this game.

You might think that since it provides so many good things, it must be very expensive. But you’d be wrong. The game is towards the affordable side of the spectrum.

Highlighted Features

  • A guide book for the campaign as well as a sheet pad
  • One dashboard for the guilds and a book which contains the laws
  • Cards ranging from quests, heroes, monsters, deaths curses and upgrades
  • A total of 52 plastic miniatures of which 15 are bases and 37 are characters
  • A dice which determines attacks, defenses, and coins
  • Tiles which have two sides and rebirth tiles
  • Tokens for doors and explorations, death curses, rebirth and portals

10. Iello’s Welcome to The Dungeon Board Game

If you want something that is fun and not complicated at all, this is just the product for you. It tests your luck and fast decision-making skills giving you an exciting feeling and will make you curious about what is going to happen next. 

Winning is very easy. Finish the whole quest twice or be the only player to survive. This simple mechanism of the game makes it so popular and enjoyable.

It is a multiplayer game where luck is the main aspect. Each player loses one of their equipment and has to take up the challenge of beating the dungeon at that state, one at a time. Each player's courage and ability to judge and take a quick-witted decision is very important in this game.

Cards are the pillars of this game. The game contains 13 cards of monsters, 4 cards to aid players, 28 game blocks, and 8 cards which will make you win the game. It also has a simple worded guide manual which allows players to understand the rules and guidelines of the game with ease.

 A 30-minute time limit makes this game even more exciting and challenging. All the pieces necessary for the enjoyment of the game are provided during purchase. Though the targeted age is 8-15 for the game, anyone within and above this range is free to play it, and they will surely enjoy it.

So now you know what to gift your young nephew or cousin on their birthday. Price of the game is also cheap, and you wouldn't even have to spend 20 dollars on this one.

Highlighted Features

  • 13 cards of monsters
  • Gaming blocks of 28
  • 4 cards to help players
  • 8 cards that will make you win the game
  • A simple guidance manual
  • Easy and fun
  • Your luck decides if you win or lose

11. Thames & Kosmos’ Legend of Andor

If fantasy, strategy, teamwork, and mythical adventures interest you, then this game is the right one for you. A powerful witch is to be found who will guide the worthy ones to a magical herb that will cure the King Brandur of Andor while his enemies cash in this chance to strike the castle and take over.

Are you and your fellow board members ready to face all these challenges? The game is a fantasy-based game where the teamwork, quick and right decision making, and calm headedness is required. This game is a multiplayer game which can accommodate a maximum of 4 players.

Each player is a given a hero board which has its hero on one side and a heroine on the other side. There are 4 such boards with different heroes and heroines.

The board displays the hero and heroine’s special powers, including their attributes. Each player goes through 5 different legends out of 71 legend cards in order to protect Andor.

An easy to understand and detailed 8-page guidebook is provided. This provides the basics in order to start the game quickly. It also includes a section where the scenarios are provided from legend 2 to 5 so that players can take the reference as examples for their ease and a better understanding of the game.

Moreover, the package includes 1 two-faced main game board, 41 plastic characters on plastic supports, 4 hero boards, 1 board for equipping and battling, 142 pieces of cardboard, 138 playing cards, 20 rolling dices, 14 wooden components of which 9 are disk and 5 are cubes.

A tower and a narrator piece and 15 bags to store things are also present. That is all you would need to enjoy the marvelous quests.

Pricing of the game is fairly cheap for so much that has been provided. Two extension packs are also provided with the purchase of your game board. So, it is a great deal, in our opinion.

Highlighted Features

  • Age of 10 or above is allowed to play this game
  • Multiplayer game which can accommodate 4 players at max
  • Minimum time required to finish the game is 1-1.5 hours
  • A two-faced main game board
  • 41 figures held by plastic support, 142 pieces made of cardboard and 138 playing cards
  • A board for equipping and battling

12. Battlelore 2nd Edition

So, we are on our last candidate of Best Dungeon Crawler Board Game review. As the Daqans, the Demon worshippers, Uthuk Y’llan wage war in the kingdom of Terrinoth, you must choose a side.

Which one will it be?

You can choose the monstrous and brute force of the demon worshippers or the strategy and intelligence of noble lords, Daqans. 

The game needs a strong strategy and the right decision to put yourself and your companion on the winning side.

It is a two-player squad game where you and your partners take part in battling your enemies. Choose your partner well as you both need to be able to communicate, create plans and strategies together. Hence, teamwork is very important in this game.

You are also given the liberty to choose your preferred battle method as you battle and build your formidable army. Earn points by defeating your enemies and completing important war missions, destroying enemy units, and claiming new territories by raising your flag in the areas conquered.

Additionally, the game comes with the main gaming board, including 92 highly-detailed plastic models, 43 overlaying pieces, a hundred and fifty cards, a rule book, 4 custom-made dices and etc. It has everything that is required to give you an exciting, adventurous, and realistic experience while playing this game.

Even though you can expect that the contents, story, and quality of this game are supposed to put a dent in your wallet, but surprisingly it is a very cheap game. You could gift this game as a present to your close ones who are interested in board games. If they are into board games, trust us, they wouldn't be disappointed.

Highlighted Features

  • 92 accurately designed colored plastic figures
  • 43 overlaying pieces
  • Almost 150 cards
  • Simple yet detailed guidance manual
  • Custom made dices
  • Fairly cheap if bought without shipping
  • Adventurous, thrilling and strategic
  • Allows choosing your own story
  • Multiplayer with a maximum of 2 players allowed

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding dungeon crawler board games:

Q1. How are adventure games and fantasy games different?

In most cases, the whole theme of an adventure board game is based on fantasy. But fantasy games do not usually have an adventurous background. It’s very common to see in the adventure board games that you have to complete missions, acquire lands, defeat villainous monsters together as a team.

You would also find games where a player takes it upon himself to be an overload while the rest become heroes.

Q2. How can one define the asymmetrical board game?

Usually, you'll see almost all games follow the same pattern, rules, conditions for victory, and actions for every player. But in the case of asymmetrical board games, it is quite different.

In contrast to the former, here each and every individual player gets the option to have a character that has unique abilities, a new style of gaming and condition for winning.

Q3. How does a Campaign mode on board games work?

The campaign mode has gathered around an immense amount of popularity. It is very easy to catch on to its rules. Here, you would be provided with a whole lot of missions and tasks knitted to one another under the exact theme and story. These are what you call role-playing in board games.

Q4. What is the meaning of the term replay value in a board game?

The definition of this term is the feeling one has about the game after finishing it a good number of times. In the first try, games that have a low replay value usually fascinates the player.

But the ones that follow after the primary attempt very quickly loses its charm. Likewise, games that have a high replay value keeps on getting better and better every time it is played.

Q5. Can the dungeon crawler board game be played solo?

Some board games reviewed in this article can be played solo. However, the purpose of this game is to be played among friends and family. As the number of players increases the fun doubles with it.

Q6. Can replacement be found for a few pieces or token in case they are lost?

It is highly unlikely you would find a replacement for your lost pieces and especially on the company's website. They don't sell tokens separately. However, you may try your luck online as there is a small chance that you may come across these mixing pieces from your board on some gaming blogs.

Final Words

We know that it's going to be hard for you to contain yourself from buying a board game after reading reviews of several exciting games. Before you loosen up your wallet, we would like to tell you about our favorite ones.

When playing with a big group of friends, we would always recommend you guys to open up the Small World Board Game. It is not too lengthy and quite frankly, very affordable.

Our second choice would be Blood Rage, as it involves fantasy and mythology. We cannot help but come in awe of the entire setup and scenarios of the game. Nevertheless, we are quite certain that you would not be disappointed with either of the games that we have talked about in the review section.

So, which one do you think is the best dungeon crawler board game? Let us know in the comment’s section.