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Top 12 Best Chore Charts Reviews in 2021 (Updated)

Looking to help your kids become more responsible and skillful at managing time and achieving goals? Then a child chore chart will come in handy.

This is basically a planner that indicates what your child is supposed to do on a daily or weekly basis. Some charts can be used by many kids, and these are useful at defining who does what. For someone who’s struggling to manage the duties of many kids, a family chore chart could be the perfect solution.

Chore charts are suitable for kids of ages three to the teens, and some are even suitable for adults depending on the design.

In this article, we’ll introduce to you 12 of the best chore charts and help you choose one or more models that suit you and your family. We’ll also show you what to look at before buying.

Let’s get started.  

Benefits of Using a Chore Chart

Most parents that have used a child chore chart will tell you that this tool is immensely useful, not only for kids but also parents. Here are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy when using the best chore chart:

  • Helps with child training – this is an obvious benefit. Chore charts contain such tasks as ‘brushing the teeth’, ‘making the bed’, and more, which are part of a child’s training.
  • Gets more done – chores are boring. But when you use a task chart and set rewards, you transform them into fun, encouraging the kids to complete the tasks.
  • Frees up time for parents – are you exhausted over continuously telling your kids what to do? A kid responsibility chart is your automatic helper that makes direct supervision unnecessary. It tells your kids what to do even when you’re not there, hence freeing up time for you.
  • Helps kids become organized – if you train your kids to follow a schedule right from an early age, they’ll grow into organized adults with the skills of time management and goal accomplishment.
  • Instills good values – apart from the virtue of good time management, a chore schedule for kids instills good values. Objectives like “no cursing”, “share something”, and “take out the trash” see your children grow into responsible adults who value others and take care of their surroundings.

Now that you know just how important a chore chart for kids is, let’s jump in and find a good one for you.

Our Top 12 Best Chore Chart Reviews In 2021

1. Roscoe Learning Responsibility Star Chart

If you’re looking to help kids set goals and work on achieving them, a chore completion chart with visual rewards can be helpful. One such chart that combines high-quality and beauty is the Roscoe Learning Responsibility Star Chart.

The chart is that it can be used by one to three kids. It comes with varying goal magnets as well as reward stars of three different colors.

At the top of the chart, that’s where the sticker baring the name of the participant is placed. There’s space for three stickers.

Under that, there’s a table with the vertical column baring the titles of the goals and the horizontal one baring the days from Monday to Sunday.

On the tasks column, there’s space for up to ten slots where you can indicate individual goals. In the package, you will find 12 illustrated chore magnets with typical tasks such as putting toys away, making the bed, eating healthy food, and putting clothes in the laundry basket.

These, you can place on the chores column. But if you’d like to personalize things, you can write your own tasks on the chores column.

Amazingly, the package comes with a marker that you can use to write your own goals. Moreover, the board is dry erase, so you won’t struggle to remove and replace tasks.

On the slots below the days, that’s where the individual stars are placed. Each participant places their star there after hitting the target on that day. In each slot, there’s space for up to 3 stars.

At the top, the chart is fitted with a rope, which you can use to hang it somewhere on the wall. With attractive colors, the chart will look good in any room, and your kids will love it.

Highlighted features:

  • Can be used by up to 3 kids
  • Comes with reward stars to encourage task completion
  • Attractive colors on both the chart and the reward stars
  • Can be customized – the board is dry-erase
  • Hanging string at the top

2. Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility and Chore Chart

For an exciting consistency chart to help your kids grow while having fun, try the Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility and Chore Chart.

The board is made of wood with a magnetic surface, and all your kids have to do is attach the task and reward magnets on the slots.

When it comes to the design, you’ll find that the chart is meant for ease of use. The unit features two boards, which are connected with two pieces of fabric. The upper board is the responsibility chart while the lower board contains the magnets.

So, the kid simply picks the magnet he/she needs and attaches it at the right spot on the chart above.

On the board, there’s enough space for tracking up to seven objectives for all week long.

Your kid doesn’t have to struggle with creating the goals. The board comes with 90 of the most common kid chores and reward phrases that help them grow. Some of the included responsibilities are ‘show respect’, ‘no teasing’, ‘brush teeth’, and ‘help with outdoor chores’.

As for the reward phrases, you’ll find magnets with such words as ‘well done’, ‘excellent’, ‘way to go’, ‘you did it’, and many more. Such phrases will make your child feel they have achieved something and want to earn the same good feeling the next day.

The reward magnets are to be placed on the slots below the days.

This Mellissa and Doug chore chart is good and inexpensive. However, it has one issue – that the magnets aren’t very strong, so sometimes they might fall off. That being said, the most common reason of the magnets falling off is the board being warped, so ensure yours stays straight.

Before you get this unit, note that it works for one kid only.

Highlighted features:

  • High versatility – 90 magnets for tasks and rewards
  • Strong cord at the top for hanging
  • Easy to use model

3. Yaze Magnet Chore Chart

The previous two charts are ideal for kids. How about a chart that both kids and adults can use now?

Yes, the Yaze Magnet Chore Chart is ideal for people of all ages, helping them keep track of their chores/tasks excellently.

One thing we loved is that unlike other models, which have to be hung, this one can be attached to a metallic surface, such as a refrigerator, thanks to its strong magnetic backing.

For those who love customization, this unit would be the perfect pick. It is a dry erase board that you can design as you want. That way, you get to choose the chores to include as well as the type of reward.

You could even design the chart by month or even week, like July week 1, July week 2, and so on.

There’s one thing that owners love about how this unit is shipped. It is shipped flat, and not folded. That means you won’t see crease line and other issues associated with folded charts such as parts that don’t stick.

Inside the package, you will also find four chalk markers. That means you won’t incur the extra cost of getting markers. The markers are of different colors, which adds to the customization power.

Measuring 17 by 12 inches, the board has enough room for up to 12 tasks/objectives as well as all seven days of the week. That room will probably be enough for all your tasks.

And again, the unit supports multiple participants. The rewards can be written in different marker colors to represent different users.

You will also love that the board is dry erase; rubbing out what you’ve written is an easy task.

We noted that if you shake the markers, the ink becomes too watery and a bit messy. Desist from shaking them. Apart from that small issue, the markers and the chart are great.

Highlighted features:

  • Strong magnetic backing – can be stuck to the refrigerator
  • Large size with enough room for up to 12 tasks and all seven days of the week
  • Dry erase – easy to clean
  • Comes with four free markers of different colors
  • Suitable for both kids and adults

4. Learn & Climb Toddler Chore Chart

When it comes to coaching toddlers and young kids and supporting the growth of independent skills in them, the Learn & Climb Toddler Chore Chart is a favorite among parents and guardians.

This is a tool that will help your kids in such areas as sitting on the potty, brushing their teeth, staying in bed at night, eating healthy, and putting the toys away.

One thing about the chart is that it is colorful and inviting to kids. At the top row, it has all the days of the week from Monday all the way to Sunday. And on the far-left column, that’s where you can place the goal magnets.

The slots below the days of the week is where your kids will place the reward stars when they achieve the goals.

Versatility is one of the factors that make this reward chart so useful. You get 63 magnet tokens with the chart. That means there are lots of options when it comes to choosing the goals. Some of the included goals are: I ate my veggies, I walked the pet, I took out the trash, and I kept my hands to myself.

What’s more, there are many empty chore magnets where you can write your preferred goals. The cool thing is that you even get a free marker for that. Spaces are dry erase, making rubbing and writing new tasks a piece of cake.

Another fact that makes the unit versatile is that it can be used by up to three kids. The chart comes with three differently colored sets of stars. Each set can be used by a different kid.

With a strong magnetic backing, the chart stays in place when put on a metallic surface such as the refrigerator.

Highlighted features:

  • Usable by up to 3 kids
  • Colorful and engaging to children
  • 63 chore magnets
  • Empty chore magnets for writing unique tasks
  • Free marker

5. Magnetic Dry Erase Board by LillieKay Designs

Looking for a good dry erase board that you can use to organize tasks for your kids?

And do you need one that can stick to your refrigerator without falling off? You got to try the Magnetic Dry Erase Board by LillieKay Designs.

This is a 12 by 17 inch magnetic chart board. It has ample space to accommodate up to 10 tasks for one or more children.

You know how some boards with a magnetic backing fall off due to the magnet being too weak? Or how others have to be hung because they don’t have a magnetic backing at all? Things are different with this unit.

At the back, the board has a strong magnet that allows it to stick to any metallic surface that attracts a magnet.

If you’re looking for something that gives you great room for customization, this is it. Basically, it is a dry erase board, so you can write down whatever chores or goals you like and erase them anytime you like using a rag.

That also makes things easy for your kids, as all they have to do is use the included marker to indicate that they have accomplished a certain task.

As you’ll see, it’s not just about accomplishing tasks; kids normally see it as a fun activity, and that’s extra motivation for accomplishing goals.

There’s one issue however. The marker that the board comes with gets depleted quickly. That is not a deal breaker considering the usability of the board and its low cost. We’d encourage you to get a set of colored chalk markers alongside the board and perhaps a magnetic holder, and you’ll have no problems.

Highlighted features:

  • Dry erase board
  • Large enough board for up to 10 tasks
  • Magnetic backing

6. Daskid Magnetic Behavior/Star Chore Chart

Do your children love colorful stuffs? Okay, we get it. Virtually all kids love colorful items. And that’s why the Daskid Magnetic Behavior/Star Chore Chart is so appropriate. This is an immensely engaging tool that can help you get your kids to complete chores or achieve goals without direct supervision.

One thing we loved about this chore schedule for kids is that it comes complete with all you need to get started immediately. Apart from the board, you get four markers. The colors are blue, green, and red.

The fourth marker is either black or pink, and that’s what you use to write chores. The other three are assigned to each kid in case there are multiple participants.

Do you know the problem with most reward charts?

They come with so many pieces that often get lost, rendering the charts useless. The Daskid unit doesn’t come with magnet chores and magnet stars or any of that stuff that can get lost.

To minimize loss, this unit only comes with markers.

There are two color options when you buy from amazon. One is black, which we find to be the cooler option. The other one has a green color scheme.

The board is for maximum ease of use. It comes well designed with a top row for the days of the week and a left column for the chores. The stars have the outline drawn, and your kids only have to color the inside when they complete their tasks.

Wondering if you’ll be able to stick your board to the refrigerator? Absolutely, you can do that. The board has a strong magnet backing and will not fall off.

Even with all these good features, and the multi-use nature, the unit is one of the least expensive options in the market.

If you’re looking for best chore chart for up to 3 kids, don’t hesitate to get it.

Highlighted features:

  • Colorful, stylish, and attractive to kids
  • Strong magnet backing
  • Dry erase board for easy customization
  • Comes with 4 free markers
  • Inexpensive

7. Chore Chart and Monthly Calendar Set by Hendson

For someone who has many kids, keeping up with who is supposed to do what can be quite a struggle. And for someone who is busy, especially juggling many responsibilities, planning every day of the month can be a hassle.

If you’re in one or both of these situations, the Chore Chart and Monthly Calendar Set by Hendson is excellent for you.

The package contains a chore chart to help manage your kids with regards to their tasks. It also contains a monthly calendar to help you manage each day.

On the chore chart, there’s a big column on the left, where there are empty slots for up to 15 tasks. And at the top, the days of the weeks are written down from Sunday all the way to Saturday.

The spaces below the days of the week contain slots with enough room for your kids’ names, as well as a small slot alongside each big slot, where the kid is to check after completing the task.

You will find that the chore chart is very handy for determining who’s to sweep, take out the trash, set the table, or do any other task on each day.

The calendar also features an easy to follow design. It has the days of the week written at the top in a horizontal fashion. The dates of the month are written in box spaces below. In the spaces, that’s where you’re to write the important objectives of each day of that month.

When the month is over, you only have to erase what is in the spaces as well as the name of the month and note down the new month as well as the new objectives for each day.

No need to go searching for markers immediately; the package comes with five of them, and they work well.

Also, you don’t have to worry about where to position the charts. Their magnetic backing allows you to stick them to any metallic surface like a refrigerator.

Highlighted features:

  • Chore chart and calendar
  • 5 free markers
  • Easy to follow design
  • Magnet back for easy sticking to refrigerator
  • Perfect for managing many kids’ responsibilities

8. Jennakate Child Behavior Reward Chore Chart

If you have only one kid, or if you prefer to use a different chart to manage each kid, the Jennakate Child Behavior Reward Chore Chart could be the ideal choice for you.

This is a small 11x14-inch daily and weekly chore chart chart that is used to help one kid manage and complete their tasks.

Designed like a certificate, the chart is a great motivator for kids, encouraging them to complete their tasks and earn point, which ultimately lead to a reward.

At the top, that’s where you write the child’s name.

Below that, there’s a section for the daily tasks. The section has the days of the week in the top horizontal row and the titles of the assigned responsibilities at the far left column. All that the kid has to do is check the boxes to indicate that he/she has completed that day’s task.

At the far right column, the child can note down the points earned, and total them at the bottom. Each checked box equals one point.

Below the daily chores section is the weekly tasks section, where you can write the less frequent assignments such as dusting the living room or folding the laundry.

Again, each tick equals one point.

And below the section, that’s where the kid writes the total points for the weekly tasks and the daily tasks, as well as the targeted number of points for the week. If the child has hit the target, then they get the reward.

There’s one issue with the unit. The board is not clean black but rather has areas with white smudges that look like residue from a white marker. This is done purposely to imitate a dirty chalkboard. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t.

The unit comes with two free markers of different colors. One for writing down the tasks, and the other one for use by the kid to check the spaces.

You will also like that the unit has a strong magnetic backing.

Highlighted features:

  • Dry erase board for use by one kid
  • Comes with 2 free markers
  • Easy to customize
  • Potent magnet backing

9. Pneat Good Behavior Chart

The Pneat Good Behavior Chart is one of the finest selections when it comes to something you can hang on the wall. What makes it cool is that you get to choose between hanging it on the wall and sticking it to the refrigerator.

In that regard, the unit has a cord at the top as well as a magnet backing.

Apart from that versatility, the chart is really cute and attractive to kids. It has a white and blue color scheme and, in the background, you can see such things as clouds, a tree, a chair, and a lawn. The boxes in the days of the week have bright colored fill, which also looks nice.

Like in most chore charts, this unit features a top row of the days of the week and a left column where the responsibility slots go.

One thing we liked a lot is that you don’t even have to stress about what to include in the responsibility column. The chart comes with 51 chore magnets. Chores range from potty training and staying dry to making the bed and brushing the teeth. And being 51 in number, chances are that you will find them useful.

The only complaint with regards to the chore magnets is that there aren’t many blank ones. Therefore, you don’t get to enjoy the freedom of writing your own chores.

Aside from the chore magnets, there are 60 star magnets. These are provided in different colors so that if you have many kids, they can all participate by choosing different colors.

Apart from the issue of the blank magnets, the only other issue we noted with the chart is that it doesn’t have a provision for the reward at the bottom. It’d be helpful if they had written something like “when I get __ stars, I will get __. That would be more motivating for the kids.

The Pneat Good Behavior Chart is a great option nonetheless.

Highlighted features:

  • Cool chart colors
  • Has a string for hanging on the wall
  • Has a magnet backing
  • 51 chore charts
  • 60 star magnets that are reusable

10. Responsibility Dry Erase Chart by LillieKay Designs

The Responsibility Dry Erase Chart by LillieKay Designs is for those of you who are seeking the best chore chart with regards to simplicity.

This unit features a really simple design. It is basically a black chalkboard. At the left, there are two columns for the name of the kid and the title of the task respectively. And on the right, the days of the week are noted down horizontally.

Below them, there are circular white slots where the child checks with a marker once they’ve completed their task.

Because of the simple design, the board is super easy to use. You get to complete planning the tasks in less than 5 minutes. Also, your kids have it easy filling the blanks to indicate they’ve completed the tasks.

A dry erase marker is also included with the package, so you don’t have to incur the extra cost of getting it to get started.

Wiping what is written and writing new tasks or participants is also a breeze. As the board is dry erase, you can use a rag or paper towel to wipe off the writings.

You know how some charts slide on the refrigerator when the doors open or close? That’s not something you’re going to experience with this chart. Its back is entirely magnetic, which helps it stick well to the fridge.

There’s one issue nonetheless. The chart doesn’t have a frame. That means that if you hang it on the wall, it will move a lot. Unfortunately, the chart is too big for some fridge doors, so if you have to hang it on the wall, you’ll have to put up with it swaying a lot.

The size is 9.75 by 14. Ensure it fits on your fridge doors before getting it.

Apart from that small problem, the unit is excellent.

Highlighted features:

  • Thick magnetic backing for firm attachment to the fridge
  • Simple design – easy to use
  • Dry erase board
  • Comes with one free marker

11. Hero Helper Chart for Multiple Kids

As the name suggests, the Hero Helper Chart for Multiple Kids is meant to help parents and guardians raise responsible kids.

Unlike most other charts, which are labelled ‘chores’ or ‘tasks’, this one is labelled ‘hero helper’. Thus, your kids will not think of the duties as work at all, but rather ways of helping around the house. The feeling of being a hero for the other people or pets in the house is a great motivator, enticing them to complete tasks freely without being pushed.

One thing we loved about this unit is that it is very high-quality, just as the manufacturer asserts. The board looks and feels strong and durable. It also doesn’t stain easily, which makes it appropriate for use especially by small children.

The back is magnetic, which helps it stick well to the refrigerator. Unlike other units, which have a weak backing, this one has a thick and strong backing that sticks very well. It rarely fall off the fridge or dishwasher.

As said earlier, the chart works very well for multiple kids (up to 3). At the top, it has three boxes where the names of the participating children are written in differently-colored markers.

Then, the section below that is organized such that the goals are listed against the days of the week. Below the days, each slot has an empty circle. That’s where the stars go. The circles have outlines of three varying colors to guide the kids in placing their stars.

Each kid places their star in the circles provided upon hitting the goal.

When your package is shipped, you will find 35 pre-printed magnet goals to choose from. There are also 5 blank goals where you can write your preferred goals for your kids.

Apart from that, you will also get more than 100 magnet stars of different colors for the kids.

Highlighted features:

  • Stain-resistant chart
  • Durable
  • 35 chore magnets with 5 blank ones
  • More than 100 star rewards
  • Strong magnetic backing

12. NEATLINGS Chore System

The NEATLINGS Chore System is different from all the rest in that it is not a simple chore organization unit, but a complex unit that you can use to help multiple kids get organized.

Although the unit seems a bit complex, it is actually relatively easy and kids above the age of 3 will find it quite useful.

When it comes to versatility, this is one of the finest tools. In that regard, the system allows you to choose how to organize the chores. You can choose the configuration showing the tasks to be completed each day for a week’s time.

Or, you can set the system to show the duties to be completed in the morning, afternoon and evening.

And if you like, you can organize it by personal responsibilities and household chores.

Versatility is one area where this system beats the rest. In the package, you will find more than 80 chore magnets. Some are labelled with personal tasks while others and labelled with household tasks. What makes the system special is that you will find a variety of chores for children of all ages beginning from 3 to teens.

No more lost stars! With this system, the reward cards are securely stored in the chart, thereby minimizing the risk of loss. The cards are also color-specific for each kid, meaning there can be no confusion or rivalry with regards to reward ownership.

The chore cards also offer some flexibility. Firstly, you can erase what is written and write your own chore. Again, there’s some space for adding extra information. For instance, it it’s written “extra reading”, you can add “20 minutes”.

And here comes the true motivator – the system comes with tickets of 1, 5 and 10. At the end of the day, you can give the kids tickets, which they accumulate over the week and redeem for rewards such as money, screen time, and so on.

Highlighted features:

  • Usable by 1 to 3 kids
  • Over 80 chore cards for children of different ages
  • Highly customizable
  • Comes with redeemable tickets

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Chore Charts

A kids chore chart is a useful tool that will help you become more responsible and willing to work harder. However, before you invest in one (or more), there are a few factors you should consider.

These considerations will boost your chances of getting the top quality chore chart.

1. Child’s age

Chore charts come in many forms to appeal or suit kids of different ages. Some are in picture form and they’re very colorful, which is suitable for toddlers. Others contain less pictures and more words, to suit older kids.

Again, for the charts that come with pre-printed chores, it’s good to know what kind of chores are included, because you don’t want to buy one with chores that don’t suit your child.

For older kids, a customizable chart that lets you write down the chores and leave a space for your kids to check when done could be very appropriate.

2. Number of participants

This boils down to the question – how many kids do you have? Realize that charts accommodate varying numbers of participants. Some just one, some two, and some three or more kids.

3. Customizability 

There are many options when it comes to this. Some cards are pre-printed and have pre-printed chores and rewards. Unless there are blank chores, you have to made do with the included chores.

So, if you love customization, be sure to get charts with blank chores.

Other options come in the form of blank boards, giving you the freedom to write down your own tasks or goals. These are highly customizable.

4. Where you’ll display the chart

When it comes to location, there are often two choices – hanging on the wall and sticking to a metallic surface like a refrigerator or a dishwasher.

If you intend to hang yours on the wall, ensure it has a strong cord attached at the top and a frame so it doesn’t keep swaying. And of you want to attach it to the refrigerator, make sure it has a strong magnetic backing.

5. Number of chores

If you want to include many chores, then the size of the chart matters. Whether the chart comes with pre-printed chores or happens to be a customizable chart that allows you to write down the chores using a marker, this factor matters.

Check how many slots the chart has on the far left column for the chore magnets or the spaces for writing the chores. How many tasks can be included?

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. Is a family chore chart important?

It’s not a must to have a chore chart for your kids, but it’s important and definitely very beneficial. If you’re looking to help your kids learn the skill of time management, while helping them develop into more responsible folks, a task chart will be greatly useful.

Q2. Who needs a kids chore chart?

Anyone looking after kids. For a parent that wants to organize the way their kids handle personal responsibilities and household chores, a chore chart is a very useful tool.

It is especially important for that busy parent who is not there all the time to tell their kids what to do.

Q3. What can I include in a kid responsibility chart?

Luckily, you can get a chart that comes with pre-printed responsibilities such as taking out the trash, making the bed, brushing the teeth, feeding the pets, and so on.

If you decide to customize your chart, there’s a plethora of tasks to include, based on the age of the kids as well as your situation.

You could include duties like eating healthy food, doing the homework, running on the treadmill for 10 minutes, playing the piano, and so on. It all depends on the needs of the child and the exact situation you are in.

Q4. What type of child chore chart should I get?

There are many kinds of child chore charts. While some suit toddlers, such as picture charts, others are more suited for older kids or even teens. Look at aspects like the color scheme and the customizability.

Q5. Will a chore chart get my kids to perform their chores?

It’s not 100% guaranteed that the chart will work. However, it has worked in many cases, especially where there’s a reward system. Set up rewards where a child gets a certain number of points after completing tasks.

Let the points be redeemable for money, screen time, vacations, and other rewards. You’ll see how effective it can be.

Final Word

There’s no doubt that one or more models in our review of the best chore charts will be helpful to you and your family.

Remember, there’s a range of options on there. Some are suitable for toddlers, and some are more suited for older kids and teens. Your ideal selection depends on the age of your kids as well as your taste for customization.

From PlayComparison blog we wish your kids all the best as they develop into more responsible folks that are skilled time managers.

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