Best Broadhead Targets

Top 14 Best Broadhead Targets Reviews In 2021

Every skillful archer or hunter became famous only after years of practicing. The secret to their success lies in their item of choice and believe it; the products they use are of the highest quality.

If you have a dream to become a professional archer or planning to increase your hunting skills; you need a proper archery target that can assure you quality and performance.

Prior to purchasing a bag, you must figure out which target is the most optimal to satisfy your needs.

Therefore, if you want to buy the best broadhead target for yourself, then you have come to the right place as our step by step guide can give you all the details that you need.

If you scroll down the article, you will see that we have mentioned the best targets in the market. Furthermore, you will find a guide that can aid you in the journey to buying a suitable target along with the information about their different types.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Broadhead Target

Before purchasing one, there are some elements that you must keep in mind, especially if you are inexperienced. We have made a guide to assist you in the buying process.

So, if you are confused about the best products on the market, then you should look into the article down below.

1. Type

Your first consideration should be what type of target you are planning to get. You will have three options to choose from, the foam block target, bag target, and 3D practice target.

Among these, the most common is the bag target. These types of products are best for beginners. It gives you a big surface to shoot, and they are quite durable as well. However, on the backside, you cannot use broadheads for these types of targets.

On the other hand, block targets are much more durable than the former. They can withstand repeated shots from lightweight bows. So, if you prefer something that will last for a long time, then the block target is a perfect choice.

Finally, the 3D practice target is a unique one. If you are planning to practice for hunting or field shooting, then, this type of product can be optimal for you. It comes in various shapes of different animals such as bear, hog, deer, etc.

Thus, you can assume why is it great for increasing your hunting skills. Not all the targets mentioned above are suitable for everyone. So, prior to your purchase check, which one can satisfy your needs.

2. Build Quality

It is crucial to buy a target that is durable and sturdy. If you do not purchase a robust product, then it will not be able to withstand repeated shots from a bow. Some designs are better for aiming than others.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing a suitable target, the model also plays an important role.

Furthermore, if your product has a weird shape, then it might end up damaging your arrows. We suggest that you buy something which is sturdy and has an excellent design.

3. Weather Resistance

If you are planning to practice your archery skills outside; we recommend that you get a product that can withstand the effects of harsh weather.

A weather-resistant target can be used in sunny, rainy, or snowy weather. So, do not hold back your productivity due to irritating climate effects.

4. Maintenance

If you regularly use a bag or foam target; it will eventually wear out, and you will have to replace the covering or insert. Prior to buying a product, you should consider how long will it last and how frequent will you have to maintain its parts?

A more substantial target is sturdier than a lighter one. Hence, if you are low on budget or do not want to maintain the product frequently; we recommend you purchase a heavyweight broadhead target.

5. Easy Removal of Arrows

Some targets come with secure arrow removal system. If you are not planning to waste your entire day plucking broadheads out of the bag, then consider purchasing a product with a simple ejection system.

On the other hand, this exceptional arrow discharge feature also protects your block from any damage. Archery targets are very much susceptible to scratches, so think twice before getting one.

6. Durability

A target with high-quality materials will last for at least one year. The main components of most bag targets last longer than the covers or inserts. There are some products that come with additional cases.

It is useful when you do not plan on replacing the entire target. Alternatively, substantial products are much more durable than lighter ones. They are remarkably convenient and can withstand the test of time.

7. Portability

One other thing that may require your attention is the mobility of the products. If you are on the go and love to travel around places, then, portable targets should be the perfect choice for you.

Generally, there are some targets that are incredibly lightweight, while others come with straps for additional portability. You may often need to take the equipment in different places and if so, then choose a one which has straps and offers a lightweight build.

8. Self-Repairing Materials

Some of the archery targets in the market come with self-healing materials. Now you may wonder what these healing or repairing materials are? Well, things such as foam and rubber are self-healing materials.

When you shoot an arrow on a foamy or a rubbery surface; it may seem like you have damaged it. However, after pulling the broadhead out, you will see that the surface is repairing itself.

Therefore, a target with self-restoring ingredients is handy as it does not require a lot of maintenance time. This is an aspect, which you should consider before paying for a broadhead target.

9. Color and Contrast

Color is also a crucial element of any archery target. If you are new archer; an adequately painted surface can assist you in your practice. It will also help you when you are discharging an arrow from a distant position.

We suggest that you should not overlook the color elements of a broadhead target, especially if you are a beginner.

10. Warranty

Warranty is something that most top tier manufacturers provide. Thus, you can assume that a product with a guarantee is a high-class one; coming from the best manufacturers in the market.

Additionally, it also assures the safety and security of your cash. You would not want to invest money on something and end up regretting it.

Therefore, we strongly suggest that look for warranties as it will give you the power to replace the product if its dysfunctions. If you still feel insecure, then get products that assure money refund guarantee.

11. Price

A budget-friendly product is always more welcoming than a non-budget friendly one. So, the price is also an element that you might want to consider. However, it should not be a primary consideration as sometimes products, which are of low cost come with low-quality materials.

Therefore, do not go and buy a cheap knockoff instead analyze all the information and purchase a product that is budget-friendly and also ensures good quality.  

Our Top 14 Best Broadhead Targets Reviews for Practice Archery Shooting

When it comes to archery targets, there are a lot of products and a whole lot of opinions. It’s a debatable topic, so why pick one and leave out the other? This list contains 14 of these targets to make sure you find the right one for you.

1. Morrell Double Duty 450FPS Field Point Bag Archery Target

Archery has been a part of civilization since eons. From decade to decade, people have come with smart innovations to make archery simpler and more accessible. The Morrell Double Duty Field Point Bag is one of the best archery target for broadheads.

More on that, the structure of the bag features a unique design for crossbows, compounds, traditional bows, and air bows. This equipment works very effectively against all of these.

Many shooters also love this model because of its numerous targets to choose from such as a nine-ball target, dartboard target, and a set of five differently sized four ring bullseyes on other sides.

One of the best features of this bag is its portability, and it comes in the size of 19.5 x 19.2 x 19.2 inches. The tote handles on the bag are specially made to make transportability easier. This target bag has been designed to withstand the most powerful shots.

So, you don’t need to worry about the speed and impact of an arrow on the bag. The target is so durable that it can stop a fast-moving one with a velocity of 440fps without tearing it off. Moreover, it is quite easy to retrieve the projectiles from the target bag.

Another unique aspect of this bag is that it does not need a stand. The cube shape of the target bag helps it to remain steady and sturdy on the ground comfortably.

It also has excellent visibility, which gives shooters the chance to use it for an extended amount of time. You can conveniently replace the target, which increases the bag’s durability.

Highlighted Features:

  • The equipment has high versatility; can be used for bows like air bow, compound, and crossbows.
  • Very durable, you can easily remove arrows after each shot.
  • The compact size with tote handles makes it highly portable to carry around.
  • Quite easy to view from afar due to its bright colors.

2. Block Classic Archery Target

If you happen to be an archery lover or a dedicated hunter, one of the things you can’t live without is an archery target. To be an expert, you need a lot of practice of shooting targets to develop your accuracy skills.

And the Block Classic Archery Target is one of the best gears to hone your shooting skills.

The target bag is different from other archery bags since its overall construction comes with porous materials. It is available for purchase in three different sizes: 18”, 20”, and 22”. You can use both broadhead and field tips while practicing shooting.

This bag ensures versatility, and the design enables a variance of handling. The color combination on the bag provides perfect visibility for shooters.

You need to be able to see, precisely while shooting arrows at a target and the four high-contrast white-on-black aiming points can serve as a perfect way of increasing accuracy.

One of the essential features of this target bag is it uses friction to stop an arrow. When the tip hits the target bag, it induces heat which in turn melts the foam which halts it from piercing further.

It assures that the target bag will not be spoiled and will last for a more extended period.

The target bag is astonishingly lightweight and also contains a tote handle at the top. So, you can easily carry it around with one hand, which ensures portability and high transportability.

Highlighted Features:

  • Target bag ensures versatility by using different arrowheads.
  • High visibility from the sharp color contrast for better aim.
  • Easy arrow removal due to foam block material.
  • Effortless to carry around due to lightweight and a tote handle.

3. Block GenZ Series Youth Archery Arrow Target

While many activities have come and gone out of style, archery remains in the throes of action. Even people who don’t find the skill of archery incredible, appreciate the art of bow and arrow. And for the archery enthusiasts, the Block GenZ Series Youth Archery Arrow Target is the perfect device.

This shooting bag is ideal, especially for beginners, as evidenced by the name of the product. To be precise, the target bag is suitable for the youth, with the standard bow and a draw weight of 40 pounds or less. It comes in size 16” x 18” x 8”, with an appropriate XL 20” model.

The bag comes with unique layered technology, and this helps the shooter to remove the arrows easily without consuming essential time and ensuring smooth practice. It can also withstand broadheads and field tips with ease.

For young archers, this one guarantees easy portability. With a built-in tote handle and compact size, the youngsters can carry it around with zero difficulties. It can also stop arrows with ease, often stopping it only after a few inches.

Proper visibility is essential for the young archers so that they can learn shooting with ease. This particular bag comes with a black frame with contrasting white points. The aiming points are crystal clear to notice from afar, and you can shoot at it from different ranges.

Highlighted Features:

  • Built-in layered technology for long-lasting durability.
  • An ideal model for young archers.
  • High visibility with contrasting colors of black and white.
  • Can stop field tips and broadhead arrows with ease.

4. Black Hole - 4-Sided Archery Target

The youth of today love to recreate or enact sports performed thousands of years ago. Archery is one such sport where people want to hone their accuracy and shooting skills, and they like to participate in archery events to become adept. The Black Hole- 4-Sided Archery Target is the perfect product to sharpen one’s abilities.

The target bag comes in two sizes, 18” and 22”, for beginners and professionals. Both of these contain an open layered design, with built-in foam. It can also stop all broadheads and field tip arrows with ease. Moreover, it allows multiple aiming points for a varied range of shots.

The target bag also ensures extended durability. It can handle hits at 350 FPS shot on the foam. The polypropylene cover can also withstand the high speed of the field tips. You can shoot up to 500 with your bow and arrow, and the target bag would remain good as new.

It also provides high graphic visibility, with excellent contrast features. The bag consists of four sides of the target range. Two of the flanks have a black and white selection of dots, and the other two sides contain the white and different colors. This handy feature gives you a wide range of points to shoot.

You can also carry this target bag with a tote handle attached to it to your backyard or the field with little effort, ensuring high portability and transportability. The patented open layered design also allows easy removal of arrows without tiring the shooter. This target bag also comes at a very affordable price.

Highlighted Features:

  • The equipment comes in two different sizes with patented open layered design.
  • High graphic visibility, with four bright colors and a wide range of points.
  • Lightweight with a tote handle attached, ensuring portability and transportability.
  • Cost-effective product with long-lasting durability.

5. Morrell Yellow Jacket Crossbow Bolt Discharge Bag

This one is the best broadhead target. The Morrell Yellow Jacket Bag kills two birds with one stone. It not only serves as a target for discharging bolts but also provides portability and durability. The crossbow target bag can be used to hone accuracy skills for children and adults likewise.

One of the main features of the product is its transportability. It can be stored in a garage, put in the back of a truck, carried with the help of the handle, which adds to its portability. This one is durable and serves as an excellent alternative for traditional bull’s-eye targets, which often require an extension.

It is also able to withstand the high speeds of many crossbows. One should consider having a target bag that can handle immense speeds, especially if they possess different kinds of powerful bows and sharp arrows.

This product ensures sturdiness and can resist the considerable velocity of the bolts, making it irreplaceable.

Target bags often come in dull colors which make them hard to spot and practice. However, the bright surface of this equipment makes it relatively easier to spot and discharge bolts.

The self-healing material of this product makes it sturdy and allows easy removal of the bolts.

Often, it is quite hard to remove bolts nestled into the target and trying to yank them out leads to scratches and tears upon the surface. Nevertheless, with this premium practice bag, all it takes is one quick tug of the bolt.

Highlighted Features:

  • The compact size makes it convenient to carry around.
  • Glossy surface to ensure enhanced accuracy and precision.
  • Applicable for both children and experienced archers.
  • Removing bolts is straightforward and doesn’t tear the bag.

6. GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target

In the 21st century, human beings have immersed themselves in the technological world than ever before. From purchasing accessories to creating AI, people have almost achieved everything they have ever wanted.

Moreover, with the invention of 3D on the rise, the world seems to be on our fingertips. The GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target is one such unique invention.

In the competitive brand of archery, this equipment is at the top because of its alluring features. Its lifelike posture adds to the enjoyment for those who prefer practicing among nature. For professionals and children alike, this tool is the perfect way to enhance one’s accuracy skills.

This archery target provides portability due to its minimal weight, and it’s quite easy to carry to the field or any other spot during practice. More so, because it has a replaceable insert core.

It provides ease of visibility and aims during targeting session. The shape of the target is similar to a deer, which gives it a realistic look and also makes one feel as if they’re trying to shoot at a moving object.

It also has extended longevity, you can shoot at it for over a thousand times, and it would not budge an inch. Due to its 4-sided replaceable insert core, you can practice from different angles, enhancing your accuracy. Furthermore, it can also help to identify the position of the target.

The replaceable insert core is imbued with Polyfusion technology. There are layers of foam that fit around the inner wall, so it means that various kinds of an arrow can be used to penetrate the target. More so, can also be easily retrieved due to its foamy covers.

Highlighted Features:

  • A lifelike 3D Buck for visibility and comfortable practice.
  • Long durability due to 4-sided replaceable insert core.
  • Easy to retrieve arrows because of Polyfusion technology.
  • Can with 1,000 shots during training sessions due to 5 times insert shooting surface.

7. Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-350 Field Point Bag

In theory, shooting a target with an arrow might look easy, but, in truth, it takes a lot of practice to be efficient. So, you’ll need the right equipment to learn the proper way to shoot. When it comes to archery, the Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-350 is the foolproof choice you can make.

This product features a specific design for broadheads; it is devised to be lightweight and can withstand shots from crossbows and compound bows. One of the essential things about targets is that they should be able to stop an arrow properly.

When you shoot an arrow at a destination, it has a penetrating force to it. If the material is too flimsy, the projectile will tear across it.

This issue can cause problems while retrieving the arrow and damage it. But this equipment has the right amount of resistance so that the projectile remains unscathed. It is very durable, due to the multiple layers of material inside it; hence, it can comfortably maintain its shape and integrity.

Another essential feature of this target bag is its visibility. The first thing you’ll notice about it is how easy it is to spot due to its bright yellow hue. Even when you’re standing half a mile away from it, you will be able to see it because of its red and yellow spots.

This combination of color is appropriate for practicing from a long distance. Furthermore, the equipment comes with an easy setup. It can be easily carried around by its EZ tote handle on the target.

It also contains grommets which can be used to hang the bag anywhere you want to. The target bag comes at a very affordable price, and you will not need to buy a new stand for your target practice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Product has a bright yellow color for proper visibility.
  • Smooth arrow retrieval without any damage to the bag.
  • Durable body material resulting in long durability.
  • Easy transportability with handles and grommets.

8. Champion Traps and Targets 24-Inch Bullseye Archery Target

Once upon a time, archery was practiced as a means for survival. However, nowadays, it is done for pleasure. Children, teenagers, and adults likewise attempt at becoming adept in archery. The Champion Traps and Targets 24-Inch Bullseye is one such innovative product for archery lovers.

This product comes at a very affordable price, with two packs, made with the highest quality materials. The paper targets should be attached to a bale to form a shooting bullseye, and thus can be put up anywhere in the yard or your house for easy practice.

It also provides perfect visibility, since it comes in bright and varied colors. Color is one of the most crucial aspects when buying an archery target. Since you want the equipment to hone your shooting skills, it is better to get one that comes in outstanding and sharp colors. So, it will be visible even from a long distance.

This one is also quite straightforward to remove arrows from the archery target, without damaging either the target or bolt.

So, this product helps speed up your practice session by saving the time and energy spent to dig out the arrows. The sturdy material of the equipment ensures the easy withdrawal of the latter.

Moreover, the archery target comes in a whopping 24-Inch size. The construction and design of the bullseyes ensure a safe landing of the arrows without damaging them.

It also provides smooth transportability, and if you plan to practice shooting at different locations, it can be moved around with ease.

Highlighted Features:

  • The construction features the highest quality materials.
  • Equipment includes two packs of archery targets for extended durability.
  • It comes at a whopping size of 24-Inches.
  • Sharp, outstanding colors for perfect visibility.

9. GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core

Archery has become one of the leisure activities for people for decades. Companies like Field Logic make life easier for archery lovers by creating 3D archery targets to hone and perfect one’s accuracy skills. The GlenDel 3D Archery Target is a versatile tool through which you can practice shooting with ease.

Professionals and novices alike prefer to use a 3D visibility feature for honing their aim at a steady pace. This equipment is immensely strong and can withstand 1000 shots without being damaged.

For beginners, it will be quite convenient to carry the target around due to its lightweight construction.

The 3D archery target is pretty easy to handle. The core design has four sides with different positions to replicate real-life scenarios. One of the vital features of this equipment is its ability to withstand all broadheads and field trip arrows.

The youth usually prefer to shoot arrows at 300fps or more speed. Thus, the target has a strong capacity to control the speed of the projectiles without toppling over.

The replaceable insert core is layered with Polyfusion technology. This feature ensures removing the arrows with ease. The layers include foam, so when you hit the target, the projectile will embed itself in the layered wall, causing little to no harm to the arrows.

Highlighted Features:

  • Built to stop all broadheads and field trip arrows.
  • Layered with Polyfusion technology for effortless withdrawal of projectiles.
  • Extended durability due to replaceable insert core.
  • A versatile tool; able to create simulated scenarios.

10. Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target

Crossbow shooters highly desire an appropriate archery target. To make the archery game more exciting and more relaxed, we introduce the Block Black Crossbow 4-sided Archery Target with amenities.

Its inner and outer composition makes it one of the best broadhead target recommendable for archery lovers.

You’ll see the black and white color contrast in the product, which is a thought to increase its standard and proper visibility of target marks. The designers of this product are concerned about the smart minds of shooters.

A feature that raises its demand is its portability. You can easily carry it due to its lightweight as it weighs from 15 to 30 pounds. Even if it seems complicated, the handler simplifies the task.

The four sides of the block include— shoot it Close, shoot it Long, shoot it Precise and shoot it Real. Four walls mean more areas to shoot and practice according to necessity.

Multiple and broader spots make aiming more comfortable and ensure long-time practice. The structure is well explicitly built for crossbow shooting and proper training before participation.

To ascend the product’s durability, the manufacturers provide inclusion of open layered Polyfusion technology which is a unique quality. The fused layers of foam resist arrows with friction rather than force, withstanding high speed. Due to this specialty, you can remove projectiles without disfiguring the object.

A foam-made sturdy gadget can endure the strike of broad-headed arrows and field-tips, which are a requirement for professionals. This affordable product in every way satisfies archers with its most demanded and highly recognizable features.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal size and handler make it easily transportable.
  • A layer of Polyfusion ensures trouble-free removal of arrows.
  • Foam strengthens its ability to bear extreme speed.
  • Target-spot design makes it a worthy option for beginners and experts.

11. Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target

The archery lovers are always in search of a target with extended longevity. For their intense fondness, we have the Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target. Its unique properties due to its newly added extraordinary features are launched to subdue their thirst for the flawless target body.

This upgraded product is eminently praise-worthy for its constitution. An incredible feature that it has is its self-healing power- the moment when you remove the arrows, the circular-shaped holes close by themselves.

The legendary solid ‘self-healing’ foam has made this possible, ensuring its long-lasting sustainability. Its shape remains firm and invariant for further practice.

Fatigue is a natural consequence of shooting arrows, one after another, but the tool will not wear out that easily. Furthermore, projectiles can be pulled out effortlessly with one hand.

Foam plays a noteworthy part as it lets the gadget endure excessive speed that can snatch the life of a living thing instantly. With its property of a rough construction material that creates enough friction, stops arrows without the implement of force.

The structure of the tool, having eighteen sides, symbolizes the highest caliber. Eighteen flanks mean a good number of target marks to practice without a break. Continuous practice with the confidence of its durability is the craving of every archer. Shapes of the spots are perfect for precise shooting.

A shooter can use broad-headed or field-tips arrows at ease. The arrows broad blades least affect the product’s healing capability.  However, in addition to its toughness, it can also be carried anywhere as it weighs only around 14 pounds.

On the other hand, it can also be transported using the handler. Overall, it is a package of qualities to satisfy sports lovers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Eighteen sides mean eighteen targets in a single gadget.
  • Portability ensures training at any required place.
  • The equipment includes a self-healing foam resulting in a longer lifespan.
  • Use of broad-headed arrows does not cause any hindrance.

12. Tophunt Traditional Solid Straw Archery Target

Practicing archery can improve their hand-eye coordination. You should nourish your children’s skills from an early stage. To help them succeed in the pursuit of victory, Tophunt has innovated Traditional Solid Straw Archery Target. This artifact includes all the commendable features for both adults and kids.

In any product, quality of withstanding sharpness and speed of an arrow is an essential one. To tackle the force; this circular target is made up of rye straw which the manufacturers use after being properly washed.

Straws are tightly joined together, leaving no gap among the coils ensuring its permanence. You can pull out the arrows easily.

Plastic targets can devastate your arrows, while straws allow these to retain their sharpness. This product features a cushiony surface, ensuring projectile security.

The vibrant color contrast makes the tool visible, and you can shoot from any distance. It is easy for learners to focus sharply on it and gradually improve their aiming positions. Importance of visibility is more for professionals; therefore, its significance is undeniable.

This simple object of just three-layered thickness allows you to hang it on a tree for proper learning of arm position. The wind cannot sway it, and you can comfortably accommodate it in any vehicle. The weight is suitable for carrying it around as well. Also, color and structure make it a fun item.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can easily carry the round and lightweight gadget.
  • Use of straws allows shots by all types of arrows.
  • The sharpness of arrows remains unaltered due to straw mat.
  • An effective color combination means proper aiming.

13. Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas Targets by Longbow 8, 20, 50 & 200 Packs

It’s no wonder that beginners of archery game are looking for indoor targets to develop themselves. Not only them but also the regular performers require such targets to participate in a competitive scene. Archery 5 SPOT & 3 SPOT Vegas Target is available to help them reach the summit of success. 

This equipment is made up of seven pt. archery paper thicker than conventional ones. It’s a type of item does not create big holes after the continuous perforation by arrows.

This enables the printed paper to take a lot of projectiles and last for years, notifying that buying this affordable product is a great choice.

The way each ring is scored having a distance of 2 cm between respective arcs, reflects the standard of the 40 cm target. Beginners can learn to count the points themselves and prosper accordingly.

Furthermore, the skilled ones need to know the score to mark their positions in comparison to others.

Color combination is quite commendable. In color arrangement, the brightest yellow color denotes the highest score, and the deepest blue ones indicate poor presentation.

Moreover, you can quickly identify the general pattern of hits or missed ones. Grey background is pleasant to stare at if the practice session goes on outside.

Additionally, it can be stuck anywhere and no need to think of another tool to move the gadget. Its ability to be easily rolled and carried in any corner makes it highly acceptable.  

Highlighted Features:

  • Paper quality assures the least damage to the target.
  • Scored target is necessary for challenging practice.
  • Lightweight ensures transportability.
  • Color contrast is appreciable for proper visibility.

14. Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-380 Dual Threat

The hunt for the perfect archery target can produce a surprisingly large number of results. Without a doubt, the quality of a target can affect the total performance.

So, if you’re serious about learning archery, the Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-380 Dual Threat is undoubtedly the product to enhance your skills. This one is one of the best crossbow broadhead targets.

Expert professionals at Morrell ensure that the archery targets come with efficient and durable materials. Constructed with some of the best feasible components; this bag will last you for an extended period. This block target can withstand up to a thousand bows with ease.

Design of this equipment is especially suitable for high-speed arrows such as compound and crossbows. With the modern types of fast crossbows and compound bows, a shooter requires the advantage of having an updated archery target like this particular model.

In this target bag, the manufacturers use poly fused cellular foam that can be penetrated easily by the arrows from bows up to 380 FPS. The foam also allows the projectiles to be retrieved quickly without tearing them up. This solid layered foam will outwear any other layered foam in the market.

Due to the product’s design, it doesn’t need any additional stand for support. The cube-shaped bag can be set down anywhere you want and practice your shooting with ease.

It also comes in a compact size and can be carried around without difficulty, with the help of a tote handle attached at the top.

Highlighted Features:

  • Specially designed for high-speed compound and crossbows.
  • Can withstand up to a thousand shots with ease.
  • Built-in tote handle for easy portability and transportability.
  • Long-lasting poly fused layered foam with easy arrow removal.

Different Types of The Best Broadhead Target

There are different types of archery targets in the market. Not all of them are suitable for everyone. In this portion, we are going to discuss the various types of targets as it will give an idea to choose the top quality broadhead target for yourself.

1. Bag Targets

The most common and the most used target in the market is the bag target. This type of product is made up of artificial fiberfill that enables it to stop arrows. They are not hard to set up, and it is a perfect option for beginners. 

On the contrary, you can only use field points with the target. It is not made for heavy bolts. However, it has a large surface; thus, it is excellent for inexperienced archers.

2. Block Targets

These types of products feature a layered foam for the protection of your arrows. They are also lightweight and offers ultimate portability. Moreover, block targets also have a secure removal system for pulling out arrows comfortably.

Unlike the previous one; you will have the ability to use broadheads with this target. It is quite durable and can withstand repeated shots from bows. If you use field points rather than broadheads; the product will last much longer.

On the other hand, these types of products are also known as cube targets because of their cube-like shape. They are also suitable for beginning level archery. So, it is an optimal choice if you are planning to start a journey to become an archer.

3. 3D practice Targets

These forms of targets feature the figure of different animals for entertainment purposes. For instance, they come in the shape of a deer, hog, bear, etc.

They are mainly built to harness your hunting skills. Additionally, if it is a gift for your children, then they will like it for sure. As the 3D practice targets come in different shapes, it enables you to master shooting animals of various sizes.

We know that it is not very ethical to shoot animals with arrows, but for recreational activities, a target with a unique shape can be very entertaining. It will not only make you aim more precise but also will improve your perception of various forms.

4. Standard Bullseye Targets  

These types of targets are also the most common in the marketplace. They feature a traditional round design with different colors for accurate precision. Archer, who practices for competitions use these targets.

Bullseye target features red, blue, yellow, and a lot of different colors. Usually, the color which is at the center is marked as the highest point whereas the other ones are marked for lower scores.

It is an old-school design but great for improving your archery skills. If you ever plan on going to competitions, then the bullseye target can work as a wonder for you. It will remarkably enhance your shooting skills and can make you a master archer.

How to Take Care of Your Archery Broadhead Target?

Not all broadhead targets are the same. Some of them are durable and weather resistant, whereas some are not so much sturdy. There are heavy targets and lightweight targets.

Heavier ones are strong and can withstand the test of time, yet the lighter ones are more convenient. There are several packages that include additional covers and inserts.

Those types are easy to maintain and do not require any extra cost. So, the process of maintenance is different for every kind of targets. Let us look at the best ways to take care of your broadhead targets.

1. Protecting from Weather

Most of the premium archery bags in the market come with weather resistance capabilities.

However, you should not leave them hanging around on poor weather. So, when you are not using the targets, try to cover them with dry clothes or something that might not harm the product.

On the other hand, bags that do not come with weather-resistant capabilities require more maintaining. You can never leave them out on the field in bad weather. Therefore, the maintenance process differs due to resistant abilities.

2. Preventing Scratch or Holes

As we have mentioned earlier, there are four types of archery targets. Not all of them are suitable for heavyweight arrows or bolts. Before going on shooting them, we recommend that you check if they are resistant to a specific type of point.

If you are using broadheads; you should never use lightweight targets. Because doing that will result in deep holes or scratches. On the other hand, more massive bags can withstand repeated shots from broadheads.

You should never pull out arrows with extreme force as the process may damage the archery targets. Gently hold the bolt and pull it out with great care. However, some exclusive bags feature easy arrow retrieval. You can use them for more easy removal.

The retrieval system does not allow the target to be scratched or damaged; thus, you do not have to worry about the safety of it.

Maintaining and Take Care of Broadhead Target

Among all the targets, the block is the easiest to take care. It comes with layered foam; hence, bolts or arrows do not remain stuck in the surface.

You can also buy products with additional inserts, which is quite neat because you can easily replace the ones that wear out.

For bag targets, you can buy ones that come with extra covers. It is mostly for the same reason that we discussed. However, if your product does not come with additional covers then, you might want to use lightweight bolts as it will make the target last longer.

3D practice targets, on the other hand, require more maintaining than other archery bags. They are shaped in various ways; thus, there is a possibility that the targets may break if not carried around safely.

Furthermore, they cannot withstand broadhead shots. So, do not use heavy bolts with 3D practice targets.

As you have seen, not all targets require the same amount of maintaining. When you choose one, be sure to use the proper methods for taking care of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this portion of the article, we will try to answer the most common question that you may have for your archery target.

There can be endless questions when it comes to broadhead targets but answering all of them is not possible. Therefore, we have chosen the questions that are asked by our consumers frequently.

Q1. How long will my archery target last?

It depends on the type of product you are buying. If you are purchasing an exceptional one that is durable and sturdy; it will last for thousands and thousands of shots.

When the target is made up of high-quality materials; it is likely to last for many years. However, you should know that more substantial products remain much longer as they can withstand repeated shots easily.

On the other hand, lighter ones require proper maintaining and caring due to their unique structure.

Q2. Can the targets stop carbon arrows?

The answer to this question is yes and at the same time no. As we have discussed earlier, not all the products are built in the same way. Some of them are incredibly durable, whereas some are not.

Therefore, the ones which have a sturdy built can withstand shots of carbon arrows. For instance, Morrell Targets can endure rapid shots from broadheads and heavy bolts.

Q3. Do the targets come with a warranty?

It depends on which products you are purchasing. The bags that come from famous manufacturers have a warranty. So, if you want targets with a guarantee, then buy from renowned brands.

Q4. Is it possible to use field points into broadhead targets?

Yes, of course, it is possible to use field arrows. However, we suggest that you should bag targets for them. If you feel that you need a product that can endure both field points and broadheads, purchase a premium one.

Additionally, if you purchase an exclusive bag; it will come with easy arrow retrieval. This means you can remove the arrows from the target comfortably. Just use two fingers to pull the bolts out smoothly.

Q5. What are the best targets for clubs? 

If you are an owner of a club; you might want to keep entertaining items in there.

So, if you want an indoor target, we recommend you purchase cube ones. Cube targets come with layered foams; therefore, it is easy to maintain and last for a long time.

On the other hand, if you are planning for outdoor shooting then, we propose that get an Outdoor Range Target as it can stand the test of time and can go through years of usage.

Q6. Can I leave the targets outside?

Products that come with weather-resistant capabilities can be left outside. For instance, if you purchase a target that is resistant to the effects of harsh weather, then you can keep them outdoors.

However, you would want to put a cover on them before leaving them out on the fields. So, do not take the effects of weather lightly and use some precautions to increase the lifespan of your archery target.

Final Thoughts

It is tremendously challenging to buy an archery target that can meet all your requirements. So, without a definitive guide; you are most likely going to end up purchasing the wrong one or a cheap knockoff.

We believe that our guide has given you a good idea about the best broadhead targets in the market. If you are still confused, you can always check other articles, but we doubt it will be of much use.

The products we have mentioned in this article are undoubtedly come with excellent quality. Therefore, we can assure you that if you purchase one of these, then you will not be disappointed.

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