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Best Break Cue Reviews For 2022 (Top 12 Model)

Did you know you can improve your shooting game significantly if you have the right break cue? By investing a few dollars in the best break cues, you ensure you have that perfect starting shot.

A good break cue should be robust, durable, and able to maintain the shape of its tip. Also, it should be reasonably priced to ensure you don’t break the bank to improve your game.

We all can agree that a great breaking cue is one component needed to ensure you have an awesome game.

But still, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. You could have an excellent breaking cue, but without preparation and of course practice, your game will be not be that good. Ensure you prepare thoroughly, and your rival will never see your game coming.

Whether you’re looking for a break cue that will help you for practice or for playing against rivals, our list below has something for you.

Let’s get started.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Break Cues

Before buying a break cue, it helps to know what features to look for. Here are the main ones:

1. Budget

When we are purchasing something we always need to be on a budget; otherwise, you will wind up overspending. It is advisable you first get an estimated amount you want to spend on a break cue, then proceed to search for it.

For example, instead of going for a high-end break cue, you can decide to buy a two-piece hard maple wood cue instead of using the worn-out house cues.

2. Skill Level

Are you a novice or an expert? Your answer to the question should guide you whenever you are purchasing a break cue.  If you are a beginner, you should consider purchasing break cues which are priced in the range of a hundred dollars.

Once you start entering competitions and tournaments, you can consider buying a break cue in a higher price range.

3. Performance

Also, with your progression with the level you should consider more performance-oriented break cues. For example, if you seek to increase your consistency and accuracy, you should consider buying a break cue with a low deflection shaft.

Otherwise, if you do not require something performance-oriented, you can purchase a break cue with a standard maple shaft which will also work excellently.

4. Style

Are you a person who values your fashion? If your answer to this question is yes, then you can get a customized break cue designed to match your fashion sense. Nothing shows off your confidence than showing up in competition with fashionable and stylish gear.

5. Weight Distribution

If you have found a break cue you fancy, you should also look for the balance and weight. Most ques weigh between eighteen and twenty-one ounces.

However, you can opt for a heftier cue if you can control your speed and power. As you know, the heavier the break cue, the more the power, but more power does not mean better accuracy if you cannot control the speed.

Our Top 12 Best Break Cue Reviews in 2021

1. Rage Heavy Hitter Sneaky Pete Cue

Do you want to add some heft to your break? Well, this break cure weighs 25 ounces, which ensures you build solid momentum when breaking.

With its weight biased more to the rear, we understand it affects your stroke for better play.  You could be fortunate to sink two balls during your first break.

Furthermore, the cue is reasonably priced, ensuring you get more value for fewer dollars. It ensures you stay within your budget when improving your strokes. Have you noticed how some break cue designs come off as pretentious?

This cue comes in a color that blends in well with the standard house cues; some players have even forgotten to switch the cues because of its close resemblance.

Also, the cue comes with a leather tip, ensuring you have a low deflection rate when you break.  Therefore, it increases your accuracy by giving you more control over the cue ball when putting a spin on it. Additionally, the tip is replaceable, giving you an option of using your favorite kind of tip.

The cue shaft is suitable for beginners who want to move from house sticks for breaking. However, your game will not improve if you have no playing experience with the cue.

Hit the ground running and practice as much as possible to gain experience on the stick and the tip. Because different tips often have mixed results when used in play.

You will love the reasonable price and beginner-friendly design. What’s more, it comes with a sleek wood to wood joint and a wrap less grip.

Highlighted features:

  • Wrap less Handle
  • A sleek wood to wood joint
  • A durable leather tip
  • 25 oz. weight
  • Blended color

2. Billiard Stick Hardwood Canadian Maple 2 piece break cue stick

Although you might think that cheap cues are not worth the trouble, this inexpensive Canadian maple billiard stick will keep up with your demands.

First, you will not break your bank trying to purchase it, and also it could be used by both adults and children. Therefore, it will ensure you enjoy a good recreation time with your kids.

The product is fashioned from maple hardwood, which makes it durable and feels comfortable in your hands. It is advisable to use a different stick for breaking to ensure you score maximum points in the game.

If you’re a novice looking for the top quality break cues that are inexpensive, this will be a good choice.

Moreover, the cue has a leather tip which chalks up properly. We know how frustrating it is for a pool cue to lose its chalk when you play one hit. Also, the tip is strong and durable to ensure you can use it for a while. You can also replace the cue tip if you feel you could get better results with another type.

The product comes in two pieces weighing at 23 oz., making it have the heft required for a solid break. However, for a novice who has just graduated from using the house cue, it will take some getting used. You do not want to send your cue ball flying off the table in your first tournament.

The break cue comes in a sleek black color giving it a professional and tough look. The only thing we feel is missing is a wrapped handle; otherwise, it is a good break cue.

Highlighted features:

  • Fashioned from Canadian Maple hardwood
  • It weighs 23 oz.
  • Comes with a leather tip
  • Splits into two pieces
  • Has a steel joint

3. Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue

Do you yearn for an explosive break? Well, the Rage heavy hitter jump break cue might be just what you need for the job.

The pool stick weighs in at between 18 to 21 oz.,  making it lightweight for carrying around but it also well balanced to ensure its weight is well distributed at the back to give your break an explosive power.

Given its power, you might even get one or two balls in with the first break. It is a product designed for a beginner looking to transition from house cues to a more stylish and professional break cue.

Moreover, its design is geared to look professional, and the cue feels pretty good. It has an excellent and smooth finish. The break cue also has a straight design which is helpful for the perfect shot.

Its tip is designed using leather material which uniquely uses ten layers of Kamul soft leather to give you a good grip and superior spin in your game. The leather also chalks up impressively, and it will astonish you at how long it keeps its smoothness.

As a bonus, the cue has a soft linen grip to give you comfort and hold when breaking. Also, the manufacturer offers you a lifetime warranty against warpage. Remember, you can choose the weight you prefer therefore giving you an edge over the non-adjustable weighted ques in the market

The manufacturer also has a prompt delivery period. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about ordering earlier for a product that will take ages to be delivered. However, the product is pricey, but its quality you are buying.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stainless steel joint
  • Soft linen-wrapped grip
  • Soft leather tip
  • Available in different weight categories
  • Lifetime warranty

4. Gator Champion Sport Hercules Ferrari jump Break Cue

Do you yearn for a break cue that will ensure you bag a point when you are breaking? If you do, then this pool stick is among the best in the market. It comes with a brown phenolic tip which is used by pros in the game of pool. However, the phenolic tip will require you to practice to get the hang of it, especially if you have been using a leather tip.

Also, the cue comes with a color similar to the house cues; it makes it blend in with the surrounding. Moreover, the cue has a wood to wood joint which makes it easy to screw on. Wood to wood joints prevents the wearing of the groves, unlike when you are using wood to a metal joint.

Additionally, this cue is straight when you first purchase it. However, as time goes on, it will start to wrap. It means the cue will lose its straight line and reduce your accuracy when hitting the targets. Also, it will affect the way you put a spin on the ball when breaking.

The cue also has a solid and hefty feel, ensuring you deliver explosive breaks when you hit the table. The handle is made with hard maple wood ensuring you have a pleasant and smooth grip. Also, the cue comes in different weight to give you more options for the weight you prefer.

You should note that the cue is expensive, but how much are you willing to spend on improving your breaks?

Highlighted features:

  • Comes with a smooth phenolic tip
  • It has  wood to wood joints
  • Threads at the end of the shaft for quick release
  • Made from solid Maple wood

5. Elite Break Cue – Heavy

If you are looking to ensure your first shot counts, then this is the best break cues. It works exceptionally well when you practice how to use it. The cue will ensure you have explosive breaks and you might get some balls in if you often break with the pool stick. Moreover, the company producing the stick uses elements of the game of pool to deliver a quality and well-designed cue.

The aesthetics of the pool cue are excellent; it has a black linen wrap at the end of the shaft to ensure you get enough grip for quick release, and an elegant steel collar to give it a professional and clean look.

Additionally, its tip is phenolic. The cue is excellent for beginners who want to switch from house cues to more performance-oriented break cues. However, with a phenolic tip, you will need to keep on practising to grasp the experience of what happens when you break.

The cue also has an impressive heft to it making it suitable for an explosive break. The cue weighs at 27 ounces making it heavier than most breaking cues. However, its weight makes it the perfect weapon to knock in more than three balls when breaking.

Also, the cue has wood to wood joint, making it easy to screw on and ensures your threads do not wear quickly. This feature also gives it a solid feel when releasing your shot. Moreover, the brand is global in the game of snooker. Therefore, your cue uses the best quality Canadian Maple wood.

Highlighted Features:

  • It has a phenolic tip
  • The shaft is high-quality Canadian maple wood
  • Wood to wood joint
  • Weighs at 27 ounces
  • The sleek black color with a steel collar

6. Champion BK Jump and Break Cue Stick

Listen to this; “Do not break with your shooting cue and do not shoot with your breaking cue.” If you are like us, we see the wisdom in this quote. Breaking cue designs feature harder tips and ferrules to ensure you deliver explosive hits. Therefore, next time you are out for a game of pool keep this in mind.

For example, this breaking cues ferrule is Ivorine while its tip is phenolic. The combination of these materials gives your cue a sturdy and accurate feel to your first break. Moreover, a phenolic tip is soft and does not lose its shape quickly.

Do you know why it is among the best breaking cues available in the market? One, it is straight, and it rarely wraps. Additionally, the developers' research to ensure their product remains competitive, and professional snooker players prefer it to other brands. Therefore, stamping its brand of quality in the game.

However, the cue is also beginner-friendly, so do not think twice when you want to switch from house ques to a more professional break cue. As a bonus, its weight is adjustable, and the process is straightforward, and you can do it yourself.

The company uses solid maple wood to design the shaft, and with a hybrid leather wrap, it gives you a fast release grip. The manufacturer also gives you a three-year warranty to ensure you receive reimbursement in case of accidental breaks or slight wrapping.

Highlighted Features:

  • Phenolic tip with an ivorine ferrule
  • It has a steel joint
  • Hybrid leather grip
  • Adjustable weight
  • It has a three-year manufacturers warranty

7. Cuetec Meteor Pool Breaking Cue

Are you looking for a break cue that allows effective transfer of energy for an explosive shot? Well, this product will give you a powerful break you deserve. The cue uses patented technology to deliver a wrap and dent free pool cue. Moreover, the company has reasonably priced the pool cue so that beginners and experts alike can easily afford to upgrade their game.

The pool cue comes with a high-quality five-layer cowhide tip and a polycarbonate ferrule. The combination of these materials will provide you with an excellent balance between power and accuracy. The tip is also durable and will not lose shape quickly. However, ensure you have had enough practice with the cue before using it in competition, mainly if you regularly use phenolic tips.

The break cue also features various championships, meaning these champions have used the Cuetec breaking cue to win the championships. Additionally, the cue stick comes with a unique signature on the shaft, and in a golden color. Combined with its black colored shaft, it oozes professionalism and quality.

Also, you do not have to take our word on its quality, here is a U.S open winner who was quoted saying; “Cuetec has a better feel, aiming system, and control. Cuetec has a great product, and I am happy to endorse them.”

The cue stick also features a weight adjustable bolt system, ensuring you can easily customize it to fit your requirements. Moreover, it boasts a smooth maple shaft which is coated with a  frim composite to ensure you have a fast release grip.

Highlighted features:

  • Its weight is adjustable
  • Five layered leather tip
  • Robust and smooth maple shaft
  • Graphite ferrule

8. McDermott 58in Star S2 Two-Piece Break / Jump Pool Cue

Are you looking for a reasonably priced break cue? Well, this product comes from one of the leading brands in the market. It ensures you are playing using a high-quality cue stick. You will increase your knock-in ratio noticeably, and your game will be a step higher when using this cue.

If you are looking to transition from using house cues to a performance-oriented cue, this break cue will give you a comfortable time learning to jump and increase your break scores.

The cue comes fitted with a phenolic tip, which is impressive for both jumping and breaking. However, novices may have a hard time grasping its use, but with constant practice, you will improve your game.

Additionally, you will enjoy the smooth, durable, and hard maple shaft which provides you with an excellent grip allowing for quick release. Also, with a carbon fiber ferrule, it gives you a sturdy feel of control and accuracy.

The cue has wood to wood joints, which make it excellent and durable. However, it does not come with joint protectors, and we understand some people prefer to use joint protectors. The cure divides into three pieces for easy carrying.

It weighs in at 19 ounces, not too heavy, but it has enough heft to give you that explosive break you need. Remember, you will have to practice on the tip to give yourself an edge in the game. However, if you do not feel up to using the phenolic tip, you can always change it to your preferred tip.

This product is affordable, and its sleek black color gives it a professional look. You do not have to go beyond budget to get an improvement in your game.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes with a sturdy phenolic tip
  • The shaft is a sturdy and smooth maple wood design
  • Wood to wood joints
  • It weighs at 19 ounces
  • Comes in a variety of sleek colors

9. Players JB528 Jump Break Pool Cue

Player’s cues have been around for the last twenty-five years, and many championship winners have used it. The brand offers a variety of stylish designs and finishes to give your cue a touch and feel of professionalism. All these for a fraction of what other cues cost.

The manufacturer uses patented designs to ensure your cue remains straight, and they even offer a lifetime warpage warranty to ensure you place your faith in their products.  Also, the cue shaft is treated numerous times and covered in a custom made epoxy to protect it from wrapping.

The break cue comes with a hard Bakelite tip which ensures you deliver ultimate power on your break. Also, the shaft has a heft and is thick at the end, giving you ample grip and control when hitting the cue ball.

You will notice a difference in the number of shots you knock in during every break.

However, ensure you practice enough before a tournament, you don’t want to have mishaps with accuracy and deflection because of the tip. Additionally, be prepared to make natural jumps using the Bakelite tip. As you know, jumping takes a bit of skill, but with this cue stick, you will have great jumps.

The cue comes in three pieces, and it will come in handy when you are playing in cramped venues. The size will offer you maneuverability and easy to carry around. Also, it has high quality and glossy finish to protect it from fading and chipping. So i think this is the best break cues for you.

Highlighted features:

  • Made from grade A North American Maple wood
  • Weighs in at 28 ounces
  • 14mm durable Bakelite tip
  • Black wrap to give you grip
  • Turbo lock quick-release joint
  • Proprietary glossy epoxy cover

10. Collapsar XP Jump Break Cue Pool Stick

If you are in the market for your first jump or break cue, this product is excellent for an affordable price. It will provide you with a remarkable transition from using house cues to enjoying using high-performance break cues. Be prepared to increase your knock-in ratio noticeably. However, this will only happen for players who have been practicing their shots.

The Collapsar break cue comes with a sturdy 14mm phenolic tip and a high-quality carbon fiber ferrule. When combined, they give you a controlled and accurate approach to breaking.

One of the reasons why this product made it to this list is that it’s affordable.  

The shaft employs a hard maple wood with a professional taper. Moreover, the shaft is wrapless, but it has a sleek rubber bumper. The color of the shaft is elegant and professional, it is a dark blue color with silver spots. The company also provides you with a variety of colors from which you can choose.

The company also ensures fast delivery and will replace any defective product you may receive. That is what we refer to as premium customer experience. Also, it is reasonably priced to avoid having to break your bank to improve your game.

However, its weight is not adjustable, but the manufacturer provides three variations with different weights. We prefer you choose the one with the highest weight for maximum power. However, you could choose a less hefty one if you can balance the power and speed.

Highlighted features:

  • Sleek rubber bumper on the shaft
  • Made from hard maple wood
  • Unscrews to three pieces
  • The tip can be changes
  • Phenolic tip and carbon fiber ferrule

11. Purex HXT-P1 Black Quadruple Threat Jump Break Pool Cue

Let us start with a question, what is the worth of improving your breaks and jumps? If you feel you can do so at any cost, this pool cue is for you. Although the cue is a little expensive, it’s an excellent pick for someone looking for the best jump break cue for the money.

We know you are wondering what features make it that expensive. The manufacturer did not hold anything back to deliver this excellent break cue stick.

For starters, the shaft utilizes a low deflection technology, which ensures you hit your breaks consistently and accurately.

Moreover, the shaft is black and silver with a multi-zoned grip wrapper with three traction areas.  This feature will ensure you maintain consistency in breaking even when the game gets heated. The rubber grip is comfortable and gives you loads of confidence in the game.

The pool cue has a phenolic tip which is excellent at putting a spin on the cue ball when jumping as well as breaking.

Also, it has a carbon fiber joint with three turbo-lock release joint pins to ensure you have a solid break. You need to ensure the joints are locked tightly, and you will notice you knock in ratio improve.

However, you will not improve your game miraculously; you need to regularly practice to ensure you are in touch with how the stick plays. Also, the weight is not adjustable, but the company produces it with weights between 18 to 21 ounces with an increment of half an ounce.

Highlighted features:

  • Carbon Fiber joints
  • Low deflection shaft
  • Phenolic tip
  • Made in the USA
  • Screws into three pieces

12. Cuetec CT296 - Black Finish Break Jump Separated Ring Pool Cue Stick

The best breaking cue should give you confidence and feel when you shoot, and also help score some points. Well, the Cuetec CT296 comes close to making you feel like anything is possible on the table. Its veltex grip dry’s any moisture from your hand, giving you a comfortable and confident hold.

‘Also, the manufacturer uses a patented pro taper bonded shaft to give you a low deflection outcome ensuring you can strike consistently and accurately whenever you are breaking.  The pool cue will also enable you to jump as high as you want and as accurately as you need.

Moreover, the break cue has a phenolic tip, which is on most break sticks. However, if you prefer to use a nickel shape meniscus, this cue stick will disappoint. It comes with a flat tip whose shape cannot change. However, you can replace the tip to your liking.

The cue stick also has adjustable weights using a bolt system; if you prefer a heavy hitter, the process of adding weights is straightforward. However, you will need to order the weights differently. That is a minor drawback, but once you get the weights you can adjust the break cue stick to improve your knock-in point ratio.

Also, the tip is supported by a multi-layered polycarbonate ferrule which ensures you have control over your hits. It also boasts polished steel joints which, when appropriately locked, adds strength and a sturdy feel to it. Moreover, the joints use a durable plastic for an interlocking mechanism, ensuring your threads do not wear quickly.

Apart from having to order the weights separately, it is one of the good break cues, and we would recommend it to a beginner looking to switch to a performance-enhanced break cue.

Highlighted features:

  • Polished stainless steel joints
  • Patented pro taper bonded shaft with low deflection
  • Phenolic tip and Polycarbonate ferrule
  • Three-zone veltex grip
  • Adjustable weight bolt system
Break Cue Reviews

Break Cue Reviews

Benefits of Using The Best Break cues

Need more reasons why you should get the best jump break cue? Consider these:

1. Break cues are heavier than other playing cues

A good break depends on your speed and weight, finding a good balance between the two will ensure you have an explosive break, and you may even increase your knock-in ratio. However, if you increase the weight of your cue but let the speed remain the same, you will have a weak break.

2. Break cues are durable and sturdy

If you are worried about damaging your other playing cues, then you can switch to a break cue. A good break cure will have a durable tip which will retain its shape over a long period. However, when using other playing cues, your tip will mushroom over time because of the force you use when breaking.

3. Convenient for hard-hitting games

If your games involve a lot of 8-ball or 9-ball, you should consider using a break cue. The games require you to have a powerful break, and as you know, a powerful break will ensure you gain maximum points when starting.

Additionally, breaking cues look cool and have excellent designs and warranties. Also, having a break cue can give you an edge when playing tournaments in different venues. In most cases, house cues are overused and worn out, therefore getting an accurate and powerful shot is a chance you will have to take

However, with your break cue, you can easily carry it when moving from tournament to tournament, ensuring you have consistent and powerful breaks every time.

How to Take Care of Your Break Cue

1. Taking care of the tip

It is an essential part of a break cue; you can use any shaft as long as your tip is in good condition. A tip can lose its shape, which will adversely affect your accuracy and control. To take care of your tip, you should ensure you scrape it to keep it level with your ferrule.

2. Taking care of the shaft

When you purchased your cue, its shaft was smooth, and you could slide your hand comfortably on the surface. However, due to using it has become sticky and disgusting. You resolve this problem by powdering your hand a little bit whenever you are using it to give it that smooth feel. Although in the long run, the powder will build up to have a gummy texture.

However, the best method is to wipe it down with a soft cloth to reduce the buildup as well as not eating fatty and sugary foods with your cue in your hand.

3. Taking care of the but

The butt is the end part of the break cue, and you should avoid placing it on the floor or hitting things with it. If you do so, the force may cause the cure to develop cracks and scratches. Always store your cue safely and wipe it down with a clean cloth

It will save your bank balance other than replacing it when it breaks.

4. Taking care of the Ferrule

The ferrule will develop stains after prolonged use with chalk that has developed a deep hole. Once chalk starts developing a hole, it should be replaced immediately to avoid the discoloration of your ferrule.

Also, if it already has the stain, you could use solutions that do not contain water to clean it. Although preventing the stains would be excellent.

Moreover, do not use abrasive solutions to clean your cue; you do not want your break cue fading or even losing its straight.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is the optimal weight of a break cue?

A break cue should weigh more than a regular playing cue. The additional weight gives your break and explosive power, and most break cues weigh between 21 and 28 ounces.

Q2. Can I change the cue tip?

Yes, you can change the cue tip to your preferred material.

Q3. Is the weight of the break cue adjustable?

Some products offer adjustable mechanisms using bolt systems. However, some others have differently weighted cue sticks

Q4. Does the break cue come with joint protections?

Normally, expensive cue sticks will have joint protection, but for budget cue sticks, you would be lucky to get them.

Final Word

When you consider all the factors discussed in the review above, you could identify the best break cue to improve your knock-in ratio. However, you should note that having a good break cue does not automatically upgrade your game. You will need to frequently practice and gain experience using the type of tip and weight of your chosen break cue.

Moreover, you do not have to break the bank to get an excellent cue stick. Some of them are reasonably priced and produced by well-recognized brands.

Now, go ahead and click the buttons in our breaking cue reviews to conveniently find your pick on amazon.

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