Best Bowling Balls

Top 15 Best Bowling Balls Review in 2022 with Buying Guide

Searching for bowling balls that can match with your skills and level of expertise? Overwhelmed with the so many available brands?

Fortunately, today you have a solution.

And to anyone, who also has been searching for the best spare bowling ball, this article is for you. For sure, in this piece of work, we are going to review such and such.

We will also guide through choosing the best bowling balls among many available brands by highlighting some of the elements to think about when selecting the perfect ball.

Not to waste our time, let us set the pot on fire.

Bowling Ball Buying Guide for Beginners

It is true that selecting the top bowling balls among many brands can be a challenging endeavor that can also be overwhelming. With so many choices, brands and type, actually you need a guide for the top ones.

The great news is that, if you are a beginner buyer or buying the bowling ball for the first time, here are some of the elements to consider.

1. Know The Weight Suitable For You

Among the crucial determinants of the coolest bowling balls to a beginner player is weight. So, you have to determine the weight that is suitable for your skill level.

Furthermore, you must choose the ball that you can easily control. In most cases, bowling balls weight range from 12 to 15 pounds.

2. Understanding The Lane Conditions

You also have to know the lane conditions before making your first purchase. There are various balls designed with different styles to suit different lane conditions.

So, depending on whether you are an entry–lever, understanding the lane conditions is crucial when it comes to choosing the right balls that will meet your needs.

3. Choosing The Grip

The grip is another crucial factor you have also to keep in mind. After choosing the suitable weight, you also have to select either fingertip or standard grip depending on which you will find more comfortable.

Our Top 10 Picks of the Best Bowling Ball Reviews in 2021

Buying the right ball heavily depends on your personal preferences. Though many factors such your age, the size you need, and skill level can drive your choice. However, they all match your preferences.

So, it implies that it is up to you, the player, or the buyer, to decide what will be the soundest bowling ball for you, or to that person you are buying for.

1. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

As we said earlier, Brunswick is a favorite brand, and it opens our list. There are tons of elements that can make Brunswick deserve the position.

First, the Brunswick bowling ball is available in multiple colors. So, it implies that you will have an opportunity to select the color of your preference.

However, the blue is a dominant color. Moreover, you can get this ball in various sizes, and you can choose the weight you are much comfortable with basing on your skill level.

Its Coverstock is made of polyester that shines stylishly. The polyester Coverstock makes this ball to perform significantly regardless of the lane condition. It also makes the ball eliminate hooking and move in a straight line. This will be an added advantage for beginners, as they will only focus on their movements.

The ball can be used as spare or be gifted to someone. Notably, the design is favored for kids. This is the type that they can use when to practice bowling. With the light options available, it will fit the kid’s abilities perfectly. But, that doesn’t render the ball useless to adult players.

With 16-pound size, the adult players will also be its beneficiaries. The Brunswick bowling ball can make it regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced player. It is also suitable for those players looking for consistency with their balls.

One thing that you will also appreciate about this ball is its long-range performance. With its highly polished and intermediate differential, the trajectory of the ball will be consistent.

Highlighted Features:

  • Polished surface with Coverstock made from polyester
  • High intermediate differential
  • Available in different sizes and weight
  • Comes in various colors
  • It is the undrilled ball

2. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

Are you searching for ta top-quality reactive resin ball? If the answer is yes, then at that point, consider the Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball.

There are some causes why you should consider this ball. First, it is a beautiful ball available in different colors. So, you will have an advantage of choosing the color of your preference. It is the right option for those looking for the first reactive resin ball. However, it is not responsive on oily or dry surfaces.

With this ball, the bowler will have better control with power during bowling. Moreover, this ball is comfortable to hold thus suitable for beginners. Any starting player can learn how to hook with this smoothly designed ball. It is intended to long last, and the 10-pound weight is an extra advantage.

Also, it can make an excellent spare ball. The rhino reactive bowling balls have been created as per the USBC standards. It is handy for light to medium oil lanes and equipped with the latest R-16 Coverstock, which provides a remarkable balance between power and control.

The latest R-16 Coverstock gives a perfect length and backend hook-motion.  It also tries to lessen the sensitivity when on the dry or oily lanes. This will offer you a great aim and maintain the ball not to wonder off.

Its conventional light bulb shaped core also enhances the motion of the ball. You will have a great pin, allowing you to achieve more strikes and score higher beyond your level of expertise.

Each reactive rhino ball comes with a unique core shape of weights between 12 and 16 pounds. This very lightweight construction will offer the user a consistent ball reaction across the entire weight range.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed as per USBC standards
  • Equipped with the latest R-16 Coverstock
  • 10-pound weight
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Reactive ball

3. Pyramid Path Bowling Ball

Anticipating to start partaking in bowling and now thinking about purchasing your first bowling ball? If so, the Pyramid Path is a brand to consider being number three on our rundown.

To start, this amazing looking ball is available at a meager price. So, you can get this without emptying your pocket. This long-lasting pick is also designed for new bowlers.

It is made with a plastic Coverstock great for straight throws. A first bowler will find this ball great as it has less pressure when it comes to achieving hook.

The 139 symmetric core constructions makes this smart looking ball strong, reliable, and sturdy. Also, the Pyramid Path does well on a medium-dry lane. Its structure also allows multiple drilling options.

Furthermore, the 150 grit polished finishing makes this ball more perfect for entry-level use. This blend of features gives the ball various impressive motions on the lanes. Additionally, it offers an excellent grip to the beginner player. Moreover, it was designed as per the USBC standards.

Not only that the ball is suitable for beginner, but from its excellence in making straight shots is also advantageous to advanced players who can use it to pick out spares. Another fact that advanced players can also benefit from this ball is that it comes in a wide variety of sizes.

This implies that regardless of your age, level, and expertise, you will get a perfect match for your needs. For sure, the Pyramid Path bowling ball is among the options to consider when you are looking for your first bowling ball.

This ball will allow yo, only to concentrate on precision and accuracy as it was designed to roll in a straight line. Below, find its features in summary.

Highlighted Features:

  • Attractive design that meets the USBC standards
  • Comes undrilled
  • Accompanies two-year warranty
  • 150 grit polished finishing
  • Plastic Coverstock
  • Offers wide variety of sizes

4. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

The next recommendation for our bowling enthusiasts is the Ebonite Maxim bowling ball. It is another excellent choice for entry-level bowlers that comes with remarkable quality at a lower price.

It delivers a predictable and consistent motion thanks to its polyester Coverstock. This will allow you to achieve straight shots without much hooking. Thus, you can work on your technique with more conviction.

Furthermore, its 3-piece core is another feature that contributes to its straightforward performance. It renders the ball an excellent choice for those looking for the more easily and predictable moving pattern.

On the hand, the core is a disadvantage to those advanced players looking to use asymmetrical cores.

The plastic and polyester construction makes this bright ball long lasting and durable. It’s easy to grip the ball and smooth moves will help you achieve good results using minimal efforts.

For sure, if you are a beginner and yearning to get to the next level, here is the ball to choose. The Pyramid Path is only 10 pounds of weight thus, you will find it easy to control and throw. It is available in multiple colors; you can get it as black, purple, or gold. So, you will go for the color you find more appealing.

Furthermore, this ball is available in different sizes and weights. You can get its sizes ranging from 6 to 15 pounds. If you are buying it for young players, size 6-pound is the right option. However, unlucky to those looking for balls more than 15-pounds of weight.

Highlighted Features:

  • Accessible in three colors; black, purple and gold
  • Has a polyester Coverstock
  • 3-piece core
  • Undrilled ball
  •  Multiple sizes ranging from 6 to 15 pounds

5. Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball

Here is another USBC approved version of pyramid path that you can consider. The Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball is available in nine different colors. This implies that there is always a color for every individual.

What makes this ball find a position in our bowling ball reviews is its pyramid technology that allows bowlers to achieve more during bowling. Moreover, if you have been looking for the high-quality ball for medium dry conditions, the Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball is a definite choice.

Another thing that you will also appreciate about this ball is its portability. Importantly, it has various drilling options, and this makes it suit different purposes and preferences. Whether you intend to use it for straight or curved shots, this is the best option that can perform in multiple directions.

Furthermore, its affordable price is also another advantage that makes it a perfect choice for novice players. Additionally, it offers a grip good for novice players.

This smart looking ball comes with 139 symmetric core constructions. This core construction makes this ball sturdy, durable, and reliable. Additionally, its 150 grit polished surface is a provision to smooth motion.

Honestly, the 139 symmetric core constructions and 150 polished grit surfaces give essentials to move on the lanes.

Highlighted Features:

  • 139 symmetric core constructions
  • 150 grit polished surface
  • USBC approved
  • Nine different colors
  • Pyramid technology

6. Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball

At number six of our top 10 best bowling ball, get another high pick for advanced players.

The Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball has medium hooking potential enough for those players looking for medium consistent motion. On the other hand, it is not suitable if eyeing for high hooking potential.

This nice looking ball comes with a sturdy construction. It has a nitrous constructed core and boosted Coverstock. Furthermore, this beautiful looking ball provides a good grip and is an excellent option if you want to experience something new.

The ball performs well on light and medium oiled lanes. Honestly, the Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball is a durable and dependable ball made to last for long. It has a reactive resin Coverstock that contributes to its stylish look. It also boasts an advantage when it comes to hooking potential.

Moreover, the 2- piece nitrous core balances out the resin Coverstock and offers the consistency.

Another excellent thing which makes this ball stand out is its 500 grit finished surface. Furthermore, the ball has 2.55 intermediate differentials, and this implies that it will spin more quickly.

This blend of features makes the Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball suitable for those players that are searching for perfect balanced hooking and consistency.

The ball comes undrilled so that anyone can customize any grip style as per the preferences. It also arrives in multiple sizes, ranging from 10 to 16 pounds.

Not to forget about various colors you can choose between. Blue, black, bronze, purple, pink, silver, and red; these colors are pretty eye-catching and aggressive. So when it comes to style, you will not be left behind.

  Highlighted Features:

  • Multiple sizes ranging from 10 to 16 pounds
  • 2.55 intermediate differential
  • 500 grit finished surface
  • Various colors
  • Undrilled ball

7. Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball

To keep our list live, meet the Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball. It is one of the right options for those looking to expand their hooking potential.

This ball has been created to suit different bowling situations and lane condition. For this, suitability is why it is called the legend. The company designed its ball to offer better quality and to take a notch higher in the game of bowling.

From the outer look of the Columbia 300 Nitrous Ball, you will agree that there has been an improvement in designs in contrary to other balls. First, it has hybrid Coverstock contributing to its lightweight construction, which is also an exceptional feature. It also ensures that it does not veer off during bowling.

It also has a black polished cover blend with a gas mask. These give to fit an excellent backend motion. For sure, you will find it easy to make a shot with this ball that works suitably on a medium to highly oiled lanes.

One thing that I will recommend this for you is the three-year warranty that is offered by the manufacturer. This is security to your spending.

Furthermore, it was constructed in a sturdy and robust design to offer the finest outcome with minimum effort. It also moves impressively.

If you have been scanning for the best way to have the right motion at the back end of the lane, then this ball should be your immediate option. Additionally, the excellent grip that the ball offers is also an advantage on the lane.

Highlighted Features:

  • Hybrid Coverstock
  • Undrilled ball
  • Three-year warranty
  • Black polished cover

8. Brunswick TZone Patriot Blaze Bowling Ball

Brunswick is a widely known brand and manufacturer when it comes to bowling items. Here, we look at one of its version, the TZone Blaze bowling balls. It is amongst the good bowling balls for an amateur that accompanies an affordable sticker price.

It can also be an option for recreational players. However, designed in a way to last for long, it can also make an excellent spare ball. As it is vividly clear that, for a beginner, you need a ball that can offer you with strong execution in various circumstances and situations.

You also don’t have to stress over exchanging the balls or changing the playing styles during the game. For that, the TZone ball has been designed to suit different situations and lanes.

This Brunswick has been designed in such a way that it can be easy to apply regardless of the entry level. It is an incredible business unusual option that makes achieve high in the bowling game. It will eliminate the need to chip away during the rudiments of the diversion.

What makes this ball widely differentiable among its counterparts is its renowned Centre back. It also manifests superior weight dispersion. The exceptional design of this ball will make you only concentrate on shaping your basic skills, as it will make smooth and straight moves on the lane.

As an advanced player, you will agree that the Coverstock, which is the material that makes outside layer, has a significant role in performance. To perform significantly on the lane, the Coverstock is made from composite reactive resin and pearl material.

Importantly, the reactive resin material makes the ball move smoothly on the lane. It results in less rubbing so increasing the hooking potential.

On the other hand, the pearl material is also smoother and makes the ball suitable for medium to highly oiled lanes. The combination of these two Coverstock materials, gives the ball an exceptional movement and distance covered.

Highlighted features:

  • Hybrid Coverstock
  • Multiple colors
  • 212 pounds of weight
  • Glowing ball

9. Ebonite Maxim

If you are searching for the stylish and better constructed best bowling ball, then the Ebonite Maxim should be your choice. For sure, the Maxim is a blend of these features. Additionally, the ball has been designed to serve you for so long.

It is also an option if you are looking for the ball for spare shooting, straight bowling or need to have style on the lanes. The polyester Coverstock makes this ball durable and has high hooking potential.

Not only that it is designed for straight use, but it is also intended to work on all lane conditions, unlike the hooking ball that works on individual lanes.

Furthermore, it is also accessible in various colors and sizes, and you will select the color or size you prefer. Another thing, about this ball is its smooth movement on the lane.

It can perform well on both dry and oiled lanes. For sure, you can buy this ball if you want to maintain a bowling performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available as either orange, gold or blue
  • Pancake core
  • 800 girt finished surface
  • Polyester Coverstock

10. Hammer Gauntlet Bowling Ball

Still not finding your match? Here is the ball that can react to the condition of the lane. It is a ball that is not only durable but made to be hard and has an attractive appearance. Indeed, it is a nice looking ball with 2000 abralon pad.

The Hammer Gauntlet should be on your list of preference if you are looking for a quality bowling ball. With the accompanying three years warranty, feel secured while shopping for this ball. It is made from carbon fiber, one of the prime materials that known to last for long.

Also, the pearl Coverstock contributes to the long-lasting features of this ball. Pearly is a Semtex CFI and well-recognized material, which has been employed on this ball to make a Gauntlet asymmetric core.

Furthermore, its backend angularity is also an adaptation to work well on a medium to highly oiled lanes. Also, there is an added inner core for durability and strength.

The Hammer Gauntlet can be found in three colors; smoke, purple or orange. With its 500/100 grit finished backend surface, together with RG of 2.5 as well as an intermediate differential of 0.050, this ball will perform significantly on high oil lanes.  

With all these values, what are you waiting for? Get this ball and see your bowling skills get to the next level.

Highlighted Features:

  • RG of 2.5
  • 500/100 grit finished surface
  • Three years warranty
  • Three colors; orange, purple or smoke
  • 2000 abralon pad
  • 0.05 intermediate differential

11. Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow Viz-a-Ball

If you have a child who is involved in bowling, then here is a ball to buy. The Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow Viz-a-Ball is an excellent ball that any kid will find comfortable.

Regardless of whether if your kid is a boy or a girl, this ball is what they need to hit the alley. The Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow Viz-a-Ball looks nice rolling down the lane, and your kid will love the style.

More so, it will be another way to decorate the room for kids. When not in use, you can hang in the ceiling to add some décor in the room. It will be glowing in the backlight due to its perfectly finished surface.

The ball does not have the traction for hooks or curves. Thus it is perfect for one looking for straight shots. It is also good for beginner players. The ball is available in single color. However, there are multiple weights. So, choose the weight that matches your needs, the needs of your kid and preference.

As there are many balls designed to glow in backlight, this goes extra miles to glow even during cosmic bowling. Your kids will be seeing something like a big lizard eye rolling down the lane. This is an exceptional thing that the manufacturer has achieved to satisfy the masses.

Honestly, this lizard eye will be appealing to kids to have and look at. So, believe that your kids will possibly start to trend when it comes to lanes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Glowing ball
  • Multiple weights
  • Best-match for kids
  • Can be used for decors

12. Hammer Bowling Black Widow Gold Bowling Ball

To keep our boat sailing, here comes another brand from Hammer. A gold bowling ball is perfect for those looking for the ball that suits any oiled lanes. The Hammer Bowling Black Widow Gold Bowling Ball has been designed to conquer and perform on oily lanes.

This ball has a mid to strong-lane reaction. It also has a massive backend. From its legend name, this ball will handle any heavy and oil lane conditions like a pro.

One thing you will note about this ball is that it will be smoothly cutting through the oil without losing the traction or speed.

Furthermore, this ball can do well on medium oil conditions. Unfortunately, for dry lanes, it can go further.

Honestly, this ball will fit like a charm any regular player and who has a firm grip as well as knows how to roll curves.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multiple weights
  • Gas mask core
  • Particle Coverstock

13. Bowlerstore Products White Dot Bowling

Bowlerstore Products has a reputation when it comes to making quality bowling item. The white dot is one of their quality bowling balls. It comes with polyester Coverstock that makes it perfect for extra and straight shots.

The ball is available in multiple selections ranging from 6lb to 16 lb. For the 6lb version, the cover is fragile, and it can be a challenge for the ball on your own. For the 16lb version, it comes with a thick cover hard to drill.

Furthermore, it has a perfectly polished finish surface. This implies that the ball will slide over the oil and not absorb it. Moreover, the Bowlerstore Products has this ball in multiple colors.

On the other hand, it lacks additives in the cover, and will not glow in backlight like some of its counterparts. The ball performs well on a dry lane. However, there will be slight hooks, and the ball will be moving straightly more often. This implies that this is a straight ball.

Being on the market for some years, it is a confirmation that what you are going to get is superb and not just a waste of funds. It is also a confidence that the quality is going to be excellent.

One advantage is that the maker of this ball has been striving to offer the great variety at an affordable price.

Another feature about this ball is that it comes undrilled. So, keep in mind that you will have to drill it. However, it is a good thing as you will have it drilled the way you like and the way you see it best.

Highlighted Features:

  • Undrilled ball
  • Available in three colors, blue, silver, and black
  • Polyester Coverstock
  • Different sizes ranging from 6lb to 16lb

14. Storm Timeless Bowling Ball

Finding its second last position, the Storm Timeless is another remarkable bowling ball that you can consider.

It is among the different balls that you can find out there designed by the storm cooperation that works alongside the multi PBA champion Jason Belmonte.

They blended their plans to come up with a perfect timeless ball just for you. Besides, the ball is a favorite bowling item on the market. It has some features that made it the popularity.

First, its beautiful and aromatherapy fragrance says everything. Moreover, it has stable and robust development that makes it last and continue to serve for long.

The two weight block construction gives this ball a reviving power. Indeed, this new construction of the ball will provide a unique experience. It will start to dribble in the front and will change the movement when at the back of the lane.

Another unique feature you will appreciate this ball is its core. A double unique dual–drive base is combined with a fantastic R2S Coverstock. This combination results in a fast reacting ball that has unparalleled hook potential.

More so, this makes the ball have more motion energy. With these qualities, this ball can be very important even to an advanced player. With its timeless gliding and through the front of the lane, the outcome will be superb.

Also, the ball is available in different colors. You can get it either as solid/platinum pearl, or black color. So, you will have to select the color of your choice.

Additionally, it is available in multiple sizes. The sizes range from 12 to 16 pounds; an ideal size range for professional players.

Highlighted Features:

  • Undrilled ball
  • Multiple sizes ranging between 12 to 16 pounds
  • Various colors
  • R2S Coverstock

15. Sportime UltraFoam Bowling Ball

If you have been looking for the ball that you can use to practice just at home, then here is an option. Indeed this ultra-weighted sportime ball will let you practice without a bunch of great setups.

The Sportime just knew that you don’t have a pre-installed bowling alley in your house. So they designed a ball that is similar to competition balls. However, it comes with a unique Coverstock that will not cause damage to the walls of your home during practicing.

For sure, the blue and yellow swirl will absorb a lot of shocks preventing any wall damage or glass. Furthermore, this ultra-weighted ball for indoor is fully washable, and this implies that you can hand wash it. Also, you will not be bothered about getting dirty.

One thing that you will appreciate about this ball is that it accompanies an affordable sticker price. Besides, it comes pre-drilled. This is a save of your money, as you will not incur extra drilling cost.

Moreover, it has more than three holes so don’t worry about the ball fitting in your hand. You will find a comfortable fit. Also, the grip is excellent, and you will be able to practice anywhere around the house.

If you value that practice makes perfect, then why not buy this ball from Sportime?

Highlighted Features:

  • More three drilled holes
  • Available in multiple colors
  • 1 pound of weight
  • Fully washable
Bowling Balls

Bowling Balls

Bowling Ball Take Care And Maintain Tips

Seizing the best bowling ball is not only a technical part of bowling. Other things are required such as keeping up that ball. In this section, you will know how to keep your bowling ball legitimately with these maintenance tips.

1. Maintenance of The Ball Surface

The surface of a bowling ball is one of the critical factors in deciding how the ball responds to the lane condition. The dirt, and scratches on the ball surface will affect its performance.

So it is ideal to maintain the ball surface. There are many ways to maintain it.

2. Resurfacing 

The surface maintenance practice you should not disregard is complete resurfacing. You do full resurface to your ball once after every 100 games.

Resurfacing includes the whole taking down of the Coverstock and removes any oil, dirt, or scratches. This is like changing the tires for your car.

3. Cleaning The Ball

Yes, you have to clean your ball after every tournament, league, practice, or session. However, you don’t just have to clean anyhow. Remember there are different types of balls. So don’t think that somebody applied that cleaner, and so you do.

First, always use a dissolvable cleanser to wipe the dirt and deposits on the surface. Second, still use a cleaner specifically made for your type of balls.

Again, you have to clean the ball as soon as possible after use. Delay can make the dirt and oil to get absorbed through the pores, and this can affect the ball performance.

Furthermore, don’t ever apply chemical solvents such as acetone and rubbing alcohol to name a few. As they are solvents, they will profoundly affect the chemical makeup, components, and plasticizers used in the making of your ball.

Plasticizers are what make your ball to hook, and when altered, the ball hooking potential will be changed.

4. Take Your Ball To The Expert

Even though you might know how to clean your ball, it is good just to let an expert lay his/her hands on it.

If you've tried the previous maintenance suggestions and your ball still does not play as you would like, you may need to face reality and get a new ball. The option is not to watch your scores go down.

Types of The best Bowling Balls

Choosing the top quality bowling ball from different type its very hard to find. Actually, There are various bowling balls made in different designs, shapes, and styles.  

Additionally, these balls come with different materials of Coverstock. Though these cases have made it tricky for landing on the good balls, knowing and choosing the right type is one of the steps to a remarkable performance.

 In this section, we are going to group differentiate the balls into various types based on their Coverstock materials and weight block.

A. Types Based on Coverstock 

(i) Polyester/Plastic

The polyester/plastic balls usually have a smooth finish — these balls are very good for entry-level players. They are also known to cost less compared to their counterparts.

Also, they last long and due with the fact that polyester/plastic is a less porous material, they don’t have much of hook potential. However, the advantage of this type is that they are easy to control.

(ii) Urethane

If you are a first-time buyer, the urethane type is what you should opt for. This type has a lot of hook potential as results in higher friction between it and the lane surface.

On the other right side, it is effortless to control. It also has a good pin action and lasts longer.

(iii) Reactive Resin

If you are searching for a ball that you can control thoroughly, then choose the responsive resin type. They also result in much more friction, giving a higher hook potential.

You can get three classes under this type, the reactive pearl, reactive stable, and responsive hybrid. One thing that makes this type outstanding is that they conform to their name.

They respond to the condition they are in easily. So, if you mishandle the ball, it will respond by changing its direction and performance. And if the lane conditions are poor, the concert will be affected.

(iv) Proactive/Particle

Proactive/particle type of bowling balls are meant for expert or advanced bowlers. They usually come with bumpy surfaces that are textured to create much on oiled lanes. These types are not good for beginners, as they tend to dig and you need to be well-versed to perform.

B. Types Based on Weight Block

(i) Symmetrical

These types of balls have a low intermediate differential. They are two-piece balls that have low flare potential. With low intermediate differential and flare potential, they result in less hook potential at the breakpoint.

Furthermore, they offer a smoother arc motion that will be an advantage to those playing on drier lanes. These balls are also beneficial to those who tend to throw low-speed balls.

More so, they are also an excellent option to those learning to control the ball on the hooks to hit the target pins.

(ii) Asymmetrical

All drilled balls can be regarded as asymmetrical balls due to the higher weight distribution they possess. Though, this should not be a general conclusion.

The asymmetrical balls have some areas weighted than others. This helps them achieve defined or angular movements.

These types of balls have a higher average differential. Additionally, the asymmetrical balls tend to react faster to friction at breakpoints. This increases the hook and the revolutions that you can make.

You can find many asymmetrical balls designed with different Coverstock material and lane condition. You can have the most aggressive hooking bowling ball when you use an asymmetrical ball with an aggressive Coverstock on a heavily oiled lane. However, that is not the case for drier lanes.

(iii) High-Mass/Pancake Type

The high-mass/pancake types are designed with a thin layer of pancakes. Others come with puddle shaped weight block designed from a large amount of filler material. They usually have one end that is heavier than the other. This gives them a low hook potential and tracks flare.

Best Rated Brands On The Market

When buying your first bowling balls, the brand is something that you also have to consider. As I said earlier, there are many available brands. However, not all of them are promising.

Here, get to know some of the outstanding brands in this field below.

1. Ebonite

Ebonite is one of the widely known brands that manufacture bowling balls. They also manufacture other accessories used during bowling.

Ebonite is really striving to deliver the top-notch items that actually ensure the continuity of the game. Their items are superb both for beginners and advanced players.

The company consists of the greatest bowlers, and that is why they are making outstanding and powerful bowling items.

2. Storm

The storm is another brand that has a leading innovative force when it comes to bowling products. The company based on three mainstays during the design of their products. The three components are the growth, performance, and education.

Furthermore, from their best storm bowling ball, you can conclude that they are committed to change how we can bowl. Their perfectly designed product is an encouragement to new talents and those wishing to partake in the bowling game.

For sure, with any storm bowling equipment, you will have a positive experience.

3. DV8

Not to forget about the DV8, one of the most popular bowling balls brands when it comes to shoes, bags and - to be specific - bowling balls. They also make other bowling-related accessories.

The company is also participating in supporting new talents by designing products that are easy and comfortable to use.

Being a decade old since its opening, DV8 can be concluded as a significant player in bowling balls design.

4. Brunswick

Another brand that I will also not forget to talk about is Brunswick. It has the history in bowling ball dating back to 1880s. It’s before you were you born, maybe.

Well, it is the year that the Brunswick started the Congress, which had an impact on the bowling rules. They decided to take another step and started designing bowling products that can match the changed rules.

Since then, they have been expanding year by year, and today they are the very top brand that is identified everywhere by bowling enthusiasts.

5. 900 Global

Though the brand is new, it also makes outstanding products. They are improving on the balls they are making, and in future, they will be a great brand. Just some few years in the business but what they have produced is remarkable.

Any of their products can make a good start and progress in bowling. Furthermore, most of their products are relatively cheap.

6. Motiv

Motiv is another brand that I will not skip to mention. It dates back to 1990s. They also have a good reputation when it comes to making top quality bowling balls.

Their ball is also good to make you score higher in the game of bowling. Their balls don’t cost a lot like other brands. 

Safety Issues To Consider When Playing Bowling Ball

Like any other game, to be able to play the bowling game, safety is a necessity. This has made the bowling safety a topic you can hardly miss in bowlers. However, many people don’t know some safe bowling plays.

Here are the safety issues that you need to consider when bowling.

1.Don’t ever start behind the guy swinging the ball

The first safety measure during bowling is not to stand behind the guy swinging the ball. Even though it cannot result in raw damage, the 16-pound ball can hurt when it hits you.

2. Always have the proper warm up before the game

Like any other competition, warming up is a requirement. So, make sure that you go through proper warm up before the game. This will help you not strain the muscles. If you twist the muscles, you can suffer from muscle fatigue and crumb.

3. Always have a proper foot protection

Also, it is safe to have your foot well protected during bowling. Don't step on the lane with street shoes or trainer shoes. This can stain it. Wrong footwear also impacts the spin.

4. Don’t ever spill any liquid on the lane

You should maintain a clear lane as much as you can. One way meant of gaining a clear lane is to ensure that no liquid spills at all. The spills can cause sudden, painful slipping or stopping.

5. Be keen on your finger when tackling the returning ball

There are some things you need to ensure when tackling the ball. First, always pick up the ball using both hands. Furthermore, you should not insert the finger into the holes while doing so.

Picking the ball with both hands will reduce the stress on your finger. Also, make sure that your hands are across the return while pulling the ball. This is because, when your hand gets in between the ball, you might even break the finger.

6. Always keep the foul line

Staying behind the foul line is another safety thing that you have to always keep in mind. The area after the foul line is always oiled. Thus you can likely slip and fall.

Furthermore, the oil can get stuck on your shoes. This can get the oil into unrequired place.

You should note that there are many ways in which you can get injured during bowling. These six circumstances are the only foretaste.
However, you should try as much as you can to follow these simple rules and increase the chances of bowling safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we are going to answer some common question from our readers and those intending to buy the bowling ball.

Q1. Why should I clean my ball regularly?

There are various causes why you should clean your ball on a regular basis - the main reason being to keep yourself off from oil. Another, to keep the ball looking nice.

Q2. Do I need wrist support for bowling?

You don’t need wrist support for bowling. However, there are numerous circumstances where wrist support could be necessary.

If you had a wrist or hand injury before, and you feel that the support will give you the right wrist positioning and if you think that your wrist flexes too far affecting the required proper and enjoyable release.

Q3. What are the measurements of the bowling ball?

The bowling balls come in different sizes, and you can make a selection based on your preference. You can find them ranging from 6 to 16 pounds, and this implies that the lightest ball you can get is 6 pound while the most massive ball you can get is 16 pounds of weight.

Q4. How much does it cost to drill holes’ in a bowling ball?

Purchasing a bowling ball is not the end of everything. Many brands come undrilled, and you need to drill them to be useful. You need a service, or someone to drill the ball, mainly if you don’t know.

So, you will have to pay for that service. The cost varies from 50 to 70 dollars depending on the place, type of ball, and Coverstock.

Q5. How can I have a high spin?

Spinning is one of the skills required in bowling. However, not all can make it. There are other things that can be done to boost the spin. One is having the right pair of playing shoes.

This will facilitate you to maneuver when to spin the ball efficiently. Moreover, you have to pick the ball that is comfortable for you.

Q6. Should I have custom made bowling ball or use in a regular house bowling ball?

I will recommend custom-made balls. Keeping a tailor-made ball in top condition is easy. Furthermore, you can decide on which material you need the ball to be made of. Additionally, you will be able to choose the style and colors of your choice.

Q7. Should I buy a spare bowling ball?

Buying a spare ball is a good thing that should not be disregarded. However, it is not a must. It all depends on how much you want to invest in the game.


Here, we mark an end to our best bowling balls review. From this piece of work, we are sure that you have noticed many attributes make the top-quality ball. Honestly, it is not only about shape.

The build, configuration, and material have a significant part in selecting the finest ball.

Moreover, the lane condition and your skill still impact the choice. So, knowing all this alongside what you are looking for is the right step to selecting something that will meet your needs.