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Top 12 Best Bat Houses in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

You might be mistaken regarding the title of this topic. It’s not about a house for Batman, but bats for real!

Yes, because of the diminishing population of this flying mammal, we build houses for them. These houses protect them and help to roost and rear their offspring.

Thanks to so much deforestation, bats don’t have a natural place to live in the woods. The reason we should build bat homes is mainly to maintain the ecosystem. The bats are beneficial in some ways for humans, although caution should be applied in placing and maintaining bat houses.

You can use the outer wall of your home to accommodate a bat house. Or you could it mount it on a pole. Don't worry about building it from scratch. Although some people do make a house for bats by themselves, you can also get a one on the market.

To help you select the best bat house, this article has been composed. It’s based on plenty of research done by experts. In addition, bat house reviews by users have been factored in to give the fairest idea.

If you read on, you will learn about the whys, how, and where of bat homes.

Benefits Of Using Bat Houses

It’s understandable that you will buy bat houses if they are mutually beneficial to you and the nocturnal creatures. Well, here go some key advantages of having a bat home.

1. Natural Insecticide

Bats play the role of a natural insecticide. They eat mosquitoes and other insects. Therefore, when you sit at the garden or patio, you won’t get bitten by the mosquitoes. In addition, your plants and trees will be saved from the devastating effects of insects that harm them.

As per research, a brown bat can consume over 1,000 mosquitoes and similar size insects and as many as 60 moths of medium size in one night!

2. Natural Pollinators

In the desert and tropical regions, bats act as natural pollinators. They eat both the insects in the flowers and also consume the nectar and other parts of flora. A whopping 300 types of fruits depend on bats for pollination.

3. Ecosystem Maintenance 

Getting a balanced ecosystem is another important benefit of having bat homes. When nature is not balanced, it’s us who have to bear the brunt of it ultimately in the form of global warming.

As bats have lost their natural habitat due to deforestation, hence they should be housed properly. This will help the population to grow and restore the balance.

4. Certification 

By providing homes for bats, you could get a certification from organizations like Natural Wildlife Federation. Your bat home will both provide shelter for wildlife and also give them a space to rear their young ones. These are the two basic conditions for getting certified.

Top 12 Best Bat Houses Review in 2021

1. Audubon Bat Shelter Model NABAT

If you have noticed that you don’t see so many bats around your area like you used to, maybe it’s time to put up a home for bats.

This bat shelter will fit snugly in your backyard. You’ll do the creatures a favor by giving them a place to roost.

Made from cedar, this is a single-chambered home for bats that can accommodate 20 of them at a time. It’s just the right size to start and grow a colony of bats within your own precincts.

The shelter has a rough landing and the interiors are also made from rough cedar. These features enable the bats to get a secure landing. Moreover, with a grooved design, it helps the nocturnal animals to cling on without slipping.

You can place this product 15 to 20 feet above the ground on a tree that has few overarching branches. Or, you could position it under the eaves of a building. It’s recommended to position the shelter facing the sun and where there is a pond or lake nearby.

The product includes pre-drilled holes and deck screws that are plated in zinc. This will facilitate an easy installation. These screws get seasoned properly along with the cedar of the shelter.

The bat home is well constructed and its solid structure ensures durability and resistance to the elements.

After you receive some occupants – hopefully within a year – you’ll notice a marked decrease in the number of bugs and mosquitoes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from the cedar that’s weather-resistant.
  • Grooved design for easier roosting and landing.
  • Includes pre-drilled holes and zinc-plated screws for easy mounting.
  • Should be placed 15 or 20 feet above the ground.
  • Single chamber for accommodating up to 20 bats.

2. Premium Bat House Western Red Cedar

The next time you spray some mosquito repellant, think about the effect of it on the environment.

Instead of wasting money on cans of bug spray, simply put up a home for bats and you can have a mosquito-free life forever. Known for consuming as many bugs and mosquitoes as their body weight, bats can be the natural insecticide for you.

Made from premium cedar and other materials, this home for bats can be used in the harshest of climates. Thanks to the cedar, it is naturally resistant to the weather and also to rot caused by insects. Hence, you are assured of a home for the nocturnal mammals that will last for a long time.

The thermal conditions in the shelter have been paid particular attention to. The tight-fit construction renders this a cozy home for bats. Moreover, the interiors and the landing are grooved to ensure they have a safe landing and comfortable roosting.

You will notice that the landing platform has two pre-drilled holes. On the top of the rear part, there is a strong hanger to ensure your bat house stays firmly in its place. There are three 2.5-inch deck screws specially made for exterior use. These accessories enable you to mount the shelter easily.

Proudly made in the USA, each bat home is carefully handcrafted to give you the utmost satisfaction. Mount it on a tree, a pole, or your house to adopt an eco-friendly way to get rid of mosquitoes and help the bat population to grow.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from Western Red Cedar that’s naturally weather and rot-resistant.
  • Narrow interiors for a cozy shelter.
  • Grooved design for a secure hold on the landing.
  • Includes pre-drilled holes, three 2.-5-inch screws, and a strong hanger.
  • Handcrafted in the USA for maximum satisfaction.

3. Premium Bat House Pre-Finished Select Pine 

If you’re confused about making a bat home yourself or buying a readymade one, we say go for a ready-to-hang shelter!

With an engraving that shows two flying bats, this home for these aerial creatures is as personalized as it can get. There’s no need for you to apply any paint as it comes with a dark stain finish. You know attracted bats get by dark colors, so this serves the purpose just right.

The bat home gets warm and cozy easily for the bats to roost. Its dark hue absorbs heat and keeps their home warm. Moreover, the stain is weather-resistant, ensuring that the shelter lasts for a long time.

Another reason why this product is so durable is because of the premium-grade materials used for its construction. Only the top-notch quality of pine has been used. Its grains are straight, ensuring the structural strength and durability. The harshest climates can’t have any adverse effect on it.

One reason why bats don’t take easily to these shelters is because of the odor from sap. However, you won’t face any such issues with this bat home as the wood used is free from knots.

The design of this home for bats is such that it is conducive for their habitation and population growth. With grooved interiors and landing space, they are assured of a safe landing. Owing to the narrow spaces, the bats can live here comfortably as they get perfect warmth.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ready-to-hang bat shelter for easy installation.
  • Made from premium pine wood with a dark finish.
  • Narrow and tight-fit to provide comfort and warmth.
  • It does not give out any odor from sap.
  • Grooved design for safe habitation and landing.

4. Looker Products Triple Chamber Bat House

You could mistake this bat shelter for a letterbox!

It’s a slim and sturdy shelter for bats to enable you to leave a positive contribution in preserving a balanced ecosystem.

This is a triple-chamber home that has been approved by the Organization for Bat Conservation. It has the capacity to home 300 bats, which means you will be forever rid of bugs and mosquitoes.

The durability of the product is assured by its construction material – a combination of exterior-grade plywood and cedar. The latter is a favorite among bats. There is an 80% chance of success in getting this shelter populated, unlike other brands of bat homes.

To give maximum support or clinging and roosting, the landing platform and the interiors have been covered with a nylon mesh. This has been fitted tightly so that it won’t move when the bats come and go.

To make the home suitable for warmer regions, it’s fitted with vents to allow air circulation. With the sealed panels on top, the residents will be safe from predators.

For residents living further north in the USA, it is suggested to paint the bat house darker to attract bats quickly. Users have claimed that the shelter got its first residents in just about 40 days.

There are pre-drilled holes on the top panel of the bat house to help you hang it as soon as you get the product. You can also mount it on a pole and ensure that it’s minimum fifteen feet above the ground.

Highlighted Features:

  • It’s made from cedar and exterior-grade plywood for sturdiness.
  • It can be either hanged or mounted on a minimum 15-foot pole.
  • The top part has pre-drilled holes for instant installation.
  • Guarantees an 80% success rate of attracting bats.
  • Three-chambered shelter to house up to 300 bats.

5. Big Bat Box 2-Chamber Cedar Bat House

The only way to have a memorable summer free from mosquito bites is to have a bat home in your backyard.

You have here a double-chambered home for the flying mammals. The size would perfectly fit 75 bats. The design has been done carefully to make it a cozy interior for the residents. They will have a place to roost and will also keep your home free from bugs.

In addition, the product has been certified by the relevant parties. It guarantees a 93% chance of attracting bats and having them reside in this shelter throughout the long summers.

The tongue part of the box has been made from pure cedar so that it attracts the bats easily. It is also durable and has taken care to give a grooved interior and landing surface. The ruggedness takes care of the safe landing and roosting of the bats.

With a strong weather-resistant feature, this is on of the best bat house even when the climate is at its harshest. Choose from three color variations of black, brown, or unfinished as per the climate of your area.

For easy installation, the package includes all the necessary hardware – including L-brackets and screws - plus instructions. It doesn’t have any mesh or netting that is inclined to wear and tear.

Highlighted Features:

  • Double-chambered home for accommodating up to 75 bats.
  • 93% chance of success guaranteed.
  • Tongue made from pure cedar.
  • Grooved landing platform and interiors for a secure clinging.
  • Weather-resistant and durable box.

6. Heath Outdoor Products BAT-1D Deluxe Bat House

If you want a small home for bats on an experimental basis, you can get a small one. It will end up being more than just an experiment!

This shelter for bats has been made especially for regions where you get a lot of brown bats. That’s most of the places in the USA. These brown bats are a gift from nature as they control insects and bugs. No need for harmful pesticides to be sprayed on your plants.

Boasting a sturdy construction made from cedar, this shelter for bats will last for decades. It’s resistant to both harsh weather and rotting by insects. It consists of only one chamber where 20 bats can spend their time roosting comfortably.

The interiors have been sawed roughly so that the bats don’t slip and can maintain a strong grip when they land.

With the necessary hardware and instructions included in the package, you can immediately have it mounted and wait for the bats to inhabit it. Your backyard and home will soon be rid of all the mosquitoes and bugs.

You are recommended to put three coats of dark paint on it if you live in the colder regions. The shade of the box is quite light and to attract bats, you need to have it in a much darker color. Also, the construction could have been better instead of using staples to hold the parts together.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1. Small size with a single chamber for accommodating 20 bats.
  • 2. Interiors have been sawed roughly for a secure footing.
  • 3. It should be painted in a dark color.
  • 4. All hardware with instructions included for easy installation.
  • 5. Resistant to rot and weather.

7. DEStar Premium Pine Wood Bat House Box Shelter Outdoor with Single Chamber 

When you want to walk the middle path with neither a too large bat colony nor a family of just four bats, this is the perfect answer to your needs.

The single chamber of this bat home can put up to as many as 100 bats. This is a well-designed product behind which the brains of the Organization for Bat Conservation have worked.

If you want a bat box that meets the basic specs, then trust this one. The dimensions of this home for bats are 4-inch by 24-inch by 14-inch. With bat residents occupying this home, you will be rid of irritating mosquitoes and other insects naturally.

The rear part of the shelter is made from exterior-grade plywood measuring 3/4th inches. The rest is made from good-quality cedar, that is known to attract bats naturally.

You’re sure to get a durable house for bats when you buy this. Besides being made of cedar, it has nylon netting in the interiors for a secure foothold. Moreover, the landing space has been extended so that the bats find it easier to enter and exit the house.

If you live in warmer areas, the ventilation slot of this shelter will come to good use. There will be a good circulation of air throughout the home, keeping the bats comfortable.

This product is great if you want your attic to be free from bats. They are sure to move from inside your house to a more cozy shelter made especially for them.

Highlighted Features:

  • Single-chamber bat shelter for up to 100 bats.
  • Designed by the Organization for Bat Conservation.
  • Interiors with nylon netting for secure footing.
  • Dimensions are 4-inch by 24-inch by 14-inch.
  • Made from cedar and 3/4th inches exterior-grade plywood.

8. Planted Perfect Premium Wooden Bat House

Any home should be welcome to all sorts and that goes for bat homes too.

If you want to attract all types of bat populations, then this shelter will make it happen.

This product has two chambers and is capable of giving space to up to 360 bats. It’s also twice more friendly to the environment – as it is made from wood which is a natural material and also it provides a home for bats to keep balance in the ecosystem.

The construction is solid, using no cheap parts at all. This ensures that your bat home will last for generations. Made from cedar and entirely handcrafted, it will be able to attract bats naturally.

To mount this, all the hardware and the instructions are enclosed. All you need is apply a few coats of dark paint and you’re set to position it at the ideal place in your backyard. It takes only about an hour for installation as there are pre-drilled holes. You can also mount it on a pole that’s 15 feet above the ground.

The interior parts have been textured to ensure that the flying residents get a firm footing and can maneuver easily inside.

Users have claimed that with a bat attractant, they were able to populate this house within just 4 days. However, it may vary from region to region and on weather conditions. You could try putting some bat guano to help get rid of any human scent.

Highlighted Features:

  • Double-chambered, cedar bat house.
  • It has enough space for all types of bats numbering up to 360.
  • Easy installation with pre-drilled holes, instructions, and hardware.
  • It needs three coats of dark paint before mounting.
  • Textured parts of the interior for a safe and secure clinging.

9. Kenley Bat House - Outdoor Bat Box Shelter With Single Chamber

Say yes to bat homes and no to chemical pesticides and insecticides!

To save your plants and crops from bugs and yourself from mosquito bites, adopt a bat shelter. You’ll be helping the increase of bat population too.

The single-chamber bat box shelter is made from premium cedar to keep rot and the effects of rain and snow at bay. Hence, it is definitely going to last for a long time.

With measurements of 14.6-inch by 6.7-inch by 2.2-inch, it’s great for attracting and giving a new home to a colony of bats. For comfortable roosting, the inside of this box has a grooved design. The roughened landing space provides a secure platform for landing.

The entire unit has been pre-assembled so that you have less hassle in mounting it on the wall or a pole or tree. There is a strong hanger in the rear of the box for easy installation.

To attract the bats, place the shelter at least 8 to 12 feet above the ground. Ideally, it should have maximum exposure to sunlight for at least 4 hours a day. Also, the shelter should be kept away from winds.

Ensuring complete weather-resistance, you can paint with a spray or a brush to change the color to darker tones. Dark colors are particularly important in cold climates to attract bats. However, it may take a few months before the shelter has new residents.

Highlighted Features:

  • Single-chamber bat box made from premium cedar.
  • 100% weather- and rot-proof.
  • Pre-assembled and strong hanger at the back for easy installation.
  • Place away from winds but at full exposure to sunlight.
  • It can be stained a darker color for better chances of attracting bats.

10. Evergreen Natural Wood Solid Pine Single Chamber BAT HOUSE

Design is the key to making a house a home.

This bat shelter is 9 inches wide, 5 inches deep, and 13.5 inches high. It’s the right solution for increasing the bat population. They also devour caterpillars, bugs, and mosquitoes that are harmful to your plants and for yourself.

The single-chamber bat box has been made from pinewood. It provides a safe haven for bats to inhabit and raise their offspring. Instead of hanging this shelter on a tree, pick a side of a building, a metal pole, or a wooden post. Make sure the house is at least 12 feet off the ground.

Ideally, the bat home should be above 15 to 20 feet from ground level. This will ensure that predators like snakes and owls cannot pounce on the bats or their young ones.

Wherever you mount the shelter, try to keep it at least 20 to 30 feet away from wires, branches, and other obstacles. This is to help the bats fly without hitting any hurdle.

The morning time sunlight is ideal for the bat shelter. Place it facing south or southeast where it can get 6 to 8 hours of unobstructed sunlight. Bats like warm and humid places, preferably where the temperature is 80-100 degrees Fahrenheit. However, do not place the box near artificial lighting in your lawn.

If you have a water body within a quarter of a mile, better for the bats. This shelter is the best bat house if you have small bat house plans.

Highlighted Features:

  • 9 inches wide, 5 inches deep, and 13.5 inches high bat shelter.
  • Single-chamber box made from pinewood for durability.
  • Ready-to-mount for easy installation.
  • The ideal place is 12 feet above the ground.
  • It should have an interior temperature between 80-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

11. Kenley Outdoor Bat Box Shelter with Large Double Chamber

Are you ready to have a bigger population of bats in your neighborhood? Then this is your chance!

With a double chamber, this house for bats has been designed especially after much research into the needs and space preferences of these nocturnal animals. As they play the role of natural pollinators and insecticides, you can also do them a good turn by having a bat shelter.

This is a large bat box measuring 15 inches by 9.2 inches by 3.2 inches. Only the premium-grade cedar has been chosen to handcraft this shelter for our bat friends. It ensures durability, thanks to the natural property of cedar against rot that can set in from rain and snow.

Painted in a dark color, it’s designed to attract bats as they prefer warmth and privacy provided by tight-fitting structures and dark colors. This product guarantees an 80% chance of being occupied and ranks as one of the top quality bat houses.

The space inside is cozy. With the grooved surfaces, the bats feel at home and secure when they land and roost. The landing platform is also roughened.

With a metallic hook hanger, you can mount this easily as it comes pre-assembled for your convenience. Mount it on a wall, tree, or pole that’s at least 12 feet above the ground. It should receive ample sunlight to give a warm welcome to the bats.

Highlighted Features:

  • Double-chamber, large size bat shelter.
  • It measures 15 inches by 9.2 inches by 3.2 inches.
  • Made from cedar, thus anti-rot and weatherproof.
  • Dark-colored and guarantees an 80% success rate.
  • Grooved design for easy clinging and landing.

12. Uncle Dunkels Triple Chamber Bat House

In a word, this is a groovy kind of bat shelter that’s great for housing a colony of bats!

This is a bat box that stands out from the rest. Handcrafted using pinewood of the exterior-grade, this product promises to be one that is strong and durable. It has none of the cedar odor that requires airing out before bats can be coaxed to live in it.

The joints of the bat home have been stuck together with non-toxic glue that’s also waterproof. You can mount it easily using the deck screws that are exterior-grade. The landing platform and interiors are grooved for providing a comfortable and secure roosting and take-off.

For attracting the bats quickly, this box has a cladding made from the real poplar tree. This works great as the creatures get the real scent and feel that’s natural to them.

With three chambers in this product, you can attract and grow a big colony of 300 bats. This will help both them and the environment as they are natural insecticides. They can eat up to 1,600 mosquitoes in a single night. As they devour other types of bugs too, they save the plants in your garden.

The Organization for Bat Conservation has approved of the design and specifications of this product. Thus, you can rely on it for a 93% success rate. When compared to non-certified bat boxes, this success rate is much higher.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1. Triple-chamber large bat house with 300 bat capacities.
  • 2. Handcrafted and exterior-grade pinewood used.
  • 3. Real poplar tree cladding for a natural look and feel.
  • 4. Design approved by the Organization for Bat Conservation.
  • 5. Joints stuck with non-toxic ad waterproof glue.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Bat House

There are many brands and sizes of bat homes available out there. To help you buy a proper bat house kit, this article provides a guideline on the things to look for before you open your wallet.

1. Location

Bats are the most comfortable in places that have lakes and ponds nearby. However, those species that roost in crevices can be found anywhere. If you know of any old buildings where bats have tried to roost before, then these are also good places for them.

As far as the spot where a bat home is most likely to attract their intended residents, it’s the outer walls of buildings that work great. That’s especially true for dry and cold regions. Plus, these houses so be so positioned as to catch the maximum sunshine.

If you live in tropical regions, placing a bat home on the top of a pole will work well. Such poles need to be 12 to 15 feet above ground level to prevent predators from reaching the bats. Make sure these homes for bats get as much sun as possible.

2. Number Of Chambers

A bat home could have multiple chambers with a varying width of crevices ranging from 0.75 inches to 1.5 inches. The larger size bat species are more attracted to such houses.

The single-chamber bat houses that sit on a pole are preferred in warm regions. Such houses should be at least 20 inches tall and are ideal for proper insulation.

3. Material 

The top quality bat houses are usually made from wood. Although pinewood works as a bat attractant, many homes are made from cedar as it’s a natural weather-resistant material. Ensure that the inside of the bat home is left untreated. The fumes from paint could be harmful to the bats.

You could also get plastic boxes as bat houses but the interiors must be made from wood to attract bats.

If you use plywood, make sure it’s of an exterior quality.

4. Construction

If your bat home is in a moderate region and its color is dark brown, make sure that you supply it with vents and a roof made from tin. This will keep it protected from the harsh noonday sun.

Another point of protection to take care of is snake guards. If the bat house is mounted on a high pole, snake guards are a must. This is only applicable in the case of tropical climates.

Coming to the structure of the bat homes, most of these mammals are very comfy in crevices measuring 0.75 inches wide. Very few species will look for crevices 1 to 1.5-inch wide. These species include the most common brown bats.

You should opt for a tight-fitting construction. With the edges caulked, there will be no chances of leakage that could lead to abandonment. These houses also prevent getting warped.

The landing areas should be scratched to make them rough to enable a secure landing. Otherwise, just put some good quality screen that fits tightly.

The exterior parts of a wooden bat home should be 0.5 inches thick.

5. Weather-Resistance

To make bat homes resistant to weather, look for one that has a plastic outer shell that repels the ultraviolet rays from the sun. However, wooden houses can be made weather-resistant if they are made from good quality wood. Just put three coats of paint or a water-based sealer.

For the landing areas, instead of applying paint that would become too smooth to get a foothold, opt for a water-based sealant.

6. Colors

Bat houses should be dark in color to attract the bats. Choose either a black or a dark brown one for the maximum effect. This is especially applicable to cold and dry weather conditions.

In warm regions, dark brown works fine. Just make sure there are a tin roof and some vents. But a lighter shade of brown is actually more preferable.

How To Get Bats In A Bat House

After you have installed a bat home in your home, you may have to wait a few months before you can expect it to be inhabited. However, to increase the chances of getting your bat shelter occupied at the earliest, below are some tips you can follow.

1. The Right Location

The ideal location for a bat shelter is outside the house on the exterior wall or on a pole. Having these in a tree is not encouraged as this will give access to predators. Then, the whole point of having a bat shelter would be lost.

Make sure the pole on which you mount the bat box is at least 15 feet above ground level. It will both discourage owls and snakes and will help the bats to take flight without any obstruction.

Do not place any artificial or bright light near a bat shelter. As bats cannot see properly during the daytime, the artificial light will not attract them. Moreover, they could be exposed to predators in an area of bright light.

2. Narrow Spaces

Bats are private creatures and they like to live in places that have a tight fit. They are attracted to warm and humid places, the narrow structure of a bat home gives them the comfort and coziness that’s conducive for their habitat.

Moreover, they need a roughened surface to cling on to as they enter or exit their home. Hence, the landing platform and the interiors should have a grooved design to enable them to do so.

3. Warm Temperature

A temperature between 80 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for bats to thrive in. A good way to ensure such a temperature is by placing the bat home facing south or southeast. That way, the shelter gets direct sunlight for a good 4 hours at least.

Putting the bat box in a shaded area will beat the purpose. The branches or wires will block the sun from heating the home. Plus, during their flight, the bats will be hampered by these.

4. Dark Colored Shelters

Bats are attracted to dark colors as colors like black and dark brown absorb heat and keep the shelter warm. So, if your bat house is light brown color, put three coats of a dark stain or paint on it. It will increase your chances of having occupying your shelter in the minimum time.

5. Water Body

If there’s a water body like a lake or pond within a quarter of a mile from the bat shelter, you’ll have more success in attracting bats to your shelter. Bats get dehydrated easily and having a source of water near their home will make them more comfortable.

However, when there’s no pond nearby, install an artificial source of water like a fountain to lure them to their house.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Are Bat Houses Worth It?

Answer: Yes, bat houses are good in a lot of ways. They help to keep away insects and mosquitoes. Therefore, you won’t get mosquito bites when you sit outside. Plus, the plants in your garden won’t be attacked by pests.

In addition, bats are natural pollinators in tropical climates. Many types of fruits depend on the bat. Also, bat houses can help restore balance to the ecosystem since the bat population has decreased owing to deforestation.

Q2. Why Can’t You Place A Bat Home On A Tree?

Answer: Well, the branches from a tree provide shade and if the bat home doesn’t get enough warmth and sunlight, bats are not attracted to it. Secondly, trees are a dangerous place for a bat home as it would be easy for predators to reach the bat homes and devour the young.

Lastly, as bats come and go from their home, the branches cause obstruction to their flight.

Q3. What Is The Ideal Color To Paint A Bat House?

Answer: The bat house models usually come in black and dark brown colors. They are the ideal colors, especially if it’s located in a cold climate.

For warmer regions, a lighter shade of brown also works, provided the house for the bats have vents and a tin roof. Dark colors absorb heat and bats prefer a hot and humid home.

Q4. Which Is The Most Suitable Spot For A Bat House?

Answer: The outer walls of a house or a building is the right place for a bat house. However, if you live in moderate or tropical regions, you can mount the bat home on a pole. The pole should be 15 feet above the ground. This will ensure that predators like owls and snakes cannot reach the bats.

An additional requirement is some kind of water body near the place so that the mother bat won’t need to leave her babies for a long time.

Q5. How Long Does It Take For A Bat House To Get Occupied?

Answer: On average, it takes two to six months for bat houses to get occupied. Sometimes it takes even years for bats to come and settle down in a house. But, if they need a house badly, they will settle for bat homes that have not been constructed well.

When the houses for the bats are large, they take a longer time to attract and eventually have a colony of bats.

Final Word

It’s our responsibility to preserve as many species of the animal kingdom as possible. With recent bushfires in some parts of the world, we have lost millions of animals, some of them forever. Every animal and insect has a role to play in balancing the ecosystem.

Bats come to some major advantages for us. They prevent mosquitoes and other insects from infesting our homes and damaging our crops. It’s time we build homes for these nocturnal creatures. They should have a place to shelter, rest, and look after their young.

If you are conscientious, you could start by getting one of the best bat houses listed in this article. Doing our bit for the environment will pay us back manifold. The population of bats could get back to normal with a little effort like having a home for them.

Let’s get started on that bat home building project before it’s too late!

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