Benefits of Rollerblading

10 Benefits of Rollerblading – That You Must Know

Probably you have seen a bunch of people rollerblading on the streets, or in the park. It’s fun to watch them doing this, right? Perhaps, you wanted to try inline skating too but the thought of fancy getup have needlessly kept you away from it.

You don’t have to wear a sophisticated dress and expensive gears just for the sake of doing rollerblading unless you are going for a contest. It can be both easy and a great way to make yourself fit and boost your mind at the same time.

Keeping this in mind,

let’s see the top 10 benefits of rollerblading

1. Helps in Maintaining Weight

Rollerblading includes intense use of your leg muscles, which are the largest muscles of your body. The muscle movement burns a large amount of calories and cuts down extra fat.

Compared to walking or running, rollerblading causes significantly greater amount of calorie burning because of maximum resistance. This is a big reason that you should stop putting it off and start rollerblading now to accelerate your weight loss.

2. Muscle Toleration

Rollerblading is one of the best ways to do resistance training. Resistance training, also known as weight training, is a form of exercise that uses your body weight as a resistance to muscular contraction that builds strength in lower body muscles.

Inline skating involves working your lower back, hip, and upper leg muscle. This aids in building up more leg strength and improves balance and overall control of your body.

3. Better Heart Health

Technological improvement has kept people more in front of digital screens and less moving out. As a result, cardiovascular diseases are booming and leading to higher number of heart attack and stroke.

 Rollerblading is an intense cardiovascular disease that puts your heart to maximum pump. For an average person, the heart rate can get up to 180 bpm if you are an extreme skater. The more heart muscles put to use, the better it gets.

4. Enhanced Balance

Every form of sports has a big impact on your body’s balance. People with higher sports involvement has less fatigue and feel more balanced. From basic walking to do intense sports, you need to have good balance.

Although good balance itself is a prerequisite to get better rollerblading experience, but you have to start at some point. Keep practicing and you will see the refined skills in no time.

5. Defeat Diabetes For Forever

The number of type-2 diabetes patients is triggering. Unhealthy diet, combined with zero exercise and obesity are the main culprits. Doctors recommend doing both strength building and cardio exercises, both of which rollerblading has.

As an exercise, inline skating lowers your body fat and keeps blood glucose levels in check. As a result, you are safe from insulin spikes and cholesterol, and you get to be safe from diabetes.

6. Strengthens the Arms & Legs

Inline skating does not only improve your leg strengths but also work your hand too. Legs help gain momentum and hands keep your balance. The combined use of these two gets you a full body workout.

Like other endurance building exercises, such as running, rollerblading strengthens your glutes and muscles faster than ever.

7. Prevent Injuries

As you practice rollerblading more and more, you see your balance improving. And unlike other sports, you don’t get pain in your joints. Because the motion is not abrupt, rather skating puts smooth motion on your body.

Although at first thought, roller skating may seem highly injurious. But the reality is it is one of the safest sports out there and it has good impact on leg and knee joints.

8. Makes You Feel Better, Happier

There is something called ‘runners high’. If you run regularly or have run, you can notice the feeling of mental boost following your running session as well as getting a clear mind.

The reason is your body releases lots of endorphins into your bloodstream, or ‘feel good hormones’. This hormone makes you feel happy and you’ll have almost no mood swings around the day. Endorphins also improve your mood and levels of concentration.

 Having fun and staying healthy, in a combo package! What are you waiting for? Put your skates on and savor the excitement of riding.

9. Life Free From Stress

Endorphins keep your stress in check, and any exercise keeps the bad hormones away. This hormone interacts with your brain and intercepts the nervous connection so that you feel better.

10. Tougher Body for Long Time

Like other endurance and cardio exercises, inline skating makes your muscles more tolerant to sudden stress and stretch. So with more time, your body gets higher stamina so you feel less fatigue.

11. Community

Nowadays People have become less socialized because of technology.  As you start skating, you’ll make new friends, and with time, the community keeps growing. You’ll notice your social life getting better.

Benefits of Rollerblading

Benefits of Rollerblading

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are inline skating and "rollerblading" both mean the same thing?

Ans - Yes. they’re basically the same thing. Inline skating and blading are the actual names of the sport but the company called Rollerblade was first to popularize these skate in the United States for a long time, thus this name came.

Did you see how brands like coke, kleenex have become a generic name rather than brand name? The same thing happened with inline skates.

Q2: What’s durometer? What does it do?

Ans - Durometer means the hardness of skate wheels, in a technical word. It measures how soft or hard a wheel is. For rollerblade wheels, the output will be 72 - 92 with a capital letter following it. The higher the output, the tougher the wheel.

Q3: What is a wrist guard called?

Ans - Wrist guard is a protective gear worn around your hand to save both the hands and wrists. Generally, while falling because of an accident or anything, you try to protect your body with hands, so hands need to be protected with head.

Q4: Why does some skates cost so much?

Ans - It depends on a multitude of factors - skate wheel size, boot quality, bearings closure system, skate frame, build quality, structure all of these variable has –  impact on pricing.

Q5: Do all skate has brakes?

Ans - No, not all skates need to have them. The ones for kids have them but aggressive skates, hockey skates or racing skates doesn’t have brakes. It is possible to brake on those brakeless ones too if you know how to do it.

So here it was our list of ten benefits of rollerblading. We hope you feel excited to start your inline skating journey soon. There’s nothing like the experience.

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