How to Become a Professional Bowler?

Want to play in bigger leagues now? Looking for a proper in-depth guideline on how to become a professional bowler?

Well, thank God, you have just landed on the right page.

Hearing “professional bowler” PBA is what crosses the mind at the very first, right? If you don’t know what PBA is, wait. We are going to discuss that on the later section.

Becoming a professional bowler takes time, patience, money, and hard work. If you are ready to give them in, this article has something good for you or else you can hit the back button right now. LOL.

I have done my research and poured this article with every piece of information that would help you to become a professional bowler.

In this article, all I can do is to show you the way, and you have to drive the road all by yourself. So just only reading this entire article is not going to help you from anywhere, you have to act accordingly.

Enough talking, now, let’s cut the crap and dive into the actual business.

What Is PBA?

Don’t know what is PBA?

It might sound harsh but sorry mate; if you don’t know about PBA, you know nothing about bowling. Even people who do bowling occasionally also know about it.

However, if you don’t know much about PBA, this article could be a great starting point for you to become a professional bowler.

Anyways, PBA stands for Professional Bowling Association. Every bowler from or outside the United States dreams about being a part of this reputable association. Inside the USA, one can be a professional bowler only by becoming a member of PBA and this association now consist over 4000 members.

If you are outside of the USA, your country might also have the same association in a different name.

PBA organizes different tours including, PBA Tour, PBA50, PBA Regional Tour, and PBA Women’s series. PBA 50 and Women’s series have some requirements, in PBA50 members need to be 50 years or older. And in Women’s series, I hope you can guess who are eligible to play there; the ladies obviously.

Requirements for Playing PBA

In case you are planning to be a PBA member with the average score of 120, you still have a long bridge to cross.

You will need to score at least 200 in your last league session in order to join PBA and 190 in any league sanctioned by the USBC. Moreover, you will need to cash in PBA regional tours as a non-member.

PBA offers two packages, standard and full membership. With the standard one, you will be able to take part in three regional tournaments, three TQR, and more than three open events hosted by PBA.

Don’t know what is TQR? No worries, you’ll get to know it in the later section.

On the other hand, the full membership will let you participate in all regional tournaments and TQR.

In PBA there is a thing called “exemption” which player wants to earn. Exempt bowlers can take part in every PBA tournament without going through the TQR session.

As PBA is supposed to give you the reputation and a title, it’s pretty obvious that it won’t be that easy. So, it’s high time for you to take this game a bit seriously if you want to be a pro.

Scoring 200 is not an easy task for sure, but it’s not that hard either. If you love the job and have the passion for that, you will improve in no time, trust me.

What is TQR?

TQR means Tour Qualifying Rounds. It is the toughest and important part to pull out a victory in the main event. TQR is like a pre-tournament where you and your fellow competitors will be competing.

Once you are in, you are in for good. As this TQR session is filled with top bowlers, once you make it to the real event, you have as much as opportunity as William Jr, Walter Ray has.

Ways of Earning Exemptions

Do you remember, earlier I mentioned the exemption thing? As I said, every bowler's goal is to earn the exemption, below I have listed some ways which can bring you the title “Exempt Bowler”. Have a look.

  • For having a multi-year exemption, you’ll need to win major championship such as USBC, PBAWC, TOC, etc.
  • Winning a PBA tour standard title can bring you the exemption.
  • You can gain exemption by leading a non-exempt player who is in WPR (World Point Ranking) list.
  • Make it to the top 7 in previous PBA regional seasons, you will earn a one-year exemption.
  • You can also have the exemption by ranking in the World Point Ranking list.

Guide to Professional Bowling Association

1.At the very beginning, you will have to compete in local leagues. And to do that, you’ll have to create your own team or you can sign up with a team in a local bowling alley. Make sure that the league session consists at least 36 games in each season.

2.If somehow you couldn’t make it to the local alley for any reason, contact the USBC in order to find other leagues.

3.You’ll have to complete at least one entire season with the team, not only that, you have to keep your average score point 200 or over, as that is the PBA requirement. On the other hand, if you play in USBC league, 190 average score will work.

4.Once you are done with the score 200, now it’s time to hit the regional PBA tournament nearby. Scan the tournament schedule, sign up and play in these regional PBA events.

5.After you pulled out a victory in one regional tournament, from the resources section find out the PBA registration form and fill it up. It will cost you three hundred dollars as your membership fee.

6.Now, wait and you will be notified when your membership application gets approved.

Prize Money of PBA Tournaments

In the beginning, you should not focus on the money, because you are still struggling to learn things. People who are truly passionate about this game really don’t take the prize money very seriously, but the number is very few.

Most people play in PBA for money. In that case, if you think you will make millions by doing this, you better get off this because it will take a lot of years to make a fortune. You better start playing in NBA if you want to be an overnight millionaire.

According to a research, 40 PBA player has managed to make a million in more than 50 years, where NBA player touches that mark in 2 years.

So why people play in PBA? The passion and glory they have for bowling. PBA bowlers also make money from the sponsors but recently that also have gone down.

If I wrap this up in one sentence, it would be “PBA bowling is for those who are passionate about it, not for becoming an overnight millionaire”.


The journey from nothing to PBA wouldn’t be easy. You’ll have to sacrifice a lot of things. It requires hard work and dedication. So, you better get ready to do whatever it takes, otherwise, you won’t make it to PBA. I am wishing you good luck with your endeavors which are yet to come and hope you make it.

Lastly, I am pretty sure you have heard this “protecting freedom is harder than winning it”. Being a professional bowler is a tough task for sure but remaining in that position is much tougher. So don’t forget it after making it to PBA. Take care!

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