How Much Does It Cost To Build a Basketball Gymnasium?

A basketball gym is a whole lot bigger and more expensive place than a simple basketball court.

With a gym, you have to factor in other amenities such as the locker room, shower, bleachers, and bathrooms. As such, the cost goes high depending on the size of the gymnasium.

However, a home basketball gym is also possible and is much more affordable as many come in smaller sizes compared to high school or college gyms.

The best and safest way to go about estimating the price of a basketball gymnasium is enlisting the help of a professional contractor.

Better yet, ensure that the chosen contractor specializes in the construction of basketball gymnasiums as you do not want to mess up the whole operation.

After all, it is quite costly and time-consuming, and so you really want to get it right the first time around. Right?

Factors that Affect Your Cost

There are some deciding factors that determine the size and cost of the basketball gym you want. You need a large building to accommodate all the amenities from the basketball court, to the showers, lockers, and bathrooms, among other facilities.

Location and Equipment

It is also essential to ensure that the facility will be located in a place where there is high user traffic. Imagine taking on such a project and not reaping back profits from the venture because you choose the wrong location!

However, if it is a home gymnasium, location is a non-issue. You also need to consider the equipment that the gym will be using.

Inclusion of Other Sports

You might wish to have other sports like badminton, gymnastics, and other indoor games. Therefore, the costs of the equipment needs have to be taken into consideration.

Constructing a basketball gym is not a cheap venture, no matter the size. One has to consider the costs for labor and material for both inside and outside of the gym.

Permit from Local Authority

It would be quite frustrating if you considered everything else and forgot about municipal and other such permits. Having a basketball gymnasium construction with delays due to improper authorization delays construction and this is expensive.

Employees for Operation

One also has to remember that the gym will have to be maintained and some employees will be hired both to do the maintenance and to facilitate the activities. Their salaries, therefore, are an important factor to consider as a cost of production.

Other unforeseen costs should be factored in as with any construction, you almost always end up having to cash out extra for some reason or the other.

Some Common Trick

There are some tricks for reducing the cost burden. One such trick is to start small and expand as business grows. Another is to seek the best bargains as construction is underway.

The best way to tackle this is to buy equipment at a discount or make a deal with a gym that is currently closing down in that area

The gym that is closing down already has the equipment that you could use to start off and these usually come at a lower price than brand new equipment from the shop.

The Actual Cost to Build a Basketball Gym

Construction costs have to deal with the availability of equipment in your area, and the number of suppliers there is. Where many basketball gym construction companies are concentrated in a particular area, construction costs tend to be low.

One estimate for construction of standard basketball gym prices the building at $350,000-$500,000. The architectural design and construction cost for this estimate is $50,000, and the equipment is estimated at $50,000.

For a home gym, a simple solution includes the wall mounted goal being installed along the driveway, inside or above the garage or any other suitable space in your home.

Including installation, this option will see you dish out almost $3,000, which is quite economical compared to the full-size basketball gymnasium.

Another option for homeowners seeking to have a basketball gym sees them realizing their dreams at just under $2,000. This, however, depends on the size of the pole and the backboard.

For this kind of installation, labor cost could come to just under $300, which is not bad for a home gym.

In order to find a rough estimate of an actual gym, it is good to have actual measurements to go by. A Junior High School gym measures 74ft by 42ft, about 3,108 square feet. Assuming that the square footage cost for a concrete court is $6, this gym size will cost you around $18, 648.

A High School gym is 84ft by 50ft, costing you $25,200 for its 4,200 square feet. Consequently, a College and NBA pro basketball court are bigger and more expensive at $28,200 for its 4,700 square feet.

As you can see, it is quite likely to have a basketball gym for under $30,000. For a home gym smaller than a Junior High one, the price drops even further.

However, note that these costs are exclusive of all the extra toppings that are needed for a gym.

As from above, basketball backboards and hoops cost an extra $2,000 to $3,000 depending on whether it is an adjustable or wall mounted hoop system.

Labor costs are also exclusive of the building size, and one should factor in around $300 for this. Therefore, a half basketball court including all installations will cost about $10,000. On the other hand, can run in the region of $25,000.

All in all, you may consider building your court during early spring or fall as costs are usually quite low by then.

In summary, a basketball gymnasium is an attainable venture, regardless of your budget. There is an option for everyone, whether a homeowner, a learning institution or just an investor wishing to have one such facility. You can, therefore, expect to have a basketball gym from $3,000 upward to $500,000.

However, for a full-size gym, a lot of things need to be considered such as the space and location of the gym. Other factors like locker rooms, bleachers, showers, and toilets, among other amenities, need to be factored in the construction costs.

All in all, a gym should be chosen depending on the budget and the sports needs of the individual.

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