Barrington Table Tennis Review

Barrington Table Tennis Review For 2022

Table Tennis is a worldwide famous game with lots of followers around the world. It is famous because of its fantastic gameplay and nail-biting finishes. In Central Asia, this game is incredibly popular.

For playing these game players, need to have some equipments, which are very important for the game. Like table tennis board, bat, balls and more. Having an item, users can quickly start to play this game.

In today's article, we will talk about a product that Barrington Billiards Store creates, and the product name is Barrington Urban Collection official size table tennis table. This product comes with lots of designs and colour combinations.

In this informative article, we will help our users know about this product informations in detail. We have researched throughout the market and hope that by our article we can satisfy our readers.

What is Table Tennis Table

Table Tennis Table is a special kind of item used as a component of Table tennis or ping-pong game. It is a significant part of this game because users cannot play it without it. A table tennis table is a special kind of table created with wood and other materials. It has fixed dimension measurement, which is applied in both international and local games.

The size is 2.78 meters in length, 1.5 meters in width and 76 centimetres from the ground. There is a rule that organizers must need to manage dark colour for table tennis table. In Table tennis, board producers must use smooth kind of materials that are strong inside. In addition, table tennis needs to be set in the perfect place so that users can play it with perfection. In addition, in the middle of the table, there is a net for dividing the court.

Spaces needed for Table Tennis Court

There are different spaces needs for a table tennis court. If users are creating a giant table tennis court, they should need a big house or open room for making this.

If users want to create small or medium-sized tables, they can do it in a small room. The standard room size for a table tennis table is 17*22. Users easily can set table tennis table in this size of a room.

Court Of Table Tennis

There are different sizes and shapes available for Table Tennis tables. The table tennis table area must be rectangular, 15 meters long, and 7 meters wide. Playing area surrounded by lots of things for stability. However, the court of Table tennis has to be more efficient and stable.

Barrington Table Tennis Review

There are lots of table tennis tables and brands available around us. All of them are good and created for playing, but not all the table is perfect for our users. As an example, some tables are created with low-quality materials and little less durability. For that, reason users need to buy more than one table during a playing season, or they have to continue with fewer quality boards.

Therefore, players or organizers need to choose a good quality product. Now we are going to talk about a product, which is from Barrington and contains fantastic quality. This product name is Barrington Urban Collection Official size table tennis table. Here is its review:

Barrington Urban Collection Official size table tennis table

Barrington Urban Collection Official Size Table Tennis Table is a world-class Table Tennis Table with unique features and many variations. It is from the company called Barrington,

a company from England and has a humongous reputation around the world. This company is famous for creating unique products for the Table tennis sector. In addition, they have been doing this thing for a long time.

Now our customers can ask us why this product is has been chosen to be reviewed

As we all know, Barrington has a good reputation throughout the market, and this product is their flagship product. That is the reason we love to share and suggest our readers to this particular item.

Barrington, this particular product is perfect in size, and it has fantastic quality than most other products. By using this, product users can easily play their game on both professional and personal levels.

This product has average dimensions with weight as if others table tennis table. However, the most exciting thing is that it has excellent stability inside it, and for that, reason users love to have this item in their collection.

With an easy structural system, users can set this item very quickly, and they do not need massive time for that. Users need to add all the part together and place it perfectly.

This product has premiere quality and is manufactured with a solid kind of wood. For that reason, it is very efficient for use.


Durability: Durability is one of the most delicate things this item has. Users can use this item for a long time. This item can take any hits and power. In addition, owning these users does not need to worry about the condition of the table.

Quality: This product also has fantastic quality inside it. It is created with unique materials like solid wood and other things. For the quality of the item users, love to use this item.

Size: This table is created by maintaining the official size of ITTF. For that, reason beginners can learn by playing in a professional kind of court, improving their game. In addition, owners can arrange official tournaments by this.

Constructions: Constructions of this product is also excellent and perfect. This table combines strength and beauty in one package, with an 18mm playfield and a beautiful black finish that emphasizes its earth-toned characteristics. The sturdy oak legs secure the entire structure in place without the need for drilling, assuring that the table will not break apart.

Covers: This product also has terrific covers to save the table from dust and others.

Weight: As it is a simple, fact that this kind of table must contain heavy weight. However, this table amazingly little less weight than most other tables.



108*60*30 inches




Barrington Billiards


Black Top/ Brown Frame


Engineering Wood, Polypropylene, Metal, Abs PVC

Sports Types

Table Tennis



Base Required


Frame materials






First Release

1 Oct 2020




Table Tennis Equipment


  • Barrington'sBarrington's product has impressive durability, and users can use this item for a long time.
  • The colour of this item is unique and vintage.
  • It is a royal modern colour combination with a mixture of golden and black colours.
  • Having great structure and manufacturer beauty, this product cannot get a problem within a year.
  • This product also has a fantastic design, which creates a vibe amongst the users.
  • This product is straightforward to open and set up.
  • The price of this item is suitable for all.


  • We are unable to find any cons for this item.

Comparison between STIGA XTR series and Barrington Urban Collection Table Tennis Table

We like to make this comparison because we want to give our customer perfect information about these tables. If we compare these two particular products, first of all, we that STIGA XTR is coming from an excellent company STIGA those have a fantastic record of creating sports item for a long time.

In addition, we know that STIGA has a reputation for creating such innovative sports materials. On the other hand, Barrington is a UK-based company that is an expert at creating Table tennis tables, and they have a good reputation worldwide.

After that, the quality of the product we can say STIGA has a plus point at the level of the dimensions. On the other hand, Barrington has terrific qualities and design.

The price and weight of both of these items are almost the same.

Which One User Should Choose Between Them

After comparing these two products, we will suggest our customer choose Barrington Table Tennis because this product has the upper hand in too many sectors than STIGA products. Therefore, we like to advise our customers to choose Barrington Urban collection as their table tennis product.

Things should look out as Buying Guide

First, users need to follow two things before buying a product. At first, they need to think about the positive things about the product they are looking for. In addition, after that, they can think about the negative impact of the product.

Things should consider

Durability: One of the best features of this item is its durability. This item may be used for an extended period. This device can withstand a wide range of damage and power. Furthermore, owing these users does not have to be concerned about the table's upkeep.

Quality: This product is also of exceptional quality. It is made up of incredible materials such as solid wood and other stuff. Users enjoy using this item because of its high quality.

Size: The size of this table is determined by the ITTF's official size. As a result, novices may learn by playing on a professional court, which will help them develop their skill. Additionally, owners may use this to organize legitimate tournaments.

Constructions: This product's constructions are likewise lovely and flawless. This table blends strength and beauty in one package with an 18mm playfield and a stunning black finish that highlights its earth-toned features. The table's strong wood legs hold the entire structure in place without the need for drilling, ensuring that it will not fall apart.

Coverings: This product also comes with beautiful covers to protect the table from dust and other elements.

Weight: It is a basic fact that this table must have a substantial amount of weight. However, this table weighs a fraction of the weight of most other tables.

Things to Not Consider

Over Price: Users need to check whether the product is hefty or not. If it is cumbersome, then users need to avoid this thing.

Originality: Checking the originality of the product is also essential. Users need to check whether the product is from the original brand or not.

Defected: Users need to check whether the product is defective or not.

That is all thing users need to check before buying the product.

Final thoughts

In the end, we can say that Barrington Table Tennis is a perfect product for table tennis users and we hope that if our users follow our suggestion, they will get enough help from this article. Moreover, they will be satisfied with our information.

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